Global Warming Propaganda and Wikipedia

This is a follow-up to a link I included in last week`s Global Warming Hoax Round-Up about how Wikipedia has been hijacked by an AGW activist that ensures the reference site routinely propounds green propaganda.

The activist is one William M Connolley, and it may be that his time as a Wikipedia editor is about to run out.

Connolley is currently under investigation at wikipedia, see the entire dialogue here, if you can stand the jargon.  If you want to jump to an alarming list of controversial events in wikiworld that Connolley is accused of, see this link.  You`ll note that he has over 50 separate incidences of abuse.

Also noted is the fact that wiki has booted seven other administrators for fewer violations, and that members of the wiki admin team are concerned about the damage done to the project`s reputation by this one activist editor.

I don`t know for sure if Connolley will be thrown under the wikibus, but I think it is likely to happen.  If it does prove to be the case, then the National Review Online deserves credit for shining a bright light on a subversive AGW cockroach and the wiki people deserve credit for policing their own, albeit a little late.

UPDATE: Connolley has taken oil money, which by the standards of most AGW activists means that he can no longer be considered an expert on climate.  Heh.