Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 17th 2009

It’s all gone Pete Tong for alarmists in Denmark as the curse of Brown descends and the inconvenience of climategate refuses to go away.  Greenpeace was punk’d, Phelim was unplugged and Al Gore turned into the Gaffeinator.  It’s all good clean fun in this, your last round-up of 2009.

FYI, the latest Climategate Round-Up is here, and a Copenhagen Round-Up is here.  The winner of the Most Alarming Alarmism by an Alarmist will be announced tomorrow, so if you haven’t voted yet, get to it.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al traveled to Hopenchangen in Copenhagen and made some ‘remarks’.  He has a link to his own self on his blog, if you care to listen to him for 42 minutezzzzzzzzzz

Copenhagen was supposed to be the crowning moment for the ecovangelist-in-chief, he even got to hang out with a man who won an election. Instead the world seemed more interested in Al’s gaffes:

It’s no wonder that Al refuses to debate, even if the people do want to see a cage match between him and Sarah Palin.

Al is much more comfortable ducking hard interviews and hiding behind security thugs rather than face questions about his belligerent denial about the importance of Climategate:


Bonny Prince Chuckles is also in Copenhagen, because the world needs to know what an inbred over-privileged and under-educated horse whisperer thinks about the planet.  Or something.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Oh noes, global warming kills salmon.  Add the delicious-when-barbecued pink fish to the list.

You know why I hate dirty hippies?  Because they want the rest of us to stop washing too.  It’s called soap, hippies. Use it.

As Copenhagen rolls on, the nastiest of all the activist pop their heads up.  The anti-human ‘optimum populationists’ want a China-like one child policy for the whole world.  No word yet from idiotarian Diane Francis on which of her two children will be sacrificed for Gaia.  Did these folks not learn from Paul Ehrlich‘s epic fail?

Virtuous hippies might eco-shop, but they’re more likely to cheat and steal.  Kinda like Prius drivers being more likely to cause a wreck.

Everyone’s favorite eco-terrorist group Greenpeace got a taste of their own activism when skeptics boarded the Rainbow Warrior.  Heh.

How can you tell when a Green’s had enough?  They drop the pretence at reason and start shouting and swearing.  Profanity warning.

Watermelon is a nice descriptor for green activists who are motivated by socialism.  Not that the greens are exactly hiding their commie roots.

Britain is doomed, there’s going to be no food and no water soon, so shut up and climb aboard the AGW bus.

Monckton deconstructs a Greenpeace hippies world belief.  Excellent fun:


Will of the people, we don’t need no stinkin’ will of the people.  Australia’s government was handed an embarrassing defeat over its ETS policy recently, but that can’t stop it.  Zombie-ETS rises again.

Joltin’ Joe Romm went nuts when Jon Stewart called ecomentalistism a neo-religion, but Stewart’s not the only one suggesting that notion.

As most of the UK’s press focuses on Climategate, the Independent puts its fingers in its ears and pretends that the world will still buy the crap they peddled pre-CRU leak.

Protests in support of Hopenchangen broke out all over the world.  In Toronto, 250 people showed up and Tom giggles.

A yoot activist let’s the mask slip:

Capitalism is the problem. Our global economic system is the problem. This “profit above all” attitude that we’ve been working with since the dawn of Adam Smith and modern economic system will no longer work if we want to continue living on this Earth with our fellow brothers and sisters. The evidence towards this is numerous and incontrovertible.

Bluntz 3

Jim Salinger might be a scientist, but he’s no gentleman.

Australia’s The Age interviewed a psychologist in an attempt to spin Climategate.  Jo Nova deconstructs the psychobabble with ruthless efficiency.

Koala’s and Clown Fish are doomed.  ‘Bye, Nemo.

Maurice Strong, the Godfather of the IPCC, still hates capitalism, progress, people.

The New Scientist beclowns itself in an attempt to prop up the failing global warming science, and its readers eviscerate the effort in the comments.

Dirty hippie eco-activists deface a Canadian flag and brag about it while brave Canadian troops fight for that same flag.

some guys have all the fun
some guys have all the fun

Oh noes, 20% of ALL species are doomed.  Dear Santa, please let hippies be one of the species that doesn’t make it.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

World leaders are due to arrive in Copenhagen Thursday night, but the people they represent are still not buying the AGW hoax, and they want the lunacy to stop.  Fortunately the talks are doomed, even if they don’y know it yet.

Ethanol, the government-sponsored fuel from food that green activism led to, is as bad if not worse than gas:

Losing valuable rain forest is lamentable enough from a conservation perspective, but it also hurts biofuels’ greenhouse gases emissions profile. In October, Princeton University biofuels researcher Tim Searchinger published a paper in the academic journal Science that found the effects of farmers converting forests and grasslands to replace acreage displaced by biofuel crops resulted in a carbon footprint for corn-based ethanol double that of conventional fossil fuels over a 30-year-period.

Oh noes, carbon trading is a huge fraud.  Who knew?

Watts finds a real hockey stick, inconveniently for warmists.  Video of the Mann-stick being reduced to nothing can be enjoyed here.

Sometimes green is good, sometimes it ain’t.  In Chicago, LED traffic lights aren’t so bright.

Someday we’ll look back on all this and laugh…. as we freeze.

If you wonder why scientists might be biased in favor of finding evidence for global warming, just look at the way one grant application was worded:

Successful candidates will:
1) Demonstrate AGW.
2) Demonstrate the catastrophic consequences of AGW.
3) Explore policy implications stemming from 1 & 2.

All the brouhaha in Copenhagen has been brought about by alarmists doom-laden climate models, but the data they rely on is corrupted beyond usefulness.  Awkward.

You may have heard that eating meat destroys the planet and veganism is the way forward.  Relax and eat your animals.

the other white meat
the other white meat

Well whaddaya know, global warming looks like a great big hoax.  If only there had been a way to tell

Rotten sea ice, not rotten as it turns out.

It’s the Sun, Stupid.

100 Reasons why the ‘Copenhagen’ Governments and other proponents of “man-made” Global Warming theory of Climate Change are completely wrong. The list made the front page of the UK’s Daily Express.

Alarmist kryptonite, Steve McIntyre, profiled.  Popper of alarmist heads, Marc Morano, also profiled.

Black soot, it’s not good and could be fixed, but where’s the motivation?

The Gubernator Ahhnold took a swipe at Sarah Palin over her global warming skepticism.  Turns out she’s tougher than the Terminator.

Why is Governor Schwarzenegger pushing for the same sorts of policies in Copenhagen that have helped drive his state into record deficits and unemployment? Perhaps he will recall that I live in our nation’s only Arctic state and that I was among the first governors to create a sub-cabinet to deal specifically with climate change. While I and all Alaskans witness the impacts of changes in weather patterns firsthand, I have repeatedly said that we can’t primarily blame man’s activities for those changes. And while I did look for practical responses to those changes, what I didn’t do was hamstring Alaska’s job creators with burdensome regulations so that I could act “greener than thou” when talking to reporters.

Peer review? You want peer-reviewed skepticism, here’s 500 papers to get started with.

How do you know Sen. John Kerry is a dirty hippie?  The flip-flops, of course.

Once more, with feeling:  It’s the SUN, stupid.  Even NASA says so.

Paging Phil Jones… here’s a polar bear that might actually be endangered.

Look out warmists, the Russians are coming, and they want their missing data points explained.


Part Four: AGW in the News

The effects of Climategate on the media and media personalities has been significant.  Those papers and networks that ignore the issue are probably doomed, while those that are at the forefront of the story gain readers and respect.  The Climategate revelations affected writers variously:

  • The NYT’s Andy Revkin is leaving the paper
  • The National Post’s John Moore throws a hissy-fit and pledges to never write about global warming again while muttering about nasty skeptics and wanting his ball back.
  • Moore’s colleague, contrarian Jonathan Abrams doubles down on stupid, ignores what Climategate revealed about the shaky science of global warming and joins the AGW cult.

The media has been led by the UK press on the climategate fallout, first the Daily Telegraph, then the Daily Mail and now the Daily Express is jumping on the band-wagon and exposes the Met. Office’s ‘lies’.

GE gets some benefit from its greenwashing campaign and wins a large contract to build a wind farm in Oregon.

attack of the bird shredders
attack of the bird shredders

The BBC sneers at Americans, because that’s what the Beeb thinks it’s viewers want.

The UK’s Met Office was embarassed by its faulty forecasts for Summer 2009, but beg the Brits to believe them for 2010.

Did the most smartest Administration evah just give Congress a reason to skip cap and trade?

Global warming, Alberta style. Three years ago, that would have been me.  Brrrrr.

George Moonbat Monbiot whines about the cost of saving the planet.  Apparently the irony is lost on him.

New York, soon to be the real windy city?

Mike likes bird shredders
Mike likes bird shredders

The electric car apocalypse is postponed, fortunately.

Evil genius George Soros wants to be subsidized for his green investments.  Which is the whole point, of course.

The New Scientist, not learning from the shellacking it received from its readers over the deniergate article, takes on the Daily Express in another attempt to gloss over the inconvenient truth that the science of global warming is fatally flawed.

Part Five: Global Hottie

It’s Christmas next week, and The Daily Bayonet is taking a break to do enjoy turkey, egg-nog and time off, so this is the last hottie of 2009.  Skeptics have told me that their favorite global hottie is Scarlett Johansson, and who am I to disagree?  Here, then is a double helping of the delightful Ms. Johansson.  Merry Christmas.



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