Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, April 22nd 2010

It’s Earth Day.  What better time to gather around the snark and sing koombaya as we throw hippie dreams of global domination and a future free of personal hygiene onto the bonfire of the realities.

Emo-Joe Romm has a new book, a British alarmist won a big payday in court because he got ecoligion and Iceland’s volcano has been inconvenient for warmist’s as much as travelers.

All this and an out of this world Earth Day hottie besides.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore used his blog to express displeasure with some Texans for daring to try and protect their business interests from the cloying green hands of Al’s friends in the almost failed Golden State.  Al suggests that grubbing for cash when the planet is in ‘crisis’ is just not cricket.  Just don’t ask Al why his organization was happy to take lots of folding green from perennial hippie enemy, Dow Chemical.

In New Zealand, Gore’s propaganda film is being challenged by concerned parents that their kids will be indoctrinated by the Gorebot.

Gore used his online journal to push a new theme, global security made possible with clean energy.  Apparently veterans like the idea, and Iran won’t get any cash when America uses clean energy.  As long as the world can wait until 2050 for Iran to behave, that is.

Emo-warmist Joe Romm has a new book out, and Al plugs it for him.  Called ‘How to Frown and Shout at Marc Morano‘ Romm’s new book is a how-to guide for use of  the term ‘swift-boating’ to describe the actions of everyone you disagree with.  Okay, I might have made that up, but you wanted to believe it.

The Goreacle continues to push the green jobs myth, despite evidence to the contrary.  This week he claims that every $1 spent on energy efficiency leads to $2.25 in jobs.  And he’s right.  You can buy 1/18th of an American union member’s hourly rate with $2.25, or 14 Chinese kids for a week.  To be fair, Al didn’t actually say where the jobs would be.

Hey, Earth Day is here, but where’s Al?  Training his Gore Youth, perhaps?  And yes, it is as bad as it sounds.

Move over Al, a Canadian is gunning for your spot as spiritual leader of the radical greens.  James Cameron, a person who makes a film every decade whether we need it or not, is touted to be the next Al Gore.  But, but… we’re not done with the old Gore yet.  The proof of this claim will only be proved if and when Leonardo DiCaprio is spotted with his shoulders firmly wedged against Cameron’s buttocks.  Jimbo did get off to a great start though, first using Earth Day to promote Avatar: The Blue Man Group Brazilian Tour, and then calling global warming a threat as great as WWII.

someone's got the Earth Day blues

The other Canadian alarmist, David Suzuki somewhat lost the plot with his latest collaboration.  Suzuki teamed up with Future Shop, a Canadian version of an electronics shop to promote green activities.  So far, so good… but then you discover that there are prizes… of electronics.  So much for green initiative.

Suzuki can’t shake his hippie roots, and this week began an offensive against… personal care products.  Of course, the closet totalitarian wants more regulation of your daily life.  What is it with hippies and soap, exactly?

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Aldous Huxley, did he see warmists coming?

At least two-thirds of our miseries spring from human stupidity, human malice and those great motivators and justifiers of malice and stupidity: idealism, dogmatism and proselytizing zeal on behalf of religous or political ideas.

Yep, I think he did.

Nobel winner Paul Krugman is well and truly fisked for his article on building a green economy.

GE, the corporate welfare bum pushing for green technology grants it can use to pay for more Chinese factories, paid no taxes in 2009.  No doubt there was some evil mega-corp making money to pay for GE’s handouts.  Re-distribution of wealth, it’s not just for defaulting hippies.

Oh noes, thousands of Britain’s trees could die because evil workers dared to save lives this winter by salting roads.

How to build an alarmist: Take one drunken party-girl, preferably ignorant of just about everything, liberally sprinkle her with green propaganda and voila!  Another green drone is born.

It must be silly season in the Arctic, another green activist needed rescuing from the cold.  Perhaps the Canadian Government should be charging these moonbats for the rescue, maybe that might discourage them from these misguided efforts.

A scare too far?  Chocolate causes global warming?

A skeptic blogger hangs up his spurs, declaring victory over the warmists.  Methinks the battle is not yet won, so don’t expect this site to follow suit, there’s a lot more mocking to be done.

Iranian clerics that make warmist’s sound reasonable, if they didn’t exist we’d have to make them up.

The EPA, an agency once meant to regulate and oversee something called ‘science’ and stuff, announced a competition for citizens to celebrate regulations.  Cue the unintended consequences:


The head of the Sierra Club, an organization that celebrates its efforts to keep America underpowered, calls skeptics evil.

Oh noes, British birds suffer from global warming.  Add it to The List.

An eco-loon wins a big payday because his employer failed to recognize his dysfunction as ecoligion.

Major League Baseball teamed up with the Natural Resources Defense Council to support global warming propaganda.  Why anyone cares what steroid junkies in dodgy trousers think about climate  is beyond my Anglo-Canadian understanding.

Scaremongers like to have their cake and eat it too.  First, air pollution is a problem.  But wait, now the air is too clean. Check out the language in the article and remember that the science was supposed to be settled:

But even as industrialized and developing nations alike steadily reduce aerosol pollution — caused primarily by burning coal — climate scientists are beginning to understand just how much these tiny particles have helped keep the planet cool. A silent benefit of sulfates, in fact, is that they’ve been helpfully blocking sunlight from striking the Earth for many decades, by brightening clouds and expanding their coverage. Emerging science suggests that their under appreciated impact has been incredible.

6,400 deluded people climbed the CN Tower in Toronto to support the WWF.  That would be the same WWF that used 9/11 imagery and pushes junk science into IPCC reports.

The CN Tower. It's there, trust me.

Weepy Bill Mckibben of has a new book out to frighten gullible people about milder weather.

Michael ‘Stick’ Mann demanded YouTube remove the ‘Hide the Decline’ video, which means there are about a million broken links on skeptic blogs now.  Joining the lawfare parade, Canadian sciencytist Andrew Weaver is suing the National Post.  Not content with suing the paper, Weaver wants every link to their stories axed.  Will someone please explain the Internet to this giant of academia?

Polly Higgins, the lawyer promoting the idea of ‘ecocide’ as a crime for the UN to prosecute, gets taken to the proverbial woodshed:

Higgins’ campaign reminds me of a banner at a climate-change demo a few years ago which said ‘trees don’t rape’. The message here is the same: nature is pure, innocent, helpless, while man is repugnant, exploiting, violent. That is, every man who is not already a diehard green, that apparently enlightened kind of individual who assumes he has the right to tell the rest of us that we need to venerate nature, or else.

People who believe in ghosts are often snickered at, yet the percentage of Americans that believe in ghosts is the same as believe in global warming?  Coincidence?

How can you tell when a leftist dictator can’t pay his bills?  When he discovers global warming, that’s how.  Let’s call this the Hugo Effect, or something.

Polluting the planet… to stop reproduction and save the planet.  Green logic is a wonderful thing.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

The UK’s electorate got a glimpse into how the nation would fare under a Green government: £73 billion in new taxes:

The manifesto proposes to raise income tax for top earners as well as raising council tax on the biggest homes. Environmental taxes include raising fuel duty on petrol, introducing fuel duty and VAT on aviation and “eco-taxes” on pollution

The Motley CRU were exonerated by a panel of vested interests, while the world snickered:


Hippies can pretend that spending the global economy into the ground to scrub a little plant food from the atmosphere will ‘heal the planet’, but the planet might have other ideas, as demonstrated in Iceland this week.

As California’s economy falls apart under the pressure of new green laws, New Jersey’s new boss shows the way forward with some reality based thinking.

Organic foods, the cause celebre of urban hippies, is losing lustre as the economic downturn continues to bite budgets.

While hippies celebrate Earth Day on Lenin’s birthday and rejoice in the green-ness of Communism, Borepatch has a counterpoint or six.

A new electric vehicle promises to run on renewable energy and emit oxygen.  Just as soon as they figure out how to repeal the laws of physics, that is.

Vehicle Impossible

Ontarians can look forward to 12% increases in electricity costs, because how dare they dream that they should be able to afford a modern lifestyle.  Australians have pretty much the same energy cost future as Canadians.

Warmists have trouble with math:  An Aussie government paid $104,000 for programs that saved $35 worth of emissions.

The incredible shrinking peer-review of the IPCC AR4.  Even it’s own authors are critical of the report.

Tom Nelson has a graph that will strike fear into the hearts of warmists everywhere.

Tricky Gaia fooled the world’s climate scientists in Roy Spencer’s must read of the week.

Finally, a new book you might actually want to buy, Global Warming for Dim Wits:

Every attempt has been made to present the material in a way that the average person not trained in science will understand. It is the intent of this author that by the time you finish the book you will be convinced that:

  • – greenhouse gases do not control the climate, the climate controls greenhouse gases
  • – your children will understand that they are safe and the sky is not falling
  • – climate change is a natural process that takes tens of thousands of years to occur.

It’s the Sun, stupid.

The EPA and the massive power grab that Americans need to know about.

More on the Climate Ecosystem, featuring some very nice words about this blog in comment #32.  (h/t Klockarman, who was also singled out for his efforts.)

A huge new wind power project off the UK coast is in trouble before it is even built.  Because the equipment needed to build it doesn’t exist.

Small potatoes.  Airlines are complaining that they lost $1.7 billion because of bad computer modeling of volcanic ash.  Just wait until you see the bill for global warming’s flawed models. All told, the unpronouncable volcano was bad news for warmists.

Say it ain’t so… are the IPCC models based on a flat Earth?

Roy Spencer (again) suggests that in the future the idea of reducing CO2 emissions to control global warming will seem as outdated as using leeches in medicine does today.

Tom Nelson discovers that all that CO2 in the atmosphere that is supposed to cause the greenhouse effect and warm the planet, actually can’t stop hear from radiating into space.  Odd, no?

Part Four: AGW in the News

Newsweek, a magazine with the news in the title but none between the covers, features an Earth Day scarefest of 100 places to remember before they disappear.  Because of global warming, naturally.  The only remarkable thing about this feature is the 100 uses of the word ‘could’, as in Place A could disappear because of Warmist Fear B.  Apparently the science isn’t settled then.

The frost fair cometh.

Climategate won’t go away, the sciencytists didn’t check their work and the cops go after anyone who issued legal requests for access to information.   So it’s a high-level cover-up of incompetence and the police doing a pretty good impersonation of the Stasi.  Welcome to life in modern Britain.

Google wants a price on carbon, but that desire probably has nothing to do with the money it has invested to take advantage of such a move.  Don’t be evil, right?

Is there no picturesque area of natural beauty that greens don’t want to wreck with bird shredders?  Lake Michigan is next.

Finally, the cause of global warming is discovered.  It was the injun’s.  If only Custer had been luckier, he might have saved his own skin and the planet.

CNN, the home of super genius Rick Sanchez who believes Iceland is too cold for… volcanoes:


Listen to the hippie heads popping at the news of a pipeline from the Canadian oilsands to Texas.

It’s a troll fight, Delingpole (future God emperor) vs. Moonbat.

Silent Spring was the book that launched radical environmentalism and killed millions of innocents.  Now there is Silent Summer, a ‘domesday book’ of British wildlife threatened by global warming.

Russia threatens to withdraw from the Kyoto protocol.  The what?

The precautionary principle and why it always works.

Noisy bird shredders force a couple from their country home, and they’re suing for loss of habitat.  Or something.

When regulators panic, we all lose, whether it’s over swine flu or volcanic ash:

The truth is that putting large, heavy bits of metal into the air is just too much for the psyche of modern regulators. They panic. The slightest risk cannot be taken or someone might blame the regulators, whose job is not to assess risk but avert it. Even an airline company, with everything to lose, is not allowed to assess its own risk. Many more will die on roads and elsewhere because of the anarchy the air controllers have unleashed on Europe, but that is not their business. They don’t care.

Are climate skeptics terrorists?  Depends on who you ask.

Rex Murphy skewers the nastier warmists who would like nothing more than to jail, exterminate or otherwise do away with pesky skeptics.

Scottish greens are relying on the failure of other political parties to sneak a seat in parliament.  Says it all, really.  There is at least one lefty who won’t be voting Green.

On Earth Day, the NYT is rebranding its green blog from ‘Green, Inc.’ to ‘Green’.  More news, less inc?

Revolution around the corner over UK gas prices?  At over $7 per gallon, it might be coming.

Is Earth Day a global hippie party, or a global guilt-fest?


Part Five: Global Hottie

James Cameron might be a rabid hippie with a good line in eco-hubris, but he can cast a movie.  This week’s hottie makes her first appearance on the Round-Up.  She nearly made it after her Star Trek reboot efforts as Uhura, but then I saw something shiny and forgot to do that.  So, skeptics, please welcome Miss Zoe Saldana.


Thanks for reading.

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