Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Sept. 12th 2008

I have to publish this one day early as I will be away for the weekend, starting tomorrow.  I’m sure you’ll cope with the sudden rush of excitement at getting your denier noses into the denial trough a whole day early.

As usual, lots to cover this week.  Before I get going, here’s a little blog note; the number of searches from both the USA and Canada for ‘global warming hoax’ and ‘climate change hoax’ have spiked since the election call in Canada and the appointment of Sarah Palin to the McCain ticket in the US.  Interesting, no?

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

We start this weekly round-up with an oldie but goody that for some reason has been making the rounds this week – the story of Al’s Nobel prize:

“The former US Vice-President has already taken over from Michael Moore
as the most sanctimonious lardbutt Yank on the planet. Can you imagine
what he’ll be like now that the Norwegian Nobel committee has given him
the prize?”

It’s all that good, go read and chuckle.

Remember that great moment in Al’s slideshow where he says the oceans will rise 20ft?  Not happening.

GoreLied (great blog title, I wonder what he means?) shows us that since Al’s movie, the planetary temperature has dropped.  How inconvenient is that?

Saint Al wants fossil fuels to be, well, fossils.  In ten years.  Dream on.

Al Gore, prophet or Profit?  Apparently the planetary emergency needs video search.

balloongore“you’re all doomed, but I’ll die rich”

An Inconvenient Truth, the opera.  Perhaps Act 3 will have the Mudslide Aria?

Canada’s own Gore-lite the eco-hippy David Suzuki has been all over the news this week.  First, he’s monitoring the Canadian political parties for their carbon footprint.  Like it matters, Dave.

Suzuki might be a scientist, but he misunderstands the definition of priceless.  In an article that claims the Hamilton greenbelt ‘priceless’, he then goes on to, well, price it. I bet he was confused by those Mastercard commercials.

Dave & Co. also priced trees this week.  They say it makes more economic sense to not cut them down.  A computer model told them, so you know it makes sense.  No wonder he’s depressed.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers and Propagandists

The headline story for AGW scaremongers has to be the incomprehensible UK court decision to acquit Greenpeace thugs of vandalism at a power plant.  It won’t be long before these morons kill someone, given this verdict:

“Jurors accepted defence arguments that the six had a “lawful excuse” to
damage property at Kingsnorth power station in Kent to prevent even
greater damage caused by climate change.”

Anthony Watts wants NASA’s AGW muppet James Hansen fired for his part in the defence.

On the topic of clueless losers too dangerous to be let out in public, Prince Charles was running his mouth, again.

chucklesChuck.  (not Norris)

Desmogblog biased? Say it ain’t so.

Global warming hoax source, found.

Some thoughts on why people like death cults, and how to encourage them.

Apparently even if global warming is a hoax, folks are OK with that.  Presumably they are not the dead ones.

A UK scientist makes a toned-down plea for global warming awareness.  Right, what he really said:

The world is on the brink of a terrible natural
disaster and even the gloomiest predictions of the Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change’s latest report are underestimating the current
severity of climate change”

David Letterman supports the hoax, gets ripped a new one by Skeptics Global Warming.

An aging hippy wants us all to stop traveling.  Not to save the planet, but so she can do it in peace.

An inconvenient youth.

spykid“gotcha, mister”

The future is dark for Britain, as the greenies push them into a powerless state.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

The polar ice cap is melting.  No, it’s not.

Man is causing global warming.  No, we’re not.

Diesel fuel is bad for the environment and must be taxed more.  Wrong, again.

Deniers never quote peer-reviewed science.  Oops.

Greenies encourage Green technologies.  No, they actually don’t.

People will pay carbon taxes to save the planet.  Maybe, but the economy comes first.

The polar ice caps is melting, part deux.  Wrong, that’s ice you’re seeing.

Computer models predict climate well.  But the Farmer’s Almanac does it better.

Part Four: AGW in the News

British Columbia’s provincial government was the first jurisdiction in North America to introduce a carbon tax.  They’ve retreated into hiding from the electorate and have canceled the fall session of parliament.

Australian climate policy in trouble.

A local Oregan paper stops blaming global warming for (almost) everything.

Meat is murder, again.  But this time it’s planetary murder.  Can I smell BBQ?

Al Gore returns his Nobel Prize, says he was wrong.  Not true, but in other news you ‘never’ see, there was a protest in Wisconsin in favor of a power plant.

Global warming causes waves.  Big ones.  Add it to the list.

Lewes, in the UK, is a small town along the South coast popularly known as God’s Waiting Room after all the retirees that live there.  Now Lewes has its own currency to promote a ‘buy local’ campaign.  I don’t have the heart to point out most of the residents would have a hard time leaving anyway…

Canada’s election has them fighting in the aisles.  David Suzuki wants the green party to die (really), but Green party leader Elizabeth May gets into the debates.

New Zealanders notice a correlation between carbon taxes and increased fuel costs.

UK politicians are accused of ignoring the climate.  Since they also ignore seniors, the unemployed, industry, the sick and dying, why should climate be so special?

Another one for the list, global warming causes allergies.  And dead forests.

I stand corrected, polar bears really are a green issue.

The planet is warm, let’s build 1500 ships and cool it down.  We won’t sound like we’re nuts at all.

Part Five: Real Science

Whil Al Gore and his friends and fellow moonbats worry about a non-existent threat to the planet, scientists in France actually made a machine that ‘could’ destroy the planet.  How cool is that?

vogonpoetryBOOM!  (just kidding)

Going green may save your life.  Or it might kill you.

A call for reason.

It’s the Sun, stupid.

Is it hot in here? No, not especially.

It’s the Sun, stupid.  Isn’t it?

sunshineThe Sun.  Cool.

Is it warm in here?  Not recently.

For the hard of hearing… It’s the SUN, stupid.

Let’s fix global warming with massive and dangerous engineering projects.  Or not.

If you can’t predict weather, what makes you able to predict climate?

A repeat link from a week ago, but worth it.  Wait for it… It’s the SUN, stupid.

Part Six: Global Hottie

Here’s the tenuous link; I mentioned the sun in Part 5, a lot.  I like disaster movies.  A lot (I know).  There was a disaster movie out last year called Sunshine, starring Cillian Murphy.  But he’s a dude, so that’s no good.  But, he did appear in Girl with a Pearl Earring, along with the top rated global hottie ever featured.  Deniers, please welcome Miss Scarlett Johansson back to the weekly update:


That’s the update, have a safe and happy weekend.