Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Oct. 7th 2010

An explosion of outrage was triggered by the detonation of children by alarmists at 10:10, Bill Gates wants fewer customers and the Maldives installed solar panels and blondes.

There’s only three days left before the green day of action on 10/10/10, but I hesitate to start a countdown in case hippies gets the wrong idea.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore was quiet this week, but then he’s on the campaign trail busily supporting Democrat candidates while not mentioning the toxic Obama administration.  He did manage one blog post on the growth of wind power, but pay attention to the wording:

“Installed power capacity from wind turbines around the world will probably rival the potential generation of electricity from nuclear plants within four years, the Global Wind Energy Council said.”

Of course,  Al doesn’t mentions that if the wind doesn’t blow at the right time, all wind turbines are useless and we’ll have to spin up the traditional generating sources of oil, gas, coal and nuclear.  Remember, every single wind turbine you see is redundant, except for being a bird-shredding monument to how stupid people can be.

monuments of redundancy

Hide the decline.  Tom Nelson reveals the dramatic decline in the number of Al Gore’s Climate Project events.

Al takes a lot of flak for his global travel, but it’s okay, he has a low carbon thoughts index, so he can live.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

The exploding kids video dubbed ‘Splattergate’ was the outstanding alarmist imagery and message of the week, handily rounded-up in a familiar format for you.  You’re welcome.

The alarmist video that detonated kids almost certainly turned undecided people away from the green message, but Osama Bin Laden liked what he saw and signed up to the global warming cult.  Nice friends you have there, hippies.

Grist mourns the recent skepticism of failed Presidential candidate John McCain, who seems to recognize that climategate and the serial blunders of the IPCC are clear signs that the science is far from settled.  No wonder Grist is pissed.

Not all teachers are busy vaporizing their classes, but what exactly are they teaching the children:

“It’s not a good thing (to have carbon dioxide in the atmosphere) because if there’s a lot of CO2 in the air, there wouldn’t be enough for us to breath,” says Emma Carlson, a 4-H Club member.

The Carlson’s should have a word with their daughter’s school principal.

Albertan Greenpeaceniks learn about civil disobedience by studying Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Caesar Chavez.  The hippies now believe that Ben Kingsley led the Indian independence movement and that a Californian dog trainer had a dream, or something.

Bill McKibben threw 10:10 under the bus and then bravely dared the media to cover his activities on 10/10/10.  Unfortunately for Bill, unless he rebrands his effort as ‘kids for kombustion’, he’s likely to be ignored.  At least he was able to claim a victory over the installation of solar panels at the White House after the Obama administration flip-flopped and decided it wasn’t a stunt after all.

Bill Gates has a formula for reducing man’s impact on the planet: CO2 = P x S x E x C.  P is people, and he thinks having fewer of them around is a good thing.  Other good things in Bill’s opinion, his 60,000sq.ft. mansion and his private jets.

Jolly Prince Chuckles, the heirhead to the throne has installed a panic room in one of his houses.  Someone should tell him it’s okay, greens only want to kill skeptics, not useful idiots.

ABC (the Oz version) smeared Prof. Bob Carter, because he’s a skeptic and that’s not allowed.

Emo-Joe Romm denounced the 10:10 video but went on to demonize skeptics as bent on planetary destruction:

… the difference is that those who are trying to preserve a livable climate and hence the health and well-being of our children and billions of people this century quickly denounce the few offensive over-reaches of those who claim to share our goals — but those trying to destroy a livable climate, well, for them lies and hate speech are the modus operandi, so such behavior is not only tolerated, but encouraged.

Just a note of explanation Joe, we’re just trying to destroy the anti-human, anti-wealth green movement, we like the planet just fine.

Green fever.  Unfortunately the answer is not more cow bell.

Grist explains how progessives and climate belong together:

Only in a political jungle where each interest group fights solely for itself could it make sense for greens to try to take out a president fighting a flawed battle for progressive values to put in place one that will mean suffering for virtually every progressive constituency. Only in a jungle could greens feel justified putting the gains of those who will have better access to health insurance or student loans at risk because they didn’t get what they wanted.  Rather than flipping a bird to other progressive constituencies, I’m more keen to figure out how to bridge the strange distance between them. For my part, I think of climate/energy policy as deeply enmeshed in and of a piece with progressivism. I favor action on climate change and clean energy because I’m a progressive. It puzzles me that lots of enviros and lots of progressives seem to think (or at least act) otherwise.

So ‘free’ health care and cheap student loans trump the planetary meltdown that is global warming?  How does a progressive mind work, exactly?

Ethanol has the support of the White House, so enjoy the high price of food, it’s here to stay even though ethanol failed to reduce the amount of oil America imports by a single barrel.

The polar bear has long been the victim of choice for hippies, but stubbornly refuses to be endangered.  Next up, the walrus.  The alarmists have no idea how many walruses there are today, how many there used to be and if the population is increasing or decreasing, but global warming is going to kill them all.

dramatic walrus is dramatic

The Washington Post notes that geo-engineering ideas are getting some traction:

For years it was considered downright wacky in official Washington to discuss geoengineering: altering the climate by reflecting sunlight back into the sky, sucking carbon dioxide from the air – or a host of other gee-whiz schemes. But in the past year the wacky has won a following, spurred in part by the recent collapse of climate legislation as well as by growing interest among private entrepreneurs and foreign officials.

Hmm, think there might be some rich folks looking to get richer anywhere in that mix?  As the carbon trading scam falls apart, Gore and his friends need new opportunities to monetize the global warming hoax.

President Obama has a new chief of staff now that mini-me Rahm Emmanuel has quit to run for mayor of Chicago.  But will Pete Rouse be greener than the poison dwarf?

Global warming muppet and serial civil disobedient NASA ‘scientist’ Jim Hansen visited the Alberta oil sands to offer his opinion that they are bad.  No mention of death trains or death factories though, perhaps he’s mellowing.

Going green costs money, so thank the government for forcing the price of everything higher:

… the new rules will affect every room in the house.  The problems start in the basement, where price increases for water heaters that comply with federal rules range “from $67 to $974 depending on size and type.”  They’re also found in the laundry room, where the money-losing effects of the last round of washer-dryer regulations “managed to … raise the cost of many models by hundreds of dollars while compromising cleaning ability.” Another round, Lieberman writes, has the potential to “make things worse.”  Every room in between is also subject to the costs forced by the new standards and busybody bureaucrats still trying to limit the amount of water that paying customers use in their bathrooms.

Most sensible hippies voiced disapproval of the 10:10 video, but there’s always the hardcore lunatics that think not only was the video funny, but that skeptics should be blown to pieces.  He posted pictures of pollution to back his claim, but gets owned in the comments.  Note the images he used have been changed, with no acknowledgment of the update.

Joe Romm (again) has found a foreign funded extremist organization operating against global warming.  Mossad?  The KGB?  Wait, he’s talking about the US Chamber of Commerce.  One of these days Joe’s head will actually pop.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

The massive amount of bird deaths caused by wind farms is becoming an issue hippies cannot ignore, because they own it.  The green response?  Kill your cat.

If you’re new to the global warming debate or looking for a great source of information and background, Borepatch has it all waiting for you.

That pesky mid-20th century cooling may have been caused by the oceans, which is not the approved narrative, so please move along, nothing to see here.

Andrew Bolt notes that global warming always caused whatever just happened.

The New Zealand government ran away from its own data in court, unable to defend manipulation of climate records to prop up the global warming hoax.

In Texas, the state messes with the EPA.

Ezra Levant, the oil sands cheerleader debated green party leader dizzy Lizzie May.  And won (video at the link).

Here’s a story everyone saw coming, Cape Wind increases power costs more than expected:

a review of National Grid’s own estimates of the above-market prices it would pay for Cape Wind power  shows that local businesses, nonprofits and other large energy users will be paying far more – in some cases as much tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Ontarians and UK consumers can expect the same price hikes from their own renewable sources.

The global warming hoax, a summary.

China hosts the UN climate talks that are the precursor for the Cancun round of more talks, but even alarmists can smell the stench of death surrounding the climate negotiations:

“We are now on the edge of seeing the entire international climate regime system disintegrate and fail more or less irreversibly.”

Words to warm the heart, no?  Even the Guardian agrees that failure in Cancun will mark the end of the international effort to price carbon and other socialist wet dreams.

Investment in green tech is falling, not a good sign for warmists.

Canada’s wheat crops are lower due to cold, wet weather.  Global warming is good for growing things.

Roy Spencer attended a mock trial of global warming science and was shocked, shocked to discover that lawyers are, well, lawyers:

Without going into a blow-by-blow account of what transpired at the mock trial, I do want to briefly address what I now recognize will be a central problem with the expert testimony in any future climate-related litigation.

There will be no end to the amount of irrelevant climate science which can be used to hoodwink a jury

140 years, including decades of ‘disastrous’ global warming, and the sea level in La Jolla is unchanged.  Click for the info, and enjoy some vintage Raquel while you’re there.

Green jobs you can believe in –  the million jobs the EPA will create destroy.  Wait, what?

the EPA's de-industrial revolution

William Briggs offers an unmissable Japanese TV clip in which we discover that Co2 is very very too much and Earth is die.  No, really.

Frito Lay is junking the compostable Sun Chips bag because it’s too loud.  Also too loud, wind turbines.  Why are hippies so keen to increase noise pollution?

Consumers have experienced the Prius and had a look at the future Chevy Volt and other EV’s, but inconveniently are rejecting these choices in favor of affordable vehiclesBig ones.

Oh noes, wind farms cause global warming, or something.

Global warming kills species, but even more new species keep appearing.  It’s Darwinian whack-a-mole for warmists.  Fortunately the IPCC has a team of crack scientists WWF activists on the case.

News that the Sun can cause warming and cooling is the perfect evidence that the science is not only not settled but that there are huge gaps in human’s knowledge of what drives climate.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The Royal Society amended its position on global warming to admit that the science is far from certain.

Good news, we can generate 1 billion billion gigawatts of power from solar winds.  Now all we need is a solar sail 5000 miles wide and a means of getting all that power from a satellite in orbit to the ground.  Renewables, always just a technological leap away.

A driver set a record by driving 1500 miles on a single tank of gas.  The bad news, he had to drive a Passat.

The Ottawa Citizen announces that nothing will escape global warming.  Nothing.  All your base are belong to us, say the warmists.

The BBC made a boat from ice and straw.  It sank, oddly enough.

Voters are losing interest in global warming, which will deprive greens of the political class pretty soon:

Environmental concern is a luxury good. When times are good, the environment rises as a political concern for voters. But when voters are concerned about whether they will have a job next month or whether the bank might foreclose on their home or their retirement savings might disappear, the environment takes a back seat. Voters stop worrying about it and politicians pander less to environmental concerns. We are, of course, in just such times. This cycle happened during the boom of the late 1980s and the recession of 1991-93, and it is happening again.

Richard Lindzen was interviewed by the BBC and is happy to label himself a denier.

The New Yorker deconstructs how the White House blew the global warming legislation.

UK consumers must be thrilled to learn that their energy bills will increase by over £700 a year.  Sure makes all those wind farms seem like a good idea, no?  German consumers are also bending over, but their increasing bills are for solar plants, not wind.

Climate talks in China are not going well as the US and host nation can’t agree.  On anything.

Greenwashers beware, the FTC is looking at ways to regulate the eco-claims of product manufacturers to ensure that they can be quantified.  How dare they demand actual data – not even climate scientists do that.

The Maldives, the island nation doomed by rising sea levels caused by flying and frivolous western lifestyles is home to a new resort staffed entirely by blondes:

As well as providing male and female holidaymakers with all the standard holiday resort services, female guests will be able to make use of a blonde-staffed ‘education centre’ which will teach them “how to always be perfect and look great”.

You can’t make this stuff up.


Part Five: Global Hottie

The only real star in the 10:10 video was Gillian Anderson, a serial moonbat who previously warned about Y2K and hasn’t learned much since.  Despite her track record and dodgy role choices, she was in the X-Files and looked hot.  Hot enough to be the hottie?  You decide:


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