The Cost of Going Green

Will be hunger for many, starvation for some, as food costs increase.

"At the centre of the imminent food catastrophe is corn – the main staple of the ethanol industry. The price of corn has risen about 44% over the past 15 months, closing at US$4.66 a bushel on the CBOT yesterday – its best finish since June 1996" (Read the full Financial Post article)

Ethanol is the greenahadeen choice to replace much of the developed world’s oil consumption.  Except it comes at a high price.  It was almost a year ago that Mexicans were protesting in the streets in the ‘tortilla riots’ – caused by the increasing price of a diet staple.  Only 3 months ago Italians were in the streets protesting pasta prices.

The World Food Program is concerned:

Food prices "are an incredible concern for us at the moment" says WFP spokesman Robin Lodge. "The same dollars don’t buy the same amount of food as they used to," and donations to the agency are flat… But we are now about as tight as we can get, so unless donations go up there is no doubt about it, we will have to reconsider who we are feeding and the rations" says Mr. Lodge. "There is no other way around it." (emphasis mine, source here)

People are paying more for food, and if Italians and Mexicans have noticed and taken to the streets, how bad do you suppose it will be in Africa?

The man-made global warming hoax is about to trigger a very real and tragically high body count – in the immediate future, not ‘some time in the future’.  It’s time to stop listening to the ‘consensus’ of ‘settled science’ about an inflated and inevitable change in our planetary environment and time to start dealing with real problems, right now.