Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Aug 19th 2010

A warmist wants to name natural disasters after skeptics, Hillary Clinton smuggled a climate weapon into Russia and the truth about the shameful satellite saga.

All this and a hottie from Down Under.  You’re welcome.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore was a blogging machine this week, worrying about the sanity of subsidies for fossil fuels, a large chunk of ice and even a protest in Australia.  Unfortunately for Al’s chakra, subsidies for renewables are worse, the ice island is normal and the annual Aussie protest is shrinking faster than Arctic ice in summertime.

Gore has been grumpy since the climate bill died in on the Hill, bemoaning the disappearing climate hoax dollars he and his buddies had positioned themselves to hoover up once the bill passed.

The Goreacle received more bad news when his An Inconvenient Truth book was withdrawn from the summer reading list for schools in Norfolk, VA.  Even Chris Muir’s excellent Day by Day took a swat at Al (click the link for the whole thing):

Gore might be a waning figure in the global warming debate, but skeptics love him for being the gift that keeps on giving:

Gore even said that our system of government was not working as the founders intended it to work.  In fact, in the debate over cap-and-trade the system of checks and balances in the Constitution is working exactly as the founders intended.  It has prevented an elite from hijacking the economy for its own enrichment.  I can see why Gore is bitter.  His comparatively modest investments in green energy promised to make him a global warming billionaire if cap-and-trade were enacted. Unluckily for him, the American people have said no emphatically.

Not that Al will ever see the inside of a courtroom, but some are wondering if Gore’s sane enough to stand trial.  He’s as sane as Prince Charles. Oh, wait, that doesn’t help much.

Canada’s eco-totalitarian David Suzuki didn’t get the memo that wishing people back to the stone-age isn’t working for the green movement and wishes that people would stop using convenient things like cars and carrier bags:

…we also must all take personal responsibility for the fossil fuel–related disasters, from blow-outs to climate change. We and our world would be healthier if we relied less on our cars and more on transit, bicycles, and our feet. We can also educate ourselves about other ways to reduce fossil-fuel consumption, such as using fewer plastic bags and disposable plastic products and insulating our homes. We’re all a part of the problem and of the solution.

Suzuki sounds even more shrill in a piece in the Winnipeg Free Press where he finds a new name for skeptics – ‘anti-environmentalists’.  Fair enough Dave, so how about we call you an ‘anti-scientist’ for using the consensus = science argument?

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

A Guardian writer would like to see more dead people in natural disasters, so that the rest of us take global warming seriously.

Warmists claim everything needs to be peer reviewed if it is to be trusted.  Except when the study is convenient to their cause, that is.

An alarmed blogger confuses weather with climate and claims the planet has passed a tipping point into ‘the Anthropocene’.  He says it like its a bad thing.

Another newish blogger called Skeptical Science is on the case, but there is no truth in advertising, the site is there to attack skeptics, but gets a pretty good shellacking itself.

Witches cause global warming, or something.  Either way, the medieval science was settled:

…the perceived power of witches: “Therefore it is reasonable to conclude that, just as easily as they raise hailstorms, so can they cause lightning and storms at sea; and so no doubt at all remains on these points.

Reuters covers all the options in one day so the take away is that CO2 is killing crops but harvest’s are bigger than ever.  Don’t worry, it makes sense to hippies.

Warmists are anti-science.  There, I said it.  So did this guy, only more betterer:

When alarmists could produce none of the required confirmation for their hypothesis, scientific principles were put on the back burner in favor of interpretation and opinion. They invented something called “consensus science,” switched from “global warming” to “climate change” and appealed to fear with the question, “What if CO2 is responsible and we do nothing?”

Global warming means hand-outs in Pittsburgh, just don’t mention ‘summer’ or urban heat island effect.

Alexandra Carlton proclaims that we’re doomed.  Nothing can save us now, we’re cooked:

Even the most optimistic expert admits that the scope of change required from the human race to prevent disaster is so large as to be virtually inconceivable. We can’t and won’t do it. Many, like respected, if controversial, climate scientist James Lovelock think we’re just too stupid.

Well, there’s stupid and then there’s believing that a a few more parts per million of a trace gas essential to life on Earth is a problem.

Feel the hippie angst as self-flagellation about feeling blue about not being green bites deep.

that had better be a bong in your pocket dude

Hey, let’s name natural disasters after skeptics. The same site also hosts writers that believe global warming causes volcanoes.

The Washington Post thinks ‘global weirding’ is a far better name for ‘global warming’.  Why do warmists always think the reason the global warming bandwagon is falling apart is a marketing problem?

Gwynne Dyer is back and he’s packing a new book called ‘Climate Wars’.  It’s about climate.  And wars.  Oh, and there’s a tipping point and runaway warming and omigod we’re all gonna die.  Movie version here.

Sheryl Crow the toilet paper miser demands her venues use mercury-laden light bulbs and buy power from bird-shredding wind farms.

Oh noes, global warming is killing languages.  Add it to the list.

Louise Gray strikes again, fears that man is using up all the global resources.  Gray once more fails to use the resource between her ears to ask a question, content as ever to recycle a press release from the warmist du jour.

Ew.  Global warming causes oyster herpes.  Sailors and Democrats now have a new line to use on their loved ones.

Global warming causes Elvis impersonators.

Canada’s Green party is to run on a serious platform.  Check out the picture the NP used… priceless.

Energy use and dollars, a simple lesson for hippies and the reality-challenged.

Aussie Greens like aborigine’s, unless they want to improve their lot, that is.

Uh oh, Russia is on to us, global warming is a climate weapon being used against the former USSR by America:

Faced with soaring temperatures and the resulting droughts, crop failures, heat stroke deaths and wildfires, the deputy director of the Strategic Culture Foundation is suggesting that it had to have been deliberate. This had to have been an act of war, perpetrated by an enemy.

He’s not just some kook: alone and unheard. The article by Andrei Areshev  was carried by news publications throughout Russia, by “International Affairs,” a journal published by the Foreign Ministry and by the state-owned news agency RIA Novosti. Areshev proposed a theory that “At the moment, climate weapons may be reaching their target capacity and may be used to provoke droughts, erase crops, and induce various anomalous phenomena in certain countries.”

That evil George W. Obama even sent the trigger, cleverly disguised as a gaffe:

they never suspected a thing...

Sustainability, love and civil disobedience.  Hippies in Edinburgh tell all.

Did woolly mammoths commit suicide by farting?  In a chicken/egg conundrum we are told that global warming was caused by mammoth farts, which killed mammoths.  Hippie science, gotta love it. (You can stop snickering now, the fart references are over).

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Alan Caruba notes the implosion of big green lies, including the population bomb that wasn’t and that we only had 5 years to fix the planet, 30 years ago.

Outing the greens – ‘Convenient Myths’, a new book by Klaus Kaiser.  See his ideas on ocean acidification here.

Bend over Japs, here comes your green energy bill. Stop smirking Ontario, you’re next.

Satellite-gate might be the Ninth Gate for climate ‘science’. It’s not simply that satellite data was flawed but that NOAA knew it and tried to cover it up, then deny it before admitting that perhaps ten years of data is junk. More on the falling satellites here, and reaction from climate scientists to the scandal.

Ahem.  It’s the Sun, stupid.

Oops, Andy Revkin slipped and called the core belief for re-engineering the global economy a ‘tertiary wild card’. Uncle Joe won’t be pleased.

Hippies heads must have exploded when Monckton wrote a guest post at WUWT… and he quotes Fox News.

One should not ignore the elephant in the room. Our CO2 graph shows one elephant: the failure of CO2 concentration over the past decade to follow the high trajectory projected by the IPCC on the basis of global emissions similar to today’s. As far as we can discover, no one but SPPI has pointed out this phenomenon. Our temperature graph shows another elephant: the 30-year warming trend – long enough to matter – is again well below what the IPCC’s methods would project. If either situation changes, followers of our monthly graphs will be among the first to know. As they say at Fox News, “We report: you decide.”

Get your stinkin’ hands off our incandescent bulbs.

Rebutting warmists, not that hard as it turns out.

Global warming is caused by computer models.  Wait, what?

Jo Nova ponders the future of peer review, and is harsh:

Seriously, what other profession would call unpublished comments by two unpaid anonymous colleagues “rigorous”?

Dear IRS officer, my tax return was audited by two accounting friends I won’t name, and they say it’s right. OK?


There was some excitement about the discovery of Shackleton’s stash of single malt in Antarctica.

German greens have lost.  The topic is avoided in the press and is seen as a ‘loser’:

In summary the topic of climate change in Germany has gone far beyond its shelf-life. It is used up and no longer draws a bit of interest from the public. As the clip [at the link] shows, the German public has grown tired of the constant barrage of climate alarmism, and is now über-bored by it. Editors have since taken climate news off the front pages. The public doesn’t want to hear it anymore, editors fret.

Summer’s over in the Arctic and earlier than usual, which will upset hippies.  They hate when nature doesn’t follow the script.

We’re all going to die from sea level rise, right?  But only if we fall over while we’re paddling.  Not happening.

Warmists and alarmists have used recent extreme weather in Pakistan and Russia to highlight the fury of a warmed planet.  But deaths from weather are down.  Mostly thanks to technology and Norman Borlaug’s work.  Read it all, it’s a must read of the week.

Warming or cooling?  Tim Ball has answers.

The UK is being taxed for renewables, but what good are wind farms when they are built where there is no wind.

If Australia won’t exploit its natural resources, will a more aggressive nation exploit the Aussies?  Interesting idea, and its no comfort for Aussies relying on New Zealand for military back-up:


Ahem the 2nd.  It’s the Sun, stupid.

Why won’t the IPCC and alarmists stop pretending that CO2 is a problem and do something about a real pollution threat? Because black soot can be fixed but won’t make Al Gore any richer.

At a time when wind farms are being built all over, a wind turbine manufacturer adjusts sales forecasts downwards.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Telegraph spat!  Conservatives can believe in global warming.  No, they can’t.  If they don’t, they should.

Best BBC headline of the week:

Council leaders have blamed the severe winter and tasks linked to the general election campaign for failing to meet a target to reduce CO2 emissions.

Collapsed in Copenhagen, busted in Bonn.  Can Cancun see a climate agreement?

Only 8% of money set aside for energy efficiency projects in the US stimulus has been spent.

Louise Gray, again.  Greenland ice sheet melting at a ‘record rate’.

Greens learn to think globally, compromise locally.

The BBC corrects their story about the falling rice crop yields that weren’t.

An accountant sets up his own forecasting station because the Met Office is so awful.

Awkward juxtaposition of stories: Belgian funeral directors are liquidizing corpses, and the future of mankind will depend on vats of artificial meat.  Someone call CB, quick.

The UK government sees rainbows and unicorns, all new homes to be powered by renewables by 2016. But, just in case…. maybe we should build coal. Either way, bend over, taxpayers.

Greens manage to make it even harder for oil firms to drill anywhere.

Weather and climate, climate and weather.

Hey, come back here with my… hay?  A bad winter means high hay prices which means hay theft is feverishly on the increase.

Whisky in the car-o?  You better believe it.


Part Five: Global Hottie

Aussies seem to feature large in the round-up, and since your correspondent watched the final episode of Lost this week, why not stick with a winning theme.   Please welcome Emilie de Ravin, but not as mountain-girl Claire, fortunately.

click onya

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Just to let you know that your blog is greatly appreciated. I read it regularly now. You really do have the gift of incisive commentary with an economy of words.

    Had a good laugh at this video posted by Deltoid in denial about the role of CO2 as a plant food. It keeps repeating footage of Monckton stating that bleeding obvious fact, then “proves” otherwise by blaming man-made CO2 for any and every extreme weather event on God’s earth.

  2. Just to let you know that your blog is greatly appreciated. I read it regularly now. You really do have the gift of incisive commentary with an economy of words.

    Had a good laugh at this video posted by Deltoid in denial about the role of CO2 as a plant food. It keeps repeating footage of Monckton stating that bleeding obvious fact, then “proves” otherwise by blaming man-made CO2 for any and every extreme weather event on God’s earth.

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