Green Cult Pays for Old Religion

British Gas, a UK utility estimates that British churches could collect £29 million per year if they were to install solar panels on church roofs:

British Gas estimates that if all religious buildings installed solar panels, they would save up to 42,000 tonnes of carbon emissions – the same amount as emitted by 500 transatlantic flights.  Phil Bentley, Managing Director of British Gas, said: “These potential savings are great news for the UK’s religious buildings and their congregations, and give them the opportunity to lead their communities in tackling climate change and helping Britain move towards a low carbon society.

Moving towards a low carbon society doesn’t sound that great, but you can bet that cash-strapped churches will look at this idea with some interest.

Rev. Flowerchild had reservations...

There’s always a dark side to any good idea, now church leaders have to weigh the cash savings of installing green tech against risk of hippies showing up in the congregation.  It’s not worth the risk, vicar.


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