Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, July 15 2010

Hippie Dave gets mad at skeptics again, the IPCC gags scientists for their own good and Ontarians are rising up against a new eco-fee stealth tax.

These and 100+ more stories hippies don’t want you to read, plus an Ontario hottie, just because.

Some housekeeping notes, the round-up no longer features links to the UK’s The Times or Sunday Times since they have hidden everything behind a paywall.  Where possible, relevant stories are linked via alternative sources.  For links to global warming hoax stories throughout the week, follow The Daily Bayonet on Twitter, because a whole week is just too long to wait for good snark.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

The halo is slipping as more news of bad behavior by the self-appointed Goreacle comes to light:

A journalistic colleague I had no reason to doubt told anyone who would listen that Vice President Al Gore had tried to stick his tongue down her throat out of nowhere at a New Year’s Eve party in the mid-’90s, when all she’d been expecting was a friendly peck.

That story is just one, as Gore’s reputation (and credibility) slide into the negatives stories like that will give Al all the global warming he can take.

The stress of a pending legal problem seems to have affected Al, surely that can be the only explanation for him mistaking weather for climate?  Unless he’s just a shallow hack trying to keep the hoax money rolling in, of course.

The good folks at Ihatethemedia posted an ad to welcome Al to California:

click for full snarky goodness

The Gore puppets at Alliance for Climate Protection were outraged that the Wall Street Journal dared to point out that the climategate inquiries were whitewashes, and urged the public to suppress the press.  What’s wrong with their global warming hoax when just one newspaper article is so threatening?

If you look up the definition of chutzpah, there’s a picture of Al Gore.  ‘The politicization of science’ is bad, he says.  Gore must mean when anyone other than himself is doing it.

In Canada, the authoritarian hippie geneticist Suzuki managed to invoke religious imagery with a ‘sacred duty‘call to green arms before he forgot himself and wrote another one filled with invective against ‘deluded deniers’ again:

We use the term deniers deliberately. People who deny overwhelming scientific evidence without providing any compelling evidence of their own and who remain steadfast in their beliefs even as every argument they propose gets shot down do not demonstrate the intellectual rigour to be called skeptics.

Considering that his spittle-flecked attack is based on the three roundly-condemned whitewashes of climategate and an erroneous retraction from a UK paper, it’s difficult to imagine hippie Dave was able to spell ‘intellectual rigour’ without help.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Confusing the weather for climate might just about be forgivable for an over-promoted, under educated fool like Al Gore, but surely the inventor of the hockey stick graph should know better?  Apparently not.

Mann’s legal problems continue, despite the UVA circling the wagons.

Bill Nye thinks skeptics are irrational and that climategate is over.  Being called irrational is a step up from his previous accusation that to be skeptical was unpatriotic.  Is it just me, or does Nye look like Max Headroom’s dad?

Finally, we have a bunch of warmists who know how to sell the hoax.  A swimsuit edition.  Now we have caribou barbies we can all enjoy:

proof that global warming is good for you

Global warming causes earthquakes?  Add it to the list, or throw Hugh G. Campbell a clue.  Your choice.

Leo DiCaprio starred in Titanic, and made a movie about global warming because he wanted to cuddle up to Al Gore, but that was before Al turned out to be voraciously straight.  Celine Dion sang a song for Titanic.  Leo jetted halfway around the world to watch a soccer match and Celine drilled six new wells to fill her new pool.  Is the ‘climate crisis’ over?  Can we expect a press release?  So many questions, so many hypocrites.

If you woke this morning and took a pretend shower in pretend hot water, made pretend coffee in a pretend coffee-maker and drove to a pretend job in a pretend car, booted up your pretend laptop to read the pretend Internet, you’ll love Greenpeace’s new energy plan.  Unless you need any real power.

Dirty hippies make a mess in London.  Who knew that crazed ecotard lefty jobless hippies would care about their environment?

The IPCC has taken note of all the criticisms of cronyism, siege mentality and other bad behaviors exhibited by the motley CRU and has implemented a new vision of openness and transparency.  By telling scientists not to talk to media.

The WWF also decided that silence is golden, right after it threw the IPCC under the bus.

Hippies/ecotards/lefties/moonbats explained:  Facts don’t matter and they believe in what their friends tell them to believe:

I know many Left-wing people who don’t have a single conservative friend, and almost never hear a single conservative view expressed directly or on the radio, nor do they read a single dissenting opinion.

Yes, it is groupthink.

‘Weepy’ Bill McKibben is so concerned for Gaia’s health that he spent 295 days traveling last year.  At least one of those days was spent crying in a Danish church.  Wouldn’t the planet be better off if Bill didn’t care so much?

Prince Charles, the sire of the follicly challenged Prince William and step-dad to the Hewitt boy created another new initiative, the International Sustainability Unit, to promote sustainable development.  In March 2009, Chuckles warned we had 100 months to stop ‘climate change disaster’.  So why did he waste 15% of the planet’s remaining time before doing anything?

Chuckles wasn’t done there, he also took a jab at skeptics for believing ‘pseudo-science’.  This is a worry accusation, because Chuck’s an expert in pseudo sciences:

‘People have heard the climate sceptics and attempted to listen to the kind of pseudo science they are peddling. I have endlessly been accused of peddling pseudo science, for most of my life – just think about the strange irony.’

Yes, lets.

Proof that environmentalists are inept at gathering public support; the BP disaster is on the news 24/7, yet they cannot convert that momentum into support for the global warming hoax.

Ann Althouse has some hard advice for hippies that talk the talk, and that’s all:

4. Get up at sunrise. Don’t waste the natural light. Try never to turn on the electric lights in your house or workplace. Put compact fluorescent bulbs in all your light fixtures. The glow is so ugly that it will reduce the temptation to turn them on.

Read it all.

Scientists have an image problem, maybe pandering ads can help.  Much easier to advertise than apply any sort of standard to academic behavior, the sort of thing that might restore some faith in science, right?

More green jobs disappear.  And more tax-payer green disappears into one of the bright green hopes for the future:

…even if Solyndra is a good example of what the stimulus package can do, it might not be the kind of example Obama wants to publicize. Jim McTague of Barron’s noted over the weekend that, two months before Obama’s glowing speech, PricewaterhouseCoopers released a fear-filled note in its audit of the company, which has accumulated losses of $558 million in its five-year lifetime. The firm noted that Solyndra “has suffered recurring losses from operations, negative cash flows since inception and has a net stockholders’ deficit that, among other factors, raise substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern.”

Last week, hippies danced around in glee at an attack on Viscount Monckton.  Now the attacker has been forced to admit the truth, retract most of his accusations and generally grovel to avoid being sued out of existence.  What do the celebrating hippies have to say this week? Crickets… chirping.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Dr. Tim Ball has harsh words about the climategate whitewashes:

…reports provide no answers, no explanations and are only telling for what they did not ask or do and how they were manipulated. The blatant level of cover up is frightening. These are acts by people who believe they are unaccountable because they have carried out the greatest scam in history with impunity. The degree of cover up in both cases is an arrogant in-your-face statement that we are the power and are not answerable to anyone.

The Dept. of Energy was caught using soon to be outlawed incandescent bulbs instead of state-approved mercury bombs.  Inconvenient truth, do as you’re told, not as we do.

NOAA forecasts drastic cooling, but it took someone else to point it out to them.

Another unintended consequence of green activism, more power generation that is supposed to be green but makes matters worse than if they did nothing at all:

Among other complaints, opponents of biomass power — which, depending on the location, involves burning organic matter like plants and trees to generate electricity — say the incentives would create a rapacious industry driven to gobble up forests that would have absorbed more carbon dioxide if they’d simply been left alone.

The climategate panel are perverts.   Or something.

One thing is certain, the reviewers of the motley CRU forgot some pretty important clues.

Australia dodges the ETS bullet for at least three more years.  The government probably hopes that the global warming hoax will be all but forgotten before 2013.

How green red tape killed a family business.

Belgians are liquefying the dead, which has one blogger upset. It’s people!

Wise words from David Bellamy:

“if we took all of the carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, the temperature might fall by about 1.0C, but we wouldn’t be here to worry, because there would be no green plants to feed us.”

and before any hippie says no-one is suggesting such a thing… yes, they are.

Climate policy, a greenhouse protection racket:

“Pretty nice company you got deah, shame if sumpin’ bad waz to happen to it. Everybody needs protection. You need protection. It’s called Kerry-Lieberman.” Note the familiar pattern. The politicians and activists pushing cap-and-trade as protection from the EPA and the trial lawyers include the same folks who sued the EPA to regulate greenhouse gases in the first place

Science is supposed to be able to tell us all about the climate and what to do about it.  But if science cannot even age the planet accurately, how can we trust that they’re right about global warming?  Right, we can’t.

Green jobs you can believe in, but no-one wants.

The electric car, doomed.  By an auto-industry insider.

Adults use children to scare other children about global warming.  At what point does filling a kid’s mind with nonsense become acceptable?

Deconstructing the notion of renewable energy, a must-read:

Green energies such as wind, wave, solar electric, hydroelectric, and solar thermal, biofuel, etc. all have one thing in common.  They are all forms of solar power.  It takes energy from the sun to drive wind, wave and create plant fuels.  Another form of solar power is oil and coal, they are a form of very inefficiently stored solar energy from millions of years ago. Nuclear fission is also a form of solar if you take it back to the stars believed to have created the heavy elements used in the fission process.  However, both fossil fuels and Nuclear used energy from stars which has been stored in relatively convenient packages for release by the right equipment at a moments notice.  I call the other forms of energy stored solar, whereas instant solar, which is now being incorrectly called renewable energy, trickles in at a low density per unit area which requires the construction of massive area consuming collection zones.

Wind turbines explode, can we expect a moratorium on wind?  Insert your own giggling schoolboy type ‘wind’ joke here.

The EPA goes after power generation, it won’t be long before America is living in the dark.

Fabulous green on green action this week as ecocidal California takes on Fannie and Freddie.  Can’t they all lose?

Ontario snuck a stealth tax onto products sold in the province and your humble correspondent managed to dig up inconvenient facts about the shady truth get readers all riled up.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce wants the climate bill dead.  How dead? Deader than a cute seal pup in Springtime, that’s how.

The streets of New York are heating up, but its not what you think.

Global cooling is coming, and its not the kind caused by New York shops.  See what I did there?

The DOE has ten ways to burn taxpayer money trying to ‘capture’ carbon.  You know, how about catching Bin Laden first?

A warmist blogger at the NRDC bemoans that the media no longer falls into line lockstep behind the climate hoax.   Wait, is that a whaaaambulance I can hear?

UK Labour MP Graham Stringer wants a do-over of the Muir Russell report, calling it ‘inadequate’.

Many people in Canada believe that Toronto is full of it, and they’re right!

Food packagers are lying to hipsters and hippies about where their organic food comes from.  Question, does it matter?:


The Economist, a pro-warmist magazine has hard words for scientists post-climategate, and then gets into a wee bit of trouble for doctoring a cover shot.

Another warmist rag, Newsweek, suggests that green is no longer a sure fire vote winner.  Which means that green is dead, it just doesn’t know it yet.

If global warming opened up the Northwest Passage, it will still be cold and lonely up there.

chilly up north, still

The UN’s new scare du jour, biodiversity is already catching on with some corporations.  Who said innovation is dead, when it comes to pandering to a duped public, it’s alive and well:

…data compiled by Forest Trends and Ecosystem Marketplace, … projected that the market for agricultural products certified as posing no threat to biodiversity would be worth $210 billion by 2020, compared with $40 billion in 2008.

Tax on taxes in Ontario, what could possibly go wrong?  Paying for plastic to avoid food poisoning, because green is good for you!

GE finds a new rich vein of taxpayer money to mine.  That sound you hear is Jack Welch screaming in the distance.

The Vancouver Sun asks American consumers where they think energy comes from.  Which highlights the problem perfectly, no one thinks about this anymore, until its almost too late.

Now that Gordon Brown is out of power, a despicable hypocrite decides its safe to pretend that he ‘knew’ the Copenhagen meeting was doomed.

Google Earth and climate doom.  There’s an app for that.

Global warming blinds a satellite.  Oh, wait, that was the awesome power of the cosmos.

Uh oh.  Seas are rising, fish are dying, seabirds are threatened.  Someone needs a study funded:

According to the annual report for the Government by almost 100 scientists from 40 leading UK organisations, some fish moved northwards by between 50km to 400km (30-250 miles) over the past 30 years, with coldwater species such as monkfish moving furthest.  Plankton, which underpin the marine food chain, are also shifting, according to the review of what is happening to our seas and potential future impacts of climate change.  The study said global warming contributed to a 9% decline in the number of seabirds breeding in the UK between 2000 and 2008 and a drop in breeding success.

The authors of the study, the Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership include such trusted sources as the WWF and the motley CRU.  Follow the money, it never fails to complete the picture.


Part Five: Global Hottie

Ontario born Sarah Chalke is in something called Scrubs.  Don’t ask me what that is, I don’t know, but it clearly has its charms.

click to Chalke one up, arf arf

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