Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Aug. 7th 2009

Another week draws to a close, which means another weekly round-up.  Discover Greenwich’s dirty secret, Australia’s war on camels, what makes this the best time to be a skeptic and why Americans should pay attention to Spaniards.

And don’t miss the bubbly goodness in Part Five.  Grab your liquid of choice and dig in to the wonder that is the GWHWRU…

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore, the Tennessee titan of global warming, the savior of the scared and profiteer prophet to the pandering masses, has a problem.  Mother Nature isn’t cooperating with the agenda.  Apparently the halls of Gore Manor echo with cries of frustration, but enough of hanging chads.

Preferring to ignore the cold outside, Al has been spreading the only green that matters around Washington to push the ‘climate crisis’ to his political chums.  Al forgot to disclose any of his lobbying efforts when he testified in front of the Waxman-Malarkey panel, but hey, he’s a Democrat and that’s how they roll.  These days at least.

Many people have noticed that Al likes the limelight but prefers leaving the heavy lifting to others.  Al’s reluctance to get physical was demonstrated this week as his old boss trudged to visit the King of the Norks to rescue Al’s Current employees.  Now that the whole mess is safely over, Al finally gets around to mentioning the names of his employees.

John Kerry, he of the long face, is famous for getting his arse handed to him by George Bush in an election.  Just like Al.  No wonder then that that the losers stick together.  It’s like AV club all over again for Al and JK.  Al applauds this nonsense from Kerry:

“…a handshake between Nixon and Chinese premier Zhou Enlai was enough to change the world. Today, the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter and history’s biggest emitter, China and America, must change the world again – and nothing less than a transformation of the energy economy will suffice.”

John and Al go antiquing
John and Al go antiquing

For the Goreacle, allowing minion ex-bosses and fellow election losers to cover the hard stuff leaves him free to get after the big fish, like campaigning for a .eco domain.  While you might expect me to mock this effort, in fact I have to support it.  Because .eco would become the Internet equivalent of California – and we’d know where to find all the nuts.  Nice and tidy.

Conflicts of interest and Al Gore? :

Gore and other members of the Copenhagen Climate Council, including the world’s largest producer of wind turbines, Vestas, present their demands for carbon-trading schemes as altruistic efforts to clean up the planet. In truth, these green-leaning profit-making machines stand to gain significantly if the activities of their less green competitors are hampered by government demands.

Followers of Canada’s David Suzuki, the fruit-fly geneticist turned eco-totalitarian, are taken to the proverbial woodshed by a letter writer from rural Ottawa valley.  That’s like Canada’s ‘deliverance’ country, or something.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Pesky Great Lakes keeping filling up instead of evaporating away like they’re supposed to.  See Al Gore and Mother Nature, above.

Greens in Greenwich are seeing red over the yellow decision of a housing authority to ban clothes lines.  Expect noisy moonbats demanding Greenwich be transnomered into Denierwich.

The truth about climate change through historyAlso this week’s must read, because a lot of work went into that post.

Climate change causes Javan ceilings to fall down.  Add it to The List.

The New York Times was, apparently, a once-respected newspaper.  Not so much any more, as they toe the global warmist line.

Alarmists like to pretend that the Sun has nothing to do with global warming, it’s all about an evil trace gas that feeds trees and plants and contains a common Element essential to life on Earth.  Al said so, it was in a movie and everything.  Strike me down then when alarmists figure out they can use the Sun to explain… cooling. You can’t make this stuff up.


John McCain, the 3rd election loser to be mentioned in this weeks round-up, has decided that Waxman-Malarkey is a farce.  Not for the right reasons, but a farce nonetheless:

“They bought every industry off—steel mills, agriculture, utilities…. I would not only not vote for it. I am opposed to it entirely, because it does damage to those of us who believe that we need to act in a rational fashion about climate change.”

Geez, I forget, why did he lose the Republican base again?

More Greenpeace terrorists might be off to jail.  Perhaps they’ll all be behind bars making their aquaintance with Tiny, the cell block’s 300lb romantic.  Say, is that green soap on the shower floor?

California is on the economic ropes, and another 1,000 jobs have been killed off by alarmists.  Note, California is in the hole because of lawsuits like this; it’s a feature, not a bug.

Many global warming scaremongers are less concerned with the state of the planet than they are with the number of people on it.  How perfect then that they recommend having one less kid to ‘save the planet’. Parents have until noon next Tuesday to pick out their least favorite.

When weathermen attack.  A Denver weather genius, Dan Satterfield, used Twitter to attack a viewer for not adhering to the approved opinion on global warming.

Men behaving badly: scaremongers in the Arctic eat whales and dump in the ocean.

Shamu's on the menu
Shamu's on the menu

Weather man and high-profile skeptic Anthony Watt’s recounts his recent encounter with illiterate moonbats.  Fun times.

Jennifer Marohasy ponders the age-old question: who’s a climate scientist? Of course it all depends on which science they talk about, the nonsense or the inconvenient truth.

Pesky farmers, pretending they understand nature and the weather and denying the global warming scam.

Ann won’t drink with hippies.  And who can blame her, really?

Kofi Annan, ex-Godfather of the UNMAFIA, has apparently never heard of Al Gore:

Today, millions of people are already suffering because of climate change,” said Kofi Annan, President of the Global Humanitarian Forum, a tcktcktck founding partner. “Although developing countries did not cause the climate crisis, poor nations are suffering the most as unpredictable weather patterns and the increase in natural disasters affects access to food, water and shelter. We must end the deathly silence around this crisis because it is a major impediment for international action. Those helping raise awareness of the crisis through journalism should be praised for doing so, especially as December’s international climate talks in Copenhagen approach.”

Erin Burnett has labeled Aussie Prime Minister a ‘serial-killer’.  She’s got the hump because Rudd has launched air-strikes against… camels. Feral camels are a problem, or so says Rudd.  Burnett is a camel fancier and opposes bombing dromedaries.  Me, I love the smell of burning camel in the morning.

"now get over there and sink that ship of the desert, son"
now get over there and sink that ship of the desert

Let’s stick with the land down under for a while, a lot’s been happening there this week. Simon has a rogue’s gallery of scaremongering writers for you to read.

In an Antipodean clash of victim groups, global warmers faced off with Aborigines over river use.  The greens were called fascists by the aborigines and they in turn were called… indigenous people.  Strike 1 for the Abo’s.  What makes this stuff so entertaining is that in leftworld a victim hierachy exists: for instance black beats white, gay beats straight etc.  ‘Indigenous people’ trumps everything except a vertically  challenged blacktino transgendered single-parent with HIV and a limp, so there is no way for the greens to win this fight.  Heh.

You knew that sooner or later the war on warmth would turn ugly.  Skeptics of the world, I give you… baby emissions.  The anti-human depopulation cult is demonizing babies for their cholicy emissions.  The answer, of course, is less kids.  Fortunately fewer children won’t be a problem if Obama’s cap and trade takes out millions of acres of farmland. If that happens the only choice will be which kid do you eat first?

Kevin Rudd, again.  This time he blames tectonic plate activity on carbon dioxide.  He should stick to bombing camels.

Businessmen or thieving parasites? I link, You decide.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

The US Government expanded it’s cash for clunkers program in an effort to stimulate car sales, or save car companies, or help car dealers, or save the planet.  Insert your own dysfunctional reason for paying people to scrap perfectly usable vehicles here.  Unfortunately the part about saving the planet.. yeah, not so much.  More on the not-so-recyclable clunkers.

Climate scaremongers would have you believe that science is all about ‘consensus’.  It’s about no such thing, of course, unless you are one of the lefty sheeple, in which case following the dear leader is how you roll.  Awkward for lefties then, that the consensus is crumbling down around their ears.  In Germany no less, where the extreme left was quite fond of following populist leaders without much thought of the consequences.

Local authorities in the UK are pushing back against the tide of wind farms, and those that thought they were onto an easy way to earn some green cash are mighty upset about it.

bird blenders
bird blenders

Tropical storms were going to destroy America, or so Al said.  Once again, Gore sounds the alarm and Mother Nature takes a nap.  Oh, it’s cold in Nashville too.

Obama’s health care reform is in trouble.  Americans all over the country are attending town halls to decry the socialization of their medical system and Obama is spending a lot of political capital to keep it alive.  So much so that the Waxman -Malarky cap and trade may be sacrificed.  Win-win, anyone?

Hey, this guy says it’s the best of times for skeptics.  I’m not going to disagree when the Weekly Round-Up is more popular than ever with each passing week.  (Thanks, by the way)

Kevin Rudd (again?) sort of admitted that 50,000 new green jobs weren’t actually new.  Or jobs.  Awkward.  Just a thought for my Aussie readers, but allowing a man called Kevin to be PM?  Kev’s should be driving a ’94 Ford Escort with fluffy dice, not running a country.  And before you get all sniffy, Canada has a Stephen, so we’re no better.  To any readers named Kevin or Stephen, sorry about your luck, just kidding.

In the US, it might not be long before President Obama makes a similar admission about green jobs.  Not that the media would cover it.

nice slogan, shame about the reality
nice slogan, shame about the reality

Global warming has failed the scientific test. A good read, but Mr. Coleman is surely mistaken when he thinks global warming had anything to do with science.

Oh noes, it’s the Sun, stupid.

Stop the rise of the evil Pine tree, reduce your carbon emissions now!

A physicist claims that “Real evidence that man caused it [AGW] via greenhouse gases is completely missing.” Ouch.

You know alarmists are in trouble when the Daily Camera starts writing stuff like this:

Putting the CO2 paranoia more in perspective, 2 percent of the atmosphere is greenhouse gases, of which CO2 represents only 3.6 percent. Of this, about 3.4 percent may be attributed to human activity, meaning that only 0.0024 percent of the atmosphere is affected by human-generated CO2. The United States only contributes about 22 percent of CO2 generated by the world’s population, meaning that even if we totally eliminated all human-generated CO2 in America, it would only have a 0.00053 percent effect on the Earth’s atmosphere!

Cash for clunkers is not the only waste of good money happening in the USA – don’t forget the smart meter program.  At the low, low cost of only $15,000 per house, you too can replace a perfectly good energy meter with another one.  Thanks, taxpayers.

meter this
meter this

Experts, or vested interests? Read and discover, my friends.

Part Four: AGW in the News

An article about solar updraft towers. Not from a newspaper, but interesting anyway.

India and China tell the global warmers where to put their emissions caps.  If only pesky poor people would remember to be grateful for the aid the lefties send, instead of insisting on economic growth and development.

Governments around the world are forcing citizens to use mercury toxic-bombs for lightbulbs.  Inconveniently, LED’s are better.

Is nuclear power renewable? You know the world is in trouble when that question is taken seriously.  Hint: we need the power, it’s safe, clean and whether or not it’s renewable is irrelevant.

happiness is nukes
happiness is nukes

Chris Horner, in the anti-green corner lays the smack down on a gov’mint science spokeshead.

Good news for hippies into S&M: handcuff depot has a new green line.

The New York Times makes up the news it can’t find.

A Pacific coast solar plant might cost a bit more than estimated.  Like 7.5 times more.  Alternative energy we can believe in!

Kimberley-Clark, the industrial paper giant, has folded (sorry) under pressure from eco-terror group Greenpeace.  Pass the Kleenex, it’s a sad story of the new shakedown.

ABC (the Oz version) didn’t much care for a lukewarm response an interviewee gave about global warming.  So they asked him again, and got a ‘better’ answer.  That’s media coverage you can count on, right there.

Americans, read about your future today as Europe’s green ideas fall apart:

Take Spain, whose experiments with clean-energy subsidies—especially for solar power—created a bubble with nearly disastrous consequences for the global solar industry.

What happened? Sunny Spain didn’t have a lot of solar power. The government decided to increase the subsidies for solar power, just as other countries such as Germany were dialing back their own support. Under Spanish law, solar-powered electricity was five times as valuable as coal-fired electricity—and those returns were guaranteed by law.

The result? Solar power exploded in Spain last year, and small developers installed more than 3,000 megawatts. Investing in solar-power projects was a no-brainer from a financial point of view.

The problem was that the 30,000 solar-power projects installed last year didn’t actually provide much electricity—but cost the government more than $1.4 billion. The rapid growth of solar power also made life more difficult for the folks that run Spain’s power grid.

In response, the Spanish government drastically cut subsidies and put a ceiling on solar installations, essentially freezing the market. All the solar-power companies who’d built factories to supply the exploding market found themselves without customers—and that included manufacturers as far away as Germany and China. Ever since, the global solar sector has been singing the blues.


Part Five: Global Hottie

This week we welcome a perennial favorite hottie back into the (center) fold.  She’s not been in the news much, isn’t particularly green and has supported the troops, which makes he OK in my book.  Also making her OK in my book, steaming hotness.

Skeptics, you’ve done a lot of reading to get here, and your clicky finger might be tired, but just one more click will bring cork-popping delight to wrap up this edition of the round-up.

yeah, I know...
yeah, I know...

Thanks for reading, enjoy a safe and happy weekend.

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    1. It’s tough to argue with a recommendation like this one, Magnus. Jessica will appear as a hottie again soon, I promise.

    1. It’s tough to argue with a recommendation like this one, Magnus. Jessica will appear as a hottie again soon, I promise.

  1. Hahahah another great round up. Good call on the nuclear shout out. Its about time the government looked at this solution. Good call keep poking!!!!!

    For those who support nuclear in Canada go and sign the petition here.

  2. Hahahah another great round up. Good call on the nuclear shout out. Its about time the government looked at this solution. Good call keep poking!!!!!

    For those who support nuclear in Canada go and sign the petition here.

  3. Absolutely loved the comic on drilling core samples! I was wondering this last winter if drilling all those holes doesn’t have an impact – and they can’t seem to get enough of them. It’s the same with all the eco-tourism and setting out buoys to measure ocean temperature. I don’t think they’ve taken their own contributions into consideration.

  4. Absolutely loved the comic on drilling core samples! I was wondering this last winter if drilling all those holes doesn’t have an impact – and they can’t seem to get enough of them. It’s the same with all the eco-tourism and setting out buoys to measure ocean temperature. I don’t think they’ve taken their own contributions into consideration.

  5. Ha. Love the caption under Scarlett’s pic. That made me laugh! I get the joke. Keep poking the warmists, DB!

  6. Ha. Love the caption under Scarlett’s pic. That made me laugh! I get the joke. Keep poking the warmists, DB!

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