Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Nov. 4th 2010

The week has been dominated with news of the US mid-term elections, but that doesn’t mean it’s been all quiet on the warming front.  California rejected dope and abandoned hope, Al Gore was busted for being an idle idol and the green version of George Orwell’s Youth League is alive and well in England.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

The strongest argument against Al Gore is his persistent failure to live his life according to the green doctrine he espouses for the rest of us.  The hapless Goreacle provided skeptics one more easy example when he left his limo idling for an hour in Gothenburg while he delivered a speech about sustainable capitalism.  The plucky Swedish journalist who busted Gore was refused an interview, because the hypocrisy is settled.

Al will be in the Netherlands later this month to open the Tilburg Sustainability Centre.  Let’s hope for Gaia’s sake he doesn’t leave his clogs running for an hour while he’s there.

The great man blogged to his people as usual, but the coral bleaching example he chose to prop up the hoax this week was a bit thin:

There’s a cyclic event in the Indian Ocean called the Indian Ocean Dipole, which is similar to El Nino events, and warm water pools in the west of the Indian Ocean. So this is a natural cyclic event but almost certainly, you know, human induced climate change is increasing the intensity of that event.

‘Almost certainly’ is the new ‘the science is settled, the debate is over’.  Heh.

No word yet from Al on the news from California that the effort to save jobs by stalling the state’s global warming laws failed when Prop 23 was defeated, but no doubt he’s happy.  Prior to the polls opening he found $70 million ‘a staggering amount’ of money.  It’s almost as if he doesn’t know about his own staggering amount, or perhaps he can’t talk about that because he still refuses to say where it came from.

Dave's double rainbow moment?

David Suzuki, Canada’s premier moonbat is still in Australia (please Aussies, feel free to keep him).  This week the ‘guru’ is upset about Oz’s failure to capture the sunshine, but not before he went off on an wee tangent:

“You can’t draw a line and say the air ends there and I begin here. The air is in us, stuck to us and circulating through our bodies,” he said.  “We are air. And when I breathe out, that air mixes in the room and goes straight up your nose.  “So if I am air and you are air then I am you … we are embedded together in the matrix of air – not just with all of the humans on the planet, but with the trees, the birds, the worms and the spiders, that are all a part of that single matrix of air.

Duuuuuuuuuude!  Whatever they gave Dave for ‘relaxation’ in Oz is some powerful stuff, no?

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Greens rushed to label skeptics criminals this week.  “Ethics’ Prof Donald A Brown suggested that to fund any study that questions global warming dogma is a ‘crime against humanity’:

The international community does not have a word for this type of crime yet, but the international community should find a way of classifying extraordinarily irresponsible scientific claims about climate change that could lead to mass suffering as some type of crime against humanity

Not to be outdone, Google CEO Eric Schmidt suggested that it is criminal to question global warming.  So much for that whole ‘Don’t be Evil’ thing then.

The IPCC waded in with a comparison of skeptics to the tobacco lobby, then jumped the shark with a conspiracy theory that Hopenchangen failed because diabolical skeptics planned its downfall:

“How could it simply be a coincidence that the ‘climategate’ emails are revealed two weeks before Copenhagen and that the mistake on the Himalayas is raised and transformed by some media into major error?” van Ypersele said. “I have a hard time imagining it could simply be a coincidence.”

Never mind, we skeptics have a hard time imagining that a trace gas essential to life on Earth is a problem that can only be solved by wrecking the global economy, jailing dissidents and building giant bird-shredders.  Life’s rough like that.

The Sierra Club’s war on coal is outed.

Journalist Dan Greenberg discovered that even reviewing a skeptic’s book is enough to reap heavyweight climate zealot wrath.

Geo-engineers, the wild-eyed mad scientists who want to seed clouds, dump iron into the oceans and erect shiny sails in space were shut down by the UN. Either the ideas were really crazy or the UN figured Israel was profiting somehow; there’s no other way to explain the UN’s rapid response.

feel the crazy

Tim Ball notes that water is an increasing theme among warmists looking for ways to repackage the ailing global warming hoax.

Public support for the global warming issue continues to shrink, a trend that will accelerate with the solidly skeptical GOP now in charge of the House of Representatives.

Rioting for Earth?  Green Left is looking for any excuse to get its ‘civil resistance’ on.  Round-up stock tip: invest in tear gas and baton manufacturers.  Oh and Orville Redenbacher too.

Cast your vote for which creature should become the poster-child for the UN’s new biodiversity hoax.  Go team Unicorn!

The EPA hates the planet.  How else to explain why they upped the percentage of engine damaging and environment wrecking ethanol to 15%?

A hippie ponders the non-existence of a global warming movement.  No, really.

You know who is just like global warming skeptics?  Slavery defenders, that’s who.

Gwynne Dyer is pretty sure that a trace gas is going to take you out more surely than Al Qaeda, or something:

You probably expected me to write about the two little explosive packets found aboard cargo aircraft last week, because that’s so much more exciting than the fate of the planet. But everybody else is doing that, and there really isn’t much new to say about it anyway. Apart from the observation that a civilization that thinks the biggest threat it faces is terrorism is a dangerously deluded civilization.

Someone’s deluded alright, but it’s not who Dyer thinks it is.

Greens brainwash kids with green propaganda and send them home to bully their parents.  You may have heard of something like this before:

Oh noes, Earth will need 100,000 years to recover from your SUV.

In the UK, government cannot be in enough places to ensure eco-correctness.  Landlords will be subjected to fines for having homes without ‘proper’ insulation.  Note to government, congratulations on finding new ways to increase the cost of living for the poor, or do you think landlords will eat the cost?

A ‘rock star’ fossil finder (get it?) is pretty sure the end of the world is near, but he’s an optimist so it’s okay.

Jo Nova catches the moppet-vaporizers at 10:10 getting creative with numbers.

Climate hawks are not so tough, at the first sign of resistance they figure a brain-slushy is the only way out.  It’s one way to be proactive on over-population.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Two greens have dared to suggest that both nuclear power and genetically modified foods may be pretty good for the planet.  That large tremor you felt was Joe Romm’s head exploding.

More ducks landed on tailings ponds and ended up dead.  As greens will no doubt use this as more fodder for the anti-oil campaign, a reminder that ducks fly at their own risk.

Tom Nelson notes that to save bats of the future we need to shred the bats of today, or something.  Also, he has a new label you need to bookmark: the ‘hottest year ever‘.

Uh oh.  As the biodiversity machine gears up for the next global warming repackaging effort, warming is found to be good for, um, biodiversity.

Predictions are great for selling papers, but not when pesky people remember what was predicted and point out the reality:

Take J. D. Power. This influential and notoriously “conservative” industry group predicted in 2007 that hybrids would make up 4.6 percent hybrid of U.S. market share by this year. The reality: today, hybrid market share is half that.

Roy Spencer notes that the warning oceans, aren’t.

Three climate skeptic scientists respond to Bjorn Lomborg:

By demonizing the gas of life, in league with Al Gore and Bill Gates, Lomborg commits several serious scientific errors. As independent scientists, with broad training in mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology and geography, we know CO2 is not a pollutant, and the notion of “carbon-free” or “zero-carbon” energy is inherently harmful and anti-scientific.

Global warming,

AGW, debunked by logic.

Mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes.

Oh noes, don’t tell warmists but the man who invented cap and trade now thinks it’s the wrong approach.

Indonesia’s capital Jakarta may be abandoned because of sea level rises caused by global warming.  Er, what sea level rise?  Can a trace gas that feeds plants cause subsidence?

Global warming causes Autumn, leafs in danger of falling.

oh the calamity

Jennifer Marohasy and the new theory of climate, part deux.

The precautionary principle that kills:

…a number of people were killed on UK and European icy roads last winter (and Spring) due to the fact that the UK and Europe ran out of road salt. This running out of road salt was because Councils and Government heeded the Met Office advice that there would be a mild winter and ignored our WeatherAction warnings that the UK would run out of road salt.

Global warming alarmism, always about the money.  Always.

Steve Milloy went to vote and entered the labyrinth of politically correct green hell.

A UK council spends a fortune on cars even as it berates it’s populace about saving polar bears by not driving around.

We’re all gonna die, the only question is whether it will be by fiery volcanoes or a new ice age.  Put it this way, if Yellowstone blows, future round-ups may be delayed indefinitely.

Any likelihood of a climate deal in Cancun has been lost, thanks to American voters.

The EPA faces a growing number of legal challenges to it’s ruling that CO2 is a pollutant.  Good luck defending that stance to a Grade 3 science class, nevermind a courtroom.  It’s time to pardon carbon.

The good news is that after heavy losses in the mid-terms, President Obama is backing away from cap and trade.

Global warming was only 20% responsible for the summer Russian heatwave.  That’s all of global warming, not the man-made portion.

Warmists spent $52 million to study the warming Bering Sea, just in time to record the three coldest years ever.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Democrats who supported cap and trade paid the price on Tuesday, many of them are now looking for new opportunities.

Large solar projects in California are being rushed to completion before generous subsidies expire.  Note to developers – you’re going to be left penniless, just ask your Spanish and German counterparts.

Rural Ontario is suffering battles between locals and ‘imports’ over wind farms and country living.

Delicious story of the week – offshore wind farms may be forced out in favor of oil rigs.

China, not as green as Democrats like to pretend:

The Obama Administration is either making up energy statistics or they are woefully ignorant, as the record of China is clear. In order to lift its people from poverty to plenty, China has embarked on the greatest expansion of energy use of all kinds in world history. They use 3.5 times more coal than the US, and long ago surpassed our economy in carbon dioxide emissions.

Eco-labels on food are so vague as to be meaningless.  Someone doesn’t realize that the whole point of greenwashing is to be vague and meaningless.

Norfolk Islanders are about to be subjected to an experiment in personal carbon credits, but green totalitarians haven’t thought it through as carefully as Andrew Bolt:

Me: What happens to a very fat family, a very irresponsibly fat family, and they’ve blown their carbon budget to the scheissenhausen and you’ve made their food terribly expensive? What about the kids? They go to breakfast and they’ve got one baked bean?

Egger: In general you’ll find that in a very fat family they are low-income earners … so those people would actually benefit from a scheme like this because the food that they buy, the energy that they use, they don’t use as much energy as the rich anyway …

Me: But what happens? Their ration of carbon credits runs out and you’ve made food too expensive for them to buy. What happens to them?

Egger: Again, they get money back from doing the right thing.

Me: No, but they’ve done the wrong thing. That’s why they are fat and poor. They’ve done the wrong thing, they’ve run out of their carbon credits. What are you going to do to them then, when the food’s too expensive to buy?

Egger: There are going to be personal cases like this that need to be worked out and they need to be worked out in the tax system as well as in the carbon credits system.

MIT may have found a way of storing solar energy.

Newsweek has 10 big green ideas, including ‘hug a nuke’.  Hippies are canceling their subscriptions even as we speak, or at least skipping reading Newsweek for free at the store.

Only 34% of Americans now believe that global warming is real and caused by man, which is the same number as believe in ghosts.  I’m betting the two sets are the same people.

Australia’s ill-fated pink batts program continues to worsen as fears that those contractors not killed doing the installations were exposed to asbestos.

McDonald’s goes green in California, but not in time to save Happy Meals from a toy ban in San Francisco.

is green a color you want to look at when you order a burger?

Rough news for climate journalists, exposed at ABC (Oz):

…what is it that the journalists believe they were guilty of? Firstly, they missed a cracking story that was instead first pursued by the blogosphere and which proved to be, unlike many other climate change stories, a hit with the public. After struggling to find stories the public wanted to read, a tabloid journalist observed “Climategate … got a strong response; it made climate change more topical.”

Many journalists say the UEA email hacking, combined with the discovery of an error regarding the melting of the Himalayan glaciers in the 2007 report by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), also proved they had failed to cast a critical enough eye on climate science and that they had been far too dismissive of sceptics.

Warmists are celebrating that Prop 23 failed to pass, thus keeping California’s global warming laws intact.  The good news – that warmists are so desperate that defending an enacted law now counts as a win and they spent $31 million and countless hours to achieve even that minor victory.

An Andrew Revkin reader is afraid that money will be diverted from climate science only to be wasted on medical research:

If I were a climate scientist, I’d be a lot more worried about the budget than I would about these hearings. I expect that at least half of their government funding will either be shifted to medical research or cut from the budget entirely


Part Five: Global Hottie

Your patience at wading through the link fest is worth reward, and who better than an actress who shares her name with the Bard’s main squeeze to brighten your day.  Skeptics, I give you Ms Anne Hathaway, because you’re worth it.

*click* *click*

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Greens rushed to label skeptics criminals this week. “Ethics’ Prof Donald A Brown suggested that to fund any study that questions global warming dogma is a ‘crime against humanity’

    If climatologists actually made all their data available for scientific scrutiny, we wouldn’t need to fund them would we?

  2. Greens rushed to label skeptics criminals this week. “Ethics’ Prof Donald A Brown suggested that to fund any study that questions global warming dogma is a ‘crime against humanity’

    If climatologists actually made all their data available for scientific scrutiny, we wouldn’t need to fund them would we?

  3. If the Goreites and Ecoites and Carbonites displayed even a modicum of humour, irony, introspection they might, might at least have people read/listen to whatever nonsense they were offering. But no, life-on-thi-planet-as-we-know-it is ending, is, I guess, no laughing matter.


  4. If the Goreites and Ecoites and Carbonites displayed even a modicum of humour, irony, introspection they might, might at least have people read/listen to whatever nonsense they were offering. But no, life-on-thi-planet-as-we-know-it is ending, is, I guess, no laughing matter.


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  6. Pingback: Public Belief in AGW increases amongst the mildly scientifically literate. - Page 4 - Environment Forum

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