Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Sep. 2nd 2010

Sockeye salmon sock it to Suzuki, greenwashing corporations boycott their own boycott when faced with a counter-boycott and Greenpeace gets whacked by Greenland and unfriended by Facebook.

After missing a week due to technical difficulties, the round-up is back, with 10% more snark.  And you’re going to love the hottie.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Sean Hannity of the Fox News network aired a show that Al Gore definitely would have preferred you not see, The Green Swindle (video at the link).

Despite outspending the Koch brothers by a factor of 3 to 1, Gore’s Repower America points to the $100 million spent on conservative causes as the reason the green movement failed to achieve… well, anything.  Note how Repower America calls the Koch bro’s ‘infamous’, yet they have been upfront and open about spending their cash, whereas the world still wonders how Al raised $300 million for his pet cause.  How about it Al, want to tell us who funds you?

Al was more concerned with promoting a round-the-world race with solar powered vehicles.  I’m sure he’ll wave as he circumnavigates the globe in his private jets.

and they're off...

The worst news for Al Gore was the crazed eco-terrorist that quoted him as an inspiration before he invaded the Discovery Channel building and took hostages.  Fortunately the violent ecotard was killed by police before he could hurt anyone.  Reports that the Mythbusters team were about to blow the gunman up with massive amounts of C4 right before the cops took him out are unconfirmed.

Canada’s own crazed environmentalist got a black eye from the sockeye when record numbers of the salmon he called ‘near extinct’ showed up this year.  Dam(n) the salmon for not supporting his settled science and making him look like a fool.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Last week’s tech failure at The Daily Bayonet meant that director James Cameron missed the full snark attack for his fleeing the scene of a debate he asked for.  Or did he?  Cameron, who released his Blue Man Group biopic again for some reason last week continued to bravely snipe at skeptics over his shoulder right before he demonstrated his green credentials by agreeing to help the X-Prize raise funds:

“Avatar” Producer/Director, James Cameron, will participate as the honored guest aboard an extraordinary ZERO-G Experience taking off from Van Nuys Airport (VNY) in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, October 9, 2010.

…James Cameron, who serves on the X PRIZE Foundation’s Exploration Advisory Committee, recorded a video regarding the upcoming flight. In it he states, “My wife Susie and I are really excited about flying in the 727 for The ZERO-G Experience™. I’ve done it before and it’s really an amazing experience.”

See, the planet is dying and it’s all skeptics fault.  Now watch this drive, or something.

in the na'vi

Hippies in Scotland glued themselves to things to protest global warming, because nothing says you’re serious like sticking yourself to a desk.  Oh, wait, dressing up in a crab suit is pretty close.  No wonder the greens are losing when they act like children and then try to restrict free speech.

Global warming muppet Jim Hansen talked about his conversion from scientist to activist, and blames his grandchildren.  Or something.

Tim Ball versus Kerry Emanuel in a meteorologist vs. climatologist catfight.

Australian federal politics might be in post- election upheaval, but that can’t stop the local government from slashing all sorts of CO2 from their region.

Bayonet contributor and blogger Paua, the one with the pretty legs and snark, eviscerates climate scaremonger Clive Hamilton:

Thanks, Clive. Suspicions about the Greens confirmed. Does it not seem incongruous to you that you and your party seek to speak for the people of rural and remote Australia, whilst holding them in utter contempt and with power based solely on votes from the inner-city?


Brad Pitt wants BP executives put to death, because he’s Brad Pitt and pretty.  Dumber than a box of rocks, but pretty.

If you’re living the easy life, somewhere out there a hippie hates you.  Maybe more than one.

Michael ‘Stick’ Mann has seen his share of challenges, legal and academic.  Imagine how cheered he must have been when students held a rally in support of him.  Hopefully he took the time to thank all 4 of them for their efforts.

The Union of Concerned Scientists, which sounds like a bad cover band, and the doctrine of ‘shut-up, they explained‘, part 1:

…the Union of Concerned Scientists has set up, instead of a network to coordinate talking points, a media alert request page that could end up being an intimidation system against certain journalists. At the UCS web site, we are instructed to “Monitor the print and broadcast media outlets in your area and alert us to misrepresentations about global warming”

Joe Romm provides the doctrine of ‘shut-up they explained’ part 2:

So, here’s a challenge for Andy Revkin: Do not write another word about climate science until you have spent one whole month as a visitor in a climate research institute. Attend the seminars, talk to the PhD students, sit in on meetings, find out what actually goes on in these places. If you can’t be bothered to do that, then please STFU.

Tom Nelson skewered alarmist Jeff Masters for making stuff up about the Northwest passage.

Green on green, Grist is upset at President Obama. Since his administration has failed to pass anything climate related, perhaps he really thought it was enough just to get elected.

William Briggs reacts to being included on the PNAS blacklist:

The closest I came to this kind of honor before was in 1982, when the female members of the high school band voted to place me on the No Dating list. But today’s bestowment—presaged, perhaps, so long ago—far surpasses any approbation I’ve ever received.

For this is the first time I ever made a Worldwide Political Enemies List! True, it’s an odd sort of list from an unexpected corner—who knew the National Academy of Sciences employed spin squads?—but it’s genuine and I’m on it, dammit. All my painstaking and, yes, painful efforts to demonstrate the astonishing overconfidence of climate scientists have paid off!

Cleveland is installing RFID tags in trash cans to monitor your garbage.  Yes, big brother is watching you.

Hippie activist group Forest Ethics announced a boycott of Alberta oil sands fuels and Gap, Timberland, Levi and Walgreen’s all signed on.  Until the negative press and counter-boycotts began, then they all ran away and pretended it didn’t happen, they didn’t mean it, please buy our stuff.  Greenwash is not so easy to get off as the foolish firms would wish.

Bjorn Lomborg the skeptical environmentalist who really was never a skeptic at all has outed himself as a warmist again.  Now the man who once advocated sensible spending to mitigate effects has decided only $100 billion a year can save us.  Oh, and he has a new book to sell.  Coincidence that he’s all over the news, or cynical marketing ploy to move books?  He’s a green, you figure it out.

Green on green, sort of, it’s Greenland on Greenpeace, ‘hey hippies, get off our oil rig’.  That quote might be made up.

The global warming hoax is falling to pieces, so hippies are getting desperate and blaming everything on global warming:

Amid Al Gore’s recent concession speech to his zombie followers, for example, he apparently couldn’t help himself from linking every recent bad weather event he could think of with global warming—from floods in Nashville and Pakistan to the recent heat wave and forest fires in Russia.

Oh, and in 75 months the planet will blow up and kill us all.  At least the very few that survive the next 15 months that is.

Strident hippie alarmist of the week is Jim Garrison, who leaves no scare unmongered, no doom left unsayered and… well, you get the picture:

When you combine collective political failure at the scale we just witnessed with the extraordinary climate activity in disparate parts of the world we just endured, you have the prefect storm. Just as we collectively kicked climate action down the road, climate change gave way to climate shock. What happened in Russian and Pakistan was not climate change, it was climate shock, just like the tsunami for Sri Lanka, Katrina for the U.S., and the Icelandic volcano for Europe. Thomas Homer Dixon talks about the coming “climate mega catastrophes.” Paul Ray speaks of a “cascade of crises” as now inevitable. They are absolutely right. Our political process has broken down just when the climate situation has started to become really ugly.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

The UNIPCC led by railway engineer and racy novelist Rajendra Pachauri was given a severe beating in a report by the InterAcademy Council that suggested the body be fundamentally reformed before the AR5 is issued.  The report led to many editorials questioning both the IPCC and its conclusions. There is yet more bad news in the pipe for the IPCC and the green movement in general.

Greens like to blame skeptics for their failures, but that would be wrong:

Greens outspent skeptics, they had the ear of the political class, effectively demonized and even silenced opponents and still it was not enough to convince the world that anything was wrong with the weather. It’s hard to think of any movement in history that enjoyed the funding, support and momentum that the greens once had and yet achieved so little.

Oh Deere.  Seeing the writing on the wall, Deere & Co.  quit the U.S. Climate Action Partnership and sold off its wind division.

nothin' runs like this Deere

The EPA messed with Texas.  Oops.

The George W. Obama administration shocked hippies when it asked the Supreme Court to disallow a ruling that would let environmental groups sue firms for their emissions.

Enjoy summer while it lasts, a huge La Nina is coming, which is going to be long and chilly.

Australians will be paying a lot more for their energy because green policies have consequences.  If only they had been costed properly.

It’s the Sun, stupid.  No, really:

The results showed the thermosphere cooling in 2008 by 41 kelvins, or K (about 74 degrees Fahrenheit) compared to 1996, with just 2 K attributable to the carbon dioxide increase.  The results also showed the thermosphere’s density decreasing by 31 percent, with just 3 percent attributable to carbon dioxide, and closely approximated the 30 percent reduction in density indicated by measurements of satellite drag.

“It is now clear that the record low temperature and density were primarily caused by unusually low levels of solar radiation at the extreme-ultraviolet level,” Solomon says.

Greens lost because they lost their way.  Bambi became Godzilla.

Biofuels are under attack, at last.

Hillary Clinton blamed global warming for the Pakistan floods, Marc Morano gently corrected her.

Now even hippies want to be skeptics, because being a gullible fool is no longer cool, see:

It’s a measure of how far this debate has come. Such was the success of the PR campaign, some skeptics gave up on the term and opted to use “realist”. But the skeptics have been proved right time after time, and the unskeptical scientists have been embarrassed by their own conniving words, mistakes, tricks and lies. The resurgence of the word “skeptic” is rising like a rocket.

Two more good reasons not to buy an electric vehicle; the depreciation will really cost you and diesels are cleaner.  That $41,000 Chevy Volt looks more like an Edsel every day.

neither of the things pictured turned out to be a good idea

Left hand, meet right hand.  Fannie and Freddie effectively kill off a federal program designed to persuade homeowners to put solar panels on their roofs.

Offset a ton of CO2 for the low, low price of… a nickel.  The CCX is falling, not the sky.

Climate scientists should not write their own software.  Gee, ya think:

25. Wahey! It's halfway through April and I'm still working on it. This surely is the worst project 
I've ever attempted.  Eeeek. I think the main problem is the rather nebulous concept of the automatic 
updater. If I hadn't had to write it to add the 1991-2006 temperature file to the 'main' one, it would 
probably have been a lot simpler. But that one operation has proved so costly in terms of time, etc 
that the program has had to bend over backwards to accommodate it. So yes, in retrospect it was not a 
brilliant idea to try and kill two birds with one stone - I should have realised that one of the
birds was actually a pterodactyl with a temper problem.

Facebook hits back at Greenpeace, exposing an inconvenient truth about the eco-group in the process:

“As recently as March of this year, they indicated that they had a number of servers in a rented data center in northern Virginia,” he says. “Their representative commented that these servers are ‘using whatever the grid mix is in Virginia’. The reporter on the story estimates that mix to be 46 percent from coal, 41 percent from nuclear, eight percent from natural gas, and just four percent of its power from renewable generation.”

He concludes: “If an organization focused on environmental responsibility like Greenpeace can’t do better than the mix above for just a few servers, what options are available to Facebook?”

Ouch.  More on Greenpeace the energy deniers here.

Australia was going to die of thirst because of global warming.  Yeah, cancel that.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Fallout from the IPCC review dominated the papers, a selection for your enjoyment:

The Financial Post:

The IPCC “peer review” process is not like the one academic journals use, in which reviewers actually have the authority to recommend rejection and require changes; instead it is more like a limited, voluntary public comment process. Since the IPCC gives Lead Authors the sole right to determine content and accept or dismiss comments, it is more like a weblog than an academic report.

The Daily Telegraph:

…the inquiry shows the IPCC to be an amateurish, ramshackle operation with 10 staff, a part-time boss, and poor public relations skills – struggling with the increasing torrent of scientific studies on the climate, and “sluggish” and inept at responding to publicity and criticism.

More Telegraph (they had way too much fun with this story):

It [the AIC review] also says that “qualitative probabilities should be used to describe the probability of well-defined outcomes only when there is sufficient evidence”. In other words, it is telling the IPCC not to stray into what outside observers might regard as scaremongering and policy advocacy.

The Daily Express:

The IAC, which comprises the world’s top science academies including the UK’s Royal Society, made recommendations to the IPCC to “enhance its credibility and independence” after the Himalayan glaciers report, which severely damaged the reputation of climate science.  It condemned the panel – set up by the UN to ensure world leaders had the best scientific advice on climate change – for its “slow and inadequate response” after the damaging errors emerged.

If you’re wondering where the American media reporting on this was, you’re not alone.

Global warming killed Bolivian fish, according to Nature.

Dude!  Canadians design and build a hemp car.  It will run on electric power, but drivers may experience the munchies after each ‘trip’.

hemp vehicles, what could possibly go wrong?

Southern California could soon be home to the world’s largest solar project.

The Australian looks at the rabid Clive Hamilton and is as unimpressed as Paua was.

The doom of global warming, exposed.

If glaciers are melting, blame soot, not CO2.

Nine Plane Stupid protesters were fined and the Guardian wonders if the protest or the trial is more important.  Hopefully 4 more Greenpeace hippies will be in jail cooling their heels soon.

The BBC and bias on global warming.

Green taxes in the UK will push the cost of everything higher.

California lawmakers threw out the idea of banning plastic bags statewide and in a related item San Francisco experienced a larger than usual harvest of exploded hippie heads.

The EPA fined an electric car company for failing to comply with the Clean Air Act.  It’s pure comedy gold.


Part Five: Global Hottie

The upside of Brad Pitt going nuts and calling for the death penalty for BP executives is that it provides the perfect excuse to introduce Mrs. Pitt as your weekly global hottie.  Skeptics, I give you Angelina Jolie:


Thanks for reading.

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  1. Dawh. I’m on the horns of a dilemma.
    On the one hand I hate Senator Babs Botoxic.

    A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job. A recovery is when Barbara Boxer loses her job. (hat tip “Dutch” Reagan)

    On the other – please appreciate how painful this is for me to point out – it was our other lowlife self serving Senator that blocked the solar panels in the desert,
    Senator Two Face Feinstein.

    But this was one of the times where her natural tendency to shaft the “little people” for the benefit of the rich and prosperous ended with the ecotards getting the back stabbin, which delighted me.

    Because you know solar electricity costs 10 x what a nice coal plant produces. Living under the thrawl of the Sac Muni Utility Dist that cost increase would be passed on to me. SMUD would leave me buns up in a ditch, used and abused, without buying dinner or giving a kiss goodnight.

  2. Dawh. I’m on the horns of a dilemma.
    On the one hand I hate Senator Babs Botoxic.

    A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose your job. A recovery is when Barbara Boxer loses her job. (hat tip “Dutch” Reagan)

    On the other – please appreciate how painful this is for me to point out – it was our other lowlife self serving Senator that blocked the solar panels in the desert,
    Senator Two Face Feinstein.

    But this was one of the times where her natural tendency to shaft the “little people” for the benefit of the rich and prosperous ended with the ecotards getting the back stabbin, which delighted me.

    Because you know solar electricity costs 10 x what a nice coal plant produces. Living under the thrawl of the Sac Muni Utility Dist that cost increase would be passed on to me. SMUD would leave me buns up in a ditch, used and abused, without buying dinner or giving a kiss goodnight.

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