Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 6th 2010

UK voters head to the polls today to choose any new government they want, as long as it comes in green.  The EPA does some Californication to farmers and the Guardian continues its countdown to the end of the world (you have about 6.5 years left, in case you were interested).

Your hottie will be a familiar face to regular readers.  You’re welcome.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

The spiritual leader of the climate cult is catching some heat of the critical kind over his purchase of a new house in California. The article ponders the question ‘has Al Gore given up on global warming’.  The answer is no, he believes in Goreism and no longer cares what people think of his ‘do as I say’ attitude, even as he lives the dream.

see how green it is?

There are more pictures of his new place here.

Al spent Star Wars Day in Singapore where he addressed the Inter-Pacific Bar Association Conference.  Yes, Al Gore ina room full of lawyers, the things you see when you’re out of tactical nukes.  Anyhow, the Goreacle asked an interesting question:

“When the mountain glaciers are gone and there’s climatic chaos, the next generation of ours will be asking ‘What were you thinking? Didn’t you have any lawyers?’”

Skipping the inconvenient fact that Al is still peddling the mountain glaciers scare when the Himalayan glaciers are just fine, does Al really believe that lawyers can make anything better?  Really?  Maybe the global warming hoax really is in the end times.

The incomparable Iowahawk penned a Citizen Gore script, snippet below but do yourself a favor and read it all:

Then, the great Global Warming collapse of 2010. Muckraking reporters from Gore’s rival, the Internet-Examiner, released the East Anglia emails dooming the carbon market. In the days following the crash, one Gore climate speech is canceled. And another. And yet more. He is laughed off the nation’s stage and retreats to the opulent solitude of Montecito. Alone in  his never-finished, already decaying pleasure palace, aloof, never visited, seldom photographed, an emperor left to direct his failing empire. Vainly attempting to sway the destinies of the planet that was no longer interested in his apocalyptic visions of drowning penguins.

Back in the real world, Al found time from his globe trotting to discover that Spring came ten days earlier to the US.  he didn’t mention if his non-stop jetting the globe, his mansions and houseboat had anything to do with that.

May 20th was to be ‘Everybody Draw Mohammad Day’, but then the cartoonist chickened out and suggested that it become ‘Everybody Draw Al Gore Day‘.  Now there is a clear choice, do you want to draw a prophet, or a profiteer?

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Michael ‘Stick’ Mann, the alleged scientist behind the hokey hockey-stick graph and serial scaremonger to the masses is suing over a parody video, which has some skeptics wondering if Mann realizes the implications of his action:

If Mann takes a punt in the courts then his meta data and source codes used in his graphs are germane. The rules of discovery are clear; the respondents will be entitled to full disclosure of any and all evidence pertaining to the issues so that the trier of fact may determine the credibility of the allegations.

Mann has more legal trouble than his own misguided suit, he’s in the sights of Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli for possible fraud related to his dodgy science and a state grant.  Just to give the skeptics a little more ammo, Mann will speak at a left-wing ‘climate justice’ conference.  But he’s not political.

Leftards at Daily Kos became alarmed about sea levels rising 200ft.  They must have missed this story, or they are so bad at math they equate ‘hair’s breadth’ with 200ft.  Also, if sea levels were rising, wouldn’t someone have noticed by now?

Jolly Prince Chuckles, Britain’s heir to the throne and eco-campaigner added some serious juice to his green credentials when one of his charities was closed down after a fraud investigation.

Do some warmists have Munchausen’s?

Aussie group Doctors for the Environment devised a brilliant new strategy for combating climate skeptics, improved name-calling.  Apparently the reason that public support collapsed for ETS in Australia was because the insults weren’t up to snuff.  Or something.

Kevin Rudd, the Aussie PM dumped the ETS scheme, because being elected trumps saving the planet.  Fortunately, the Interwebs never forget and Simon has all the scare quotes to highlight Rudd’s dishonest, cowardly opportunism.  A Rudd snippet:

THE time has come for a grand bargain between the past and the future. Each and every one of us here will be judged as individuals. For what we say. For what we do. And for what we fail to do. Words without deeds are a dead letter. There have been millions of words spoken here, but as one of our colleagues said, it is time to stop talking and start working.

Oh noes, global warming will ruin your sex life. Add it to The List.

not now dear, the planet has a fevah

If you think the claim that milder weather will see you loveless is the silliest the ecotards can manage, you must have missed the cow in a gas mask.  No, really.

Uber-Skeptic Marc Morano upset some warmists by not being terribly upset that prominent climate scientists careers are ‘being pissed on.’  I bet they never heard this joke.

Oh noes, the Guardian says we have 79 months and counting.  To what?  To the end of the world, that’s what.   Sometime in the early days of 2017, the Guardianistas will be feeling really silly.

Global warming is often compared to a cult, or religion. Which makes stories about devout warmists irresistible:

The gathering at St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral was yet another sign of a maturing religious environmental activism and sophistication 40 years after the first Earth Day. At that time, religious bodies were virtually silent about “green” issues. Not now. Indeed, longtime environmental advocates such as author Bill McKibben, the keynote speaker at St. John’s, said that whatever success there may be in staunching the worst effects of climate change will depend in large part on people of faith.

No kidding, you mean it isn’t already?

A hippie writer shoves his head in the sand, denies the crumbling global warming hoax and suggests that skeptics are going away.   Here’s a good counterpoint to hopeful hippies everywhere:

Those fighting back are trying desperately to dismiss the growing revelations that not only is the science used by the so-called consensus highly (and increasingly) uncertain but so too are the temperatures used as statistical backing for that science. The defenders have brushed aside as not affecting the “basic” science the much publicised error in the IPCC 2007 report that Himalayan glaciers are in danger of melting by 2035. But also brushed aside are the incorrect claims that 40% of the Amazon rain forest is at risk of destruction; that African agricultural production is likely to be cut in half; that coral reef degradation will be extensive; that glacier melt will occur in the Andes and Alps; that extreme weather related events are causing rising costs; and that the Netherlands is 55% below sea levels when in fact it is only 26% and has shown itself well able to handle relevant problems. And there has been no explanation of the cessation of the portrayal in IPCC reports of the no-temperature-increase-before-industrialisation “hockey-stick” thesis or of the graph of the medieval period showing higher-temperatures-than-now. Nor has there been any response to recent discoveries that about one-third of the peer-reviewed references in IPCC AR4 are not peer-reviewed.

Ouch, that’ll leave a mark.

Ecotards love using children to hype the hoax, which is actually understandable now that most adults simply point and giggle at the gullible warmists.

Oh noes, plants contribute to global warming.  And they will rise up to poison us all.

Not green enough #1:  The Sierra Club of Arizona declined an invitation to join the State’s climate change oversight group.  Apparently Arizona isn’t moving fast enough to wreck its economy.

Oh noes, the planet will be too hot to handle for humans.  The claim is nonsense, but there is a solution, build nukes and crank up the AC.  Technology, it’s a good thing.

Stranded explorers in the Arctic, another look at incompetent ecotards.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

The University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit claims we are heading into a new ice age.  That was the head of CRU in 1972.  He was wrong, just like Phil Jones et al are wrong about global warming.

Everyone likes positive feedback, but only AGW scientists need it for their models to work.  And, it doesn’t.  Awkward.

Mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes.  A hippie wakes up:

The question I ask myself now,” Brand tells us when he gets to nuclear power, is: “What took me so long? I could have looked into the realities of nuclear power many years earlier, if I weren’t so lazy.” When he got over his nuclear sloth, here’s what Brand learned. (Most of the words quoted here are Brand’s own, but some are Brand quoting others approvingly.) “Fear of radiation is a far more important health threat than radiation itself.” “Reactor safety is a problem already solved,” and the new reactors are even safer than the old. Waste isn’t a problem; we need the $10 billion Yucca mountain disposal site “about as much as we need a facility for imprisoning dangerous extraterrestrials.” Nuclear power isn’t just the cheapest practical carbon-free option around, but the cheapest, period, when not snarled up in green tape.

Consensus, what consensus?

When green activism goes unchecked, a cautionary tale from once fertile Kallyvornya.

The IPCC, sending us in the wrong direction, dangerously.  They relied on a lot of press releases and now we’re preparing for the wrong future, and that’s not good.

Spain has drawn an end to its green energy bubble:

The line that follows tells you everything you need to know about what sort of “green” is involved in Spain’s project:

“Solar-plant owners including General Electric Co. earn about 12 times what’s paid for power from fossil fuels. Most of that is a subsidy charged to customers.”

The rest is charged to taxpayers.

Ecotards and hippies blame man-made CO2 emissions for global warming.  So what happens if you remove all mankind’s contribution from the equation?  The planet warms, that’s what.  Oops.

It’s the Sun, stupid.

Al Gore warned that global warming would cause more and severe storms.  Not so much actually.

Despite all the green scaremongering, UK car buyers are more interested in price and mileage than green features.

BP is in the news for all the wrong reasons, but the current US government exempted the company from a recent environmental study.  President Obama accepted a lot of cash for his election campaign from BP.  The White House denies any link between cause and effect.

CO2 has pretty much nothing to do with global warming, says Roy Spencer.  It’s in his new book, and you should buy it: The Great Global Warming Blunder: How Mother Nature Fooled the World’s Top Climate Scientists

Cap & Trade, the biggest heist in American history.

Electric cars are great, unless you want to go anywhere:

On her way home, the reporter had to stop for her third charge of the day, hoping to grab just enough juice to finish the trip from an outlet shared with a vending machine beside a gas station. Even then, an hour at the 110-volt plug was not enough to finish the 14-mile journey.

Organic food, much beloved of hippies everywhere and a staple of warmists buy local diet, isn’t any better for you than regular food.

Bad news, catastrophic glacial retreat has been observed in Spitzbergen, Norway. In 1934.

Oh, and Greenland was warmer 80 years ago than it is today:


Part Four: AGW in the News

Arctic Ice is doing well, a fact the media refuses to tell you about.

Andy Revkin is busted by Tom for forgetting that he was against leaking when it was inconvenient, not so much when it helps the cause.

Bad journalism?  Say it ain’t so.

The EPA creates an endangered species, Farmerus Californiaii.

Another raid on carbon traders in the EU, this time for tax evasion.  90% of the market is fraud, a surprisingly low number considering the idea is based on nothing but a hoax.

The NYT pushes the idea of carbon capture, ignoring the inconvenient truth that it’s based on flawed models.

Michigan wants to fill the great lakes with giant bird shredders, because the local economy can afford an expensive foray into green nonsense. Or something.

So, a polar bear and a grizzly bear walk into a bar.  And a Grolar Bear is born.

polar brother from another mother

Sane voters in the Golden State are preparing an attempt to suspend the economy killing global warming law.  Big labor opposes sanity, which is probably a redundant observation.

Columnist Gordon J Fulks suggests climate scientists need ‘utter honesty’:

We are beginning to see blue ribbon commissions of carefully chosen “experts” whose job is to exonerate the guilty and get global warming hysteria back on track. A better approach is to embrace what the Nobel laureate in physics, Richard Feynman, called “utter honesty.” Implicated scientists are aware of what honest data show. Increased carbon dioxide has, at most, a minor effect on global temperature and is highly beneficial to our green natural world.

Not green enough #2: Five green groups oppose the US cap and trade bill.

Oh noes, global warming increased English wine production.

The IPCC faces scrutiny from a ‘panel of experts’.

Science-fiction, or science-cool?  Using lasers to make rain sounds fantastic, almost as good as sharks with frickin’ lasers:


Canada’s oilsands are enjoying a week off as the green’s target of choice as the hippies and ecotards head to the Gulf to shout at BP.

The UK votes today, but have no choice to accept some shade of green, even from the conservatives (small ‘c’ deliberate):

GREEN CLIMATE SUPERSTITION. This is epitomised by the smudgy, daubed tree emblem. These lunatics believe in Al Gore’s self-interested nonsense and will destroy our economy and our energy policy over that delusion. Any politician who subscribes to the AGW superstition is ineligible for election.

Australia’s government might have backed off ETS, but that doesn’t mean all the civil servants hired to administer it are out of a job.

Markey vs. Monckton, it’s ON.  The Viscount and the vacuous mind, together at last.

Green jobs are on the rise in America, now accounting for, um, less than 2% of the workforce.


Part Five: Global Hottie

It used to be that Scarlett Johansson used to be a regular hottie on the round-up.  Those were good times, so let’s revisit them.  Skeptics and hippies with a pulse, say hello to Scarlett:

pretty in pink

Thanks for reading.