Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Mar.17th 2011

The new color of eco is blue, the hippie of the week is red-faced and the Koch Brother’s green is evil.

All this and the hottie makes a record third appearance.  How Wilde is that?

Part One: Hippie of the Week

Hippie of the week is Grist contributor Christopher Mims.  He was mentioned in this post earlier in the week, but his dedication to alarming people by blaming the Japanese earthquake and tsunami on global warming deserves the recognition only a HOTW win can bring.

The wisdom of Mims:

This means a world in which we are warming the earth by pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at a pace that is unprecedented in Earth’s history is also a world in which the consequences of climate change could come hard and fast, including tsunamis and earthquakes.  The pace of the response of earth’s geosphere to the rapid climate change we are currently experiencing is up for debate. It seems logical that rapid climate change would lead to rapid geological response, as in past eras of climate change as revealed in the fossil record.

Since publication, Mims has edited the post several times, clearly stung by the negative reaction from both the  left and right.  Not long ago, a piece like this would have been trumpeted around the Internet by hippies without a second thought, but as support for the global warming agenda collapses, even warmists understand that shoot-from-the-hippie articles like Mims only further damage alarmist’s credibility.

From a skeptical point of view, Mims is a recruiter – the more nonsense he writes, the more people wonder why warmists are so desperate.  Thanks, Chris.

And, for the record, melting glaciers don’t cause earthquakes.

Part Two: Warmists & Scaremongers

Al Gore is regretting the downtime that cost him his own section of the round-up.  He’s blogging up a storm these days, clearly trying to win his place back.  Quick tip to Al (you know he’s a lurker) – money talks.  Just sayin’.  This week Al talked turkey about Turkey’s energy policy, he celebrated some entirely unverifiable numbers from the soon to be broke and penniless EPA and highlighted Henry Waxman’s vision of the future for energy policy.

But nothing, beats the news that Al has a new book deal.  The book has yet to be given a title but sounds exciting:

From demographics to democracy, Gore plans to explore what he calls the drivers of global change, framing the international conversation about the future in fresh and provocative ways.

Title suggestions are welcome.  Should Al go with something provocative like ‘Confessions of a crazed sex poodle’ or more serious like ‘Earth is doomed but buy my book because there are some mansions I don’t own yet’.  You decide.

Time Magazine frets over the question why Americans don’t believe global warming is a problem:

It’s a question whispered by climate scientists and pondered by environmental activists: why don’t they believe us? When the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its fourth assessment on climate science in 2007the one that called evidence of warming temperatures “unequivocal” — it seemed as if the scientific debate over global warming was essentially over. There would be disputes over how best to lower carbon emissions, how much money should be devoted to adaptation and just how severe future warming might be. But surely, we were done arguing about whether man-made carbon emissions were making the planet hotter.  Apparently we’re not.

Fortunately for Time, William Teach provides a few clues, like try getting Al Gore to walk the talk before telling the little people how to live.

New York’s Mayor found another meaningless scare to throw money at, because New York needed to find ways to spend its budget surpluses, or something.

Global Armageddon is boring.  Who knew?

Jim Hansen, NASA’s own global warming muppet, disassembled with his own words and predictions.  Damn the intertubes and its elephantine memory.

Weepy Bill McKibben has harsh words for the Koch Brothers, the hippies current in-vogue boogie men.  Bill points to a New Yorker piece from last year which reveals that the Koch’s donated around $100 million to ‘right-wing’ causes over the last decade.  Which begs the question – how is it the Koch’s got more bang for their buck than Al Gore who spent $300 million in just three years?  Tom Nelson has more inconvenient math for those who think only right-wing money corrupts.

Blue is the new Green.  No, really:

The blue movement broadens the scope of the green movement.  It is about human awareness, including world peace, human rights, social and economic justice and a sustainable lifestyle, according to the movement’s website, In essence, people are the focus of the blue movement.

I blame James Cameron.

na'vi blue is the new green

The Hollywood disaster movie ‘The Core’ was criticized for execrable use of science, but the same basic ideas are good enough for NASA.  What are they smoking over at the space center?  Oh wait, nevermind.

Grist (them again) wants to tear up freeways for the new bicycle economy.  Good luck getting that to work in winter, or is this a clever plot to further depopulate the globe?

Question: How does a man like Noam Chomsky carry a reputation as an intellectual when he says something like this about dealing with global warming:

… given the state of the popular movements we have today, we’d probably have a fascist takeover-with everybody agreeing to it, because that would be the only method for survival that anyone could think of. I’d even agree to it, because there’s just no other alternatives right now.”

I’m pretty sure most fascist takeovers had at least some dissenters and it ended badly for them.

Australia faces adventures in wealth distribution.  They need a ‘Joe the plumber’ moment, stat.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

As the US economy falters with increasing fuel prices, even Bill Clinton finds current drilling restrictions ridiculous.  Clinton may have his faults, but Bubba knows a thing or two about drilling.

Good news for Aussies and Kiwis alike, the pursuit of the green agenda will mean no longer worrying about how to spend discretionary income, because there won’t be any.

A scientist compares the global warming agenda to communist East Germany, and not in the good way:

What is happening with regards to the climate hypothesis today is that profound and far-reaching conclusions are being based on pure suspicions. That’s religion, and not science. There are also many other well-founded hypotheses on climate dynamics that allow completely other conclusions to be drawn. But strangely, they are being massively suppressed – simply because they don’t accommodate the political concept of rescuing the planet. That’s propaganda, manipulation, suppression of the freedom of expression and demagoguery. As ‘an educated citizen of former communist East Germany’, I’m experiencing grand déjà-vu.

Free green energy, isn’t.

A detailed look at a failed CFL light bulb that lasted just 8 weeks instead of 5-years.

a domestic toxic spill

Smart power grids are far from smart, unless you mean smart of the Maxwell kind:

The one smart grid that was completed -a small smart grid in Boulder, Colo., called Smart Grid City -came in at $100-million, three times the original cost estimates, and at a cost of $2,000 per billpayer, it has little value to show for itself. Politicians still push the smart grid, but at some point they will need to face reality -the renewable technologies that the smart grid is intended to support, along with the global warming ideology that underpins them, is all but dead.

Nissan Leaf drivers are discovering new and interesting places to stop during their daily commute.  Not from choice, but because the range of the vehicle is not as advertised.  Perhaps that’s why Ford’s CEO refuses to declare electric as the future for cars.  Hey, wasn’t ord the only Big-3 automaker not to need a bail-out?  Coincidence?

Awkward questions posed by Tom Nelson, continued.

Ten facts Aussies need to know to combat the deluge of carbon tax propaganda.

The EPA gets closer to losing funding for regulating CO2.

British voters should consider who they elect next time around, because the current coalition appears to be just fine giving a large slice of power to Greenpeace.

New Jersey and Wisconsin have withdrawn from a lawsuit against utilities for emitting CO2.

Large-scale wind energy projects are just an expensive disaster.

Green jobs – you might believe in them, but you can’t actually see them.

Global warming alarmism doesn’t work.  Fortunately, hippies don’t read anything not in HuffPo, Grist or Treehugger so they keep making the same mistakes.

The dreadful tragedy of the Japanese earthquake, tsunami and resulting problems at a nuclear plant will have many implications for energy policy around the world going forward.  Not all of the results will please the greens who see the Japan disaster as a dagger to the heart of nukes – all it means is we’ll be burning ever more coal and oil.

Bad news – it’s going to cost the world $700 trillion to lower the global temperature 1 degree.  The good news is the degree is measured in Celcius, not Fahrenheit.  Phew, they had me worried for a moment there.

Two scientists get Laframboised this week.  Knute Nadelhoffer is taken to task for his testimony to Congress and an IPCC lead author’s PhD appears to have been earned long after her work as a lead author for the UN organization.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Home owners in the UK can heat water and earn cash with green boilers that run on ground source heat pumps, wood chips or burning grabage.  Oh, and subsidies, naturally.

Michael ‘Stick’ Mann’s University is headed to the Virginia Supreme Court to avoid turning over documents about the hockey stick creator’s data and emails.  What is in the files that requires such legal stonewalling is anyone’s guess, but I’m guessing if we find out that it might wreck a hippie’s day.

Japan suffered a 9.0 earthquake that shifted Gaia 4 inches on its axis, something a trace gas essential to life on Earth has never achieved.

President Obama has discovered the cause of little domestic drilling for oil.  Oil companies.  No, really.  the map below has nothing to do with it.  Look, a unicorn.  Fore!

Global warming harms women more than men.  This was observed by the same genius who said:

According to studies from the United Nations, 70 percent of the population in the developing world is female

And you thought it was half, plus or minus a fraction of a percent.  The actual UN statistic is that 70% of the world’s poor are women, in case you wondered.

Louise Gray, the vigilant recycler of hippie press releases discovers that wind farms don’t make people ill after all.  And if the study making that claim was commissioned and funded by the American Wind Energy Association, that just makes it more reliable.

Bernie Ecclestone, the man who runs Formula One says that if the sport adopts eco-engines in 2013, no-one will watch it.  He’s right, the KERS greenwash is bad enough.

Bird shredders in Canada, doing what they do best.

California needs money, badly.  So why not sue the rest of the country for generating power and emitting evil CO2?

Finally a washing machine hippies can love – the 12-minute cycle ecomachine. The bad news:

There is only one catch – the 12-minute wash works best if clothes are not that dirty.

Green on green action – it’s the EPA versus Big Labor.  This is one of those fights where we wish they could both lose:

Several unions with strong influence in key states are demanding that the Environmental Protection Agency soften new regulations aimed at pollution associated with coal-fired power plants. Their contention: Roughly half a dozen rules expected to roll out within the next two years could put thousands of jobs in jeopardy and damage the party’s 2012 election prospects.

Drop acid, not bombs.  Owsley Stanley, a roadie for the Grateful Dead who was said to have supplied primo LSD to fuel the acid rock scene has died.  He was a climate skeptic.  No really, an actual hippie skeptic.  I need to sit down for a moment.


Part Five: Global Hottie

March 17th is St. Patricks Day, a day people all around the world celebrate with wanton inebriation.  The connection between a fellow driving snakes from the Emerald Isle and people drinking themselves into stupor is lost in legend, sadly.  Not lost however is this week’s global hottie.  She’s an American but holds an Irish passport too, and that’s good enough.  Welcome the newly single Ms. Olivia Wilde back to the round-up.


Thanks for reading.

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  1. “shooting from the hippie” – great line! Although, being from Texas, I always thought it was “shooting AT the hippie”…

  2. You know, if California and the other states are so worried about CO2, they should stand by their principles and ban any electricy that’s generated using CO2 generating methods.

  3. Really like your site and drop by often, frequently because of postings on other sites.
    Being from Australia I liked the Owsley Stanley story though I can’t recall hearing of him settling here. And no, this is not from using too much of his product.
    But quite a lot of North Americans have moved here for similar reasons.
    You include a link to our ‘adventures in wealth distribution’. After a close election last year we have a coalition govt of socialists and greens. But people are organizing against the rising cost of electricity (and other things)even before the new ‘save the planet’ carbon pollution tax gets introduced. We shall have to wait to see how it plays out but we are living in interesting times down here.

  4. Awesome aggregation, again, as always, alliteratively.

    This might just be the best one yet.

  5. Nissan leaf owners are seeing the inconvenient science of what happens to batteries in the cold. The reason why leafs are being put on the3 side of the road, is because “global warming” A.K.A cold drains the battery.
    I guess there’s now more than 1 kind of frozen leaf we should watch out for.

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