Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Dec 9th 2010

Al Gore gets religion, everything the weather does proves global warming is real and the WWF gives the world a document format that won’t print.  On purpose.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

A right-wing evangelical Bible-thumping bitter clinger hacked Al Gore’s blog this week and posted this:

“Global Warming and the Risen Lord moves beyond the old debates about climate change to a new conversation focusing on the tremendous opportunities there are and the biblical and spiritual resources we have been given to meet this threat. A major focus of the book is the deep biblical basis for our engagement with global warming. Filled with inspirational stories and sobering scientific research, Rev. Ball shows us that global warming is one of the major challenges of our time, but one that can be overcome by following the Risen Lord.

Wait, it wasn’t a hack?  Al posted it.  But where’s the lefty atheist mockery/outrage?

Al Gore famously kicked a hornet’s nest when he started the ‘debate is over, the science is settled’ nonsense.  Here is a good analysis of why Al’s position was such a mistake, from a warmist no less.

Goremotivators, exposed.

Did global warming cause Al’s pressure group ‘Alliance for Climate Protection’ to close down offices?:

Gore in 2008 launched a $300 million advertising and lobbying campaign through the Alliance to help pass climate legislation on Capitol Hill, telling CBS’ 60 Minutes at the time it was a “blitz as sweeping and expensive as a big corporation’s rollout of a new product.”  The group has not disclosed how much of that money it ultimately spent

Never mind how they spent, nearly three years after ACP was launched we still have no idea where the money came from, yet the Koch Brothers are given weekly colonoscopies by warmists and their devoted media followers.  Funny how that works.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

The World Wildlife Fund’s department of customer inconvenience has issued a new killer product, the .wwf file format.  It saves just like a pdf, but it won’t print.  Ever.  Because using paper is evil and loggers eat pandas.  I may have made that last part up.

Your next trip to the dentist or hospital may be even less pleasant that usual.  Anesthetics cause global warming, add it to the List and hope that the happy gas isn’t banned.  Before you scoff at that idea, five years ago would you have believed that incandescent light bulbs would be banned?

Jolly Prince Chuckles defended the motley CRU ‘scientists’ and thought their treatment was ‘appalling’.  Pity he didn’t think the same of their bullying cronyism masquerading as science, but thinking isn’t the clown prince’s strong suit.

As corn ethanol is threatened and even Al Gore admits it was a bad idea, those politicians from the heavily subsidized areas are digging their heels in to defend their troughs.

The Washington Post thinks CO2 is toxic.  This can only mean one thing – Pepsico is trying to kill the President with carbonated beverages:

oh noes, we're too late

(if the blog goes quiet, you’ll know the Secret Service got me for that last pic)

Chris Matthews of MSNBC confused skeptics with Luddites.  Matthews does not know what Luddite means, but it’s Sarah Palin who’s stupid, right?  Note to Chris – it’s the hippies who want to stop growth and roll back progress, not the skeptics.

When warmists discovered that detonating moppets was going too far, they had to rethink how to sell the global warming hoax to children.  Telling them that Santa’s runway is melting so there won’t be gifts under the tree was the winning idea.  What is wrong with these people?

Richard Branson and Ted Turner launched a new initiative, the global climate summit.  For fun, Branson runs an airline and is working on sending tourists into space for fun and profit, and Turner owns the largest bison herd in America.  If Dick and Ted really want to make a difference, how about closing down Virgin Atlantic and Galactic and shooting the methane-emitting bison?  Just a thought.

Turner also declared that population is a problem and people should be restricted to one child (he has five, but SHUT UP) and accused President Obama of making a mistake by pushing Obamacare over Gaiacare.

The weather climate is killing 150,000 people a year.  Greenpeace says so, it must be true.

Michael ‘Stick’ Mann is still trying to kill off the pesky Medieval Warming Period.  He resembles a Scooby-Doo villain more with every passing week.


NPR discovered that the debate isn’t over and that warmists overplayed their hand:

“By focusing always on these extreme threats, I think they lost their credibility,” says Ken Green, an environmental scientist and resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. “I mean, historically they have doom-sayers, they keep getting it wrong, and people keep seeing that they’re getting it wrong.”

More hippies are behind bars in Australia for protesting coal power.

The mid-term elections in the US sent a clear message to Democrats that there was no appetite for Obamacare or climate bills.  So the Dems are pushing to get a climate bill through in the lame duck session, because Americans don’t know what’s good for them.

The EPA ignores hard science, so why not the constitution too?

Alarmist Kate Sheppard thinks 5 million people will die from global warming in the next ten years.  Noted, Kate.  we’ll see you for crow pie in 2020.

Global warming is a religion.  First the Goreacle goes all scripture and now Time magazine writes:

Environmentalism began as a religion. Certainly that’s how paleo-greens like John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, would have seen it. Muir was awakened to nature when he first explored Yosemite in the 1860s, and he felt it in a religious way — he called what would become one of the nation’s first national parks “the grandest of all special temples of Nature.”

Tom Nelson discovers that global warming causes protest shrinkage.

Ocean acidity, the zombie scare beloved of Greenpeace, is back again.

Global warming causes cancer.  Of course it does, there’s nothing a trace gas essential to life on Earth can’t do.  Except any good, that is.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

It’s the models, stupid.  Most people forget that almost all the doomsday scenarios peddled by hippies are based on computer models.  Models which are not very good, as it turns out.

Climategate is a year old, but climate science is still corrupting the good name of science.

The University of Virginia was caught in a lie in its defence of ‘Stick’ Mann.  Oops.

Andrew Revkin caught the IPCC making a mistake and went after them.  Wait, what?

As the UK freezes, a new book suggests cold is the new normal.  Let’s hope he’s wrong, because despite what hippies say about warming being bad for Gaia, cold is worse.

Warmists love mass transit, but mass transit is bad for the planet.  You do less harm driving than riding the bus.  Awkward, but true.

What’s $7 billion between friends?  That’s how much was defrauded from the EU by carbon-trading scammers.

Remember all the cities that would drown when the oceans rose?  Nevermind, sea level rise predictions were way wrong.

Save the incandescent light bulbs! No, don’t save them.  Wait, a guy that wanted them banned has seen the, err, light.  Confused much?

Oh noes, SUV sales are soaring – this is doubleplusungood news for the Volt and Leaf.

EV's meet reality, lose

Warmists discover that scary headlines and dire warnings don’t convince people that slightly milder weather wants to off them.  Go figure.

Dean Koontz, telling it the way it is:

“When a scientist tells you that ‘the science is settled’ in regard to any subject, he’s ceased to be a scientist, and he’s become an evangelist for one cult or another. The entire history of science is that nothing in science is ever settled. New discoveries are continuously made, and they upend old certainties.…

Add Wikileaks to Climategate and suddenly even lefties wonder if global warming is hoax.

A must-read post on the global warming hoax, the IPCC and the corruption that permeates the entire global warming hierarchy.

Australians are confused about global warming.  Never mind, crack another tinny and chuck another Sheila on the barbie, or something.

Bill Gates, his Foundation has done a lot of great work, but he’s falling into the ecotard trap.

Hippies want to designate ANWR a national monument.  Good luck driving there.

Marc Morano must really want to see Joe Romm’s head explode.  Climate Depot has released a document with 1000 scientists who question the consensus on global warming.

Global warming causes glaciers to melt.  Unless they grow.  Wait, what?  The weather you say, not climate?

Mountain gorillas are threatened by climate change, said the International Gorilla Conservation Program.  Actually, not so much, say the mountain gorillas.  Pesky thriving species, don’t they know NGO”s need cute critters to stay endangered for fund-raising?

Plant food in the air may cause global cooling, says NASA, an organization with almost no credibility left.

Part Four: AGW in the News

James Delingpole has a handy checklist so we can tell if global warming is still happening, or not:

  1. Warm weather
  2. Cold weather
  3. In-between weather.
  4. Dark skies at night
  5. Light skies in the morning
  6. An unpleasant moist/damp/wet sensation when it rains

Click to read it the whole column, it’s worth it.

Renewable power sources like wind are great, unless you want your lights to be reliable, that is.

Mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes:

[Patrick] Moore, who is going to the conference to peddle his books challenging environmental orthodoxies, has over the years become an advocate of peaceful nuclear power. It offers the best means of producing large amounts of pollution-free and carbon-free energy.  “That’s one of the great logical disconnects of our time,” said Moore. “A lot of extreme environmentalists say we’re going to be killed by catastrophic climate change and then they reject the one source of power that could solve that problem.”

The UK’s Met. Office has a supercomputer that is worse at forecasting than a dead octupus.

Pesky hurricanes refused to follow the warmist script in 2010.  Don’t they know that Al Gore said global warming would mean more and stronger storms?  Some weather systems have no respect.

Good news for British birds – they will soon be shredded by next-generation wind turbines.

‘Global warming has halted’:

The question now emerging for climate scientists and policymakers alike is very simple. Just how long does a pause have to be before the thesis that the world is getting hotter because of human activity starts to collapse?

Los Angeles promised to generate 40% of its power from renewables by 2020.  It’s impossible, so the DWP is quietly putting down the nonsense and backing away.

The Economist used to be a serious news magazine.  Now it prints headlines like this with a straight face:

The media is always trailing the actual weather by about 15 years, according to men in pajamas.

SCOTUS has accepted a case that will determine if courts can impose limits on greenhouse gases when there is no federal regulation in place.  It’ll be a big decision when it comes.

It figures that Hertz would be the first major rental car firm to offer electric vehicles.

Peak oil, what peak oil?  The US is set to drive affordable energy in the future.

Solar and wind subsidies are money down the drain.  Germany and Spain have discovered that, the UK is figuring it out slowly, which leaves the clueless Dalton McGuinty of Ontario as the last man offering subsidy rates of 20 times the actual cost of power.


Part Five: Global Hottie

This week’s hottie is making her round-up debut.  Hot nerd-girl and star of The Guild internet series, Felicia Day is not just hot, but funny.  And smart.  Did I mention hot?

click for larger librarian goodness

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  1. (Australians are confused about global warming. Never mind, crack another tinny and chuck another Sheila on the barbie, or something). Love it… mate! Oprah is down here to save us, ha ha ha!

  2. (Australians are confused about global warming. Never mind, crack another tinny and chuck another Sheila on the barbie, or something). Love it… mate! Oprah is down here to save us, ha ha ha!

  3. When the world runs out of affordable energy,
    1) because renewable energy is expensive or irregularly available, and/or
    2) because the UNFCC has drained the economies of the world into corrupt cesspools, and/or
    3) because the nations of the world are at each others’ throats with weapons of mass destruction
    then, blame it on the Warm Mongers.

    Warm Mongers. Warm Mongers. Warm Mongers.
    Say it again, Faster. Faster. Faster. …

  4. When the world runs out of affordable energy,
    1) because renewable energy is expensive or irregularly available, and/or
    2) because the UNFCC has drained the economies of the world into corrupt cesspools, and/or
    3) because the nations of the world are at each others’ throats with weapons of mass destruction
    then, blame it on the Warm Mongers.

    Warm Mongers. Warm Mongers. Warm Mongers.
    Say it again, Faster. Faster. Faster. …

  5. Re: WWF’s “unprintable” document format .wwf–best comment on the LifeHacker story:

    “They should have used the file extension .WTF given the response those who send these files will receive.”

  6. Not only are Australians confused about global warming but also are the poms,England and Wales are currently having the coldest December for over a 100 years!!!!
    Also don’t forget the Americans they must be confused as well, a number of records have been broken for low temperatures for the start of their winter.
    The money wasted on the global warming crap is a crime, the money should have been spent on the poor of this world and Al Gore has made millions out of this scam he should be jailed as well as those in the IPCC who have lied ( Climategate ).
    Thousands of scientists have signed a petition not agreeing with man made global warming, Mother Nature controls the climate as she has for millions of years not man.

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