Green Death Machine

What is it with the greens and Africa?  How many dead kids are enough for the lunatic environmentalists?

Read this article from National Geographic. Note this line:

“The ban on DDT,” says Gwadz of the National Institutes of Health, “may have killed 20 million children.”

It was lunatic greens that took Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ book and turned it into a successful rallying cry for the outright ban on DDT use, the results of which are noted in the quote above.  The killer ban was finally overturned by the World Health Organization in 2006.

The greens knee-jerk reaction to a book, combined with the bulldozing of public opinion (glossing over the facts that couldn’t be proven) led to the deaths of too many innocent people.  But Greenpeace tried to get past all that with this glib quote in a 2005 article in the NYT:

“At Greenpeace, Rick Hind noted reasons to be wary of DDT, but added: ‘If there’s nothing else and it’s going to save lives, we’re all for it. Nobody’s dogmatic about it.'”

After almost 30 years opposing DDT, suddenly Greenpeace isn’t ‘dogmatic’ about its use?  Shameful.  But, wait, there’s more.  Some greens aren’t quite satisfied with the death toll yet, and are using a dodgy new study to try and discredit DDT.  It is apparently just too much to ask that these deluded do-gooders can stop trying to justify their disgraceful past at the cost of more innocent lives.

The greens were caught out by the consequences of their activism on the DDT issue.  How then can we treat their chicken little alarmism on global warming with any seriousness?  The similarities are chilling:

For Rachel Carson, substitute Al Gore.  For DDT substitute carbon emissions/CO2.  Mix with generous portions of junk science and some brownshirt treatment of your critics and suddenly a juggernaut is rolling.

The result?  The same as before – lots of dead Africans.  By pushing the fear-mongering agenda to ‘green technology’ like Ethanol, the price of grain has risen.  Dramatically.  The US food aid program’s budget this year will buy a 10-year low quantity of grain.  People will die of hunger so that greens can claim to be saving the planet.

The green legacy – the gift that keeps on killing.