Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, April 8th 2010

Pity the flat-headed cat, for it is doomed.  Also, Greenpeace throws a threat down the memory hole, green groups conspire against Africa and Britain is bankrupt but just doesn’t know it, yet.

After all that doom and gloom, you need the hottie.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore has been hiding from the press again, but fortunately for us that means that he’s been blogging from his Tennessee energy sink headquarters.

Al the blogger posted his approval of Best Buy for criticizing the US Chamber of Commerce’s stance against the global warming hoax:

“Best Buy’s commitment to sustainability aligns with global interests in addressing climate change. Best Buy is an innovator in offering our customers products and services that enable them to live more sustainably.”

And by ‘living sustainably’, BB means selling you that giant energy-sucking TV screen.  Sheesh.

Al also accorded his approval of paper giant Weyerhaeuser Co for joining his Climate Action Partnership.  There must be some federal bucks available, the only reason for a logging/paper firm to join the CAP is if there is some corporate welfare in it.

Earth Day is coming… and here’s Al to push the Depower America agenda:


Gore Lied, dead?  No wait… there is a new post with news that an Al Gore trained hippie scaremonger no longer likes to talk about climate because it’s a ‘polarizing issue’.  heh.

Apparently there are a lot of climate volunteers who no longer like to talk about climate.

Al applauded 21 Senators who wrote Harry Reid to demand a clean energy bill.  Perhaps they are concerned that Obama care won’t bankrupt America fast enough.

As President Obama pretended to announce more drilling options, Al’s pet Fox disagreed with even the appearance of allowing more drilling:

“The path to a secure energy future in America begins with clean, renewable sources here at home. Expanded oil drilling will simply continue our reliance on dirty fossil fuels, while doing little to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The President must now deliver a comprehensive plan for curbing carbon pollution so we can invest in the clean energy technologies we will need in the 21st century.”

Either that or Al will have to find a way to invest as heavily in oil and gas firms as he has in ‘clean energy technologies‘.  Remember, kids… Al’s in this for the money, ‘saving’ the planet has nothing to do with it.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Left Guardianista Andrew Simms promotes the 80-months and counting myth, but sees some light at the end of the lefty tunnel by the passage of Obama care:

Having been on the back foot for much of his first year in power, Obama is emboldened both by success and the awareness that Americans like a winner. In the odd political ecosystem, the survival of health reform has direct implications for the viability of action on climate change.

The Democrats have until summer to get it done before looming electoral defeat in October robs them of their courage.

Warmist’s have a new way to explain skeptics, mentally ill.  Sure, because blindly following a cult that demonizes plant food is so sensible.

Oh noes, the flat-headed cat is about to be killed by global warming.  Add to The List.

Film music composer Trevor Jones wants to build an 80ft bird shredder at his country home, which has the locals in an uproar about the spoiled view and the noise.  As if the music to Notting Hill wasn’t bad enough, Jones is determined to add the whump-whump-whump of a turbine to rural England’s soundscape.

Real Climate versus the Guardian.  A popcorn moment.

Funny money?  Gordon Brown, a man not long for this political world, wants to print climate bucks.  Well, if he can, why not all of us?

Remember when greens wanted clean, renewable energy, like biofuels?  Not any more, now they’ve changed their minds and want the land and cheap food back.  Unintended consequences are a bitch, right hippies?

Time magazine prints a doom-laden screed on the disappearing arctic ice at the exact moment that there is more of it than ever.  That rushing sound you hear is subscribers heading to the exit.

Hippies try to determine the number of ebooks they need to read to offset their latest gadget purchase.  Sorry, hipster hippies, but your iPad can’t save the planet.

Global warming is good for you.  Wait, what?

WUWT has video of a giant bird shredder doing exactly that.  The deafening silence you hear is from hypocrite warmists who think the only dead birds that count are when oil firms are the ones doing the killing.

Here’s the weekly population control fetishist link, this time Grist thinks that there are far too many brown people fogging up the planet.

Weepy emo-hippie Bill McKibben says that modern cows are bad because they cause global warming (they don’t), but fails to explain why huge herds of bison in the past didn’t cause warming.

Good news, Obama care can save us.  Bad news, Obama care will kill the planet. Is there any way to make lefties happy?

Greens want us all to fly less to save the planet… so why are they worried when birds take their advice?

A pair of blue tits, staying home

Global warming alarms explained in a simple, easy to follow 32-step program.  My favorite is number 29:

The online alarmist debate ignores that all and oscillates between “how can skeptics face the risk of the destruction of ‘whatever’ being right, and they wrong?” and “when can we have our climate dictatorship please”

Global warming alarmists have decided that they can regain the high ground of the debate by comparing skeptics to big tobacco.  Inconveniently, only one familiar face in the global warming circus has close ties to tobacco.

James Hoggan, one of the DeSmog founders, bemoans the fact that Climategate ruined his cult, and blames the media for covering the story.  Here’s a clue for Jim, maybe blame the climate scientists who published junk data, hijacked the peer-review process and ran anyone they didn’t care for out of town.

Global warming muppet Jim Hansen writes about Obama’s ‘second chance’, and discovers hubris:

President Obama, finally, took a get-involved get-tough approach to negotiations on health care legislation and the arms control treaty with Russia — with success. Could this be the turn-around for what might still be a great presidency?

The predominant moral issue of the 21st century, almost surely, will be climate change, comparable to Nazism faced by Churchill in the 20th century and slavery faced by Lincoln in the 19th century. Our fossil fuel addiction, if unabated, threatens our children and grandchildren, and most species on the planet.

Why is Hansen so upset, his activism just gave him another 100,000 reasons to be happy.

When Scientific American writes about global warming, less is more.  Literally.

Bend over folks, the carbon taxes on everything are just around the corner.  But will it matter:

Look on the bright side, when we have to pay $10 per gallon of corn gas, and our heating and electricity bills quadruple, it won’t make any difference that we can’t buy food–there won’t be any in the stores because no one will be able to afford to grow it, process it, package it or ship it.

Greenpeace removed the ‘we know where you live‘ threats, but the Internet never forgets.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Canada’s government has decided that popular energy efficiency programs must go, so I guess we’re saved then?

Normal Arctic ice is very bad news for alarmists, because just like the false claims about the Himalayan glaciers, their credibility is irrevocably linked to the disappearing ice claims.

The WWF’s scheme to milk rain forest for billions of dollars might have been blown.

Warmists insist that world leaders listen to the brown people, except the ones they don’t agree with.

NASA has been called to account for its flawed climate data, and if the digging continues, somebody might go to jail:

A former NASA physicist’s study is also cited in the letter, fueling even more questions about the agency’s “science.” Dr. Edward Long, who released the results of an investigation in late February, concluded that “GISS, over a 10-year period has modified their data by progressively lowering temperature values for far-back dates and raising those in the more recent past.” And after reviewing the study, the Senators concluded in their letter that the result of NASA’s methodology had been to “dramatically change the true temperature record of the United States.

Oh aerosols, now the IPCC forgot something else important.

Britain has been bankrupted by new climate laws, they just don’t know it yet:

Every year between now and 2050, according to Ed Miliband’s Department for Energy and Climate Change (Decc), the Climate Change Act is to cost us all up to £18.3 billion – £760 for every household in the country – as we reduce our carbon emissions by 80 per cent.

Uh oh, there’s more declines to hide.

Oh noes, global warming causes fish to grow, thrive.  Wait, what?

USA Today reported that Greenland’s ice is melting and may cause sea levels to rise 20ft.  Of course, the story isn’t all that awful if you look at, you know…  pesky facts.

Climate scientists are not only poor modellers, they suck at math too:

It has long been recognized that statistical acumen has been lacking among mainstream climate scientists. This dirty little secret was first publicly disclosed during Congressional hearings regarding the 2006 Wegman Report. Even newer analyses have revealed that many of the predictions made by the IPCC reports and other global warming boosters are wrong, often because inappropriate statistical techniques were applied.

Ex-Abba front man and global warming skeptic Bjorn somethingorother harshes hippie’s Earth Hour mellow.

An inconvenient chart:

warming, what warming

US waterways are warming… but is it global warming?  Nope.

Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Christian Aid want to keep Africans poor and in the dark.  Having failed to kill off Africa with the DDT ban, and despite their efforts to actually starve Africa to death with meaningless scares, greens are now forced to try and starve Africans of power and any potential to improve their lives even as the developed world builds plenty of new generating capacity.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The UK investigation into Climategate found that there was nothing-to-see-here, move along now.  Delingpole unleashed:

How entirely typical that a body representing the most corrupt, money-grubbing taxpayer-funded roach pit of the lot – our Houses of Parliament – should have found it so very easy to exonerate the Climategate scientists of all wrongdoing.

The Canadian government suggests that the IPCC is still the go-to source for climate data.  And it is, as long as you don’t want the truth, facts or unbiased, objective science.  The sad fact is that the current Canadian government is allegedly conservative.

Germany surrenders. Or something.

Canada has decided that Kallyvornya’s economic death spiral is just what the doctor ordered, and aligns vehicle emissions with the failed Golden state.  You know it’s going to cost you more, right?

David Suzuki is worried about dead grizzlies, but unfortunately for him, they’re not endangered either.

New standards for water heaters in the US will, surprise, increase costs for homeowners.

Word of the week: synchrophasor.

The biofuels blowback continues, with the Washington Times calling for ‘Big Corn’ to be stopped.  Hey, who was that guy that liked to brag that he saved ethanol by voting for subsidies… Al something?

CNN’s weather dude Chad Myers called out climate scientists as corrupt, on air.  Myers must be angling for a job at the cable network with a future.

The EPA’s nonsense about CO2 as a pollutant may ‘destroy America.‘  But there is hope, even if it does drive hippies nuts.  Bonus.

Oops, the Guardian exposed the global warming hoax by mistake.

The world’s largest solar powered boat has been unveiled;  it looks cool but probably won’t be carrying many containers.

fun in the sun

The UN is headed to Germany for the first climate conference since the Copenhagen debacle:

Over the past three months, political interest in climate change has ebbed, says Sebastien Genest, vice president of a green group, France Nature Environment.  ‘The summit prompted a widespread sense of failure and a kind of gloom,’ says Genest.

Moving to fill the vacuum are climate sceptic and pragmatists – those who call for priority to domestic interests and the economy rather than carbon emissions.  On the table in Bonn will be how to breathe life into the summit’s one solid outcome: the Copenhagen Accord.

What’s in a word?  Global warming, the moniker warmists want you to forget in favor of climate change, still wins the Google wars.

Canadian scientists bemoan the drop in funding for the global warming scam, fearing that they might have to do some real work

The last car factory in California closes, never to return.

Purple jellyfish attack the UK, global warming blamed… of course.

The UK is heading into a general election, and voters can have any color they want.  As long as it is green.

A 60 year old solar panel that still works…and can generate enough energy to power a digital watch.  We’re saved!


Part Five: Global Hottie

Your hottie this week makes her first appearance on the Round-Up, and I’m not even going to fake a link to greenery.  It was just her turn.  welcome, skeptics, Miss Elizabeth Banks:

you know what to do

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Obama’s speech this year that he wanted the US of A to
    invest in clean energy… nuclear, off shore oil and gas drilling, employ people in the manufacture of solar panels.
    No mention of geothermal, solar thermal or wind.

    With Gore investing in clean energy and carbon credit trading, that is a good way to make money of course.

    James Hansen was in Australia last month to promote his book. Little was reported in the media though. He is quoted as pushing nuclear energy as other clean energy
    doesn’t work efficiently.

    Nuclear plants cost about 5 billion each. However, Australia doesn’t have the technicians to run them nor
    the water resources to cool them. They require 200,000,000 liters per day to cool them. During 2003
    Paris and Western Europe suffered from drought and then
    a heat wave 40C in Paris, plus their pollution, caused
    French people to drop like flies. The nuclear plants
    one particularly were in danger of overheating. They
    turn off once their walls reach 50C. One reached 48C and technicians were watching anxiously? In Australia
    40C is not a freak event, particularly the further inland one goes. But more so the need for water. We can’t tap our underground aquifers as they are not renewable.

    I am really heartened this AGW fraud is gaining more space… Just start bombarding our politicians and see how they react. I’ve written to the PM of Australia registering my concerns that ETS bill will make it impossible to maintain our living standards. I have yet to receive even an acknowledgement of my letter.

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