Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Aug. 21st 2009

This week British kids wear eco-uniforms, polar bears refuse to drown and greens celebrate their efforts to make our lights go out.

It’s high summer so crank up the air conditioner and open a window to fight global warming as you dive into the fascinating depths of the weekly round-up.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

It’s summertime, so Al has been pretty quiet in the past week, but he did find some time to open up a new Repower Tennessee office.  Considering the size of his own power bill, it’s likely that the state needs repowering.

The Goreacle and his global warming acolytes have been rudely shoved to the back of the news cycle by the current bunfight over health care reform, but Al knows how to grab a headline.  He floated the idea of holding his own townhall meetings to promote his ‘climate crisis’.

Al supports the push toward a new ‘.eco’ domain, but that effort has turned messy and green groups are fighting each other for the right to sell the names.  It’s almost as if this had something to do with profit rather than the more altruistic goal of saving the planet.  Surely not?

can anyone explain why it's not green?  anyone?
can anyone explain why it's not green? anyone?

One lefty writer called Leonard Pitts used a quote from Al Gore as a way to illustrate that opponents of health care are using scaremongering tactics to frighten people away from reform.  I guess he missed this less convenient quote from Al:

“I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it (global warming) is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are.”

If you’re confused, remember that using scaremongering tactics to promote the global warming hoax is approved, but use of the same to oppose health care reform is verboten.  Clear enough?

Canuckian Hippie David Suzuki has decided he’s suddenly interested in the state of the Canadian mining industry, but only because some firms are willing to say publicly that they ‘believe’ global warming is affecting them. Three short years ago, miners were the climate enemy, but Suzuki’s such an alarmist that he’ll cozy up to anyone that might have a buck for him.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

In Europe, manufacturers are worried that science has been labeled a ‘force of evil’ by eco-religion nutjobs, and that has made the transition of research to innovation slower and more expensive.  Greens the new Luddites, but with less fun.

French wine makers whine that Scotland might become the future of wine.  For once, I have to agree with the French, Scotland is no place for wine to be made.  One word: haggis.

While we’re talking about the French, Senator John Kerry decided (incorrectly) that global warming is a matter of national security.  Unfortunately for Kerry the expression ‘man-caused disasters’ is already taken.

The Audubon Society knows how to throw an event, take a look at this grassroots movement of, err, 35 people.  Is that the sound of a deflating hoax I can hear in the background?

Some unfortunate British moppets will be packed off to school wearing eco-uniforms.  I’m not kidding.

a completely random image of British school uniforms
just a random image of British school uniforms

The Climatic Research Unit (CRU) is a top-notch collection of shiny-minded boffins that crunch the raw data that underlies pretty much all climate science.  Unfortunately, they’ve either lost or deleted all the information, making it impossible for pesky scientists to check their data.  Of course, the CRU geniuses couldn’t have made any mistakes, they’re not the types to make careless errors.  Oh, wait.

The fine minds at Queen’s University Belfast, the world’s foremost repository of tree-ring data, very probably feels very superior to the hapless CRU crew, because they haven’t lost or deleted any data.  They just refuse to share it.

Michael Mann has returned to the front of the climate news pages with a brand new hockey stick.  Mann says Atlantic hurricanes are more frequent than at any time in 1,000 years.  He’s exaggerating, of course, he’s Michael Mann.

The frequent embarrassments suffered by weather hysterics in their effort to secure funding warn us about global warming has one warmist crying about the ineptness of the headline grabbers.  He wonders where the climate change A-Team is, but I have bad news for Mr. Fuller.  The A-Team were able to empty automatic weapons at their enemies, but never hit their targets.  Ever.  Maybe look for a better metaphor, genius.

Oh noes, man was lighting fires way earlier than thought, meaning that we’re even more guilty for causing global warming.

Early man used fire to survive.  Inconsiderate bastards.
Early man used fire to survive. Selfish bastards

The Economist used to be a serious publication.  Note the past tense.  More in a separate post here.

A scaremonger coins a new phrase for skeptics, ‘deceivers’. The ‘fraidy person, one Amy Hoyt Bennett of the Citizens Climate Lobby spends most of her time trying to conflate those of us not buying the end of the world hype with people who question Obama’s nationality.  Let’s be clear, there is one overwhelming fact that supports Obama’s natural born citizenship and debunks ‘birther’ claims.  Hillary.  Face it, if there had been anything about his birth place, Clinton would have used it to stop Obama, no question.

Quick question, is Obama reading Bjorn Lomborg’s stuff? Does Bjorn know?  Is Benny jealous?  So many questions.

A scientist from a country even emptier than Canada worries about more people arriving.  This is just another iteration of the anti-human push so common to the green movement, but for a more egregious example, take a peek at the video at Gore Lied.  Warning, watching it might cause nausea, what he is discussing edges close to genocide.

Ever wondered what hippies want kids to eat for lunch?  Me either, but here is an example anyway:

Anchovy, Goat Cheese and Romaine Salad
8 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon kosher salt
40 anchovy fillets — rinsed and chopped
6 ounces red wine vinegar
1 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon black pepper
6 heads romaine lettuce — rinsed and coarsely chopped
12 ounces fresh goat cheese — crumbled
1 cup red onion — minced

Suddenly, even peanut butter sounds good about now.

The over-caffeinated hippies that populate Seattle have voted against a 20c tax on plastic bags, proving that there is, in fact, hope for the rest of us.  Next perhaps, San Franciscans will want to rejoin America.

Australia has a territory called New South Wales.  I don’t know why it’s called that, I’ve been to the real South Wales and while I’d agree it could be improved on, I can’t think that anyone missed it so much they’d name a great big swath of Australia after it.  But I digress.  NSW’s premier, Nathan Rees, is an idiot.  He compared global warming skeptics to Nazi appeasers.  Two words Mr. Rees, Godwin’s Law.  We win.

Another idiot Premier is Dalton McGuinty, leader of Canada’s most populace province, Ontario.  McGuinty suffered a flooded basement after a storm, and immediately declared it a sign of global warming.  Dumber than a bag of hammers, much?

Florida residents face a 30% increase in power costs because the system is maxed out.  Of course, there isn’t enough power because greens block every effort to build new generating capacity.  The Sierra Club is proud of costing people lots of money, and Friends of the Earth celebrated their role in ‘killing’ nuclear power in 1995.  In case any lefty is still unclear about how to wreck people’s lives, Salon has the answers.

Greenpeace, the eco-terrorist organization, has admitted lying about disappearing Arctic Ice.  Video at the link.

Other endangered lions (har-har) live in Kenya, where global warming will kill them off.  Add lions to the list.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

The US Senate is trying to block efforts by two finance giants to control the trade part of ‘cap and trade’.  How fast will Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan lose interest in promoting the global warming scam if they can’t monetize it?

Aussie politico Nick Munchkin(?) nails the government’s attempt at cap and tax.

Nuclear power should be the future first choice for clean energy, but the greens gave it a bad rap and now it’s an uphill struggle to do what should be obvious.  You can read a good summary of Ontario’s nuclear woes here, it’s not the must-read, but it’s recommended.  I’ve suddenly decided to use a green font for each week’s recommended link.  If I spoil you any more you’ll want me to read it for you too.

The American Physics Society is still infighting about its official policy on global warming.  As if we care what Phys-Ed teachers think.

UN climate officials are lamenting that December’s Copenhagen Hopenchangen conference might result in no progress.  But don’t dare suggest that perhaps they could do the planet some good by not bothering, because we’re all going to die if they don’t.

Watch Danny Kaye – Wonderful Copenhagen in Entertainment |  View More Free Videos Online at

It’s the Sun, stupid.

Richard Lindzen, a smart fella from MIT, writes that CO2 has, um, nothing to do with climate change.  Inconvenient truth?  Youbetcha.

Hey, remember midnight December 31st 1999, when all the planes fell out of the sky and the power went out and the world exploded?  Yeah, global warming’s like that.

The film makers behind Not evil Just Wrong are interviewed by Captain Ed, on video at the link.

Here is your must-read link, an essay by Alan Caruba on the insanity of cap and trade.  If you’re uncertain on the merits of the arguments, read this and be educamated.

Polar bears, still not dead.

an inconveniently good swimmer
an inconveniently good swimmer

The Northwest Passage, not exactly passagey, as it turns out.

Government General Motors weighs in the comments on a post questioning the veracity of claims about the Volt’s mpg.

Drive an ethanol powered vehicle?  Still feeling good about it? Really?

The Waxman-Malarkey Bill could die on the altar of health care reform, at least one Democrat thinks so.  I like the way Blanche thinks.

** Some links have been dropped from the originally post Part Three because of some misunderstanding on who said what to whom and when and on what planet.  I’ll plug them into next week’s edition if it gets sorted out.  Or not.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Let’s go to Togo and find out about energy leap frogging.  It’s not a bad idea, but how about mo’ nukes and less windmills?

Fast forward 10 years, when lefties will fill the streets chanting ‘no blood for lithium’.

The world’s news organizations are less curious about things than my average cat is about the welfare of next door’s dog.  Are they biased in coverage of global warming stories?  Only if you think the ratio 1264 to 1 is unbalanced.  The BBC gets blasted for their ignorance.

The demise of dark energy is good news for science.

does dark matter?
does dark matter?

Germany might be headed for the energy graveyard, but that’s not a good enough reason for Aussies not to want to do exactly the same thing.

The Chevy Volt will be sold for around $40k.  Math can be cruel.

The UK bureaucrats in charge of global warming efforts like their AC.  Good luck trying to reject their interference in daily life because it’s noisy and the ‘wrong breeze’ at your home.

The Obama administrations Weatherization Assistance Program, is falling apart with gross inefficiencies:

With $400 million, New York state intends to repair 45,000 units, or nearly $9,000 a home.   A typical private contractor will charge $1,000 to knock off 10 percent to 15 percent off your heating bill.   The government’s higher costs are supposedly justified by a promise of energy savings of around 23 percent. But that turns out to be a completely imaginary number.

New York Times, meet the US Navy.

It’s time to drop the alarmism.  Wishful thinking at the Whig.

Part Five: Global Hottie

This week’s hottie is an actress, apparently.  I can’t say that she’s ever been in a movie I’ve seen, but she has a long list of credits at IMDB and who am I to argue with them?  One thing I do know, our hottie this week is a bona-fide green girl who describes herself as borderline OCD about recycling.  That’s plenty good enough to qualify for the global hottie spot, and she’s easy on the eye too.  Doubleplusgood.

Skeptics, welcome Miss Rachael Leigh Cook to the Round-Up:

click me
click me

That’s all you’re getting this week.  Happy weekending.

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  1. Dot-ECO: “can anyone explain why it’s not green? anyone?”

    Uh, because it is the logo for natural gas heating? No, wait, that can’t be right…

    NY-Fed weatherisation: “You just have to sign up with a local community-action group, which will send over workers to do the repairs.”

    Gosh. What is that thing fom which mighty oafs – er, oaks – grow? Apple? Absinthe?

    1. The logos are pretty close John A, good catch.

      I was thinking about Goose eggs, big fat zero’s…

  2. Dot-ECO: “can anyone explain why it’s not green? anyone?”

    Uh, because it is the logo for natural gas heating? No, wait, that can’t be right…

    NY-Fed weatherisation: “You just have to sign up with a local community-action group, which will send over workers to do the repairs.”

    Gosh. What is that thing fom which mighty oafs – er, oaks – grow? Apple? Absinthe?

    1. The logos are pretty close John A, good catch.

      I was thinking about Goose eggs, big fat zero’s…

  3. Dumb as a bag of hammers doesn’t even begin to describe mcguinty. But stupid people elect stupid leaders, i guess.

  4. Dumb as a bag of hammers doesn’t even begin to describe mcguinty. But stupid people elect stupid leaders, i guess.

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