Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Nov 11th 2010

Mayor Mike thinks NaCl or CO2 will kill you PDQ in NYC, a robber baron saved the whales and iPeople are the future.

These oddities explained and a hottie by popular request, what does it all mean?  It’s the round-up, stupid.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

It’s the incredible shrinking Al Gore section.  Either the Goreacle was too busy counting the cash from getting out of the CCX debacle before it collapsed, or he’s away somewhere plotting how to monetize biodiversity, the UN’s hedge hysteria should the global warming hoax keel over after the Cancun can-can.

Whatever the case, Al blessed his acolytes with one blog post, in which he quotes insurance firm Munich Re’s analysis of ‘an exceptional year‘.  It features his favorite weather climate stories of the year – the Pakistan floods and Russian firess.  he has to use these examples over and over again because his hurricane predictions are made of fail.

As for the collapse of the Chicago Climate Exchange,the media is vewy vewy quiet on what was once a big green story:

Incredibly (but not surprisingly), although thousands of news articles have been published about CCX by the lamestream media over the years, a Nexis search conducted a week after CCX’s announcement revealed no news articles published about its demise.  Outside of a report in Crain’s Chicago Business and a soft-pedaled article in a small trade publication, the media has entirely ignored the demise of the only U.S. effort at carbon trading. Even Glenn Beck, who has dedicated quite a bit of Fox News airtime to exposing the CCX, has yet to mention the news.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

The United Nations declared that the biggest barriers to human development are global warming and biodiversity.  Which is odd, because I’m guessing that both items are fairly low on the list of people who are hungry, sick or poor and whose access to cheap, abundant energy and economic growth is prevented by the UN’s fear of slightly warmer weather.

Joe Romm penned a column for Grist in which he calls the Obama presidency ‘failed’:

Indeed, he has, arguably, poisoned the well for the next president, not merely because of the “shellacking,” but also by his failure to use his bully pulpit to be an unabashed defender of climate and clean energy action. Team Obama helped create the broad-based misperception that those issues are political losers, in spite of every poll to the contrary, in spite of the fact that in the one place where a broad coalition combined with political leaders who were genuine climate hawks, Californians won the clean energy and climate trifecta, including a stunning 20-point win preserving their landmark cap-and-trade climate bill.

Emo-Joe goes on to predict the end of the world, of course.  It’s a long read – booze may help.

Hippie stereotypes 101: soap-o-phobia.  Confirmed.

Billionaire NYC Mayor Bloomberg is convinced that a few extra ppm’s of plant food is destroying the drinking water, or something.  And if it’s not CO2, you can bet that NaCl will get you.

James Cameron has seen the future, and it involves humans turning into a “techno indigenous people”. For short, we’ll call Cameron’s new populace iPeople.  We can only hope to evolve this good:

sticker shock

World leaders want to tax carbon-based lifeforms for carbon-usage.  Taxes are like crystal meth to politicians, one sniff and they want more, more, more.

Nothing says you’re serious about ‘raising awareness’ of global warming like taking a biodiesel fueled Hummer to the Antarctic.  Wait, what?  Perhaps the thrill-seeking hippies haven’t heard that biodiesel is worse for Gaia than fossil fuels.

Oh noes, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has broken the £4 per tub barrier in the UK.  Jobless hippies will no longer be able to afford a comforting taste of Cherry Garcia after a long day of climate justice activism.  Can a live concert for Hippie Aid be far away?

Michael ‘Stick’ Mann has a problem with trees:

Mann said that the tree-ring data stopped reflecting true temperatures 50 years ago for reasons that are not yet fully known

He can’t explain why trees are trees, but he can extrapolate global doom from a trace gas essential to life on Earth from them.  In some places this man is called a scientist and people do not snicker.  Strange but true.

The LA Times got the skeptic world in a lather by reporting that the AGU was prepping a rapid reaction squad to counter climate skeptics.  Except the AGU wasn’t, the Times kinda made it up.

Twitter wars?  An enterprising hippie in Oz created a Twitterbot that would identify skeptic tweets and counter with a pro-AGW factoid.  @dailybayonet received many of these annoying tweets from @AI_AGW, until the magic of the ‘ignore’ filter was employed.  Counter that, hippie.

Alarmist Mario Piperni makes a reasoned argument to win over skeptics:

So, if you’re a climate change denier, then please understand that you are the most ignorant, naive and gullible type of person I could ever imagine.  Anyone who believes that 97 percent of the world’s scientists could all be so wrong but that Bill O’Reilly and  Exxon’s CEO have it right are, in my view anyway, as pathetically stupid as stupid gets.  You’re idiots.

Oh, wait…

There’s an app for that.  Geeks camped out to create apps that would help people understand energy use.  How many planets were killed by their cell phone chargers remains unclear.

Hippie angst of the week – attempting to square the circle of flying to save the planet:

It seems that too many environmental and social justice advocates think they should be exempt from reducing their aviation-related footprint because their work is important. They continue their airborne ways because they don’t see “realistic” alternatives, and, perhaps, more importantly, because they can.

Aussie scientist David Karoly is so smart that not only does he know power stations cause global warming, he knows which one is killing Gaia fastest.

Tom Nelson discovers a long list of last chances, and so does the Onion.

Van Jones fears that the planet is about to be ‘greenhouse-gas attacked’.  Who will rise from the progressive ranks to save us from this dastardly plant food?

Nothing says you’re serious about global warming like jumping naked into a freezing lake in November.

yep, it's that cold

There are many ways the planer could die – giant asteroids, solar flares, monster volcanic eruptions or the dreaded but inevitable zombie apocalypse all come to mind right away.  Unless you’re Gideon Polya, who figures last week’s midterms doomed Gaia:

It is not hyperbole to suggest that the Republican mid-term victories spell doom for the Planet. As outlined below,  leading climate scientists say that major per capita GHG polluters like the US, Australia and Canada  must act urgently within the next decade in order to avoid disaster for Humanity and the Biosphere. However Republican (and Democrat)  climate change deniers and climate change action delayers will mean Business As Usual (BAU) and inevitable disaster.

Gideon may want to look up hyperbole.  Just sayin’.  Read it all and embrace the crazy.

German politicians are angry that skeptics won’t go away.  Skeptical scientists and Poles should probably be nervous.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Warmists avoid the fact that is that there is a lot of upside to a warming planet:

A warm climate enables humans and countless other creatures to thrive that couldn’t otherwise survive. It provides long and fertile planting seasons on large expanses of unfrozen land essential to feed 8 billion to 9 billion people around the world.

Cooling, not warming.  Pesky global temperature anomaly.

The truth about green jobs and stimulus money is not pretty: how many jobs does $535 million buy in California?  None.

The shaky science that props up the global warming hoax continues to fall apart and the green bubble is about ready to burst.

Post midterm elections in the US, Karl Rove predicts that global warming is dead as a political issue.

Clouds are the ‘wildcard’ of climate – and scientists don’t understand how they work in the global system.  So much for blaming CO2 then.

Much of the cause for doubt about the ‘settled science’ of global warming rests in the fact that most of the dire predictions come from computer models.  Ignore for the moment that there is good reason to doubt the veracity of the input data, how good are the models that crunch the numbers? Good question.

Hippies love to save whales, but instead of eco-terrorist Paul Watson, oil baron John D. Rockefeller deserves the praise:

Through Rockefeller’s work, kerosene became both cheaper and safer to use than whale oil, and quickly began to replace it in the marketplace.  By 1890 the American whaling fleet had already dropped from a peak of 735 ships to just 200, and was still falling, in large part due to low cost kerosene produced by Rockefeller’s Standard Oil.

A rational look at why CO2 has nothing to do with global warming in a polite exchange of letters.

Jo Nova asks whether the western climate establishment is corrupt.  Hmm, what do you think?

Sustainable green power with unsustainable green jobs.  It’s a conundrum.

Oh noes, Europeans are no longer afraid of the weather.

Aussie politicians are learning that as public support for the global warming hoax fades, so do their dreams of expensive green energy boondoggles and endless tax opportunities.  For the warmists, every lost voter is less oxygen to fan the alarmist flames, no wonder that they’re desperate.

the Internet can be cruel

Tuvalu fears rising sea levels, and with only 4000 years before the current rate of increase reaches global warming muppet Jim Hansen’s predicted 4 metres, they had better act fast.

Uh oh, on the back of Himalaya-gate we have the new scandal of ice-cold-refreshing-glacier-freshwater-gate.

Hey hippies, want to win $10,000?  Just prove global warming is real.  The catch:

make a conclusive argument based on empirical facts that increasing atmospheric CO2 from fossil fuel burning drives global climate warming.

Good luck with that.

The New Zealand government was forced to admit that its record of warming was false, and now Australia is admitting that records of urban heat island temperatures have been incorrectly adjusted.   They were adjusted up, in case you had to ask.

Voters don’t care about global warming, and consumers are wising up to greenwashing.  It’s not easy being green.

Today’s warmists want you to forget that there was a consensus in the 1970’s about global cooling, because it brings a much needed perspective to their sky is falling mentality.  But Omniclimate will not let them forget the reams of global cooling articles.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Canada’s environment minister quit and has not been replaced with a full-timer.  Yet.

Mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes: The UK is waking up to the idea that giant bird-shredders will not be able to keep the lights on, and looks to encourage nukes.

What the midterms mean for greens: nothing good.  Heh.

Channel 4 in the UK aired a show skeptical of global warming (if I find video I’ll post it asap), and George Monbiot’s head exploded.

Greens celebrated the thin gruel of a win on Prop 23 in California, but did they win the battle and lose the war:

The measure [Prop 26] could have profound implications. A UCLA School of Law study, for example, found that it “could have substantial and wide-ranging impacts on implementation of the state’s health, safety and environmental laws.” The study lists the Global Warming Solutions Act (also known as AB32)—the very law that voters defended against Prop. 23—as one measure that would suffer most due to the two-thirds majority requirement

Climate talks in Cancun are approaching, but there is little hope even among greens that any progress can happen.  Will Mexico be the last of the great global warming gatherings?

Taxpayers in Britain can be happy in the knowledge that the huge subsidies they paid for wind farms went to fund a millionaire’s electric sports car.

the bird shredder magnate's ride

Australia sells road salt to England, but don’t tell Michael Bloomberg.

Crop peepers get their libido in a lather over albedo, suggesting that ‘reflective’ crops can help offset global warming.  Why yes, the people behind the idea are geo-engineers, aka mad scientists.

The New York Times gets it’s alarm on, again, and get’s taken to pieces, again.

Areas of cities are going dark because local authorities cannot afford to pay for streetlights.  What could possibly go wrong?

Australian’s have discovered the cost of solar Feed-in tariffs.  $1.1 billion, for nothing:

All solar panel systems installed under the program combined reduced Australia’s emissions by just 0.015 per cent, and cost up to $301 per tonne of carbon saved – hundreds more than the cost of emissions reductions with a carbon price.

Ontario, this is your future.

It’s not just commonwealth countries facing higher energy costs because of inefficient green power, the US has problems with power lines.

Newsweek has a handy guide on how not to be an eco-hypocrite.  The simple version, quit preaching and you too can consume guilt free.


Part Five: Global Hottie

Don’t ask why, but the Daily Bayonet received hundreds of hits from a ‘Jewel Staite naked’ search this week.  Sure, Ms Staite has been a global hottie once before, but why the popularity this week is a mystery.  However, to give the people what they want should be the goal of any blogger, so here is fresh Jewel, although sans the naked part, sorry.


Thanks for reading.

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