Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, April 29th 2010

Al Gore has a modest new home in California, because every eco-cult leader needs a mansion on each coast.   Australia’s government dropped emissions trading like a hot rock because the ‘climate crisis’ can wait until after the pesky election, and CNN emulates ancient cultures and is fearful of a vengeful planet.

This week’s round-up is a bit of a monster edition, so the hottie is the world’s sexiest woman.  It seemed only fair.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore loves the planet so much he has dedicated his earning potential life to the cause.  He’s so in love with the Earth that it’s almost as if he wants to visit all of it, in one week:

April 30, 2010–Philippines
April 29, 2010–Johannesburg, South Africa
April 27, 2010–New York (afternoon)
April 27, 2010–Chicago (morning)
April 26, 2010–Denver
April 24, 2010–Italy
April 22, 2010–Montreal

His New York trip was almost a Gore Effect day, it was cold but the snow held off.

Al won a big payday in court this week, when a fine of $588 was reversed on appeal.  The original fine was for unfair use of a photograph his Current TV used without permission.  I was intending to be all snarky and critical of Gore for fighting over a few hundred dollars, but what I didn’t know was he needed the cash for his new California home.  Al and Tipper dropped $8,875,000 for an ocean-view villa with a swimming pool, spa and fountains.  So, that $588 will come in handy when Tipper starts shopping for new drapes.

The Goreacle lashed out at the media, calling articles skeptical of the global warming hoax ‘ridiculous’.  Without any sense of irony, Al later blogged and blagged emo-Joe Romm’s ‘important’ new book, which made Romm go ‘squeeee’, or something.

It wasn’t all easy riding for the global warming profiteer prophet, The Foundry discovered some awkward math when assessing the real costs of Al’s preferred Repowering America plans:

…to meet Al Gore’s plan, with the cheapest renewable energy source, onshore wind, a family of four’s electricity bill would be almost double than if it were supplied by all coal – up from $189 a month to $340 a month. He assured Americans that we can use wind, solar and geothermal to power America. But the price only increases. Offshore wind: $404 a month. Solar thermal: $504 a month and worst of all, solar panels: $718 a month. That’s only $8,600 per family per year to cover our earth with solar panels.

Oddly, when Al wrote about coal’s dirty secrets, the fact that it only costs half of wind power never came up.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for Al’s thoughts on the dirty secrets of his favorite renewable, ethanol.

An ABC commenter pondered the idea of Al Gore being nominated to the Supreme Court, which is frankly both terrifying and hilarious.  But mostly hilarious.  The Supremes don’t earn enough to attract an A-lister like Al.

Suzuki circa 1970: 'In 40 years I'll be a total failure'

Canada’s perennial hippie and preachy irritant David Suzuki is a scientist, allegedly:

Suzuki believes the broader public still understands the urgent need for action because of the “in your face” impacts of climate change, like extreme weather, wildfires and melting polar ice.

“Canada is the most vulnerable to climate change of any of the industrialized countries,” Suzuki said.  [he] won’t predict whether the warming problem will be solved in the next 40 years.  He and others once believed the 1990s had to be the turnaround decade.  “It’s 20 years later and we’re still fighting the battles,” he said.

“The direction we’re heading is catastrophic. This is not going to be easy. But the important thing is to get started.”

The daft old hippie has devoted his life to a lost cause and the important thing is to get started?  Pardon me, but Epic Fail, no?

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

A US Democrat finally finds an enemy he can fight, climate change is a national security issue.  Remember, as the warmists rush to replace oil, only one place on the planet has enough rare earth metals to make all the shiny new batteries that new green technologies need… and it happens to be a Communist giant that owns a large swathe of US debt.  What could possibly go wrong?

emo-Joe Romm interviewed Van Jones for Earth Day:

And there’s going to be the opportunity for regular people to get real actual benefits—to get refunds. People are like, “oh, I’m scared of this energy bill because it’s going to make my energy bill go up,” but there’s a way you can actually get a refund on your energy bill and actually wind up with more money in your pocket if you make your home more energy efficient.

Jones, a fired Marxist doesn’t  actually say whose pocket the ‘refunds’ will be coming from, but if you have a job in America, it’s probably yours.

Sigourney Weaver, a famous scientist actor wants to save the oceans.  Her argument might have been better received had she been driving a loader at the hearing:


Warmists used Earth Day to recruit children to the totalitarian cause by telling them how to bully their families into going green, and promoting the book that led to a genocide.  Have a nice day, kids.

Embrace a future where the economy is run by climate scientists, and despair.

Michael ‘Stick’ Mann might be busy suing the world over a parody, but he has some real problems with his data that he won’t be able to sue away.  meanwhile, Morano has fun at Mann’s expense.

James Cameron continues his quest to be the most irritating Hollywood ecotard and piles on the Alberta oil sands.  He thinks that wind can replace the energy provided by the oilsands, which tells you just about everything you needed to know about Cameron.  It’s math, Jim, but not as you know it.

Oh noes, it’s time to be afraid of a deadly airborne fungus… caused by global warming.  Doomed, we’re all doomed.

The US Senate’s cap and bend-over Bill is off.  No, wait, it’s on.  Greenpeace is for it and against it, which is helpful.

David Attenborough, the naturalist, penned an doom-laden introduction to a new book called Silent Summer.  What a great title, because Silent Spring worked out so well for humanity.  The BBC, the network that produces most of Attenborough’s work showed its own commitment to green by only sending executives on 68,000 flights in two years.  Which seems like an appropriate time to give Indiana Jones a pat on the back:

[Harrison] Ford spoke on Capitol Hill on Tuesday about general aviation at an event sponsored by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. In reference to his environmental detractors who criticize his ownership of seven airplanes, asked Ford if his green activism coupled with his flying was a “contradiction.”

Ford said, “They’re quite right. I’ll start walking everywhere when they start walking everywhere.”

Al Gore wasn’t the only green campaigner to get a new home this week, as Gisele Bundchen, the private-jet owning UN environment advocate is building a 20,000 sq.ft eco-hovel in California.  See how easy it is to be green, just follow the leader’s examples and the planet will be fine.

the kids wear lifevests for when Gisele's new house floods the world

Celebrity eco-hypocrisy knows no boundaries, as Sting, the coal crusader of the 1980’s decides that black stuff is actually quite icky for the planet and skeptics are crazy.

Brooke Shields is upset at reports that global warming might not exist, but she has a cast iron scientific rationale for her belief:

I don’t know what is true or not, I only know what I can do on a daily basis because I believe in it. Whether I am turning the water off in between brushing my teeth, which my little daughter is the police of, or I am recycling, or switching my products or using an energy saving washing machine…”

European hard-line ecoterrorists planned to blow up IBM, but were caught before they could kill anyone, fortunately.  For some reason, the media hasn’t blamed this almost-tragedy on Greenpeace, Al Gore, the WWF and all green activists.  But the Tea Party is dangerous, right?

A grass mask?  This is a joke, right?  Right?

Richard Branson, the F1 race-team, airline and space-tourism owning green hypocrite has been caught manipulating fare prices.  There’s something about being green that attracts the scum-bags.  It must be the green.

Alarmist Mike Sandler suggests that ‘deniers’ are polluting the blogosphere.  Huh?  Sanders thinks that to say ‘climate is always changing’ is junk science, but it’s blogs like this that ‘pollute’.   Maybe he doesn’t appreciate all the new skeptics?

The US Government has discovered that global warming causes mental illness.  One look at the gullible hippies that believe in it should have been a clue, but if you need a real example, here comes Chuck.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

The IPCC broke its own rules when it used one report 25 times.  Perhaps there weren’t any press releases available for those chapters?  Read both pieces, Donna Laframboise has been on fire pulling AR4 to bits, work the media are not interested in, but should be.

How many giant bird-shredders does it take to power NASA’s new 56,832-core, 128-screen supercomputer?

Finally skeptics have found a way to make greens deny that peer-review is important, 700 peer-reviewed papers that are skeptical of global warming.

Iceland’s unpronounceable volcano proved that man can’t affect the global climate.

Biofuels are four times worse for the environment than regular fuels.  The EU tried to bury that report, I wonder why?

Spain and Germany, the brave new world of eco-friendly energy, suffer mightily as reality bites:

Government subsidies for solar energy in Germany have reached absurd proportions, as ordinary consumers pay out billions to support solar power. Now plans to reduce the subsidies are encountering massive resistance from the industry and a number of German states, which benefit from the current arrangement.

Electric cars, not as green as you might think, oddly.

Green gone wild, residents in the UK are told to sort their trash into nine separate bins.  In Canada, we sort the trash then haul it huge distances in carbon-spewing trucks. Penn & Teller were right.

The IPCC has another error, the disappearing Bangladesh coast, isn’t. More on the mangrove mishaps here.

Shockah!  A green technology being sold to homeowners with greatly exaggerated claims of its efficiency?  Why is this a problem when the lies are told to homeowners, but not to entire populations?

Oh noes, Arctic exploration is threatened.  By cooling. Awkward.  Also, why is it only warmists who need rescuing from themselves?

Dude, where’s the O2?

Isn’t calling Carbon Dioxide “Carbon” like calling water “Hydrogen”? Actually its worse then that, water is 2/3 Hydrogen, CO2 is only 1/3 Carbon. What Happened to the Oxygen molecules? Where’s the “Dioxide”?

One sure sign of a warming planet is when Napa wine growers need to spend a fortune on frost control in April.  Wait, what?

Ethics, smethics.  Obama appointed Assistant Secretary of Energy Cathy Zoi, and it turns out that she is a person well placed to help herself and Al Gore:

…disclosure documents show that Zoi not only is in a position to affect the fortunes of her previous employer, ex-Vice President Al Gore, but that she herself has large holdings in two firms that could directly profit from policies proposed by the Department of Energy.

Carbon capture, a moonbat pipedream, suffered a huge blow when it was discovered that the space required for such projects had been greatly underestimated.  Which is awkward, because computer models were used to predict the space needed.  Computer can be models mistaken?  Say it ain’t so. 

But it is – Source code is the source of global warming hysteria:

It seems the approach of the Apostles of Global Warming is what many of us have suspected for years: where there is no data, make it up; where there is contradictory data, massage it out or ignore it; if the data happens to fit the hypothesis, by all means use it.

CO2 is not pollution, explained.

Urban Heat Island effect, it’s real.  UHI is the only warming that scaremongers consistently dismiss, apart from the medieval warming period and any other inconvenient truths that prove their claims are pure hoax.

Evil climate delayers have doomed Australian children and grandchildren to a dry, ghastly death by killing off the ETS.  Oh, wait, the government killed it? Unpopular, you say?  In an election year?  But, wasn’t global warming “the great moral and economic challenge of our time“?

NASA went wobbly on the certainty of global warming.  Perhaps it was that new computer?

New Zealand has its own version of climategate going on, cutely called ‘Kiwigate’.

Warmists like to claim that malaria is a global warming disease.  It’s not, and the only reason that so many die from it is because the greens hate DDT.  And African children.

The UN, not following its own advice on environmental stewardship or processes.

Part Four: AGW in the News

US media networks are guilty of hiding the decline.  In climate science credibility, that is.

CNN demonstrates its own credibility on science, asking if the recent earthquakes and volcano’s is the planet ‘striking back’.  A vengeful Gaia, are these journalists or ancient Mayans?

USA Today requests more government, because there’s no such thing as too much regulation, just ask California’s kids.

Last week the fear was that salt used on British roads over the winter would kill trees.  This week, the same salt is going to cause an explosion of Danish scurvy grass.  Make your predictions of what else road salt can do, there seems to be no end to its uses.

Journalists as global warming activists.  You’re not surprised, right?

A Texan talks sense on scaremongering:

I consider myself an environmentalist, but having extensively studied the issues I haven’t found any evidence that the sky is falling, oceans are rising, polar bears are sweating or that carbon dioxide is a polluting menace.

Offset this, hippies.  Carbon offsets ease guilt, but that’s all. Oh, and make Al even richer, of course.

Did an asteroid kill the dinosaurs, or was it colder temperatures?

The oddest headline ever?  ‘Too many skeptics in the BBC climate change reporting’.

How do the Chinese solve a stinky garbage problem?  Nuke it with perfume bombs.  It beats sorting it into nine bins.

Midway plastic pollution, and the movie edition.

Canada’s government has underestimated the costs of new pollution standards.  Its now common practice for all governments to do this, if they were honest about the cost of green nonsense, they’d all lose their jobs.  Next time you see a projected cost, double it.  At least.

Will the US or Canada build the first North American offshore wind farm?  It’s a race to the bottom.

We’re saved!  Whale crap to the rescue.  No, really.

be thankful they do it under the surface

Meet the future method of disposing of bodies for when Gaia finally kills you off.  It’s a washing machine, sort of.

Ecotard and explorer Pen Hadow witnessed a three minute rainfall in the Arctic and declares it ‘a sign’.  An odd comment from one of the team:

“I think we were disappointed. Rain isn’t something you expect in the Arctic and a lot of us came up here to be away from that kind of weather,”

What, did you think they were there for a good reason?

Al Gore claimed that melting ice would make the oceans rise.  And he was right, but he was off by how much.  The inconvenient truth is that seas would rise ‘a hair’s breadth’.  Is that less than 20ft?


Part Five: Global Hottie

Cheryl Cole has been voted the world’s sexiest woman.  Since the only honor greater than that is to be a global hottie, who am I to deny her dreams?  Skeptics, I present Ms Coles’ debut hottie appearance.


Thanks for reading.

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  1. Why is it that when some “do-gooder” has a beef with electric cars it always comes down to playing the ““Despite what most people believe, a high percentage of the world’s electricity is produced using dirty fuels like coal” but never mention what’s involved in refining 1 gallon of gasoline.

    From drilling for the crude, pumping the crude out of the ground, transporting the crude to the refinery, refining the crude, transporting the refined gasoline to the ports storage, filling the tanker trucks at the ports, transporting the gasoline to the gas station and finally pumping the gasoline to the stations tanks.

    Now which costs more energy per mile?

  2. Why is it that when some “do-gooder” has a beef with electric cars it always comes down to playing the ““Despite what most people believe, a high percentage of the world’s electricity is produced using dirty fuels like coal” but never mention what’s involved in refining 1 gallon of gasoline.

    From drilling for the crude, pumping the crude out of the ground, transporting the crude to the refinery, refining the crude, transporting the refined gasoline to the ports storage, filling the tanker trucks at the ports, transporting the gasoline to the gas station and finally pumping the gasoline to the stations tanks.

    Now which costs more energy per mile?

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  5. You know what the saddest thing is? AntiLieGuy’s little conspiracy theory has more grains of truth than the entire AGW movement, and I don’t even buy that.

  6. You know what the saddest thing is? AntiLieGuy’s little conspiracy theory has more grains of truth than the entire AGW movement, and I don’t even buy that.

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