Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Feb. 4th 2010

Big Green gets an endorsement from global terrorists, Al Gore pretends Bill Gates is his friend and ripples from Climategate continue to harsh  hippie mellows.  All this, a beach hottie and 10% more snark in your weekly round-up.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Here’s a simple question.  How can you tell that Al Gore’s schedule isn’t as crowded as it was?  Answer: Al posts on his blog 10 times in a week, that’s how.  Let’s see what the profiteer prophet had on his mind:

He don’t like Sen. Murkowski one little bit, and he thinks that the noughties were the warmest years evah.  He still reads the New York Times (so that’s who it is!) and likes it when they write fawning editorials on global warming.  He quotes Bill Gates, but only where it suits him (more on that later), and goes on to  find the one poll that suggests his AGW hoax isn’t deader than the average Ted Kennedy date.

You’ll be happy to know that Al found time to attend the launch of the new iTampon, or whatever its called, but unfortunately for Mother Earth, Al took a plane.  Why, oh why can’t he take the bus?

Have savings?  Not if Al has any say in it you won’t.  He’d like them invested in Green things.  Preferably green things controlled by Al Gore, natch.

The Goreacle’s oddest blog post became the subject of one of my own posts, in which readers waded in with woeful tales of lives destroyed by global warming.  Feel free to add your own to the list, there might even be a prize for the best entry.  Or not.

Conspiracy?  Al Gore, Al Jazeera and Al Qaeda, united in greenity?  Tell me that’s not fishy.  Al Gore’s self-detonating AGW hoax received some much needed support in a brand new live-from-the-cave special from Osama Bin-Laden himself.  Osama’s wars have gone about as well as Al’s recent battles, so he’s figured out it’s time to encourage the great Satan to self-immolate.  Good luck with that, you evil hippie-bearded goat f-f-fancier.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

The Securities and Exchange Commission has decided that corporations must provide details to investors of the business risks of climate change.  I wouldn’t worry too much, if the SEC is as competent at monitoring global warming as they are Madoff, Enron, Lehman et al, this initiative can be filed under idiotarian greenwashing.

KalliVornya might be bankrupt, but the valiant state lawmakers can still reach out and make a difference.  So, take that, evil Free Parking.  wait, what?

redundancy redux

Source (you should bookmark this site)

The Alaskan education system had no problem screening An Inconvenient Truth to frozen moppets, but has decided they need parental consent to show the same indoctrinated kids Not Evil Just Wrong.

What would we do with Hollywood people to tell us what to think.  Famous faces that pretend to be other people for a living want you to forget that they might be vacuous hypocrites and listen to the shiny, pretty people.  Leo DiCaprio leads the charge, of course.

Tony Blair is getting on the big green bandwagon, but has a lot to learn from the master, Al Gore.  Tony’s in trouble because of who’s funding him, whereas clever Al still hasn’t revealed his source for that $300 million We campaign.

Eco-terrorist group Greenpeace has decided that they must approve of where you shop.  Witness the 28-page report on ‘how 20 major grocery store chains approach seafood sustainability‘.  Whatever happened to enjoying fish and chips without the guilt trip?

Hey, did you know that global warming is, like, totally proved by cold weather.  Radical, dude.

Harry Enfield skewers the scaremonger set:


Railway engineer and bodice ripping novelist Raj Pachauri faces awkward questions about what he knew about Glaciergate, and when.  Pachauri denies he should quit over the flap, because apparently his contract lets him do all the fun stuff like collecting Nobel gongs, but without having to be responsible when everything turns into a gong show.

Motley CRU front man Phil ‘The Decline’ Jones might face some serious jail time for fraud.  Just step back and think for a moment about how many nervous scaremongers and hoaxsters are terrified by the idea of Jones being thrown in the slammer, and then rub your hands together in anticipation.

A first year PH.D student somewhere in Arizona penned an article listing all the recent problems with the global warming hoax before declaring that it’s all still real regardless.  Attaboy, there’s a shiny future waiting for you in climate science, where’s it always summer all the time and the grant dollars flow like rivers.

Delingpole smells blood in the water as the AGW hoax continues to implode, but he’s not in a forgiving mood.  All he needed to add to the quote below is ‘deserving ain’t got nothin’ to do with it‘:

For years I’ve been made to feel a pariah for my views on AGW. Chris Booker has had the same experience, as has Richard North, Benny Peiser, Lord Lawson, Philip Stott and those few others of us who recognised early on that the AGW thing stank. Now it’s payback time and I take small satisfaction from seeing so many rats deserting their sinking ship. I don’t want them on my side. I want to see them in hell, reliving scenes from Hieronymus Bosch.

If you think that Delingpole is being unreasonable, remember how the warmers would like to treat skeptics, then judge him.

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s Amazongate now, too.

The UK environment minister escalates the current trend in British politics of doubling down on stupid by declaring war.  On Skeptics.  Miliband was only warming up with that one, he’s got more.

A sign that the end times are near for the global warmers is when they turn on each other.  Popcorn, anyone?

Proof that the motley CRU showed no regard for lawful requests for information.

Oh noes, sea turtle eggs, cooked. By global warming.  Apparently some alarmists haven’t gotten the memo that the whole world is now laughing every time we see another bogus claim like that.

Score one for the good guys, a Peta protester is pied:

should have used a meat pie

Scaremonger Iain Hunter can’t dismiss the wrongdoings of global warming scientists fast enough to get back to his comfort zone of blaming skeptics for wrecking his nice new religion.  Here’s a question, are none of the global warmers relieved that the science was bunk, or do they actually want the planet to be endangered?

The Guardian sticks it head in the sand, because facing the truth that they and their readers were gullible dupes is simply too much.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

I noted that Al Gore was eager to pretend that Bill Gates agrees with his climate crisis hoax, but actually that is far from the truth.  Gates worries that billions spent chasing the jolly green giant will cause the poor to suffer more ill health:

Gates, the Microsoft Corp co-founder whose $34 billion foundation is fighting malaria, AIDS, tuberculosis and other diseases in developing countries, expressed concern about the amount of spending pledged at December’s Copenhagen global climate meeting. Participants at the meeting agreed to a target of channeling $100 billion per year to developing countries to combat climate change by 2020. Gates said that amount represents more than three quarters of foreign aid currently given by the richest countries per year. “I am concerned that some of this money will come from reducing other categories of foreign aid, especially health,” Gates wrote in a letter, released late on Sunday, describing the work of his foundation. “If just 1 percent of the $100 billion goal came from vaccine funding, then 700,000 more children could die from preventable diseases,” Gates added.

Take that quote and the full cynical misuse of Al Gore’s post from Part One becomes clear.  Of course, some environmentalists will think  700,000 extra dead kids is a good start.

When polar bears attack, the awful truth, revealed.

Water vapor has a lot more to do with global warming than a trace gas that feeds plants.  But since it’s difficult to model accurately and harder to regulate water than carbon, why let facts get in the way of a good scam?

A quick note for hippies that drive vehicles using biofuel: thanks for killing the planet, morons.

The BBC (!) looks at the damage done to science in general by the agenda driven idealogues in the global warming camp:

“We need to look at peer review, because while it’s far better than nothing, it is not perfect, and when it fails it gives claims made under peer review the imprimatur of being properly done, research being conducted properly, and there being sufficient oversight by other scientists of that work.

“So the stakes are very high and I think there’s more that can be done to make sure that peer review is as fraud-proof or lazy-proof as possible. I just wish that either the science minister or one of the select committees would take this issue seriously, because it’s in the interests of everyone, scientists and the journals and the public, that they can have faith in peer reviewed work.”

Business Week asks a blunt question, Is global warming a crock of s***? Why yes, it is.

Wind power is great, as long as you don’t mind living in the Stone Age on a calm day, or a cold day.

Bjorn Lomborg has some sensible ideas about how to be greener without breaking the global economy.  Bjorn’s a smart guy, maybe even smart enough to reform ABBA?  We can only hope.  Here’s Bjorn and friends singing amid a global warming outbreak:


Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann might have choked if he read this damning review of his role in Climategate.  Just don’t expect a proper investigation, Penn State is immune from the law. Oh, that was fast.  So, they’ll not even be any pretence at trying to discover the truth then?

Chinese ports are frozen solid, which I’m pretty sure wasn’t predicted by climate modellers.

Lefties aren’t known for logic, or consistency on any given issue, as this wonderful example demonstrates.  Lefties, meet your own petard.  In a related story from down under, aborigines are being paid to do what they’ve always done, because now it counts as a carbon offset, or something.

Scientific American, the magazine, shamed. The Lancet, shamed.  Soon to be added to the roll call; New Scientist, Nature, National Geographic and more.

Rex Murphy wonders what happened to all the doom we were promised if Copenhagen failed, now that it has in fact, failed.  It’s your must read of the week.

President Obama has nixed the next Moon shot, because a space agency has no business being in space when there is climate data to fabricate.

we're not going back

Global warming causes cold weather, debunked so hard it hurts.

Jo Nova has updated her tree-killing chart of Climategate’s timeline, now 4 football fields wide, or something.

Lord Stern, a global warmer, misused a study to suggest it supported global warming, when it didn’t. Note how little leeway the warmers get now that Climategate has exposed them as cheats and liars.

It’s not the lie that kills you, it’s the cover up.

As the climate con collapses, politicians that nailed their credibility to the AGW mast are left swinging in the breeze with no cover.  It actually looks good on them, mixed metaphors or not.

10 facts the the global warmers would prefer you ignored, thanks very much.

One of the most damning revelations from Climategate was that the UEA motley CRU threw away the original data, so there is no way to reconstruct a proper picture.  Now New Zealand’s NIWA has admitted to the same problem.  Guys, it’s a great way to settle the science, but really, deleting original data while calling yourselves scientists?  Really?

The global warming hoax, an obituary.

Nike has moved away from carbon offsets, but claims to have reduced it’s carbon footprint.  Child workers will be allowed to breath out once per complete shoe.

waiting to exhale

Solar power is so economic that the industry collapses without government subsidies.  Wait, what?

A Hawaiian editor feels like he was conned by the global warming crowd.  Perhaps if he had asked a hard question, even just once, he could avoided looking like an idiot.  Journalists should hang their collective heads in shame and have the courage to issue a lot more mea culpas like this one.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Our future lays beyond the final frontier, in Space.  Which, awkwardly, Obama just decided we won’t be doing. California has just declared the Apollo 11 landing site a historical protected zone.  Good luck enforcing that when the Chinese build a factory on it.

ABC ponders the question of whether climate science can be trusted.  Um, no.  Any more questions?

The Globule Mail’s Jeffrey Simpson gets taken to the woodshed for ignorance about world leaders in the first degree.  Ouch, frankly.

Mo’ nukes, Mo’ nukes, Mo’ nukes.

The Sydney Morning Herald tries to debunk the 10 facts alarmists prefer you ignored list.  Spin, anyone?

Revealed, the true source of global warming: British shops.  Climate criminals, all of ’em.

Global warming is a topic that Canadian students know nothing about.  Other than what activists have told them, that is.

A green government program, taken to the cleaners by opportunist rent-seekers and con-men.  Only hippies didn’t see that one coming.

A pleasant TV gardener takes his shovel to global warming alarmists for guessing about the effects of climate change.

The Hottest Hoax in the World.  Just, wow.

The UK government decides that more intervention in the energy sector is just what the country needs.  The old joke used to be ‘would the last person to leave the country please turn off the lights’.  Now, there won’t be any lights to turn off.

Of course, Britons could just generate their own power.

Phil Jones, guilty of hiding data. Will we ever know the truth about his missing Chinese data?

David Cameron, the greendream believing leader of the UK’s conservative party should wake up and smell the ashes of the AGHW hoax:

Suddenly, AGW is so yesterday. Pity poor warmists, abruptly exposed to the chill blast of scepticism. Yesterday they were part of a massive, authoritative consensus (well, more like a herd of lemmings, actually), today they waken up to find scientific hemlines have changed fashion entirely.  Just take a look at the unimaginable headlines all over the Guardian: “No apology from IPCC chief Rajendra Pachauri for glacier fallacy”… “How scientists kept the sceptics out…”

Meanwhile, over on Newsnight, Kirsty is suddenly shrieking at the wrong people. Warmist scientists, accustomed to an easy ride, are goggling like rabbits in the headlights all over our television screens. E-mailgate, Glaciergate, even Montaineeringmagazine gate – the Alpine glacier of lies and charlatanry that has sustained the AGW myth is collapsing in an avalanche

The Times draws a parallel between the global warmers and the MMR vaccine hoax, coincidentally.

The Irish Times lays into the global warming religion with a dose of common sense that would have been unthinkable pre-Climategate.

Oops, an eco-friendly event wrecks the environment.  Someone save Gaia from environmentalists.

More bad news for weather hysterics, volcanoes are more dangerous than SUV’s.

Peer review, the darling defense of the scaremongers, torn to shreds.  In The Guardian.


Part Five: Global Hottie

Fans of TV series Lost will know that the final season has started.  So why not celebrate with Evangeline Lilly, who has wandered a remote green island for many seasons without ever being rewarded as a global hottie.  I’m happy to change that.

click or be Lost

Thanks for reading.

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