Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Aug.14th 2009

In this week’s round-up you can learn about the Green Guilt-o-meter, the mortal enemy of the biosphere and how much fun it’s possible to have with alliteration and Richard Branson.

Last week Magnus at Klimathot called me a Skeptikerpunk.  Thanks Magnus, I think.

Become beveraged, citizens, for it all starts here…

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Pity the poor Goreacle.  His climate crisis is all but forgotten as America erupts over Obamacare, yet still he blogs from his lonely mansion, desperately hoping to mobilize the two or three people that remember Waxman-Malarkey.

Another tough break for Al is that a couple of Irish folk have set a release date for their little film ‘Not Evil, Just Wrong’, which promises to be An Inconvenient Truth about An Inconvenient Truth, if you know what I mean.  And I think you do.

Al looms large over Africa
Al looms large over Africa

The Weekly Round-Up is unkind to Al Gore several times a week, and sometimes we (almost) feel bad about it.  So let’s take time to celebrate an anniversary with Al.  Summer 2009 is the 20th Anniversary of the first time we were warned we only had 10 years to fix global warming.  Happy Annniversary, Jim and Al.

OK, enough empathy, on with the mocking.  Al has a new green initiative.  It’s green (of course) and looks like grassroots.  But, look a little closer and it’s clear that Al is endorsing some pretty un-American activity.

The .eco domain might be all over the Interwebs if Al and some of his friends have their way.  I indicated last week was a good idea because then we’d have a place to store the cyber-hippies.  Not all greens think the .eco is a good idea, they don’t want to ‘ghetto-ize Green‘.   One quick aside to greens – you might want to rethink the label ‘ghetto‘. Together with the free abuse of label ‘denier’ it’s beginning to look like you’ve got a nasty underlying problem.

Canuckian fruit-fly expert David Suzuki is a tool.  Or something.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Global warming scaremongers are having a tough time persuading anyone except society’s most gullible that there is anything to their ‘climate crisis’. So they have decided that everyone that doesn’t believe the AGW hoax must be nuts.  Literally.  Yes, that means you, and me.

Another week, another Greenpeace eco-terrorist headed to jail.  Happy days.

Conservationists don’t like culls.  Last week they had a problem with Australia carpet-boming camels and this week the Swiss are under scrutiny for allowing a wolf cull.  Perhaps the Greens thought the Swiss were going to cull people who cried wolf?

Wikipedia has long been in the tank for global warming, and even has a full-time alarmist ensuring that no dissent spoils the propaganda.  This week saw another inconvenient Wiki targetted for destruction.

British bubbly blonde billionaire Branson begs forgiveness for his green sins and promises to do better.  There’s no mention of Virgin Galactic using coconuts to get into orbit, but he does tell the world about his green ‘conversion’:

Al Gore is responsible for his conversion. In 2006 the former vice-president of America visited Branson’s house in west London a few months before the release of his film, An Inconvenient Truth, and delivered the film’s lecture personally. Branson was so alarmed that he became an immediate convert.

Sir Dick tests a green launch platform
Sir Dick tests a green launch platform

For less rich green fanatics, a new gadget is available to ensure you never forget how much you’re killing Gaia.  The wearable carbon credit meter is the new green guilt-o-meter.  Get yours today!

Brazilians have a great idea for alarmists to save the planet – pee in the shower.  Never mind that graywater becomes blackwater and needs more treatment, or that the increase in domestic bleach sales might offset the goodness from whizzing in the rain, if it feels good, do it.

The UNIPCC, a group known to promote climate alarmism from time to time all the time, is considering that perhaps pesky science isn’t persuading people.  So they might have to go political for the 2014 report.  Hahahaha – thump.  Yes, I just laughed my ass off.

Britain is facing a crisis, but it’s not global temperature related, they are running out of energy.  Really.  Meanwhile the Sierra Club is  boasting about preventing 100 power stations in the USA.  How long before that boast comes back to bite them?

You have to see this to believe the awfulness of it.  Gore Lied has the trailer for Val Kilmer’s new film in which global warming is the villain.  Is anyone awake in Hollywood?  Hello?

Until recently most items from the New York Times would belong in Part 4.  Not anymore, the NYT has gone full scaremonger and Morano has the details.

Some scientists work hard to get their research right, and some are scumbags.  Roger Jr. encountered the latter, and why yes, they are scaremongers.

Tennessee Valley [power] Authority to customers: All your appliances are belong to us.

Some green joyriders campaigners receive criticism.  From other green campaigners.  Pass the popcorn:

Leading environment expert Kevin Smith, of Carbon Trade Watch, warned: “How can they travel all the way to these communities in Africa and South America to warn them of the dangers of climate change?
“These places probably have a neglible carbon footprint and yet we’re pitching up in a 12-mile-to-the-gallon Land Rover to tell them to do more – I couldn’t think of anything more hypocritical.”

How much will ‘fixing’ global warming cost?  Depends who you ask, and which way the wind is blowing.

Obama’s climate czar isn’t sure whether or not climate ‘deniers’ should be tried for crimes against humanity.  He’s willing to let the lawyers sort that one out.  You might remember that some think that it’s Al Gore who needs to be tried.

Green activists insisted that GE clean up the Hudson, and so they did.  Too bad they made the situation worse.  Forgive them Gaia, they don’t have a clue.

A clean Hudson
A clean Hudson

Warmists are the ‘mortal enemies of the biosphere’.

The WWF is delighted to have discovered 350 new species because they can immediately declare them all doomed by global warming.

We live in turbulent times and it’s true to say that some people are more sensitive to global warming than others.  But Michigan Senator Stabenow takes the prize:

“Global warming creates volatility. I feel it when I’m flying.”

Save the polar bears, get them off the ice and into zoos.  It’s the only thing that will save them.

Let’s finish off the scaremongers section with a look at emo-alarmist Joe Romm.  You’ll remember that romm is the all-upset-all-the-time sworn enemy of Marc Morano and the hysteric behind the Climate Progress blog.  Well Joltin’ Joe had quite a week, he banned an IPCC scientist from his blog, declined a debate with Roger Jr. and, finally, was taken to the woodshed by Thomas Fuller.  If you check out the first link, see how many people Romm has either banned or redacted in the comments, he’s more dedicated to censorship than global warming.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Britain is building lots of wind farms, which considering the problems facing the country’s energy future (see Part 2 above)  is as useful as rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.  Also, buying wind generated power is going to cost a lot of green.

CO2, or plant food as it used to be known before Al Gore made it public enemy #1, is finally vindicated from it’s role as an ice age killer.  Apparently it’s all about a large yellow ball and a wobble.  Really.

The Waxman-Malarkey Bill was given a warning by 10 Democrat Senators, which makes it very unlikely to pass.  You can guarantee there are more than a few congress critters wishing they could turn back the clock now they are forced to face ‘mobs’ of angry constituents.

More green on green action this week over the giant bird blenders so beloved of the warmists.  If an oil company killed this many birds, I wonder what the greens would say.  Oh, wait.  I remember.

More on the useless fans that shred rare birds. It’s this week must-read link, because you have to remind yourself that the people in favor of these spinning death machines are the environmentalists.

Global warming opened up the Northwest Passage.  Oh, wait, nevermind.

Oh noes, the great Australian camel cull is a carbon disaster.

camels, the only thing naturally uglier than Janeane Garofalo
camels, the only thing naturally uglier than Janeane Garofalo

The drama in Australia reached fever pitch as the ‘day of reckoning’ for the ETS carbon scheme headed to the Senate.  Sadly for the warmists, their day of reckoning did arrive and they lost the vote.

Nothing pleases a skeptic like me more than finding an example of a green thing exploding.  So, enjoy. Here’s another, just because:


Does global warming cause more tropical storms, or does better technology mean we spot more storms? Chicken, meet egg.

It’s the Sun, stupid.

Algore said that the sea would rise 20′ and much of the world would be submerged.  How inconvenient that sea levels in the South pacific have been, um, stable for over ten years.

The Chevy Volt’s stunning 230mpg.  Too good to be true?  Related – why the Volt is already beat.

20 years ago global warming muppet Jim Hanson told the world that we had only 10 years to heal the planet.  The UN’s top dog is upping the ante and says that we now have 4 months or we’re doomed.  But the Volt isn’t even released until the 2011 model year!  No fair.

Ban Ki-Moon's Christmas
Ban Ki-Moon's Christmas

Newsflash for scaremongers and anyone else paying attention, fixing global warming will cost over $300 billion a year:

According to his estimate 200 billion dollars a year is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emission and 100 billion dollars a year is necessary to adapt to climate change, such as coping with droughts and rising sea levels. That makes a total of 300 billion dollars a year from 2020.

Finally we have found a man that makes President Obama look miserly.

Greens are so much fun when the unintended consequences of their activism catch them unawares when most reasonable people could see it coming a mile away.  Here’s a great one – to meet the targets in Waxman-Malarkey, America will need to double its number of nuclear power stations.  Heh.

Is global temperature like a typical round of golf?

Some people are just so negative you want to spit.  Like the guys railing on about the ineffectiveness of cap and trade; you’d think they invented it or something.  Oh, wait, they did?.

Ever wondered about why the Himalayan glaciers were melting?  You’re not alone, surprisingly.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The models are wrong – which is really inconvenient for weather hysterics.

Ireland set a new record for Wind.  Stop chortling, you know what I meant.


Americans care less and less about global warming with every poll.  Awkward for Democrats who voted for the cap and bend over Bill.

If you want to go green, you probably shouldn’t do it on anything you buy at Wal-Mart.  (Thanks to reader Alberta Ranter for the tip)

A fellow called Prof. David Mayne Reid is taken outside for a shellacking by an IPCC reviewer who says that people know politics when they see it.

Bring out your dead… refridgerators.  Cash for aged white goods, you know it makes sense.

Save the planet, stop breeding.  Lefties, I’m talking to you.

Florida’s Governor puts down the climate hoax and backs away slowly…

Green jobs you can believe in – the climate bill will cost 2 million jobs.

The UK’s green energy plan will only cost 17 times more than the benefits it brings.

The BBC spends $1 million a year on… bottled water.  Eco-Sinners!

Wind turbine manufacturers Vestas got its Isle of Wight factory back, so now they can close it.  Because they don’t have enough orders.


Part Five: Global Hottie

This week’s hottie is brought to you by request from fellow blogger Magnus at Klimathot.  He might talk funny, but he knows a hottie when he sees one, which is why this week you get two (count ’em) pictures of Ms. Jessica Alba.  I so spoil you.

I got nothing
I got nothing

..and because it’s summer and it’s warm and I’m in a good mood, your bonus pic:

click.  you know you want to.
click. you know you want to.

Here endeth the weekly round-up.  Thanks for reading, enjoy a safe and happy weekend.

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