Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jan. 30th 2009

It’s been a busy week if you have any passing interest in the global warming debate (yes, there is one), so this week we’re going to get right to business.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

Get your weekly dose of Gore comedy, Gored but not Forgotten here.

The biggest news for the warmistas this week was that their prophet profit Al Gore, a failed Presidential candidate, attended a meeting chaired by another
failed Presidential candidate and got to make scary noises about the sky falling.  Unfortunately for Al he ended up frightening the children Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Al was accompanied by his old friend and constant companion at important speaking events, the Gore Effect.  How inconvenient.


In case you were tempted to think that perhaps the hearing was not a total Gore love-fest, Sen. Cardin of Maryland, a Democrat, called for “international support for uniform scientific information so that we all are operating with the same set of facts.” No word was given to who gets to decide which facts are accepted and who gets to attend the re-education camps.  You can however be quite certain that James Inhofe will be first against the wall when the green revolution comes.

It hasn’t all been good news for Al, the director of the operatic interpretation of An Inconvenient Truth has disappeared suddenly.  Everyone knows that no global crisis can possibly be taken seriously until a mezzo-soprano is seen singing to a penguin, so this is a mortal blow to Al’s credibility.  Also disturbing for Al is whether or not he actually exists.

Warming muppet Jim Hansen has also been in the headlines this week, for all the wrong reasons.  His old boss had some harsh words for Jim, and declared himself to be a skeptic of the AGW hoax.  Still, don’t expect Hansen to get fired anytime soon, it’s not in the script.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

UK alarmists floated some sculpted polar bears down the Thames river, because, you know it could happen, man.

I often refer to the warmlist in these posts, and now I have a new list of all things warmy, but this time for things banned in the name of the global warming hoax.  Feel free to email the fine folk at Shadowlands your own addition to their bantastic list.

Life is hard for climate modelers, so why not support their $140 million ‘stimulus’?  I’m quite certain that with the extra incentive we will all soon be learning of a new model that proves global warming is caused by Republicans, bloggers, Republican bloggers and Gary Sinise.  Really, models can prove anything.

Green on green is always fun, and this ‘carbon trading is a scam‘ story is no exception.  He attacks wind farms too.

The UK has something called the Climate Impact Programme, a group of dedicated souls hippies that help people and companies deal with ‘inevitable climate change’.  Getting past the massive redundancy in that statement, it turns out that the CIP has a hard time getting much, if anything, right.  That pesky real climate sure isn’t cooperating with the alarmists.

hot-dry-summersUKCIP: Summers will be hotter and drier.  Oops.

Scaremongers think the debate is over; you can disagree but you will be fired.  No wonder that most of NASA’s newly declared skeptics wait until retirement to voice their concerns.

An Aussie news organization is in the tank for AGW.  No bias, honest.

Greenland’s melting ice will flood the world?  Not so much.

The consensus on AGW theory is a lot easier to achieve if you hire the right people from the beginning, Hillary knows stuff like this.

Global warming scaremongers have noticed that skepticism is increasing and the world is not really all that warm right now.  Time to recant?  Hell no, not when you can simply rebrand the problem as a ‘climate crisis’.  Brilliant!

Remember that Antarctic warming report from last week?  It turns out it really was Mann-made warming.  My Oz buddy has some thoughts on Michael Mann.  I still haven’t forgiven him for that Miami Vice movie.

Al Gore and his travelling scare-show warns us all that unless we act now we are all doomed.  Except that the scaremongers at NOAA have decided that even if we act now we’re doomed for 1000 years anyway.  At least now we know why Al bought his own Ark.

Follow the link to see video of what it is like for skeptical scientists when the rabid green hordes attack.

A word to the scaremongers and chicken littles about why catastrophism is not a good idea.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Ouch, this one will leave a mark; ‘no scientific basis for forecasting climate‘, by an eminent forecaster no less.  Take that, Gaia.

Skeptics Global Warming has the six most embarrasing moments in environmentalism.  Expect the list to be extended to include Jim Hansen’s boss soon.

Global warming covers the Gulf in snow.  That’d be the mid-east, you know, the desert.

The NYT wonders why CFL bulbs are not doing so well with its readers, hilarity ensues as they cover every reason people might now like CFL’s except the mercury content and UV ray problems.

Oceans are cooling, biofuels are freezing, Antarctic ice is growing and yet the greens claim man is responsible for warming the planet.  Ahem, it’s the Sun, stupid.

Unintended consequences.  Green activists are blind to them, which makes the gas gets cut before coal and tidal power is bad for fish stories even more fun.

Here’s an inconvenient truth, and a scientific paper all in one easy link.

It’s the Sun, stupid. Part Deux.

Greenland’s glaciers are slowing.  Clearly they have not read the script.

Anthony Watt’s excellent surface stations survey has mapped 67% of US weather stations.  The results so far are shocking, with almost 70% of locations being likely to report >= 2 degreesC error.  This is the data many of the alarmists models are based on.  GIGO, anyone?

Hey, am I cool or what?  Well, maybe not yet, but I might be getting there.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The Associated Press, a news organization, notices that carbon credits might be completely useless.

The excessive focus on CO2 as a cause of AGW is a profitable business, for some.

Letter to the editor on global warming BS.

Don’t mess with Texas, or else.

A climate reality check, from Pittsburgh no less.

Tom ‘Eagle-Eye’ Nelson spots the NYT quietly downgrading bad news for alarmists.

Perhaps we don’t need to be concerned about global warming at all.  Fox News wonders if a project in France might end the world as we know it.  Or, in fact just end the world.

exit-franceadmit it, you knew it’d be the French that would kill us all in the end
Part Five: Global Hottie

I might have been a little mean to the French in that last link, so to prove that no nation is all bad, not even the French; I’ve elected to provide you a French hottie this week.  Star of Amelie and the Da Vinci Code Audrey Tautou is just as pretty as Marion Cotillard, but far less nuts, so she is your global hottie this week.  Also, and I think because she’s French, its a black and white artsy picture.  You can’t have everything.


That’s all folks, happy weekend to you.

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