Green censorship strikes again

Canadian journalist Christie Blatchford was invited to speak about her new book at Ontario’s University of Waterloo.  It never happened.

Her appearance was canceled because of a protest by three students who chained themselves together with bike locks.  Waterloo joins the U of  Ottawa as a campus that is not robust enough to defend diverse opinions.

Blatchford’s book has nothing to do with global warming, climate change, climate disruption, the weather, ice caps, sea levels, polar bears or even a much maligned trace gas in the atmosphere.  The subject is a nasty dispute over some land between developers and First Nations.

However, it’ll come as no surprise to readers to learn something of the student who led the protest in Waterloo:

… to [Dan] Kellar, a PhD student in geography who teaches courses in climate change and environmental assessment, Ms. Blatchford was a worthy target for silencing in the name of racial tolerance.
The tactic of restricting free speech is essential to greens, for they know that when the public hears both sides, they lose.
Kellar writes a blog for ‘action group’ AW@L.  Here’s their Declaration (emphasis mine):
“We are here to recognize that war and colonialism are destructive and un-ethical forces, to encourage others and raise awareness, to challenge ideas and perspectives, to confront systems of domination and oppression, to take responsibility (especially for our privilege), and to utilize our collective power to effect change.”
Note to hippies, shutting down speech you disagree with is not ‘challenging ideas and perspectives’, it’s censorship.

8 thoughts on “Green censorship strikes again”

  1. Waterloo can be proud to join the ranks of those historic figures and nations that supported the suppression of free speech. We thank them for reminding us how easily freedom is sacrificed by those in the business of producing weak minded drones.

  2. Fred – Thanks for the update, that act speaks well of the U of W. Perhaps this time they can secure the venue before Ms. Blatchford arrives.

    Donna – Your post said it far better than I did. Thank you for visiting, I’ve long admired your work.

    Jim – You’re welcome, I added a new countdown clock just today

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