Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 27th 2010

Al Gore channels Monty Python, there’s a long list of hyphen-gate scandals for you to cut out and keep, Big Green is out of step with ordinary people and there is a planet doomed by global warming, but it’s not Earth.

All that and a hottie from down under in your weekly round-up.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

The well-meaning but terminally misguided Internet hippies at ask a simple question, ‘why does everyone hate Al Gore?‘  The answer, of course, is an inconvenient truth.  Not the movie, the truth about Al Gore.

Gore’s downfall over the past few years has been epic, like something out of a Shakespearean tragedy. How did it happen?

The answer, I fear, has to do with a larger crisis of faith in climate change. Skeptics (both duplicitous and sincere), the GOP, Big Coal and Big Oil, and the IPCC and Climategate scandals have successfully commandeered the debate, so much so that a recent poll revealed belief in global warming has hit a new low. Gore is an easy scapegoat for people attempting to convince the public that global warming is a massive fraud. And those who once believed in climate change but are now doubtful consider Gore a false prophet.

But remember that while the Goreacle may be a false prophet, his profit is very real.  Remember, Mr. Sustainable just bought another $9 million mansion.

Oblivious Al meanwhile uses any and every excuse to blog about his Climate Crisis™ in an effort to pass the American Power Act, from which he is nicely positioned to profit.  Al’s post is one in a long series of calls to action, which gives me the perfect opportunity to do this:


If Al did ever decide to take any action, other than jetting around the world, collecting awards and mansions, he has a grassroots army of brainwashed moppets just waiting for the word. It was to link to that without resorting to a ‘greenshirts’ slur.  Oh, wait.  Doh!

Some fellow called Jay Whitehead wrote about Al Gore, the gulf oil spill and Obamanomics.  The piece is most notable for hippie math, where 10 plus 10 equals 30:

…estimates show that the Gulf oil clean-up will cost in excess of $10 billion, and result in economic damage nearly twice that. Those estimates come while the oil is still flowing, with BP still fumbling for a plug. That’s at least $30 billion, all totaled…

*(mini-update: James in the comments suggests I might be wrong about the math, and much as it pains me, he might be right.  It’s a matter of interpretation.  Which is my excuse and I’ll stick to it.)

Whitehead suggests that if the spill bankrupts BP, the US taxpayer will shoulder the burden.  While the clean up costs would be a significant blow for BP, it reported first quarter earnings of $5.6 billion.  Of course, if US taxpayers really want to meet the cost themselves, a boycott of BP sounds like an excellent idea.

Canadian hippie cult leader David Suzuki has landed a new radio show on Can-Jazeera the CBC, because there is no left-wing bias at the national broadcaster.  No comment from the CBC about Suzuki’s appearance at a decidedly left-leaning anti-oil rally.  To balance the airwaves, fellow Canadian and climate skeptic Dr. Tim Ball doesn’t have a new radio show on the CBC.  Oh wait, nevermind.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

A brave warmist appeared at the rabid skeptics denierpalooza conference in Chicago and was torn to pieces given a warm welcome and enjoyed his appearance.  See, skeptics are nice people.

Scary-smart scientists at NOAA are so accurate with annual hurricane forecasts that they’re batting .250.  Or, if you prefer some snark with that, they perform about as well as a trained chimp.

James Delingpole appeared at a debate at the Oxford Union, and won.  The best bit, he wasn’t the least bit magnanimous in victory:

What really struck me about the occasion, though, was the unspeakable direness of the opposition. I don’t mean the nice girl from Trinity College: as an officer of the Union, she had to take whatever side of the debate she was given to argue. I mean the three others, who embodied pretty much everything wrong with the green movement: its crypto communism; its woeful ignorance; and its sphincter-popping rage.

Oh noes, global warming will increase food poisoning.  Says the Food Poisoning Journal.  You know what to do, add it.

Dave Matthews, a musician who looks like the quiet neighbor people never suspect as pre-postal, wants you to ride a bike.  Because he’s on tour, or something.

you ordinary people are leetle... like this

The UN, sensing the pending extinction of the global warming hoax has found a new global threat that requires all of the western world’s money to solve, biodiversity.  No, really, different problem, same solution.  It’s brilliant.

ABC, the Aussie media outfit, outdid itself on the scare-mongering over sea-temperatures.

The UK police takes a leaf from ecotard tactics and actually does know where lunatic protestors live.

Michael ‘Stick’ Mann, currently being investigated for fraud, might have another problem.  His work on malaria and a link to global warming is nonsense. Is there a -gate here?

Thanks to all the readers who tipped me to the ‘mammoth farts caused global warming‘ story.  Snarky captioned picture can be seen at CB’s joint.

A bus company thinks that CO2 is poisonous.  Hopefully they’re not sitting in a closed garage with the buses running under the assumption that CO is just dandy.

Perennial ecotard Lewis Pugh swam around a lake on Mount Everest to raise awareness about global warming.  Does Pugh think there is anyone left on the planet that has not heard of global warming?  Excepting undiscovered midget people in the deep Brazilian rainforests, natch.

Jeremy Irons isn’t just an actor, he’s a thespian.  Unless he’s in Die Hard 3 when he’s a hack with a bad accent.  Irons (the thesp, not the hack) declares that we must all live more sustainably.  Which of his seven homes he was in at the time was unclear.

Plane Stupid, the best named activist group evah, chained themselves to an airliner.  If they were really stupid, it would have been a British Airways jet and no-one would have noticed, but alas not.

The EU commissioner for climate action had to deny that she was pursuing a hippie agenda.  That headline is so good I grabbed it:

Cooking with Simon, bake your own climate scare story.

Sticking with the down-unders, a government advisor compared skeptics to flat-earthers and gravity deniers, which is a new one.

Size matters, and so does scale.  This is your must read of the week, because it’s a perfect example of media scaremongering and cherry picking:

But what does that volume, a third of Lake Erie, really mean? We could also say that it’s 80 million Olympic swimming pools, or 400 times the volume of Sydney Harbor, or about the same volume as the known world oil reserves. Or we could say the ice loss is 550 times the weight of all humans on the Earth, or the weight of 31,000 Great Pyramids … but we’re getting no closer to understanding what that ice loss means.

To understand what it means, there is only one thing to which we should compare the ice loss, and that is the ice volume of the Greenland Ice Cap itself. So how many cubic kilometres of ice are sitting up there on Greenland?

RTWT to find the answer.

emo-Warmist Joe Romm spouted frothy venom about Mann’s skeeter paper, was shot down and then suffered again when he tried to exploit the gulf oil crisis.

The rabid leftards at Daily Kos decided that the Gulf spill is the perfect crisis to exploit.  In fact, it’s so good it’s the ecotard 9/11:

Unless we use this moment, use the deaths of species and the suffering of people who depend on them, in the most cynical, calculated way, as bad as a Republican after 9/11, to make real, lasting change in how we address the costs of our way of life.  You cannot save the Gulf.  But you can make its death mean something.


Ecoterrorist group Greenpeace, caught and arrested for attacking ships again.

Nothing says more about your kids commitment to saving the planet from air travel than sending them on lots of flights.  Wait, what?

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the planet might be facing a sixth ‘great extinction’, the worldwide population of thermometers has inexplicably declined too.

As the Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act rumbles through the arcane legislative process, it turns out that very few Americans want such a law.  The rising cost and sinking support go a long way toward explaining why the global warming hoax might be dead as a political issue. meanwhile the Murkowski amendment promises more pain for Democrats.

Andy Revkin sees the truth about global warming and malaria, which is likely to earn him a full blown spittleblitz from Joe Romm.

Solar scientists say that man doesn’t have a lot to do with climate.  Why yes, it IS the Sun, stupid.

Washington Rebel has a wonderful video of logging in Siberia.  Tree-loving hippies will hate it, but UK elf’n’safety drones will positively DIE when they see it.

Spain, no longer the US government’s poster child for the bright green sustainable future now that reality has bitten:

La Gaceta runs with a full-page article fessing up to the truth about Spain’s “green jobs” boondoggle, which happens to be the one naively cited by President Obama no less than eight times as his model for the United States. It is now out there as a bust, a costly disaster that has come undone in Spain to the point that even the Socialists admit it, with the media now in full pursuit.

Global warming is good for you.

Gate-tastic!  Here’s the list to end all lists of gates related to climate, global warming and junk science.  The list is up to 63 already, not even Al Gore’s seven mansions have that many gates.

Dr. Roy Spencer has a few words about the IPCC and their affinity for defending hypotheses:

Where the IPCC has departed from science is that they have become advocates for one particular set of hypotheses, and have become militant fighters against all others…  Unfortunately, each modeling group (or the head of each group) already has an idea stuck in their head regarding how much warming looks “about right”. I doubt that anyone could be trusted to perform an unbiased investigation into model formulations which produce very little warming in response to increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.

Pitbull on poodle action as Palin mauls Obama for his close ties to Big Oil.  It’s snarktastic, and she’s right.

A planet with some real global warming worries is WASP-12b.  It might not be romantically named, but it IS doomed by rising temperatures.  Unfortunately WASP-12b-eings won’t be able to save their planet by building giant fans, because it’s their SUN, stupid.

offset that

If you ever wondered why scientists blame global warming for everything, wonder no more. It’s for fortune and glory, but mostly the fortune.

Electric cars, not actually able to save the planet.

Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak is becoming harder to climb because of global warming.  Which is how a 13 year-old just did it, no doubt.

Al Gore is famous for his wild-eyed predictions of rising seas swallowing entire nations, but actual measurements (not models) show not much happening.  Inconvenient, no?

Big Green is out of step with mainstream society, which is a critical failure in its push to have people support economic seppuku:

…the Achilles heel of environmentalism–its profound disconnect from public preferences and aspirations. By embracing such a radical social engineering agenda, the greens may end up undermining their own long-term effectiveness.

The first sign of this pushback, notes analyst Walter Russell Mead, can be seen in growing skepticism about climate change policies both here and in Europe. At a time of severe economic challenges, greens and their political allies need to consider how specific environmental costs threaten an already beleaguered middle and working class.

Gee, that sounds like something a wise man said a few years ago.

California’s global warming law worked too well, Golden state farmers are worried about the effects of cold on their crops.

Popcorn time, it’s the week’s green on green match-up.  Global warmers take on the biofuels zealots, it’s a win-win for skeptics.

Global warming threatens US ski resorts.  But not if the snowpack is 137% of normal, unless they meant the resorts might disappear under snow.

What did the Roman warming period ever do for us?  Pesky Caesar-era temperatures messing with the warmist’s models.

Here’s an inconvenient truth for fans of giant fans.  Once wind power exceeds 3% of total energy production, all ‘benefits’ of reduced CO2 disappear, and in fact become negatives.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The UK coalition government will be the greenest ever, but what shade of green is unknown.

Canada and the US think that making transportation more expensive is just a dandy way to cope with a recession, or something.

You know who’s partly to blame for the Gulf oil disaster and no progress on global warming laws?  Big Green lobbyists who take money from big oil, that’s who:

Jay Hair – the president of the National Wildlife Federation from 1981 to 1995 – was dissatisfied. He identified a huge new source of revenue: the worst polluters. Hair found that the big oil and gas companies were happy to give money to conservation groups. Yes, they were destroying many of the world’s pristine places. Yes, by the late 1980s, it had become clear that they were dramatically destabilising the climate – the very basis of life itself. But for Hair, that didn’t make them the enemy; he said they sincerely wanted to right their wrongs and pay to preserve the environment. He began to suck millions from them, and his organisation and others gave them awards for “environmental stewardship”. Companies such as Shell and BP were delighted.

A genius green designer has made a sustainable house of straw able to withstand hurricanes.  Not that Bath has any hurricanes.  How the house would cope with a lit match is not mentioned.

The EPA is making a shocking power grab, can they be stopped?  Perhaps if its leader has to cancel Democratic fund-raisers because of pressure, the CO2 pollutant scam can be stopped too.

The smart meter coming soon to a house near you is not your father’s power meter.  Meet the spy, bully and doctor meter.

Oh noes, ocean temperatures are rising and man is to blame. it’s fair to say the Independent is truly independent of rational thought when it comes to global warming.

The BBC uses scare-quotes to report on the skeptic conference in Chicago.  Does anyone recall scare quotes on Copenhagen coverage?  Me either.

The economic crisis tearing the Euro-zone to shreds may have a silver-lining in that the green agenda may fall by the wayside.

El Nino could make this summer the hottest EVER.  And by ever, the Times means since records began 130 years ago.  Which is far from ‘ever’ in planetary terms.

No wonder Brits are far more skeptical about global warming than they used to be.

Maybe humans would be better off on other planets, or maybe not. Inhabitable planets could have extreme climates too.  Bummer.

Marc Morano goes head to head with ABC.  The same ABC that tried to link skeptics to white supremacists.  Body parts everywhere.

The UN wants $30 billion by 2012.  It’s not like there’s a recession or anything.

A great essay on the death of the post-modernist dream, or a hippie nightmare if you prefer:

Al Gore will continue to channel from his Montecito hilltop the latest green consensus of the international academic community. But fairly or not, neither he nor it will be listened to all that much: He has made one too many millions off his hysteria, and professors have fudged one too many publicly funded studies. The result is that almost at once both have lost the people’s trust. A volcano, not hot weather, shut down European air travel. The Sierra Nevada is still buried under snow in late May. At least this year, a wet, cold state of California is not going to blow away, as Energy Secretary Chu warned not long ago.

Global warming is good business for retired world leaders, just ask Bambi, but oil spills are a real pain for current world leaders, just ask Barry.


Part Five: Global Hottie

Lost is done.  I became a closet Lostie and caught up on five seasons on DVD just in time to enjoy the series end.  In tribute to some mighty fine television, your hottie for the week is Aussie Emilie de Ravin, or Claire if you prefer.  She might have been knocked-up for 30% of the show and a mop-haired crazed mountain girl for another 30%, but hot is hot.

'Claire' during her neither pregnant nor crazy phases

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Just sometimes the hippies are right:

    “…estimates show that the Gulf oil clean-up will cost in excess of $10 billion, and result in economic damage nearly twice that.”

    That’s 10 + 20.

    I have a beard and a cardigan, and a maths degree. You could say that I’m a hippie mathematician. Though, bizarrely, I totally agree with you on the whole global warming thingy.

  2. Just sometimes the hippies are right:

    “…estimates show that the Gulf oil clean-up will cost in excess of $10 billion, and result in economic damage nearly twice that.”

    That’s 10 + 20.

    I have a beard and a cardigan, and a maths degree. You could say that I’m a hippie mathematician. Though, bizarrely, I totally agree with you on the whole global warming thingy.

  3. Unfortunately Al Gore, NAS, NOAA, NASA, etc are only puppets for those who are using science as a tool of propaganda to control the world.

    Former President Dwight Eisenhower warned of this grave danger in his farewell address to the nation on January 17, 1961:

    “The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded.”

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

  4. Unfortunately Al Gore, NAS, NOAA, NASA, etc are only puppets for those who are using science as a tool of propaganda to control the world.

    Former President Dwight Eisenhower warned of this grave danger in his farewell address to the nation on January 17, 1961:

    “The prospect of domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded.”

    With kind regards,
    Oliver K. Manuel

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