Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, March 25th 2010

Al Gore upsets nerds and pervs in one week, we discover that eco-terrorists are Riverdance fans and dirty hippies want you to stop bathing, of course.

This Saturday is Earth hour, so be a good skeptic and turn all the lights on and show the world you’re no hippie.

UPDATE: If you like this blog and think you have what it takes to join us, read this.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore is a genius.  He found two new audiences this week, though perhaps not in the way he might have liked.  First, the geek squad that is comic-con fears that an appearance at a competing event by manbearpig might wreck the nerdfest.  Al only has to be in the vicinity for things to go wrong, jut wait until the Gore effect kicks in an the nerds are neck deep in global warming.

Not only did Al get the attention of geeks, he also got the pervs.  Penthouse magazine strips the covers off Climategate and exposes Al’s role in An Inconvenient Fraud.  They also have the best picture of Gore since the last best picture of Gore:

Dr. Evil indeed

Penthouse sets up Al nicely for the dressing down that follows:

It was good to be Al Gore in the last part of the last decade. In the year 2000 he was the world’s biggest loser. By 2009 he was one of the world’s biggest winners after becoming the master of disaster. Flummoxed by his noninvention of the Internet and his nonelection as president of the United States, Gore found a winning hand in predicting the end of the world. In the process, he received an Oscar for his film An Inconvenient Truth, the Nobel Peace Prize, and millions of dollars through his interests in companies that dealt in “carbon credits.” Gore became more of a “Comeback Kid” than Bill Clinton ever was. For most of 2009, it was still good to be King Al. But late in the year, Al Gore’s beloved Internet betrayed him.

Al is going to California, where LA mayor Villasomethingorother will sign a ‘carbon reduction surcharge’, something that Al approves of but that will only make more people leave the state for business friendly regions like Texas.

Al blogged that 2,000 scientists signed a call to the Senate for action on global warming.  Apparently, the Goreacle still thinks that a large enough number of people in agreement offset the truth that there is no such thing as global warming.  Also, inconveniently for Al, a lot of the signatories aren’t proper scientists, not yet anyway.

Just in case 2,000 nearly-sciencytists isn’t enough to convince you that global warming is going to kill you, Al turned to renowned climate expert and villager Marisa Marcavillaca of Peru.  I’m not kidding, he really did that.  On purpose.

Remember Waxman-Malarky?  Now that the health care debate is over and Americans can look forward to the same non-access to care that we Canadians enjoy, the green agenda is back on the Washington radar.  Al points to a screed by Ed Markey who touted the benefits of weatherization programs and solar power.  He might have picked better programs that the two most troubled ones out there, but he’s a Democrat so he gets points for trying.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Elizabeth May, leader of Canada’s green party is upset that no-one is paying her any attention.  She says so in the national media.  Wait, what?

Other Canadians believe that scientists are being muzzled or censored by new rules from the government.  Considering the trouble that climate scientists are in around the world, the new rules might have saved some reputations, who knows?  The group upset is called Climate Action Network Canada, so you just know that they’re a bunch of hippie communists.

The Guardian decided that it was okay to write about catastrophic climate change again, but some commenters disagree:

You’re flogging a dead horse mate.  The tipping point has arrived, as in over 50% of the public now believe that Man Made Global Warming has been grossly over-hyped and they are not buying your solutions to a non-problem.  So you can shelve your megalomaniacal plans to complete overturn the economies of the developed world, it’s not going to happen.

Heh, I hope Marbellaboy reads this blog.

Slate suggests that rabid climate sciencytists like global warming muppet Jim Hansen ‘chill out’:

Scientists are also susceptible to the biases of their own political ideology, which surveys show leans heavily liberal. Ideology shapes how scientists evaluate policy options as well as their interpretations of who or what is to blame for policy failures. Given a liberal outlook and strong environmental values, it must be difficult for scientists to understand why so many Americans have reservations about complex policies that impose costs on consumers without offering clearly defined benefits. Compounding matters, scientists, like the rest of us, tend to gravitate toward like-minded sources in the media. Given their background, they focus on screeds from liberal commentators which reinforce a false sense of a “war” against the scientific community.

One Liberal has actually suggested that there is something wrong with conservative brains that don’t allow them to accept the threat of global warming.  The dysfunction might be called ‘independent thought’, something that Liberals are unfamiliar with.  Next week, expect a lefty to be talking eugenics again, that’s where they are headed with this.

Oh noes, Keith Briffa’s Wikipedia page sleeps with the fishes.

Entertaining tool Ed Begley Jr., the man who screamed for peer-review at the very moment we discovered the peer-review process had been  perverted by climate scientists, is shocked, shocked, that people are laughing at him.

Alberta eco-terrorist and all-around scary cult-like dud Weibo Ludwig has been busted before with all sorts of incriminating stuff, but he’ll never live down owning Lord of the Dance on VHS.

Doom-sayer Bob Park is suddenly less alarmed, post-Climategate.

Raj ‘Kiss Me’ Pachauri says skeptics are on a rampage.  That sounds like fun, what time does the bus leave?

The Big Green tent let the anti-meat crowd in when they thought their agendas were aligned, but now the truth is out that beef is in again, and Lord Stern has egg on his face about the bull he was spreading about, er, bulls.  At least Michael Pollan has the fortitude to admit he was wrong, so far Lord Stern has said nothing.

Eco-terrorist group Greenpeace violated a lot of laws in Australia and have been busted, again.

Aussie alarmist Richard Glover is handily eviscerated at ACM.

Here’s a list of four things you need to believe if you think man is causing the planet to boil into an uninhabitable cauldron.

The director of the recent bio-pic of the Blue Man Group, or something, wants to have a western-style shoot out with skeptics.  He’s probably just bitter that his ex-wife won the Oscar instead of him.

In the Navi

The UK’s independent enquiry into Climategate is so independent that one of the panelists, Lord Oxburgh, is a director of GLOBE, the Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment.  Conflict of interests, anyone?

Mark your calendars, hippies will be gathering in London on April 14th.

Bill McKibben, the man who cried in church at Hopenchangen dissects skeptics:

In the long run, the climate deniers will lose; they’ll be a footnote to history. (Hey, even OJ Simpson is finally in jail). But they’ll lose because we’ll all lose. Because, by delaying action, they will have helped prevent us from taking the steps we need to take while there’s still time. If we’re going to make real change while it matters, it’s important to remember that their scepticism isn’t the root of the problem. It simply plays on our deep-seated resistance to change. That’s what gives the climate cynics ground to operate. That’s what we need to overcome and, at bottom, that’s a battle as much about courage and hope as about data.

Bill doesn’t know it, but hippies don’t have any courage, so they’re already beat.

Oh noes, global warming made the flowers less smellyYou know what to do.

James Hansen thinks that complying with the law is too much trouble.  Didn’t we already know that about him?

Aussie Rules football and global warming? The only thing I know about Aussie football is that the player’s shorts are way too tight and that it’s possible that homicide is perfectly legal.  I’m sure that my many antipodean readers will disagree with that analysis so throw another tinny on the barbie sheila, the fun starts now.

At last, the real reason that hippies wanted us all to be afraid of the weather is revealed… and yes, it’s about their soap phobia.  Your daily shower is killing the planet and all white people must wear dreadlocks, or something.

A handy map of the skeptic network, featuring the might of Climate Depot versus the BBC, the World Bank, The New York Times, The Guardian and a host of others.  What, exactly, are hippies afraid of, a fair fight?

Greenpeace suggests that ‘denialism’ is a 20-year industry:

With the release of the IPCC’s third and fourth assessments in 2001 and 2007, climate skeptics ramped up efforts, Greenpeace said.

The report details memos, press junkets, petitions, recent denier conferences led by the Heartland Institute, and a CEI book — all allegedly aimed at questioning the consensus view on climate change.

The report also identified a “central team of spokespeople” that for years has been used to challenge the science. They include: Sallie Baliunas and Willie Soon, both Harvard-Smithsonian Institute astrophysicists; Richard Lindzen, a climatologist at MIT; Patrick Michaels, a climatologist and scholar at the free-market Cato Institute; and Fred Singer, an atmospheric physicist and former professor at the University of Virginia.

Singer was particularly singled out by Greenpeace as a “serial denier.”  In an email to SolveClimate, Singer responded to the “serial denier” label by saying: “I don’t know what this means — perhaps someone who responds to ‘serial alarmists’ like Greenpeace (who moved from baby seals, to ozone to global warming).”

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Jo Nova digs deeper into the mystery of the missing decline, it’s a must-read.

The pesky medieval warming period pops up in Sequoia tree-rings, which probably makes Keith Briffa madder than hell.

The science, is it settled or not, can we get a consistent answer?

Permafrost, not as evil as you thought.

The dichotomy of global warming, to burn or not to burn?

A tale of two profs, at Princeton:

Austin, a biophysicist, says that he had always “bought the party line” on climate change until he began talking to Happer. “I’ve always known Will Happer as a guy who usually has creative and insightful things to say that are not part of the mainstream,” Austin explains. Happer explained his disagreements with the climate-change consensus and brought Austin around to his position. Austin has since visited the Greenland glaciers with physicist Freeman Dyson of the Institute for Advanced Study — another ­climate-change skeptic — and says that while some glaciers may be shrinking at the edges, evidence suggests that they may be getting thicker in the middle.

Wind power you can believe in, moving the ice, not melting it.

When Big Oil funds anything skeptic, the hippies howl and protest.  But when Big Oil funds a study on something they support, it’s no biggie.  Now we know why there’s a hippie in every hypocrite.

The picture about how clouds work is, well, cloudy.  NASA is perfectly happy to blame a trace gas for global warming, but can’t explain how clouds work.  And this is science?

Mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes.

As California attempts to regulate itself out of existence, those shipping firms that haven’t yet abandoned Long Beach are taking risks to avoid punitive fees from the Golden State:

Just after the regulations went into effect last July, ships that normally would have approached the harbor along the coast, inside the Santa Barbara Channel [pdf map], began traveling south of the Channel Islands, according to Dick McKenna, executive director of the Marine Exchange of Southern California, a nonprofit organization that  “works to ensure the efficient flow of maritime commerce in the region.”

The alternative route allows the ships to log fewer miles within the 24-mile zone where the more expensive fuel is required, Mr. McKenna explained.

If two tankers collide and wreck the Californian coast, the greens responsible for making shippers take risks will be the first to howl and the last to accept responsibility, because being green means never having to say you’re sorry.

Every car needs an electric motor.  Says Seimans, who make electric motors and have been studying the GE model of corporate welfare.

Hippies are desperately upset that Americans refuse to be frightened of the weather.

Richard Tol might look like a hippie, but he’s got some interesting stuff to say about the IPCC AR4 report:

The IPCC has admitted that errors were made, but argues that the mistakes were just that. However, all errors point in one direction: alarmism about climate change. This suggests, at least, an inadvertent bias.

Warm is good, for food production as much as anything else, but try telling a scared green that.

Formula One has dropped the disaster that was the KERS initiative.  Last season only McLaren and Ferrari used it to any degree, this year the system is still legal, but no team is using it.

Well, do you or don’t you believe in global warming? An excellent read and this weeks recommendation.

The bitter battle over US health care might be good news for Americans who oppose the cap-and-bend-over climate bill.

Tim Ball says that El Nino demonstrates the IPCC science is wrong.

Bottled water wars, can’t they all lose?

Bill Gates wants to build a nuke.  For himself. Now that’s why being super-rich must be so much fun.

Earth Hour seems to have lost lustre with celebrities this year, I wonder why?

Green jobs, not the panacea the left would have you believe, but rather a path to destruction:

Arguably, no western nation has done more to go green than Spain. Indeed, President Obama has pointed toward Spain as the model of the sort of economy that the United States should aspire to create, one that relies heavily on renewable fuels for power. But, how has that worked out for Spain? In the midst of a worldwide recession, the Spanish economy stands out, because it is in worse shape than most, with unemployment hovering at around twenty per cent. According to a study conducted by Dr. Gabriel Calzada, an economics professor at Juan Carlos University in Madrid, the push to “go green” has been responsible for much of Spain’s recent economic woes. Calzada concluded that every green job created in Spain cost 2.2 traditional jobs. A green economy, it would seem, is hardly a formula for prosperity.

Take a look at how the spin has shifted in California, where the headlines now suggest the economy can ‘withstand’ the green agenda.  Wasn’t green supposed to be good for the economy?

Part Four: AGW in the News

Space heaters, the unintended consequence of green pressure to turn down the temperature in office buildings.  They just keep making it worse as they try to control our lives.

Massachusetts recyclers are apathetic and confused, so recycling rates have remained unchanged in ten years.  And that’s in a Liberal state.

The State’s taking the EPA to court are giving science a chance to triumph over ideology:

The crux of the matter is that the EPA based the endangerment finding on the now-discredited IPCC report. To date, the IPCC have admitted to two significant erroneous claims. First, they admitted to the fact that the Himalayan glaciers are not melting away, and secondly, they have stated that the claim of the trends of natural disasters attributed to global warming is overstated. Subsequently, the IPCC have been prompted to publicly state that they are reviewing their own quality assurance procedures in light of these admissions.
But now all of this is going to be examined in a court of law. It should be noted that the laws of governments and the laws of science differ very significantly. For example, governments can repeal laws, like in the case of prohibition. By contrast, science cannot repeal the law of gravity. It is this kind of cold, hard fact that lawyers typically are not used to dealing with. If the case of Texas versus the EPA is decided on the scientific facts, as it should be, then the EPA will lose.
The Maldives president wants the world to send money because the islands are low-lying areas.  It’d be cheaper to move them all to New Orleans or Amsterdam.  Oh, wait.
The LA Times won’t tell the truth about the costs of the green bill, but residents of California will soon find out when their jobs disappear.
Global warming is a hoax, and is put into perspective when nature flexes even a little muscle, like the Icelandic volcano this week.  But you just know that hippies will blame global warming for the eruption, and then will use this image to show the ice is on fire!

Air pollution in the UK is killing 50,000 people a year.  Give it an ASBO and move on.

Human nature is a bitch sometimes when you’re trying to modify behaviors.  Folks will buy new efficient refridgerators, but that doesn’t mean they will unplug the old one in the basement.  David Suzuki will not be happy:


A note to readers, if you find a moralizing dirty hippie in your basement, that fridge is about the right size…

If you are participating in Earth Hour, get off my blog here are 101 things to do.

The Economist lost me as a subscriber years ago, and I’m sure that more will be lost when they read the latest pro-warming drivel.

The French government abandons plans to wreck its economy in the name of fixing a hoax.  French citizen and political has-been Stephane Dion holds two passports to two countries that resoundingly rejected carbon taxes.

The Telegraph admits that predicting weather and climate change is impossible.

Chalk up a win for common sense as the Science Museum in London renames the ‘climate change gallery‘ to the ‘climate science gallery’,

Aussie bureaucrats messed up a green initiative, and guess what, it’s going to cost more money.

Green cities are a nice idea on paper, but the reality is simply not possible:

A technology originally planned for the whole city — computer-driven “personal rapid transit” pods — might now be limited to the site of the research institute, the paper reported. The project is also reconsidering its plan to generate all of its power on-site from renewable sources, and is looking at importing power from elsewhere

A look at how the blogosphere works, explained in simple terms for lefties.  Tom Nelson gets a mention, lucky lad.


Part Five: Global Hottie

This week’s hottie hails from Spain, where green jobs go to die.  Say hello to first-time global hottie Paz Vega, who starred in Spanglish, a completely forgettable movie except for the best sandwich in the history of film.  Trust me.  Oh, and for the ladies… try this.

el clicko, por favor

Thanks for reading.

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  2. I do, regularly. Dailybayonet is on my list of about a dozen sceptic sites that I check up on daily. So I was quite shocked and a little chuffed to see my meagre contribution to the debate on here.

    Love your take on things, including the snark. Or something 😉

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