Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, June 26 2008

I’ve started dating these posts since I had an email asking for a specific link’s location and it took me an hour to find it.  Not good.  So now I provide you with skeptical linkery, dates for the linkery posts, and the weekly global hottie.  I spoil you.

Please note that after this there will be no posting at all until July 2nd  – The Daily Bayonet is taking a road trip in celebration of Canada’s birthday and his wedding anniversary, but if the Bayonette is reading this, mostly for the anniversary.

To business:

The big news of the week in Canada was the launch of the Liberal party ‘Green Shift’ policy.  I fisked the ‘green’ part of that document here.  Now the Liberals are in some legal trouble with the name, and acting badly over it.

In the US, global warming muppet James Hansen decided that he’d call the CEO’s of coal and oil companies out for crimes against humanity.  Which sounds a lot like David Suzuki wanting to jail politicians.  How intolerant can you get?

In case Hansen’s got you worried, relax already.  You can read all about this agenda driven activist agitator here – if you still take his warnings seriously, maybe a quick boo at this chart might help get over his alarmist verbiage (Image reproduced from Climate Skeptic):


[The black line is Hansen’s own temperature prediction from 1988, the red line is Climate Skeptic’s overlay of actual recorded satellite temperatures for the same period.  Spot the difference?]

Still not convinced?  Try this chart:

While some take Hansen all too seriously and would even mimic his intolerance of non-aligned views, the coal companies are fighting back.

For a level headed look at science, and the facts, you could do well to spend a few minutes reading James Spann’s anti-warming essay.  An excerpt:

“…here are some simple facts that make those left on the global warming train very uncomfortable:
*The earth is no warmer now than it was in 1998.
*Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant, but a gas indispensable to plant
life. Plants, in turn, release oxygen, which sustains animal and human
*The primary greenhouse gas is water vapor, not carbon dioxide.
*The lack of solar activity in recent months suggests global cooling
might be our biggest potential climate change problem in coming years.
*The planet has had weather disasters, extremes, and anomalies since it
has been here. We just didn’t have 24 hour news channels and the
Internet in prior decades to spread the news.”

Other scientists continue to gather data and give it an honest working over.  Some Finnish scientists have studied Scots Pine tree ring data for a 7641 year period and their conclusions do not support the global warming fear mongering predictions.  Read all about it at World Climate Report, but here’s a quick chart, just for you:

7,500 year 100-yr smoothed reconstruction of Finnish summer temperatures (from Timonen et al., 2008).

Another person joining the ever-growing ranks of people with a public profile willing to risk denying in public is Lawrence Solomon, who says we have nothing to worry about with regards to the climate scare.  I agree with him.

Remember all those stories that global warming was responsible for the melting arctic ice? Well, perhaps it was the massive underground volcanoes that did it.   Do visit the link at Antony Watt’s site, and read the comments too, he has a lot of well informed readers.

In the world of real science, finding things like underground volcanoes is called ‘useful information’, and it would be studied to be seen how it affected current models and predictions.  Except the people running the AGW hoax aren’t interested in science and will only ignore or debunk this finding because it does not promote the ‘consensus’ that man is killing the polar bear habitat.  On which topic the much maligned Bjorn Lomborg has figured out that the massively expensive Kyoto Accord would save…. one polar bear per year.

Also in the world of ‘real’ science, it is necessary to abide by your own rules of retaining information.  If you don’t then people may decide you have something to hide, which is exactly what Steve McIntyre is investigating here, here, here and here.  The organizations concerned are supporters of warming theory – so why not provide the requested data?  It’s a question that needs an answer, the lack of transparency does not look good.

Here is your weekly ‘Al Gore is a hypocrite’ link.  His laziness in providing his opponents with such easy fodder with which to attack him speaks to his huge arrogance that his profiteering prophet status is untouchable.

Most people in the UK doubt the causes of global warming, but fear a future where the carbon cops come calling.

Scientist Professor David J C MacKay of the Cambridge University Department of Physics is writing a book that will bring hard numbers to the debate on global warming.  Even though he’s a self-declared greeny, his work showing the unrealistic solutions proposed by the econuts thus far might not make him so popular once he’s done, see this for example:

“…the windmills required … are fifty times the entire wind hardware of
Denmark; seven times all the windfarms of Germany; and double the
entire fleet of all wind turbines in the world. This conclusion – that
the greatest that onshore wind could add up to, albeit ‘huge’, is much
less than our consumption – is important…”

This week’s addition to the claim that global warming causes everything is… terrorism.

A couple of myth-busting articles for you now; first Lorrie Goldstein discovers that politicians don’t know Kyoto from their elbow.  Second is a handy guide to all the lazy journalistic rubbish printed about global warming – a Guide to the International Symbols for Recycling Media Rubbish about ‘Global Warming’.

Townhall notices that the fact that the US Senate dismissed the climate change bill so fast is a sure sign of global warming bubble-deflation.

In the funny but true news, vacuum-making emperor James Dyson has decided he’ll make electric cars.  Another famous British entrepreneur once tried the same idea, with dire results.  I think Dyson is smarter than Sugar, so I predict that the vacuum guy’s electric cars will suck, properly.

And, finally here is this weeks Global Warming Hottie.  Star of the completely global warming agenda-free movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, Emmy Rossum may be responsible for some localized warming, no CO2 required.


That’s all for this week, as usual have a happy and safe weekend.  I’m going driving now.