Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, March 18th 2010

London has a new building that can shred birds, appropriately called ‘The Razor’, the green mask slips to reveal some very inconvenient truths and we learn  about the missing link between cargo cults and global warming science.

All this, and a popular but mystery hottie besides in this week’s round-up.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Global warming profiteer prophet Al Gore wagged a stern finger at the GOP for something he called a ‘litmus test’ on the topic of global warming.  Gore said:

The idea that a rejection of science is a litmus test for Republican candidates is both incredibly disappointing and scary. No political party should require its members to reject fact as a prerequisite for electoral office.

The problem of course, is that the ‘science’ of global warming is of the junk variety, and should be resoundingly rejected.  Someone wake up Mitt, please.

El Nino hearts Al Gore.  The AIT rose again, which means that we are all doomed, or something.

Al turned to academia for a little self-validation and to be told that skeptics are serial deniers about anything dear to the hearts of hippies, ‘acid rain, the ozone hole, secondhand cigarette smoke, global warming and the pesticide DDT.’  Gore seems hell-bent on explaining skepticism as a sign of mental weakness, when really he is the one leading a flock of the gullible while the rest of us happily use the gray matter.  As for his academic friend, well, she has a history with Al:

Oreskes’s most recent work deals with the science of climate change. Her 2004 essay “The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change” (Science 306: 1686), led to Op-Ed pieces in the Washington Post, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Los Angeles Times, and has been widely cited in the mass media, including National Public Radio (Fresh Air), The New Yorker, USA Today, Parade, as well as in the Royal Society’s publication, “A guide to facts and fictions about climate change,” and, most recently, in Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.”

Cozy, no?

If you were wondering why Al goes to all the trouble to blog and prop up the global warming hoax, just remember, it’s always about the money with Al.

Two weeks ago Al wrote in the New York Times and chided skeptics that recent snowstorms were not proof that global warming was fake.  This week, heavy rain in the North-Eastern US is proof of global warming.  Weather is not climate, unless you’re Al Gore, or Mr. Inconsistent if you prefer.

Big Journalism profiles Al Gore, and they’re not very reverent about the global warming reverend.

radical, dude

Washington is focused on the great health care debate, yet Al still wants the government to ‘Repower America’, or if you want the honest interpretation the ‘dePower America and make Al rich’ campaign.

Canada’s Gore-poodle David ‘Jail ‘Em’ Suzuki is frustrated that the federal budget didn’t mention green energy.  Then, without warning, a time-warp swallowed Suzuki and transported him to a time before Climategate from which he sent this nonsense:

Aside from climate change – one of the greatest crises ever faced by humanity – our reliance on fossil fuels like oil and gas and uranium is still suicidal. The pollution alone from burning fossil fuels is degrading the health of humans and all life on this planet. The consumer mentality that it encourages is also fuelling rapid depletion of other resources, as well as the destruction of agricultural lands and habitats for plants and animals that are essential to our survival. The fact that we’re not even extracting the resources we have in a sustainable way that benefits all Canadians will only compound the long-term problems for our country and the rest of the world.

In other words, ‘back to the stone age’, folks.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

My friend and fellow skeptic at Gore Lied caught some heat for linking last week’s round-up.  It might be the most stoned comment in Internet history, and provided us with a full belly laugh.  It’s only fair to share teh funneh:

Please stop using terms like ‘hippie’… it is fkn disgrace. I could be called a hippie for some of my beliefs, and I could be called a conservative, or liberal, or progressive… a skeptic.  You must not forget that many of the so-called ‘hippies’ run large mega corporations and have all but turned on their 1970 views a full 180 degrees; to the detriment of society.  Trying to use such terms to somehow gain ‘popularity’ in writing is CHEAP shite.  I like your site and info but putting classes, groups, etc., against one another just pisses me off. The gov loves divide and conquer, and we should avoid that at ALL costs.

Klockarman tried to correct the dirty hippie’s misdirection, but only managed to initiate a second pot-powered comment.  Click the link above and feel the crazy.

Alternative fuels are not all they’re cracked up to be, as the coffee powered car proves.  Coffee is excellent for powering snark-filled blogs, but aged Volkswagens, not so much.

"I'll have a AAA latte to go, please"

Oh noes, global warming makes birds shrink.  Add it to The List.

Last week we highlighted an ABC executive accusing the media of groupthink on global warming.  The outraged media masses responded.  With groupthink.

The rabid moonbats at Climate Progress have spent a lot of time trying to figure out where their hoax went.  This week they focus on ‘climate messaging’ and ‘reframing the debate‘.  Is that the same debate that emo-Joe Romm is running away from?  CP can discuss messaging and framing until the end of days, they’ve missed the point that the junk science of global warming has been exposed and no amount of spin can put the dung back in the donkey.  Better for CP to go back to its comfort zone of just making stuff up.

The anti-human scaremongers at the WWF fed their friends at the IPCC some data about Amazonian rainforests, which ended up in the AR4 report.  Of course, it’s total junk.

Global warming muppet James Hansen is taken apart in a letter that excoriates him for activism over science:

In the case of James Hansen, he doesn’t even bother with the data: all he has to support his theory are half-baked computer models that are totally out of touch with reality, and have already been proven to be wrong. By any reasonable definition, Hansen’s scenarios and those he helped Gore and the IPCC to concoct, are the work of fear-mongering propagandists.

Another scientist, the alarmist Ian Lowe has attacked other scientists for daring to need funding for non-climate research.  He singles out the CERN Large Hadron Collider for his ire, which is about as good as green on green action, if you ask me.

Hey, you.  If you’re sitting while you read this, you may be guilty of an exertion free lifestyle, you porky planet killer.

The head of eco-terrorist organization Greenpeace went on the BBC to issue demands, or something.  Apparently being a human rights campaigner makes him qualified to run a ‘green’ enterprise.  Who knew?

Is this written about the same James Hansen, serial self-promoter, who spent years complaining that he was muzzled all the while he was in front of media?

James Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University’s Earth Institute, admits he’d prefer to spend his time out of the public eye, building on the decades of scientific research that has won him a reputation as the world’s top climate scientist.

Denial is not just a river in Egypt after all.  John Houghton, a climate sciencytist says that he and his cronies are not ‘ecofanatics’. You can tell that Houghton is a climate sciencytist because in his op-ed he either outright lied or made a very embarrassing mistake.

Mother Jones reports on the panic within the green movement, and the mask slips:

This is why so many environmentalists have switched gears recently, suggesting that climate change action should be disguised as energy research, national security programs, or competition with China for market share in windmills and solar panels. And maybe that will work for a while. But just saying something doesn’t exist doesn’t make it so.

Uncle Al’s going to be mad when he sees that.

Canadian columnist Ray Gregg calls the whaaaambulance because skeptics have been mean and destroyed his cozy world-view.  Quite why he and the other alarmists are so upset that the planet is fine simply defeats logic.

A sinking globe in Dubai, because hippies need something to keep them reading...

Oh noes, Hawaiian stuff is going to die because of global warming.

Global warmsters and their enablers have decided that shooting the messenger is a great idea.

Doctors say that getting fat and global warming are great threats.  Wannabe Doc and snarky as hell blogger Paua has some well-aimed words for said doctors.  Go, read the snark and then come back here and read even more, you know you like it, deep down.

Michael ‘Stick’ Mann blames the devastation of Climategate on a ‘well organized PR campaign ready to go at the time these emails were released‘. His comments indicate a vast conspiracy that was no doubt funded by Big Oil.  So, for the last time, Big Oil, where’s my damned money?

Nothing communicates a global emergency and imminent planetary demise like hippies in orange monkey suits.  There’s video at the link, but no explanation of if Greenpeace offset the diesel burning truck that delivered the props.

The Sierra Club has a new boss, and his agenda is already quite full:

  • Shut down Big Coal
  • Rising Sun (all about renewables like solar and wind, if you couldn’t guess)
  • Reinventing Wilderness Protection (unless you mean birds that fall victim to giant fans, see point above)
  • Inspired by Nature (about adventure travel.  Yeah, I know.)

After the epic fail of Hopenchangen, UN greens are headed to Mexico to talk about talks, or something.

A group calling itself the Natural Resources Defense Council says you consume too much.  They were nervous about telling you that:

The other thing that’s new here is the potential for a conversation about consumption. For the most part, businesses won’t lead that conversation and, until recently environmental groups haven’t either. As Lehner put it: “We’ve talked about it passively on our website…What we are now exploring is talking about it a little more actively.”  This won’t be easy. It’s hard to talk about overconsumption without sounding like you are hectoring people.

Well they got that part right.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Gallup has a new poll that must have made Al Gore cry.  Only 32% of Americans think global warming is a serious threat to them or their lifestyles.

Most of the alarmism about global warming is based on computer models.  Sadly, three of the four global data sets used to feed the models are now ‘irrevocably tainted.’

If you ever needed proof that lefties can’t see beyond their own noses, this is it.  They’re upset that cap and trade does what it says on the can.

The IPCC took a lot of heat for the bungle on the Himalayan glacier melt.  At least it cannot get worse than Glaciergate though, right?  Wrong.  Meet sea-level-Gate.

Here is this week’s must-read link, Cargo Cult Science:

Like the cargo cultists, the AGW cult has confused cause and effect. Higher atmospheric CO2 levels do occur naturally as climate warms, but it has always been a result of the warming, a contributing factor, not the principal cause of the warming. There is no demonstrable reason for thinking that the human induced rise in atmospheric CO2 levels will cause a large, damaging rise in global temperatures. Still, much as the South Seas Islanders continue to build ersatz airfields and march about mimicking the actions of long departed solders and sailors, the anthropogenic global warming true believers continue to place all their faith in CO2, never stopping to think that they might have it wrong. They are not only misleading the public, they are misleading themselves.

Tom Nelson reports from ‘gator land, and the news is bad for hippies.

That clever Scandi chap Bjorn Lomborg has taken time off from whatever members of ABBA do these days to pen an article about why ‘Fixing climate change shouldn’t cost the Earth’.  See what he did there?  I told you he was clever.

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology received a large increase in funding, so what did Australia get in return:

So with all the extra money and all the fully operational stations did we get an increase in data or predictive accuracy? No we got a huge manipulation of station data to fit a green alarmist AGW agenda. Hundreds of millions squandered not on science but on a green religion.

It’s the Sun, stupid.

Who shot Antarctica? (Click for Wallpaper goodness)

More Aussie junk science, this time from CSIRO.

Oh noes, we’ve only got another 1.5 million years before another star arrives in our Solar system to seriously mess with our planetary Chi.  Global warming still won’t be killing anyone, but a new star, that’s awkward.

More on the junk about rain forests and the IPCC, in case you haven’t rubbed their noses in it quite enough yet.

Jo Nova looks at the Deutsche Bank and why they want you to be afraid of the weather.

Watts has an interesting look at why the IPCC AGW theory should be questioned.  There’s graphs and everything, so it’s at least as good anything put out by the IPCC.

You just know the global warming hoax is done when even a Tanzanian op-ed explains why it’s all junk.

Medieval Warm Period trees grew 50 miles further North than they do today.  So much for ‘unprecedented’ warming.’

Here’s a politico that Australians can get behind, who else has 40 inconvenient truths about global warming on their website?

Beware of greens bearing solutions:

Mars is doomed, those SUV lovin’ little green men have really done it this time.

Red meat for the anti-greens, Inhofe unleashed:


A no-nonsense look at why global warming is nothing to worry about from a beer-loving guy in Winnipeg.

A deep-green finds room in his heart for skeptics, calls us ‘useful’.  Nice:

I think you have to accept that the sceptics have kept us sane — some of them, anyway,” he said. “They have been a breath of fresh air. They have kept us from regarding the science of climate change as a religion. It had gone too far that way. There is a role for sceptics in science. They shouldn’t be brushed aside. It is clear that the angel side wasn’t without sin.”

Oh noes, “great masses of ice have now been replaced by moraines of earth and stones,” and “at many points well-known glaciers have entirely disappeared.” Wait, what? 1922 you say?

Dr. Roy Spencer almost made the must-read link, but cargo-cultism was too enticing.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know why most US warming since 1973 is ‘spurious’. Good word, I must use that sometime.

Gore Lied hosts a guest post that examines why the Chicken Little ‘sky is falling’ strategy beloved of the average warmist was, and is, a huge mistake.

Are you or someone you’re close to planning Earth Hour participation?  Suckahs.

Things that warmists prefer you didn’t know #7,558: Arctic temperatures have been stable since 1958.

Tom Nelson plays the ‘but they’re not climate sciencyists’ game, this time using the signatories of the open letter in support of the IPCC.  If you have time, go help Tom crowd source every name on the list.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Recent attempts by Catholic priests to appeal to the followers of the Cult of Gore have received a slap from the Catholic Herald:

The Catholic Church is no longer the primary, secondary or even tertiary means by which most younger people learn about the world or form their identities and cultural views. Consequently, for the Church to try to compete with the secular world in promoting modern music, climate change awareness, fair trade or gender equality is merely playing someone else’s tune badly.

Homeowners will soon be able to avail themselves of an alternative energy boondoggle that only governments could afford – solar power.  The enormous investment will be amortized as higher property taxes, and can be passed on to future owners.  Just make sure that you don’t calculate an 83 year break-even on a 20-year asset like the Air Force did.

Carbon traders dreamed of making lots of green, but in the black period post-Climategate they are in the red and fearing the pink slips.

Texas joins the chorus line of states and organizations suing the EPA over the junk-science labeling of CO2 as a dangerous pollutant.

Commenter fight!  A student daily prints an article questioning the global warming hoax, and it goes off between the skeptics and the devout.  Popcorn, you may need some.

Have you vacuumed your fridge recently?  If everyone did it on the same day, would that offset Earth Hour?

Six myths about global warming deniers.  If you want read about The Daily Bayonet’s path to skepticism, go here.

Nature, a magazine that used to be respected, is currently staffed by whiny losers.

A new building in London will be able to generate 8% of its own energy needs through the use of three wind turbines.  DB prediction – within a few months of the building opening, we will see stories of upset Londoners finding headless bird carcasses.  It’s probably not a coincidence that the building is called ‘the Razor’.

Industries are hoarding carbon emission permits.  In the face of a collapsing carbon market, that strategy makes no sense, unless they’ve shorted their positions.

The inconvenient truth about wind power:

Research director Gabriel Calzada Alvarez didn’t object to wind power itself, but found that when a government artificially props up this industry with subsidies, higher electrical costs (31%), tax hikes (5%) and government debt follow. Fact is, these subsidies have the same “Cuisinart” effect on jobs as wind-generating propeller blades have on birds. Every green job costs $800,000 to create and 90% of them are temporary.

How will deeply paranoid greens react when they discover that smart meters could be used to track habits of homeowners?

Is it true?  Is a majority of science editors at the NYT skeptical of global warming?

Hold the front page, we’ve been saved.  Compostable chip bags are here.

Wind is good for something – shipbuilding companies.  Nothing to do with their output or energy efficiency, just use of facilities and staff.

Global warming as a phenomenon belongs in a museum, but as an exhibit, not an agenda.

The UK government was slapped for misleading global warming advertisements this week, and now there is more widespread criticism that the simplistic tools used to frighten adults and children alike are useless.

hey kids... 'BOO!"

Raj ‘Kiss Me’ Pachauri says that glaciergate, amazongate and all the other errors big and small in the IPCC AR4 report are ‘one mistake’.  The real problem is becoming apparent, the railway engineer sucks at math.

Yucca it up, the mountain storage drama is far from over.  From the sound of it, as soon as Harry Reid is buried at the next electoral opportunity, it’ll be time to start burying the nuclear waste at Yucca too.

The Internet never forgets.  Add to that the awesome power of old magazines and there are just too many skeletons in the global warmist’s cupboard to ignore.

No windy for Indy, but it will be sunny in SoCal.

Oh Noes, butterflies are emerging earlier because of global warming.  Beware the butterfly apocalypse my friends.

Gasp.  The HuffPo says it’s time for environmental groups to stop pushing for global warming legislation.  Of course the default for lefties is if you can’t win via democratic means, regulate the bastards:

… we should not give up just because the Senate has been captured by hostile forces. We have to put as much fight into what can be done by regulatory agencies under the temporary control of President Obama. Coal plants can be denied permits. Appliance efficiency standards can be tightened. The Environmental Protection Agency can be defended against powerful efforts to prevent it from enforcing the Clean Air Act.

Exactly how a near two-third Democrat majority in the Senate can be seen as the body having been ‘captured by hostile forces’ is something you’ll need to ask your nearest cowardly hippie.

Coal is up and solar is down, because the market knows which can produce much needed power and which can only run with subsidies.

Oh noes, the polar bears are doomed.  The UN turns their collective backs on Ursus Maritimus.


Part Five: Global Hottie

Monday’s Meltdown girl caused a few commenters to, well, meltdown.  There were people begging for a name, but alas, I cannot help them.  So, let’s test this Internet power and see if we can get a name before next week’s round-up.  Or we might have to keep at this game for a while, and I know you’d just hate that.

We don’t know who she is (yet), but we like her, the anonymous global hottie.


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  2. Couple things you might want to highlight:
    NASA scrubbed the next moon landing [makes tax dollar sense in a busted budget] but they DID launch a website for kids in January [to help them understand global warming, of course]:

    BIG QUESTIONS for $200, anyone?
    “What does global climate change mean?”
    Why, “Humans are causing this warming,” of course!

    BUT “Who is helping? People who live in tiny houses” [You mean people like Al Gore, Jim Hansen, and the IPCC smut novelist???]See ‘Earth Now’ tab.

    And on another front:
    Climate Confusion at the NAE

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