Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 20 2010

Jovian factories and SUV’s caused the giant planet to lose a red ring, the activist group Climate Camp is tearing itself apart over a Bolivian blowout and a Canuck paper says that 75% of the global population will be dead in 19 months.  All this and a hottie besides in your weekly round-up of all things warmy.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

The Goreacle blogged about a new government program, ‘Cash for Caulkers‘:

“The Home Star bill, passed 246-161, would authorize $5.7 billion over two years for a program that supporters — mostly Democrats — said would have the added benefits of invigorating the slumping construction industry and making the earth a little cleaner.”

Yet another federal government program?  Some states tried this idea, it didn’t go well in Texas at $78,000 per home.

Al Gore’s mortal enemy in the Senate, James Inhofe aka Kryptonite, suggested that the global warming prophet profiteer was like an ostrich with his head in the sand for denying the collapse of the global warming hoax.  Video at the link.

Gore appeared at the University of Tennessee to give a commencement speech and receive an honorary degree.  Protesters greeted Gore at the event but unfortunately for the poor students, Al was able to deliver the most depressing commencement speech ever:


Al sure does know how to suck all the air out of a room.

The eco-warrior is either a high-flying hypocrite who likes to fly, or he has the world’s fastest bicycle.  Bi-coastal speeches in one day, talking up the evils of big oil and the joys of sustainability.  Now we know where President Obama got the idea that burning jet fuel can save the planet.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Michael ‘Stick’ Mann, the hockey stick inventor and fraud suspect, has a shady academic past:

If miracles happened for Mann, they came in the form of Barry Saltzman. You see, this struggling student’s career was transformed the moment Saltzman became his Ph.D adviser. Only after Saltzman applied his influence were Mann’s lofty credentials “rushed through.” Mann then turned himself into a makeshift tree ring counter, and overnight became the iconic figure in the IPCC Third Report (2001). The rest is history, as they say.”

The University is circling the wagons around Mann, to their shame.

The New Scientist published a screed on ‘denialists’, featuring such reasoned thinkers as DeSmogBlog’s Dick Littlemore.  Once, articles from New Scientist were categorized under the ‘AGW News’ section, but not any more.

What happened to Jupiter’s missing ring?  Global warming of course:

…Earlier this year, astronomers announced that the gas giant likely has helium rain showers from time to time. Jupiter has also tended to grow a variety of new storms, or spots, with some even changing color between white and red during dramatic climate changes on the gas giant.

Railway engineer and Jackie Collins wannabe writer Raj Pachauri defended the use of ‘grey literature’ in the IPCC AR4 report.  Grey lit is the all the press releases and non-peer reviewed stuff that until recently Raj and crew tried to hide.

Oh noes, lizards will be wiped out by global warming.  Add them to The List.

hot lizards, not bad after all

The ecotards that make up the membership of Climate Camp, the anti-progress, anti-air travel group of radical warmists are tearing themselves apart over the 12,000 mile trip made by members to attend a meeting in Bolivia on activism and protest.  It’s green on green, sit back and enjoy.

Frantic German warmists are so desperate to prop up the global warming hoax that they declared skepticism ‘unscientific’:

In Schellnhuber’s world, scepticism is anti-science. And if you doubt their science, then you are anti-science.  Oh, by the way, let’s not forget that reality and science for them are doctored up iStock polar bear photos and manipulated temperature curves.

The Huffington Post writes that global warming will take a pause, gather its energy and then kill everyone.  No really, they said that.

Tracking Ursus Bogus.

Roger Ebert, a film critic famous for the not-at-all limited thumbs up/down rating, tweets venom against skeptic scientists.

Canada’s most honest journalist and climate realist Rex Murphy received some ire from a panel of warmist hippies for daring to ponder whether the planet might be cooling rather than warming.

An organic food munching hippie sees the light and is reformed.

The Kerry-Lieberman ‘American Power Act‘ has pitched green against green.  See, it’s not all bad after all.

As BP tries to contain the Gulf oil spill and efforts to protect the coastline are underway, genius media giant Ted Turner knows what caused it, it was ‘a message from God’.  Ted was once voluntarily married to Hanoi Jane, so judge his credibility with care.

Emotard Joe Romm takes a swipe at Pielke Junior, resorting to half-truths and personal attacks.  Too bad he hits like a girl.

Here is the scare of the week month YEAR, and I’m proud to say it comes from Canada:  4.5 Billion people will die from global warming by 2012(advisory, the ‘comment’ link at the site reports possible malware, but the story is safe to read) I don’t know who John Stokes is, but he wrote the article and so I’m confident that he is, without doubt, an idiot.  (h/t Soylent Green who has his own thoughts on the matter, and a poll.)  Here’s an excerpt from the scariest article evah:

Runaway Global Warming promises to literally burn-up agricultural areas into dust worldwide by 2012, causing global famine, anarchy, diseases, and war on a global scale as military powers including the U.S., Russia, and China, fight for control of the Earth’s remaining resources.

Over 4.5 billion people could die from Global Warming related causes by 2012, as planet Earth accelerates into a greed-driven horrific catastrophe.

Look for a countdown to this Armageddon in the sidebar later today.

Oh noes, caterpillar outbreaks are caused by global warming.

Move over Yvo de Boer, a new UN climate chief is in town.

Grist wonders where the left went on the issue of global warming.  Here’s a clue, Climategate.

Oh noes, guerrilla penguins are on the march.

The American Physical Society puts down the warmist scaremongering and backs away, slowly.

Duck mating and your power use, together at last.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Bayonet contributor Sophia has posted Part Three of her excellent series, ‘The Biggest Heist in American History‘.

Pesky Canadian glaciers are refusing to melt at an alarming pace.

This week’s must read link goes to Dr. Roy Spencer and the $64-trillion question.

More on the disaster that is the Texas weatherization program.

Only three percent of Dutch people consider global warming an important enough topic to influence their vote.

Raj Pachauri defended use of grey literature, but did the IPCC really need to cite it 39 times? No wonder there are calls for his indictment.

Aussie warmist hippies have gone nuts over a statement by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering that suggests the science isn’t settled.

The annual skeptic-a-palooza went off this week and was duly smeared and ignored by hippies and the media (but I repeat myself).  Highlight of the week was the declaration that ‘global warming is over‘.  Yay, then.

The pesky medieval warming period raises its ugly face at Paradise Lake, and this time brings the Roman warming period along for good measure.

Say hello, wave goodbye.  To wave energy production down under after a much vaunted system is destroyed.  By waves.

Al Gore and fellow greens promised that Repowering America with green jobs would stop jobs going overseas to places like China.  Which is news to bird shredder manufacturers GE and Vestas.  As if that news isn’t bad enough for wind energy fans (geddit?), it turns out that efficiency isn’t necessarily a strength either.

Britain’s Met Office caused travel chaos for thousands of would-be travelers with yet another faulty volcanic ash cloud forecast.  No wonder towns are dropping the Met like a hot rock.

Get your cap and trade approved transportation here before they’re gone.

Global warming will make weeds take over the world, or will they?

oh that's just triffid

Hippies, there are only three types of people left who believe in global warming, which type are you?

Warming, what warming?  A new ice-age might begin in 2014. There’s more on a cooling trend here, the triple crown of cool, in fact.

The EPA gets more criticism for labeling CO2 a pollutant:

“There is a systemic bias in the computer models,” said Michaels,  whose research suggests that the U.N.’s adjusted computer modeling data, rather than actual observed data, is what connects the rise in temperatures to manmade causes. When one takes away the computerized modeling enhancements, he said, mankind’s contribution to global warming is virtually nil, approximately .03 degrees, rather than .07 degrees, over the last 50 years.

Hey, warming is good for human shelf-life, who knew?

This doesn’t sound good, invade Canada to save the planet?

It’s the Sun, stupid.

Richard Lindzen lays it out plain and simple:

“As far as I can tell, skepticism involves doubts about a plausible proposition. I think current global warming alarm does not represent a plausible proposition.”

Part Four: AGW in the News

The New York Times interviewed serial failure Paul Ehrlich on his thoughts about global warming and population.  Why?

Why Britain’s new Secretary of the Environment and Climate Change might be the most dangerous man in the country. His only challenger seems to be the new Prime Minister who is deep in the global warming cult.

Some inconvenient questions for warmists on the American Power Act, an example:

If carbon dioxide is causing “runaway global warming,” why have average global temperatures not risen since 1995, and why have they been COOLING for the past five years – even as atmospheric carbon dioxide levels have continued to rise to levels unprecedented in the modern era?

A warmist bemoans cold weather and why it’s spoiling his cozy world-view.

How to disagree without being disagreeable, skeptic Richard Lindzen and his warmist friend Kerry Emanuel.  Money quote from the piece:

“If these two guys can’t agree on the basic conclusions of the social significance of [climate change science], how can we expect 6.5 billion people to?’’ said Roger Pielke Jr., a University of Colorado at Boulder professor who writes a climate blog.

Kerry and Lieberman may lose their senate careers over their ‘climate’ bill.  Woohoo.

CBS news managed to find some skeptics, and put them on the air.  No, really.

The Economist lists all the things wrong with climate science but concludes that you should trust and believe it anyway.

When politics meet science, everyone loses.

In Canada, conservatives are seen by the left as ‘knuckle-draggers’ and the press is happy to use the term to describe a government that won’t push the global warming hoax at next month’s G20 meeting.

Kallyvornya realizes that the state’s global warming law might not be good for the economy:

The California Jobs Initiative said Tuesday that the state’s “go-it-alone approach” would destroy as many as 1.1 million jobs. The coalition, which includes trade groups, politicians and advocacy groups, has a proposition planned for the November ballot that would delay implementation of the law until the state’s 12.6% unemployment rate declines.

The US government is holding hearings about political attacks on scientists, but only those that promote the warming hoax.  Skeptics are fair game.

Sea levels are not rising, and the earth is cooling.

Aussie opposition leader Abbott is set to scrap millions of dollars of climate programs.  Kevin Rudd is doomed.

The UK gets another barbecue summer forecast, is this one they can believe?

The collapse of the global warming hoax has warmists running scared, and some are trying to play the ‘uncertainty card’.  Busted:

Following the age old management dictum, “when the plan fails change the objective,” climate science is trying to move the goal posts from a century out to just ten years from now. How bleak their prospects have become is demonstrated by the fact that the climate change community is excited by two new decadal models that not only don’t work but give opposite forecasts. The researchers themselves admit that climate may not be predictable—ever. Perhaps they hope that, if nothing else, the attempts at decadal prediction will provide ample uncertainty for Dr. El-Ashry to scare the public with.


Part Five: Global Hottie

As Law & Order goes off the air after a 20 year run, let’s feature one of the reasons the show was so successful.  Welcome Angie Harmon back to the round-up.

Thanks for reading.

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