Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, July 31st 2009

It’s been a couple of weeks since you were rounded-up, so pay attention.

The climate crisis is the only crisis in history to have an identity crisis – find out the new and improved official name for Gaia’s impending fiery death and much, much more in this week’s round-up.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore was recently in Australia, the land down under.  He took time to meet with 1,000 activists, business leaders and scientists to launch something he likes to call Safe Climate Australia.  Frankly, on a continent that has as many natural deadly creatures as Australia, the climate is pretty much a non-issue.  Seriously, A Taipan snake, or some warm weather?  You figure it out.

zombie steve and a taipan snake
zombie steve and a taipan snake

Al failed to meet with Aussie Senator Fielding, a recent convert to the skeptic camp, but he did have time to meet Gimli from the Lord of the Rings, which was nice  (you’ll need to click to get the jape).

The Goreacle was so excited by a magazine article that he blogged about it.  Unfortunately the article that Al found so stimulating didn’t start “Dear Penthouse..”, but it did contain alarmist pr0n:

“Picture the scene: in downtown New York City, all-electric cars glide through streets in a zero-emission transport revolution. Polluting, inefficient gasoline and diesel vehicles are nowhere to be seen – or heard. The only things getting in the way of these smooth, noiseless vehicles are the horse-drawn trams.”

Any skeptical scientist knows that their work will be discredited by Al Gore and his acolytes if they so much as accept a free glass with a tank of gas from an oil company, but green lobby money is no problem.  Just ask Al.

We’ll wrap this section with some of my favorite red meat: green on green action.  The folks at Treehugger are upset because perennial hippie and totalitarian tool David Suzuki doesn’t give reforestation a big enough bong hit of lurve as a carbon offset program.  Poor things.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Hippies all over the western world are gnashing their teeth at the news that their beloved organic foods are no better for you than regular old pesticide-sprayed produce.  So, everyone that felt good about buying a free range carrot for an extra $1 now has the right to feel entirely ripped off.  It’s the green way, don’t blame yourself.

My favorite green scaremonger, Prince Charles, is taken to the wood shed by one Jim Delingpole.  You’d think that a royal weenie famous for talking to plants would know what they like to eat, but I guess those ears are for decoration, not listening.

Chuckles inspects a prick
Chuckles inspects a prick

Greenpeace activists were arrested in a place where the cops are called OMOH, or something.  Methinks is in Da Russki, but I could be wrong.

Prius drivers, so much more than pious hippies on a trip.

Sometimes even a grizzled old skeptic like me comes across something so full of comedy gold that you just couldnèt make it up.  This week, thanks go to World Wildlife Fund loon Tom Arnbom.  This is how the WWF treat polar bears:

The bear went away from the boat but came back again, this time with higher speed. Ola honked the boat horn – the sound blast is very loud – but the bear barely flinched. So Per-Magnus threw a sound blaster in font of the bear – the high bang surprised the bear – which stops within a metre.

In less than a second the bear runs off away from these ”unfriendly” humans who do not want to get a close contact. The bear stopped after a hundred metres and turned around, gave us a long look and then slowly wandered off to the glacier at the horizon. An encounter to remember – both for us and the bear.

Solar panel users in Colorado are fuming about as new fee they will be charged.  For not using power.  Apparently this wasnèt in the rePower America brochure.

Skeptics get to giggle as the alarmists that like to throw the ‘denier’ label around have it tagged to themselves, for political naiveté.

Famous ex-green poster boy Bjorn Lomborg takes time off from his Abba revival tour to write about the new treason:

After the narrow passage of the Waxman-Markey climate-change bill in the United States House of Representatives, Krugman said that there was no justification for a vote against it. He called virtually all of the members who voted against it, “climate deniers” who were committing “treason against the planet.”

Most journalists recognize that their careers are done when they end up with either the film reviews or the obits, but that can’t stop a NYT film guy from demonstrating his ignorance, oh no sirree.

Canucks in Space!  After taking what was presumably a totally non-carbon fueled trip into orbit, Canadian astroboy Bob Thirsk observed that the glaciers seemed smaller than the last time he took the Gaia-pounding rocket express.  He said it with a straight face too.

Emo-alarmist Joltin’ Joe Romm is back in the cross-hairs with his attempt to link climate realists with moon-landing hoaxers.  Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Joltin’ Joe also had a go at wannabe-French aristocrat John Kerry for pretending that the Waxman-Malarkey is about jobs.  My friend at Gore Lied piles on to the Joe fest with some inconvenient facts too.  Tough week.

Global warming promoters are running scared as the Summer of 2009 fails to appear and regular folks start to question the whole Al Gore circus.  The brilliant explanation for the lack of warmth is… it would be a whole lot colder if it wasn’t for global warming.  Unanswered is the fact that none of the global warmers climate models predicted a cooling period.  Awkward, much?

The AGW Hoax Train Arrives
The AGW Hoax Train Arrives

Some warmers never say die, they say re-brand!  Say hello to the new name for the only global crisis ever to have an identity crisis – ‘man-made atmosphere change’.  I call that Change we can believe in.

Teachers get their indoctrinating right from the top… the Goreacle (pbuh).

Green activists tell regular folks that if they insist on doing things bad for the planet, like living, driving, flying etc. that they can make it all better buy buying indulgences carbon offsets.  How effective are offsets? Well, California’s proposed bill to require that carbon offset vendors provide consumers with information about the environmental benefits of their programs would make 90% of current programs illegal.

Somewhere in the Twitterverse is a man called Michael Gratton.  And he’s an idiot.

The Puffington Host waded into the climate debate this week.  By now, they probably wish they hadn’t.

Alarmists wonder why the public needs facts to be so accurate all the time.  Pesky mistakes, undermining global warming’s credibility and all that.

Greenies attacked Greenie Watch and tried to have Google shut it down.  Two words, Epic fail.

Meet the new deniers – the natural climate cycle deniers.  And yes, you should read it.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Follow the Goreacle into the global warming fix and watch your economies fall into dust.  Which, for hippies, is the whole point.

Electric cars energize greens like Spinach does to Popeye.  Because there’s no oil, except Olive, of course.  Just don’t ask about the coming dependence on foreign lithium.

Olive Oyl

Green money, follow it:

  • The US government has provided over $79 billion since 1989 on policies related to climate change, including science and technology research, foreign aid, and tax breaks.
  • Despite the billions: “audits” of the science are left to unpaid volunteers. A dedicated but largely uncoordinated grassroots movement of scientists has sprung up around the globe to test the integrity of the theory and compete with a well funded highly organized climate monopoly. They have exposed major errors.
  • Carbon trading worldwide reached $126 billion in 2008. Banks are calling for more carbon-trading. And experts are predicting the carbon market will reach $2 – $10 trillion making carbon the largest single commodity traded.
  • Meanwhile in a distracting sideshow, Exxon-Mobil Corp is repeatedly attacked for paying a grand total of $23 million to skeptics—less than a thousandth of what the US government has put in, and less than one five-thousandth of the value of carbon trading in just the single year of 2008.

Alarmist hippies like to point at skeptics and demand peer-reviewed papers supporting the AGW skeptics point of view.  OK, scaremongers, would you like fries with that?

Pesky Americans, first they consider the climate crisis to be a non-issue, then they want to decide how to illuminate their own homes. Some people.

Not long ago Al Gore said that the Mayan empire fell because they ignored global warming and rode around in their gas-guzzling SUV’s, or something.  The Inca’s, on the other hand, well they just grabbed the Hawaiian Tropic and thrived in the warmth.  Pesky ancient civilizations, messing with the weather hysteric narrative.

just thrive already, no butts
just thrive already, no butts

Ian Plimer’s book has the UK’s Spectator going all wobbly on the AGW hoax.

How science will rid us of the AGW dogma.

As folks in Denver are discovering to their cost, alternative energy will cost you more.

Gore Lied has a great video from the Competitive Enterprise Institute.  Go watch it, tell him I sent you for free popcorn.

The Universe almost imploded last week when Canada’s public-funded CBC aired an interview with a skeptic.  No doubt heads will be rolling at Can-Jazeera for letting that slip through the net.

Wind farms kill birds, so bird charities kill windfarms.  Seems fair to me.

A scientific journal editor is shocked, shocked at blowback against his article on global warming.  Despite throwing around the ‘denier’ perjorative, Rudy Baum declared:

…he was “startled” and “surprised” by the “contempt” and “vehemence” of the ACS scientists to his view of the global warming “consensus.”   “Some of the letters I received are not fit to print. Many of the letters we have printed are, I think it is fair to say, outraged by my position on global warming,”

Aussie politico’s finally figure out that carbon taxes kill jobs.  Carbon taxes also kill political careers, just ask Stephane Dion.  Stephane who?  Exactly.

Good news for feminists, man’s influence is insignificant.  Oh, wait, that’s not what they meant.

NASA suggests that another Dalton Minimum is possible.  I thought his career was done after The Living Daylights, but maybe he can do worse.

Supply and demand, it’s a problem if you’ve got wind.

Al Gore:

…warmer oceans make the average hurricane stronger, not only makes the winds stronger, but dramatically increases the moisture from the oceans evaporating into the storm – thus magnifying its destructive power – makes the duration, as well as the intensity of the hurricane, stronger.

it appears that Al Gore is full of crap
it appears that Al Gore is full of crap

Part Four: AGW in the News

A BBC insider, and famous face, decries the drop in journalistic standards at the Beeb:

…he also claims it is now ‘effectively BBC policy’ to stifle critics of the consensus view on global warming.  He says: ‘I believe I am one of a tiny number of BBC interviewers who have so much as raised the possibility that there is another side to the debate on climate change. ‘  The Corporation’s most famous interrogators invariably begin by accepting that “the science is settled”, when there are countless reputable scientists and climatologists producing work that says it isn’t.

Climate models are just as dumb as the runway kind, apparently.
Is it only hotter inside Al Gore’s head?  Good question.

As Rudy Baum fights for his job at the ACS paper, the APS is reviewing their climate stance.  It’s almost as if the science wasn’t settled after all.

Jonathon Porritt, a despicable anti-human depopulation fetishist leftard, is leaving his position as advisor on sustainable development.  I will repeat my response to those that claim the world is over-populated: after you.

A UK energy firm is in trouble for lying to the public about the size of wind turbines.

not so little, as it turned out
not so little, as it turned out

The meteorological office is roasted for forecasting a summer that never was.

I am Spartacus.  Well, OK, he’s not, but he is refusing to pay his carbon tax, which these days is pretty close to a gladiatorial effort.

The German Hordes are massing.  It’s not what you think, not even close.

Idaho is paying farmers not to water their crops at certain times.  Can anyone get onto this nice little scam, or just spud growers?


Part Five: Global Hottie

I sort of worked a Bond joke into the Dalton minimum link above, which conveniently let’s me pick this week’s hottie from the rich vein of Bond girls.  however, since this is the first hottie since my hiatus, I think it only right that the hottie should have even a tenuous link to AGW.  Skeptics, welcome a Bond Girl with excellent environmental credentials, Ms. Eva Green.  I crack myself up.  Enjoy.

just cleek, Mister Bond...
just cleek, Mister Bond...

That’s a wrap, thanks for reading.

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