Climate McCarthyism?

Louise Gray’s latest article in the Daily Telegraph suggests that climate scientists caught in the Climategate and other scandals are feeling picked on. In fact they ‘likened the situation to the ‘McCarthy era’ in the US where anyone suspected of communist links was threatened with persecution.’

Specifically, members of the US National Academy of Sciences said:

“We call for an end to McCarthy-like threats of criminal prosecution against our colleagues based on innuendo and guilt by association, the harassment of scientists by politicians seeking distractions to avoid taking action, and the outright lies being spread about them,” the letter read.

Where was the National Academy of Sciences and Louise Gray when skeptical scientists were being threatened with violence, prosecution and even execution?  Or is it only a matter of concern when warmists are feeling the heat, so to speak?

Here are TEN very real threats issued to skeptics:

Heidi Cullen, of The Weather Channel ‘is advocating that the American Meteorological Society (AMS) revoke their “Seal of Approval” for any television weatherman who expresses skepticism that human activity is creating a climate catastrophe.’

Talking Points Memo pondered the question ‘at what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers?’

Death threats were made against Tim Ball and others.

The United Nations kicked skeptic scientists out of press conferences.

Professor Stephen Schneider, an IPCC member, called armed security to have a skeptic removed from his presence.

CBS’s Scott Pelley compared skeptics to holocaust deniers.

Greenpeace uttered a threat to skeptics, ‘we know where you live’

David Suzuki called for politicians who questioned global warming science to be jailed.

Joe Romm wanted to strangle skeptics in their beds.

NASA’s James Hansen suggested skeptics be tried for high crimes against humanity.

Notice the difference between the skeptics being threatened and the warmists crying McCarthyism is that in the first instance, many prominent warmists were performing the McCarthyism.

I guess it would asking too much for Louise Gray to try and do a journalist’s job.  Even once.