Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 2nd 2010

Climate talks in Cancun have started, Al Gore is AWOL and Raj Pachauri isn’t as smart as he used to be.

COP16 will have its own round-up after the weekend, for now enjoy the (mostly) Cancun-free linkery and snark of your regular weekly round-up.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Whither Al?  Not a peep was heard from the man other than a feeble declaration that he was ‘depressed‘ about the prospects of the Cancun talks.  Perhaps he took to his bed in his comfort ‘I? Gaia’ pj’s and counted his money to cheer himself up.  If there’s nothing from him next week we’ll send out search parties. Or not.

At least Al’s Canadian counterpart -the perpetually outraged fruit-fly geneticist David Suzuki popped his head up.  Suzuki is a man of the people, just not the small people, as one (former) adoring fan discovered when she attempted to speak to the man at a book signing.  Suzuki’s Moncton stop was eventful also because he spoke about the evils of ‘growth’:

“Things can’t grow forever in a finite world,” he said. “What we keep calling growth, growth, growth is suicide”

Growth isn’t suicide, but believing the green movement can provide any answers while clinging to Marxist redistribution fantasies certainly is.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

The week’s most angst-laden alarmist is one Johann Hari of the Independent.  It’s traditional for warmists to ramp up the rhetoric prior to a conference, but few do it with such feeling as Hari:

The scientific debate is not between deniers and those who can prove that releasing massive amounts of warming gases will make the world warmer. Every major scientific academy in the world, and all the peer-reviewed literature, says global warming denialism is a pseudo-science, on a par with Intelligent Design, homeopathy, or the claim that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS. One email from one lousy scientist among tens of thousands doesn’t dent that. No: the debate is between the scientists who say the damage we are doing is a disaster, and the scientists who say it is catastrophe.

Government Motors is now GM again after an IPO.  If you invested in the car giant, here are two reasons you might want to sell before reality catches up with market exuberance – GM is ‘investing’ $40 million to offset carbon emissions, and the pre-IPO encouraging numbers may have been a tad, ahem, padded.

The UK’s Met Office reported that 2010 is about to be the hottest year ever – which naturally resulted in a sneak attack by the Gore effect.

Warmists hate deniers, loathe skeptics, and don’t even dare to doubt.

Warmists as religious zealots?  Say it ain’t so:

The green fundamentalists who call for an immediate restructuring of post-industrialized civilization to cater to their theories are absurd individuals. They will shun you for disagreement, and even blacklist you for the audacity of unbelieving. I have met more humourless, fanatical, devoted environmentalist demagogues than I have of the religious equivalent.

The lunatics continued their ‘art’ stunts, this time in Egypt.  All that the 350’ers proved is that they know as much about art as they do the climate.

yep, that's going to save the planet

Good news – as the Cancun round of climate talks began, two hippie activists were jailed for their protests at last year’s fearfest in Copenhagen.

Got a dog?  Then you’re a climate criminal!

Canadian students stripped and danced in a cafeteria to ‘protest’ the government killing off an unrealistic climate bill.  Or, exhibitionist morons wanted to get on You Tube.  You decide.

President Obama must figure the seas will recede and the skies will heal themselves, because a trip to Mexico ain’t happening.

Greenpeace routinely invades private property and interferes with legal business activity, but when firms try to investigate the green terror group they run to the courts seeking protection.  Typical bullies, no?  Greenpeace Canada has the silliest web site on the Internet, including a count of how deaths were caused by ‘climate’ since Cancun started.  A challenge to the hippies – care to tell the world how that figure is calculated?

Global warming will cost a billion people their homes.  Wait, didn’t the mortgage meltdown already do that?

The UN can’t remember what it said.  Just a few months after telling geo-engineers to cool it, the UN is thinking about mirrors in space and other mad scientist measures.

Royal warmist jolly Prince Chuckles can’t git no respek.  Can’t imagine why.

Climate deaths are up. And by climate deaths they mean anything vaguely weather related that can be used to scare you senseless enough to believe that a trace gas essential to life on Earth is plotting to kill you.

The US government is willing to gut the economy (again) based on only an 80% ‘certainty’ that global warming is real.  The good news is that there really isn’t much of an economy left to gut, the bad news is that Steven Chu is employed.

Run your SUV an extra 10 minutes today and save a Dutch hooker’s job.

Raj Pachauri, the head of the IPCC has discovered that the science isn’t settled and that there are ‘huge gaps’ in climate science.  He then went on to declare that every possible outcome is caused by global warming:

“We have and will continue to have increasingly more floods, more droughts, more heat waves, more extreme precipitation events.”

Pachauri was humiliated when he was dropped from the list of the world’s top 100 thinkers.  Last year he was number five, this year… nowhere.  The question is did 96 people get that much smarter, did Pachauri suffer a head injury, or did Climategate expose the ‘thinker’ as a fraud?  That was rhetorical, in case you wondered.

Skeptics confound warmists, they simply cannot understand why we are not as gullible as they are when it comes to the weather global warming, so they attempt to ‘explain’ skepticism.  This week you’re a skeptic because the education system failed to indoctrinate you adequately:

I would call their [skeptics] attitude typical of that of many Americans who supposedly received some scientific education in high school, if not college where a solid science course or program is difficult to teach effectively to non-majors.

Oh noes, global warming causes compost bombs.  Add it to The List.

Global warming may raise food prices by 130%.  Or not, if ethanol subsidies are cut.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Great balls of fire!  Jerry Lewis is going after the EPA’s out of control agenda with some legal maneuvers, and then he’s going to kick his piano stool off the stage:

“In addition to scrutinizing the agency’s entire FY 2012 budget, with particular attention on the agency’s rulemaking process, the House Appropriations Committee will be exercising its prerogative to withhold funding for prospective EPA regulations and de-fund through the rescissions process many of those already on the books”
this may not be the same Jerry Lewis, which is a shame

Tim Ball calls the global warming hoax a crime against humanity:

They succeeded because they attacked those who dared to question. They got away with it because experts who knew about serious problems kept quiet. They got away with it because nobody added up the total cost and human impact. They’ve been allowed to “commit widespread and systematic violence against civilians,” therefore the climate deception is a crime against humanity.

Ball has another column about restoring economic policies to sanity.  He’s an optimist, that one.

Global warming science is based on manipulated data, like the Irish Oak tree ring records.

Why are cows being discriminated against when it comes to emissions?  More bad news for cows – eating them is no longer bad for Gaia.

The ex-UK energy minister and new leader of Labour set energy targets that were unrealistic when he was in power.

Oh noes, global warming destroyed the rain forests.  300 million years ago.  Wait, what?  No factories, no SUV’s, no private planes required?  Awkward.

Wikileaks exposed the inconvenient truth that Hopenchangen in Copenhagen was doomed before it began.

It’s the Sun, stupid.  NASA has set up a new center to study the large yellow ball in the sky, believing it may have something to do with the weather.

The real MPG figures for the Leaf and Volt are unflattering, unless of course you believe that the electricity used to charge them is made from emission-free Unicorn poop.  (Clarification for hippies – it’s not.)

The great solar feed-in tariff boondoggle – the Aussie version.

Finally a painless way to end global warming: ration Bono.

One wonders: had U2 had not run the ZooTV tour twenty years ago, would the planet be in its very death throes today?


Wind turbines in Maine are too loud for locals and the developers have been ordered to fix the problem.  Dynamite, anyone?

Uh oh, a skeptic paper has been (gasp) peer-reviewed and will appear in the Journal of Climate.  Expect hippies to claim it was the wrong-kind of peer review, or failing that, that peer review is over-rated anyway.

A teacher throws in the towel on ‘educating’ moppets about global warming:

For six years I have had to bit my tongue while force-feeding this climate anthropogenic global warming nonsense into the increasingly sceptical minds of my science school learners. They all know it’s a scam. I know it’s a scam. They all know that we will be notionally 1010ed if we don’t all toe the party line, give the “government approved” answer in the exams, fill in the approved plans, but carry on as normal. I cannot seriously go into a school next term and carry on like this.

warming in the classroom

Americans are still not buying the global warming schtick, which means that the rest of the world may have to go it alone.  Please, feel free.

Think Progress, the oxymoronic leftist group, is aghast that the Americans for Prosperity group would dare to use the very tactics employed by warmists against the global warming hoax:

We made a decision early on, we launched our effort on cap and trade and global warming about three years ago. We’ve been at it for a while. We made a decision that as a free-market group we would focus on the economic impact. So we’ve focused on job losses, there are some great studies out there. Heritage. We’ve used Heritage for the job-loss studies especially, and the National Association of Manufacturers, groups like that. We started looking now at the scientific impact and the fact that over the last ten years it appears it was cooling and not warming. Hence the name change, you notice how it went from “global warming” to “climate change.” Whenever the left gets in trouble, they change the name! It was liberals, now the public has repudiated liberalism, and now it’s “progressivism.” They did the same thing with “global warming” and switched over to “climate change.”

What a difference an election makes, and not just in a Chinese bedroom.  The Select Committee on Global Warming is axed by incoming House Leader Boehner.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The Economist has long been in the tank for global warming.  Alan Caruba has had enough.

The Guardian is attempting to put together the world’s largest global warming FAQ, and they want your help.  You know what to do.

The administration of the University of East Anglia, home of the motley CRU, is upset with James Delingpole for telling the inconvenient truth about what passes for science and integrity at the academic backwater of the UEA.

Curses, green jobs creation is foiled by cheap, plentiful energy.  Hippies are not pleased, although what ‘jobs’ and hippies have in common is unclear.

The New York Times reports some facts in the middle of a global warming story.  Wait, what?

Mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes.

Carbon trading is done and ‘carbon jobs’ are disappearing fast as the global warming hoax meets reality.

The Nissan Leaf has won the 2011 European Car of the Year award.  Comparisons with President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize are entirely appropriate.

Mexico, host of the COP16 conference, is committed to leading the world in reducing emissions.  Mexico pretty much leads the world in crime syndicates, domestic murders, kidnapping and dope smuggling, so it makes sense to tackle an imaginary problem instead of real ones, those are hard.

Hipsters agonize about where Starbucks cups go once they have been used to transport pricey java to soul-patch adorned lips.  There is a solution coming that will allow pea-coated wifi-seekers to enjoy their caffeinated soy-latte’s guilt-free.  We’re saved!

The Daily Telegraph is rumored to be about to disappear behind a pay-wall.  If that happens, we’ll lose the wit and wisdom of Delingpole but will be saved from the press-release recycling Louise Gray.  The round-up uses a lot of links to the Telegraph, but it has little exclusive content and service will continue.  The Times was oft-quoted here too, and we don’t miss it at all.

US negotiators pledged to the world it will pass climate legislation.  Fortunately they were talking to people who think global warming is a real problem, so they probably got away with that one.

Warmists have lost the press, which means losing politicians can’t be far behind.  When that happens, the warmists will have lost, period.

The Guardian is caught manipulating headlines to skew an otherwise balanced column.

Aussie ‘climate change minister’ Combett notices that global warming is a poisoned chalice.  It’s full of Kool-Aid, or something.

Environmental action is grinding to a halt, thanks largely to hippie hubris:

The trouble, says Ross Mc-Kitrick, the University of Guelph economist who helped expose significant data errors in some of the IPCC’s main climate models, is that with their dominating insistence that their science was “settled,” that there could be no doubt about their claims, the climate change lobby put their work on a fragile pedestal: when contradictions and exaggerations began to emerge–in the Climategate scandal, in the “hockey stick” temperature graph, in the false claims about glacier melting in the IPCC report, in the series of overstatements or errors a British judge ruled were contained in An Inconvenient Truth, in the high-carbon lifestyles of green lobbyists such as Mr. Gore — it was just enough to pull the unravelling thread on unsustainable claims about the science being perfectly settled.


Part Five: Global Hottie

As the week saw the Cancun COP16 kick off, it seems entirely appropriate to feature a Mexican Spanish-speaking marvel as the global hottie.  Skeptics, say hola to Paz Vega.


Thanks for reading.

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  2. Outstanding as always. I wonder of the teacher really looks like that, well, she’s a hero anyway.

    On another note…Tequilla for Paz, and I’ll have whiskey, hey gotta do something with all that corn.

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