Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jun. 3rd 2010

The WWF wants Canadian hippies to pin car keys on their shirts to show support for alternative transport, polar bears need a new press agent and NASA has more problems than Apollo 13 had extra holes.

All this and a return favorite hottie in your weekly round-up.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

The big news this week is that Al Gore and his wife Tipper are to separate.  The news might explain Gore’s recent purchase of his seventh home in Montecito, California.  Insiders say the Montecito mansion was a last ditch attempt at saving the marriage by moving Al’s ego West to give Tipper some room.  Alas it was too little, too late.

It’s sad to see a marriage end, but in this case the kids are all grown up, so the only real damage is to the planet.  Wait, what?  I’m sure I’m not the only skeptic that wishes the newly free Tipper well, but also is curious to see just how large the Gore fortune is if the matter goes to divorce court.

Meanwhile, Al blogged through his tears and suggested that green jobs will provide 200,000 new jobs for America.  And he’s right, as long as construction projects never end.

The Goreacle said that if we weren’t careful, jobs would end up in China.  And he was right:

Former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore, the Alliance for Climate Protection, The Climate Project, and the China-U.S. Center for Sustainable Development will host a training session in Beijing, China June 9-11, 2010. The event, held with the support of the Chinese government, led by the Ministry of Science and Technology, will see Vice President Gore personally train a cross-section of 300 Chinese citizens who share a commitment to reduce the harmful effects of climate change.

Tipper’s side of the bed isn’t even cold yet, and already Al has a new love.  Slap a Barry White CD on, Al has a serious Obamacrush.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

The Royal Society was forced to back down on its climate alarmism and will issue a more balanced position this summer.  That members felt bold enough to raise the skeptic argument is a further nail in the alarmist coffin.  Down under, the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering is wrestling internally with whether or not to issue a statement of support.  For skeptics.

Michael ‘Stick’ Mann’s university is trying to protect their mann, so to speak, and have circled the legal wagons to defy a subpoena.  Perhaps they worry that if Mann is guilty of fraud, other researchers might be on the hook too.

Ben Santer, an alarmist ecotard has been outed as a typical bully.  He once threatened to beat the crap out of Pat Michaels, but is now bleating about concerns for his own safety.  Jo Nova finds that ecotards like projection, and warmists are engaging in reasoned debate threats of violence against Roger Pielke Jr.  William Briggs has primo-snark on Santer’s whining.

Jolly Prince Chuckles farms old-skool, which is fine unless you actually want to feed the world’s population.  He also won an award for his tireless campaigning for the warmist cause.

CSIRO has been found not just manipulating data, but ‘disappearing’ inconvenient chunks of it in order to maintain the global warming fiction:

‘CSIRO, The Bureau of Meteorology, the UK Royal Society, the American National Academy of Sciences and hundreds of other organisations have all nailed their colors to the climate change mast, abandoning objective scientific enquiry in favour of environmental advocacy’

Relax everyone, the Gulf oil spill is about to be solved with amazing 3D technology and some CGI blue people.  James ‘King of the World’ Cameron is on the case.  Perhaps President Obama can have amazing James fix the CO2 ‘crisis’ before it ‘smothers the planet‘.  I hope so, anything Cameron does will delay Avatar 2: Pandering on Pandora has to be a win.

oil spill, what oil spill?

Warmist Clive Hamilton says that it’s too late to stop global warming, but quotes a climate expert that says we should all just accept the truth of the global warming science and get on with trying to fix it.  Oh, wait, that wasn’t a climate expert, it was a 13-year old girl.

Hamilton thinks the global warming problem cannot be fixed, and fellow hippie James Lovelock admits that everyone might be wrong and that nothing will happen 1,000 years.  Good to know we’re not being asked to bet the global economy on a shaky theory then, right?

Polar bears really are endangered.  As poster-fodder for alarmists, that is:

“There have been various efforts to put a face on the climate change issue,” said Dr Manzo, from Newcastle University. “Communicators need to move away from the traditional images of polar bears or fear-laden imagery to find new, inspirational motifs to engage people with climate change. My research has uncovered a variety of possibilities – such as windmills as icons of renewable energy – as well as alternatives to documentary photography as the dominant form of climate change communication. Artists and cartoonists are among the producers of inspirational alternatives.”

Delingpole has a troll infestation, the Monbiot hordes attack.  JD wonders exactly what it is about wealth, health and happiness that makes George so darned angry.

The scientists at the UEA CRU were chastised for playing hard to get with their data.  They nodded solemnly, took the slap on the wrist and carried on regardless.  If these guys aren’t smart enough to figure out the lessons of climategate, why should we trust them on anything?

Ex-Abba frontman and skeptical statistician Bjorn Lomborg was ambushed by ABC, because the only news you need is alarmist news.  Here is Lomborg, not being ambushed on Fox:


NASA proved that the global warming theory was junk 40 years ago, but hid that inconvenient truth.  Now they are being exposed as idealogues who gagged employees to maintain the global warming fiction, presumably to keep the money flowing as well as shore up reputations.  A fraud investigation of NASA would seem appropriate.

Another scientist reveals his ideology and receives a slap for promoting his views.  But like Morano says, can his work be trusted as science now we know his bias?

The terrorist imagery fans at the WWF want Canadians to stop using cars:

Pin It for the Planet, WWF-Canada’s new campaign, challenges Canadians to try alternative and sustainable transportation methods, like walking, cycling or taking transit, for one week to experience how easy breaking the driving habit can be. As a symbolic gesture, Canadians are asked to pin their car key to their shirt to show their support.

Feel free to point and laugh at any hippie you see with a car key pinned to his shirt.  I know I will.

The Obama government said that American taxpayers were backing a winner in Tesla, the electric sports car company.  Yeah, not so much, champ.

Tesla, as good at making money as they are at parking

Enviro-beat reporter Louise Gray writes that the UN wants people to eat less meat to save the planet.  Does Gray ever read her own articles, or did she forget that on April 8th she reported that cows were absolved of causing global warming?

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Stop the presses, alarmists are losing the mainstream media.

The melting Arctic will cause the seas to rise and drown us all.  Except that there is 25% more ice than there was in 2008.

Green on green, hippies love to alarm us, but reject sensible actions that would address their concerns:

…many greens hold up Denmark as the ideal low-carbon economy? Why not France, or Switzerland, or Sweden, which emit significantly less CO2 per capita?  The answer is that their preference for the Danish model has little to do with greenhouse gas emissions or with climate change, and more to do with the ideology and metaphysics of the Green movement.  In France, nuclear power accounts for about three quarters of all the electricity generated, while about 15 percent comes from hydro power. Switzerland gets about 55 percent of its electricity from hydro power and about 40 percent from nuclear. And in Sweden, about 45 percent comes from hydro power, while another 45 percent comes from nuclear power. Denmark, meanwhile, generates no nuclear power and very little hydro. A significant portion – some 30 percent – of Denmark’s electricity is generated by wind power but still, much of the rest is generated by traditional coal power plants.

Mexico lectured Canada on being more eco-friendly.  Ez is upset.

Oh noes, Americans don’t believe in Al Gore’s climate crisis.

Doc. Spencer has a great piece about mistaking natural climate cycles for man-made global warmingIt’s your must-read:

how is it that the “consensus” of climate scientists is that CASE 1 is what is really happening in the climate system? Because when researchers have observed a decrease in cloud cover accompanying warming, they assume that the cloud decrease was CAUSED BY the warming (which would be positive cloud feedback). They do NOT consider the possibility that the cloud decrease was the CAUSE OF the warming.

In other words, they assume causation in only one direction (feedback) is occurring. This then gives the illusion of a sensitive climate system.

Why won’t hippie ecotards engage in an honest debate? Maybe because they never win.

You know who wrecked the planet?  Flatulent mammoths, that’s who.

The US climate bill is an on-again-off-again affair, but is it dead, or resting?

Ze Germans are varning zat ze varm times are over.  Der freezenuntcoldkreig  is coming, jah.

Inconvenient Inuits call global warmers liars for claims that polar bears are dying out.  They’re not, and yes, they are tasty with seal sauce and a nice Chianti.

Nike is to make green shoes.  From carbon, naturally.

Fortune-seeking hippies sued oil companies for causing global warming.  And lost Reality, it bites.

Oh noes, global warming causes skiing in June in Scotland.  Oh the humanity.

Inconveniently, the science is never settled.

The UK’s hapless Met Office promoted a theory it once tried to disprove and might be sued out of existence by furious airlines that were grounded by faulty volcanic ash forecasts.

Repeat after me: It’s the Sun, stupid.

The media likes to promote the global warming hoax because it’s good for audience numbers.  It’s also good for profits if the media happen to own firms that will benefit from action to mitigate the ‘climate crisis.’

Meet the new deniers – hippies.  Climate realism is the new buzz word, and its not something that ecotards will like.

The tiny nation of Tuvalu received terrible news this week, their island is growing in size.  Since they were gambling that the world would send ships full of money to help the islanders mitigate rising seas and sinking land, Tuvaluans are now faced with the horrific prospects of finding a job.  Or something.

Carbon dioxide is good for plants, it’s not a pollutant.  Don’t tell the EPA.

Big oil is taking a huge hit for the gulf spill.  It’s hippie common knowledge that anyone taking money from Big Oil is a cheap shill that cannot be trusted.  So Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club and Conservation International can all be discredited after accepting millions of dollars from BP.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The BBC looks at the Royal Society’s walk-back on global warming alarmism.

The Gray Lady discovers a new species just in time to declare it endangered.  The Hand Fish, add it to the list.

Finally a recycling program we can all get behind, a bra bank.

The WSJ mocks the NYT for pining for the good old days when global warming was settled science and we didn’t know about the massive fraud and incompetence within the scientific community.

The BBC closes the Blog of Bloom, the only part of the corporation that allowed a little skepticism.

Newsweek turns on the warmists, and not in the good way:

The backlash against climate science is also about the way in which leading scientists allied themselves with politicians and activists to promote their cause. Some of the IPCC’s most-quoted data and recommendations were taken straight out of unchecked activist brochures, newspaper articles, and corporate reports—including claims of plummeting crop yields in Africa and the rising costs of warming-related natural disasters, both of which have been refuted by academic studies.

The UK will ‘waste’ billion of pounds trying to stop global warming.

The UEA CRU is only one example of agencies turning down FOIA requests.  25% of all requests are rejected by agencies refusing to play by the rules.

The UK fears an influx of climate refugees if sea levels rise.

A life raft?

The Met office is being sued for bad forecasting of the Iceland volcano eruption ash cloud, which raises the question of how good any of the computer models are.  Including the ones modeling global warming.

The BBC (again) ponders the suspension of democracy so that hippies can fix the planet:

We have an obligation to look after the interests of future generations because they’re going to have to live in a world which is in a deteriorating condition. And we already, some of us, can see the lives that our children and grandchildren are going to have to live within, and it is pretty horrific and it is because we’re not prepared to make the changes necessary. Democracy allows people the freedom not to be obliged to do things that we know we must do, so how can one possibly say yes but the principle of democracy must prevail over and above protection of the global environment from excessive burning of fossil fuels? Given the choice, I would sadly – very, very sadly – say that the condition of the planet in the future for future generations is more important than the retention of democratic principles.

Western US states consider bird-shredding as an energy source, or something.

The NYT finally sees that maybe there was something to that Climategate thing after all.

More on the inconvenient truth that Big Green takes money from Big Oil and Big Chemical:

Sierra Club – the biggest green group in the US – was approached in 2008 by the maker of Clorox bleach, which said that if the club endorsed its new range of “green” household cleaners, they would give it a percentage of the sales. The club’s Corporate Accountability Committee said the deal created a blatant conflict of interest – but took it anyway. Money talks.


Part Five: Global Hottie

Last week we marked the end of Lost with a look at the lovely Emilie de Ravin.  Last week also saw the end of another long-running series, 24.  So it’s my pleasure to welcome back to the round-up the permanently endangered daughter of Jack Bauer, Elisha Cuthbert.  Hottie is almost an understatement.


Thanks for reading.

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  1. You’ve done it again…I laughed my head off at the stupidity and gullibility of some people in the GW hippie community. I’m sorry to say, some of my kids have jumped on that crazy Al Gore bandwagon. I’m hoping for a Tipper Gore tell all book but not holding my breath…Great post…loved the the Stossel interview too !

  2. You’ve done it again…I laughed my head off at the stupidity and gullibility of some people in the GW hippie community. I’m sorry to say, some of my kids have jumped on that crazy Al Gore bandwagon. I’m hoping for a Tipper Gore tell all book but not holding my breath…Great post…loved the the Stossel interview too !

  3. A good laugh as always.
    Maybe they could hang their car key from their pierced ear or some other piercing. Then maybe accessorize with hub caps.
    For one awful moment, I thought they were being encouraged to slash vehicles…. but they would never do that would they ?

  4. A good laugh as always.
    Maybe they could hang their car key from their pierced ear or some other piercing. Then maybe accessorize with hub caps.
    For one awful moment, I thought they were being encouraged to slash vehicles…. but they would never do that would they ?

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