Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Feb. 24th 2011

CSI: NOAA fingerprints a snowstorm, mercury causes bipolar disorder at the EPA and the world can finally buy the cardboard computer it craves.

The hippie of the week is a Aussie and the hottie of the week is a Texan.  Life doesn’t get much better than this.

Part One: Hippie of the Week

Hippie of the week is Australian politician Penny Wong.  Wong is currently Finance Minister to Julia ‘the whine’ Gillard, but was the first Aussie to hold the position of Minister for Climate Change.  You can call it the Canute file, I do.  Although Wong has had no official part of climate since her shuffle to the bean counter room, she retains an interest in advancing the global warming debate by engaging hearts and minds.  Which is why she called skeptics ‘flat-earthers‘.  Oh wait, nevermind.

Wong splits atoms. With her mind

Andrew Bolt has a comprehensive list of the people Wong thinks are stupid.  Perhaps Penny should take a look at new Aussie polling on global warming, it’s not the scam it used to be.

Part Two: Warmists & Scaremongers

Why do greens despise the TV icons of my childhood?  First they came for David Bellamy, a man who practically lived in the undergrowth to show kids what lived there.  Now Johnny Ball is vilified by radical hippies for daring to mention that global warming might not be worth scaring the bejesus out of kids.  If hippies start picking on Gerry Anderson, this could get personal.

Gerry Anderson imagined the future, and it was good

Hippies of the world rejoice – weather is climate again.

Penny gone?  Aussie Chief scientist Sackett has quit, Simon isn’t sad.

Here’s your round-up Oscar tip.  Gasland will win Best Documentary, because Hollywood loves Gaia more than you.

California may be facing economic ruin caused in large part by ruinous green schemes, but it’s not dead enough for some people who would like to see the state use far less gas:

We suggest you take the greenhouse-gas reduction framework enshrined in your landmark 2006 legislation and substitute the word “petroleum” wherever the original text made reference to “greenhouse gases.” We believe that policy will make the state stronger economically, improve national security by making us less dependent on the oil merchants of the increasingly unstable Middle East, create fertile ground for clean-tech investments and coin the phrase “patriot state” while making California the first to earn that title.

Finally hippies can buy a green computer.  Recompute machines come in cardboard cases.  No, really.  If it makes you feel better, call it iTrash.

Good advice for recovering greens – Gaia isn’t your mother, and she’s not dying.

Oh noes, global warming causes toxic bacteria.  The List, add to it.

Global warming is failing as a mechanism to control the pesky populace so greens need a new angle for the new feudalism.  Meet Foodalism:

Even as traditional environmentalism struggles, another movement is rising in its place, aligning consumers, producers, the media and even politicians. It’s the food movement, and if it continues to grow it may be able to create just the sort of political and social transformation that environmentalists have failed to achieve in recent years. That would mean not only changing the way Americans eat and the way they farm — away from industrialized, cheap calories and toward more organic, small-scale production, with plenty of fruits and vegetables — but also altering the way we work and relate to one another. To its most ardent adherents, the food movement isn’t just about reform — it’s about revolution.

Here we go again.

Ten green ideas that are pretty much doomed.  Say goodbye to your flying car portable solar dreams.

Plane Stupid protesters are on trial in the UK for their foolish invasion of an airport.  Imagine their faces when evidence was presented that showed the gap-year hippies only increased carbon emission with the stunt.  Priceless.

The UN IPCC traveled to Hollywood to encourage movie-makers to keep pushing the global warming message in film.  The first sign green is no longer top of the glitterati agenda is that Don Cheadle is as close to A-list as they could get.

The EPA tells a tale of two mercury’s.  The mercury in thermometers is dangerous and must be regulated to protect health.  The mercury in CFL light bulbs is no problem, apparently.

Scientific American ponders why Americans resist the climate consensus, a question that is reveals more about what used to be a science paper than they realize.  Perhaps Americans just figured out that climate scientists like Michael ‘Stick’ Mann and Jim Hansen took the short bus to grad school.

Good news, the House of Windsor is hiring a new travel coordinator.  They want flights to be more green, but the carpet better stay red.

Neo-religions.  Same as the old religions, but now with 10% added dogma.

Oh noes, slightly milder weather caused by a trace gas essential to life on Earth has changed the color of owls.  When tawny owls turn brown, it’s all over.  Owlmageddon, it’s happening.

Hippies are howling about pesky developing nations who want better lives that include food and (gasp) material things.  If only poor people would know their place and just be interesting on discovery channel now and again, hippies would be so much happier.

David Suzuki is in Australia on the down-under leg of his farewell tour:

”When I tell children I grew up when there was not a TV, satellite or cell phone on the planet, they can’t believe anyone could be that old. And we lived rich interesting lives without the latest iPod.”

Watch this short video of David Suzuki living a rich, interesting life.  He may not have had the latest iPod, but it’s a reasonable guess that he may have enjoyed some iPot:


Raj Pachauri, the head of the IPCC gets Laframboise up in his grille for his penchant to advocate policy from a position that isn’t supposed to advocate policy.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Antarctic warming debunked and global warming scientists take another direct hit to credibility:

Nature’s original peer-review process had let through an obviously flawed paper, and no professional climate scientist then disputed  it – perhaps because of fear that doing so might harm their careers

In what world is it necessary for a state legislator to file a motion that global warming is a natural occurence?

UK retail giant and eco-bag failure Tesco is abandoning plans for solar panels on store roofs after government subsidies were reduced.  When economic reality meets green tech, there can only be one winner, as Smart cars discovered.

Alan Caruba has a go at deconstructing the global warming fraud:

I have used the words “hoax” and “fraud” interchangeably, but the latter refers to the way global warming was never about the climate and all about a handful of people becoming quite wealthy by setting up exchanges to buy and sell bogus “carbon credits” mandated by governments in order to emit CO2 in the normal process of manufacturing production and other applications.  Others have cashed in building solar and wind farms, or became producers of ethanol. None of these ventures would survive without government mandates requiring their use.

The US House of Representatives defunded the UN IPCC.  The move won’t pass the Senate, but you better believe the vote made a few green hearts flutter.  And not in the good way.

Ethical oil advocate Ezra Levant has a few words for hippies about their beloved bird shredders.

Pesky satellite data shows no warming for 13 years.  Son of sputnik is a denier, who knew?

"I'm sorry Dave, I can't warm that"

CO2 is innocent, Tim says so.  But what will hippies tax if plant food isn’t to blame for milder weather?

Jo Nova dissects the notion that after 20 years of claiming global warming causes drought, it also causes floods.

Bright flight.  California is losing educated people and entrepreneurs as it embraces eco-lunacy and economic suicide.  Renting a U-Haul from San Francisco to Austin, Texas costs over$3000 but the return costs only $300.  And U-Haul still can’t find any takers for the West-bound trip.

Uh oh, forget what I said about weather is climate.  It’s CSI-NOAA Forensic meteorology suggests man had nothing to do with snowpocalypse.

They found no evidence — no human “fingerprints” — to implicate our involvement in the snowstorms. If global warming was the culprit, the team would have expected to find a gradual increase in heavy snowstorms in the mid-Atlantic region as temperatures rose during the past century. But historical analysis revealed no such increase in snowfall. Nor did the CSI team find any indication of an upward trend in winter precipitation along the eastern seaboard.

It’s for the kids.  When UK teachers aren’t detonating moppets, they’re busy indoctrinating them.

Green jobs you can believe in.  The Obama administration invested $535 million and only lost 135 jobs.  Wait, what?

Math is hard.  Hybrids vs. regular cars – the green option can never pay for itself in gas consumption savings.  But you can still drive a Prius to feel good about yourself, if that works for you.

Junkscience has a new look and much more frequent posting.  Look, subscribe and learn.

Oh the ironing.  Green businesses are targeted by fraudsters.  Imagine Enron getting rolled in a dark alley before it could strip mine California’s economy, it’s like that.

It’s the Sun, stupid.  No, really.

The reason for wrecking California’s agriculture industry was to save the Delta Smelt, a not very useful and probably not tasty micro-fish.  After sending thousands of farms into financial ruin and devastating the region with 40% unemployment, it turns out that diverting all the fresh water to the ocean didn’t help the Smelt at all. Darwinism works – just get hippies out of the way.

Piers Corbyn prods the Met Office again, because he can.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Ask any environmentalist in Canada about the US and they will launch into a tirade about consumerism run amok, red state bible-belt gun-totin’ freedom lovin’ polluters and how ironic Seattle coffee-drinkers are.  Or something.  Then ask the same Canadian environmentalist about US cash feeding the anti-oilsands and be deafened by the silence.

Flying is bad for Gaia, unless you’re a green lobby group trying to secure your agenda.

Hippies got wood when the UK dropped plans to sell forests for cash. Meanwhile ‘street’ trees are having a hard time on the sceptr’d isle.  We’ve all seen them, sometimes we cross the street to avoid pan-handling street trees who beg for one more chance to turn a new leaf.

The ‘Jurassic coast’ is about to get new dinosaurs when a wind farm is built off the pictureque south coast.  Some day visitors will view the offshore monuments to stupid and point and laugh.

angry birds, the revenge

Treehugger gets it’s Ebert on and reviews ‘the Heretic‘, the West End play that stomped the warmist opposition in box office earnings:

Because of the way that the play has been presented, you leave thinking about greenwash, where the truth lies, how to weigh up the facts, how many facts we really don’t know and what our responsibility is to find out. It raises issues on both side of the argument: she is a skeptic amongst academics but her student hacks into a rival university’s website and discovers incriminating emails covering up research. Whether this play will last the test of time as great dramatic art remains to be seen. But it does serve as a timely, entertaining and intelligent snapshot of contemporary issues.

Aussie voters will be thrilled to learn that their government is about to pay ‘several hundred’ thousand bucks for solar panels.  The good news is it will save $9500 a year.  Given the average useful life of a PV panel is about 20 years, that means lifetime savings of nearly $200,000.  Government math at work.

Good news, it’ll only take 2% of every nations GDP to kick start a ‘green economy’.  It’s a bargain, just look at the return Obama got for only half-a-billion dollars.  Oh wait, nevermind.

Global warming means high noon for the not-OK Coral.

Aussie state broadcaster ABC is busted for bias.  I thought that was what the ‘B’ stood for, much like the BBC and CBC.  No?

Oh noes, now gardening is bad for Gaia.  Evil green-fingered terra-rists have the temerity to tear up peat bogs to use as fertilizer.  Peat bogs are carbon sinks, and warmists fear that ripping them up releases carbon.  I guess they missed the part that carbon is a good fertiziler and makes plants grow, not groan.

When even the Gray Lady notices the China =clean energy meme is false, your agenda is in trouble.

Grist wonders why green energy costs so much in California.  Jeez, who knew offering huge subsidies for inefficient power generation would affect prices.  Economics is like a dark art for hippies, they have no idea how it works.

The Daily Mail tells readers about the ‘green con’ that will cost every homeowner £300 extra per year.  The higher costs are due in large part to pay for inefficient green energy schemes.  Hey, the UK is the new California/Ontario/Spain/Italy/Germany.


Part Five: Global Hottie

It’s a weakness, but zombie movies are a favorite of mine.  Not much is funnier than the idea of mindless reanimated bodies running around with a hankering for brains.  Hey, that reminds me of hippies, sort of.  Our hottie of the week had a small part in the very entertaining Zombieland – the only celluloid event to pair up the Facebook founder with Woody Harrelson, or something.  She’s making her first appearance on the round-up and was thoughtful enough to wear a green dress for the occasion.  Skeptics, welcome Ms. Amber Heard to the hottie ranks.


Thanks for reading.

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  1. No changes:
    Alarmism = ECO92 + ROI (delayed)
    Catastrophic_Alarmism = Al_Gore + IPCC2007 + ROI (Right now!!!)
    Hysterical_Alarmism = COP15 + ROI (or we are f*****)

  2. … and don’t pay attention in that fire-ball in the sky, every day in the last 4,5 billions years…

  3. “When I tell children I grew up when there was not a TV, satellite or cell phone on the planet, they can’t believe anyone could be that old. And we lived rich interesting lives without the latest iPod.”

    So aside from the fact that satellites are not, by definition, on the planet, maybe the children would have an easier time believing you if you knew that TVs had been commercially available since before you were born Dave.

  4. You mean person! You made my sides hurt with “Owlmageddon”. Ouch! There it goes again! Stop the cruelty!

  5. Climate Change Postmortem:
    When all was said and done, the following example sums up this level of mass insanity that we were dealing with, before climate change died when Obama dropped it from his State of the Union Speech:
    “A group of over 200 environmentalists were in an auditorium listening to a symposium about climate change, i.e. global warming or climate disruption. One of the speakers asked, “If I could instantly produce a genie with a magic wand to stand here before you today. And if, that genie could wave his magic wand and voila….carbon dioxide would no longer be a greenhouse gas that produced uncontrollable global warming….How many in this room would be happy, satisfied and pleased?” Two people out of two hundred hesitatingly raised their hands. Of the others, some smirked, some laughed and some yelled out, “No, no. Hell no.””
    Greenzism 2011? Almost!
    *Note: The Republican Majority voted to pull American IPCC funding on Feb20/11 and there are rumblings of federal charges being laid as a demonizing ploy for the neocons. Nice job boys!
    Meanwhile, the UN had allowed carbon trading to trump 3rd world fresh water relief, starvation rescue and 3rd world education for just over a quarter of a century of climate control instead of needed population control.
    REAL planet lovers are happy the crisis was averted.

  6. It’s funny how every Canadian news broadcaster is only giving only part of the story about edmonton’s new refinery. when they talked about carbon capture and storage, they skipped so many things, like the fact that the captured CO2 will be used to extract the remaining, hard-to-get oil in the old wells, which is going to make hippies shrill in anger once they find out.

    Sadly, it’s right on CAPP’s website that they intend on using plant food squeeze more oil out of the ground.

    [i]This technology is successfully being used to enhance oil recovery in older fields throughout Alberta.[/i]

    Damn that technology and innovation. lol

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