Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Apr.7th 2011

Get ready for the new threat of peak everything, the Internet will kill us all and did the Koch Brothers just punk everyone?

It’s the round-up, complete with a first-time hottie.

Part One: Hippie of the Week

This week’s winner has earned many titles in his life so far – Knight, billionaire, entrepreneur, daredevil and now he can add another to the trophy room – hippie of the week.  Branson has spouted greenwash for years and claims that Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth is among his favorite books.  See how serious he is – not AIT the movie, but the book.  I mean, who actually read that?

Branson wins HOTW for his efforts to monetize global warming:

… [Branson] argued that entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations need to take the lead on addressing global warming. Government policies should set ground rules, such as taxing dirty fuels, but political stalemate in the U.S., he said, made it difficult to advance alternatives to fossil fuels… “The only way we are going to get on top of the problem of global warming is to build profitable businesses that replace those [fossil fuel] businesses”

The funny thing is, I agree with him.  What wins Branson HOTW is his astounding hypocrisy.  The man runs a major airline and a venture that aims to put people in space for fun.  Add in the numerous homes, private island and flying submarine (!) and his carbon footprint makes Al Gore look like an serial underachiever.

he likes to catch flies, or something

Greenwashing can be fun, but at this point Branson’s just playing the world for suckers.  If he was serious about global warming being an urgent problem he could just shut down the Virgin Empire and retire.  He’s the poster boy for every rich hippie that wants everyone else to sacrifice while he lives a life of luxury.  Nice work if you can get it.


Part Two: Warmists & Scaremongers

Richard Muller is all over the intertubes for his effort to become the least adored man in the world in place of ex-ABBA frontman and statistician Bjorn Lomborg.  Muller upset hippies and pleased skeptics with a video in which he lambasted the motley CRU’s scientific methods, so when he sat to give testimony to Congress everyone was watching.  But Muller’s testimony upset skeptics and pleased hippies, because he said data pretty much supports some warmist claims.  So now everyone’s mad at Muller.  Or are they?  Somewhere, in a remote mansion, two brothers are laughing their butts off because hippies can’t get too comfortable with Muller* because he takes their cash. Charles and David Koch, you magnificent bastards.

*the link looks dead, but check the URL for deleted-post lolz.

Electric vehicles took another giant leap backwards when a new EV supercar broke down on a test drive.

Dolphins were killed in the Gulf by scientists looking for evidence of oil spill harm to wildlife.  Oh the ironing.  Who will save nature from hippies?

Radical greens and radical animal rights groups are often two sides of the same coin, so why is it no surprise that a pro-animal group is threatening students away from science careers?

Steve Milloy has fun with hippie cognitive dissonance:

The Nation and environmentalists like to talk about “taking cars off the road” to reduce carbon emissions. But if you do the math, its [The Nation] cruise will be like adding more than 31,000 SUVs on the road for the week. That would be about 16 SUVs per passenger.

Oh noes, the Great Barrier Reef is endangered again.

Al Gore’s 5th chakra might be acting up again, he’s suddenly obsessed with Alaskan beaver.  No, really.

I can't remember why I wanted this image here...

Call me Senator” Boxer thinks  it’s dangerous to breathe CO2.

Al Gore may be a mere shadow of his previous self when it comes to leading the global warming, but he’s as reliable as a canary in a coal mine when it comes to flagging laughable junk science.  Al likes the AMA, others, notsomuch.

What do warmists do when the public stops buying the fright?  Amp it up:

A theory of “Peak Everything” suggests we are running short of vital assets such as clean water, carbon-free air, some minerals, fish stocks or the cheap fossil fuels which have powered the world economy and helped curb the price of food.

Clothes designer and noted climatologist Vivienne Westwood declares Los Angeles will be depopulated in 25 years.  She may be right, but it won’t be global warming that closes California, but global warming laws.

Hippies love to recycle, and that goes for scares as well as plastics and newspapers:

“Depletion of the ozone…has reached an unprecedented level over the Arctic this spring because of the continuing presence of ozone-depleting substances in the atmosphere and a very cold winter in the stratosphere,”

Geoengineering, possibly the worst idea in the world, is in the hands of people who should be supervised when handling scissors.

Hippies are unable to process the idea that their simplistic belief in global warming is flawed, so they need to come up with comforting explanations for why they are unsuccessful at persuading everyone to eat granola and stop washing.  Their favorite excuse is that the message is wrong, not the content.  Long may their fallacy continue, it provides a rich vein of content for round-ups.

Good news for Gaia, wealthy Europeans have decided Africa should remain poor, undeveloped and preferably filled with a lot fewer people.  If you need reasons why this is just wrong, Driessen explains:

To suggest that impoverished nations must worry more about CO2 than about tuberculosis, cholera or malaria is absurd. To tell them their energy options must be limited to expensive, unreliable, insufficient wind and solar power is immoral. To impose anti-hydrocarbon restrictions on poor countries ensures that they will remain poor and diseased, with life expectancies in the low forties.

You knew this was coming, its the Rajendra ‘Harlequin Romance’ Pachauri vs. Donna ‘Minx the Merciless’ Laframboise cagematch:

In his private life, Pachauri is entitled to his personal political views. But no one in their right mind should trust the scientific judgment of a scientific body when its chairman indiscriminately lends that body’s good name to publications involving Greenpeace, animals rights activists, Friends of the Earth, and the World Wildlife Fund

Patchy is down for the count, but wait, Donna’s reaching for a chair to finish him off:

My next blog post will examine Pachauri’s relationship to yet another activist organization, the World Watch Institute.

Has she no mercy?

When kids are marching in the streets to protest global warming, you just know George Orwell is doing the zombie facepalm.

Big Green goes after a Big Bank.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

As America waits for Brazil to drill, it turns out that quite a lot of people would like more domestic energy, including nukes.

The Union of Concerned Scientists should worry less about how people perceive climate science and more about getting some science right.  It’s a credibility thing.

Oh noes, wind farms are a ‘holocaust’ to the natural landscape.

More bad science, based on bad models by scientists who probably did not take a full-length bus to school.

Remember how Europe decided that Gaia had a fever and the only cure was more wind and solar?  Well mother Earth will have to wait, it turns out economies are sorta important too, as a recent debate discovered:

People were just very, very annoyed about what was going on. There were times when the warmists on the stage looked taken aback by the heat that they were receiving.

Global warming?  Something, somewhere endangered?  It’s your fault.  Always.

Wind turbines are multi-taskers, they not only shred birds, ruin views and make people sick – now they kill bats too.  This is not a good thing:

Scientists found the blades of wind turbines were a major threat to bats particularly when they are migrating. Several migratory tree-living species of bats were being slaughtered “in unprecedented numbers” by wind turbines, said the researcher.  “Without bats, crop yields are affected,” said Dr McCracken.

Advisory, hippies should skip this link.  The President managed to reduce emissions 15% in the last decade.  President George W. Bush, that is.  I warned you.

Oh noes, global warming causes fewer cyclones and smaller waves.  Wait, what?

It’s the Sun, stupid.

The WSJ asked readers for their opinion on subsidies for renewable energy – the result is enough to make GE swoon:

In the UK, they just figured that out – expensive feed-in tariffs have ended the very program they were meant to encourage.

Tom Nelson, asking the questions hippies don’t want to answer.

Global warming was supposed to be bad for the sub-Continent, but India is posting record harvests.  Such is the bounty that India has a problem:

More foodgrains, however, mean added storage issue, a fact conceded by Pawar who said that the government had to take a serious thought on storage and allocation to states.

What they need isn’t more warehouses, but an ethanol program to burn up all that pesky life-saving food.

Greens are sad because the greenest President ever (in more ways than one) isn’t doing much to protect the EPA.

If you think it feels mighty cold around here for people living on a burning planet, you’re not wrong.

Part Four: AGW in the News

UK carbon emission rose in 2010 as the economy recovered.  For some reason the nation needed to burn more coal – is it possible wind farms don’t work too well?

Statements made by the wind industry and government agencies commonly assert that wind turbines will generate on average 30% of their rated capacity over a year, it said.  But the research found wind generation was below 20% of capacity more than half the time and below 10% of capacity over one third of the time.

Here’s a handy way to determine if energy production is efficient, or not.  If the source is said to be ‘alternative energy’, simply add a ‘to’ to get the full picture, i.e. ‘alternative to energy’.  You’re welcome.

Oh the irony – the world is doomed by the very Internet Al Gore invented:

The planet may not be so lucky. It’s increasingly apparent that the internet may bring about the death of human civilisation, beating out previous contenders such as nuclear holocaust and the election of George W. Bush.  The agents of this planetary death will be the climate-change deniers who, it’s now clear, owe much of their existence to the internet. Would the climate-change deniers be this sure of themselves without the internet?

To answer the question, yes.

Good news, the world can be saved (even from the Internet?) and it’ll only cost $500 billion.  A year.

Virgin Atlantic is killing the planet with contrails.  Other airlines too, but none of their bosses made Hippie of the Week.

Wind and solar are ‘renewable’ energy.  Or are they?

Axel Kleidon of the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, Germany, says that efforts to satisfy a large proportion of our energy needs from the wind and waves will sap a significant proportion of the usable energy available from the sun. In effect, he says, we will be depleting green energy sources. His logic rests on the laws of thermodynamics, which point inescapably to the fact that only a fraction of the solar energy reaching Earth can be exploited to generate energy we can use.

The UK could freeze as Arctic meltwater surrounds the country.  It’s odd that global warming makes everything colder, no?


Canada’s in full election mode and there isn’t a Tim Horton’s anywhere not infested with party hacks and camera crews.  What you can’t find is any sign of a green agenda.  Australia’s Julia Gillard probably wants to emigrate here, her polling is sinking faster than the Arctic icepack.

Ontarians get their provincial election this October, and already things are looking rough for incumbent Liberals.

The BBC has been outed as a pro-warming leftist mouthpiece by another senior presenter.  Awkward.

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano appeared on Fox to talk about electric vehicles, government and the inconvenient truths about both.  It’s nice to see Morano come out of his shell, he’s usually so shy (video at the link).


Part Five: Global Hottie

This week features a first-time hottie, in honor of our HOTW’s brand -Virgin.  See what I did there?  It’s hard to believe she hasn’t made the round-up before, but welcome Katherine Heigl to our little corner of the interwebz.


One last link, our friend at Soylent Green had fun this week with Bill McKibben, Google and hotties.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. “It’s increasingly apparent that the internet may bring about the death of human civilisation, beating out previous contenders such as nuclear holocaust and the election of George W. Bush.”

    With a well reasoned comparison like that, how can I not take him seriously?

  2. “It’s increasingly apparent that the internet may bring about the death of human civilisation, beating out previous contenders such as nuclear holocaust and the election of George W. Bush.”

    With a well reasoned comparison like that, how can I not take him seriously?

  3. Awwww man! I don’t know how many will get the reference “scientists who probably did not take a full-length bus to school” but I did. Cruel, funny and non-PC all at the same time… I love it!

  4. Awwww man! I don’t know how many will get the reference “scientists who probably did not take a full-length bus to school” but I did. Cruel, funny and non-PC all at the same time… I love it!

  5. Thanks for the link to the deleted post Mike.

    Thanks for enjoying the post hyperzombie and bwanajohn. I’m glad some of the more ‘subtle’ snark is caught.

  6. Thanks for the link to the deleted post Mike.

    Thanks for enjoying the post hyperzombie and bwanajohn. I’m glad some of the more ‘subtle’ snark is caught.

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