Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, July 10th 2009

Welcome to the hippie-head popping round-up of all things inconvenient and skeptical from the wacky world of global warming.

This will be the last round-up for a few weeks, The Daily Bayonet is headed to the sceptered isle of his birth for a visit, so you’re on your own.  Unless of course you choose to visit the many examples of blog excellence represented in the Blogroll.  That was a hint, in case you missed it.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Was this the week that Al Gore finally jumped the shark?  While it comes as no surprise that the global warming profiteer prophet has a flair for the dramatic, he outdid himself when he compared the global warming threat to the Nazi threat of WWII.  This is what Al said, out loud, to a paying audience (emphasis mine):

‘Winston Churchill aroused this nation in heroic fashion to save civilisation in World War Two,’ Mr Gore said. ‘We have everything we need except political will but political will is a renewable resource.’

Mr Gore, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for the climate change film An Inconvenient Truth, said the greatest challenge would be to convince people that the threat from climate change was as urgent as the threat from Nazi Germany.

Global warming alarmists have always been dismissive of history, the use of the word ‘denier’ to label skeptics is an attempt to conflate people who prefer that science be scientific with those that deny Hitler’s genocide of the Jews.  Al has taken this skewed version of history and taken it up a notch.  A word to Al and his credulous minion hordes, it’s not comparable, not even close.

Perhaps it was fortunate that few members of government showed up for the speech, as one of the organizers noted:

Sir David, director of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at Oxford University, which organised the three-day forum, said he was ‘disappointed’ by the poor turnout from members of the Government. He said he had hoped ministers, including the Prime Minister, would attend.

That did not transpire. We need to work much harder with the Government.’

After Al’s Godwin moment at the forum, I imagine it will be hard to get any politician in the same zip code, let alone the same room.

The Goreacle wasn’t finished with his special version of crazy, he went on to say this:

Climate change, he said, is “ultimately a problem of consciousness”. He went on: “What is being tested is the proposition of whether or not the combination of an opposable thumb and a neocortex is a viable construct on this planet”.

Gore’s handlers were seen removing sharp objects from the vicinity of their man and are seeking a carbon-neutral helmet as we speak.

opposable thumbs, demonstrated
opposable thumbs, demonstrated

Before his mini-meltdown in Oxford, Al had blogged earlier about the passage of the cap and bend-over bill, calling it ‘bi-partisan’. And by bipartisan he meant thanks to the 8 GOP quislings that provided political cover for the Goreapelosi tax hike.  And yes, that was me using an old term to describe Nazi enablers.  Goose sauce, meet gander.

Weather warming for Melbourne, Australia.  Monday 13th July will see the city blanketed in deep snow with windchills and certain death if you venture outside.  It’s the Gore Effect, and it’s real.  Public service announcement ends.

It would be fair to ask why Al is becoming so desperate in his attempts to sell the global warming hoax, and I have the answer, right here.  There is no global warming.  Inconvenient, no?

To wrap this section, let’s look a bunch of well-meaning people who are deeply concerned for the world’s poor.  They have put together a video that begs Al Gore to make a movie to publicize the plight of the world’s starving.  Have a look:


The problem is, the good people at Action Against Hunger failed to show Al how he can monetize their issue, so he’s just not going to return their calls.  Also, Al has a lot to do with why Africans are starving.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Global warming causes marauding Parrot fish to invade the Mediterranean.  Add it to the list.

Last week we had an economist calling skeptics traitors against the planet, and this week we have Henry Waxman accusing Republicans of rooting against the USA because they have some questions about his global warming massive tax hike.

President of the World Obama is off to the G8 in Italy and looks set to tether America to the Hopenchangen Copenhagen accord.  This may be a good move for the US, since every nation that actually signed Kyoto increased emissions far more than America in the same period.  So the USA gets some of the feelgood effect of signing a useless treaty and show up its EU partners as token gasbags.  Whatever happens, signing Copenhagen can’t do any more damage than the seppuku of Waxman-Malarkey.

More coverage of the EPA suppression of the Carlin report.  They say it’s not the crime but the coer-up that gets you, let’s hope they are right.  Any chance that global warming muppet Jim Hansen will speak up about Carlin’s censorship?

Skeptics can get their happy faces on, 22 hippies are off to jail for blocking a coal train:

None of the defendants denied being on the train but they told the jury they did not believe they were doing anything criminal because they were trying to prevent climate change.

I guess they thought the Kingsnorth excuse was a get out of jail free card.  Guess again, jailbirds!

There were two more legal wins for reason, in the UK a moonbat failed to stop farmers trying to grow things, and in the US protestors took a hit when a court refused their bid to stop a new power plant development.  Happy days.

Hybrid drivers get preferential parking treatment over the disabled.  No, really.

Jolly Price Chuckles, the poster boy for genetic degradation of royal blood lines, was snubbed by a Dimbleby.  For non-UK readers, a Dimbleby is a product of the BBC skunkworks that produced generations of broadcasters with a condescending nasal whine.  Imagine Oprah 3.0 with a cheap hair-dryer shoved up her nostrils.  Yeah, exactly like that.

Class war, anyone?  The mask slips a little further to reveal the real green agenda.  Remember, hippies don’t have anything of value and they don’t understand how to create wealth, only steal it for the public pot.  And by pot, I mean, well, pot.

Here’s a great alarmist idea, let’s have CO2 police to spy on businesses to monitor ‘acceptable’ power use.  I think it’s already clear to most thinking entities where the power abuse is, and it’s not in businesses.

Planet Gore gets mail, allows the ranting moonbat just enough rope and pulls the lever.  Ouch.

Alaskan greens want their cake, but no cake for you.

Why didn’t we think of this before, stop global warming by decree.  Change we can believe in.

One member of the GOP8 is feeling the heat from his vote, and it’s not caused by global warming.  More heat in New Mexico, too.

What is this, and why?

all at sea
all at sea

Global warming alarmist Richard Black commits heresy, asks inconvenient questions.

Tom Nelson has fun with juxtaposition and reefs.  Coral reefs, that is.

Greens love their Pious Prius hybrids. Driving their ugly look-at-me-I-love-the-planet-more-than-you social statements gives the urban hippie plenty of the feelgood factor.  Or it did, before Prius drivers demanded bigger engines.  Can the Hemi V8 Prius be far behind?

Oxfam peddles classic alarmism:

Cities like New Delhi could see as much as a 30 percent drop in worker productivity because rising temperatures will make it impossible for people to work at the same rate on hot summer days without serious health impacts, Oxfam, the international aid group, warned on Monday.

Hey, Oxfam, there is a better life through technology, it’s called air-conditioning.  Google it.

Climate hysterics, hippies or Greens, whatever you want to call them all fit under one common umbrella: killjoys.  Say good bye to planet-killing fireworks.  And they wonder why China won’t buy into their hoax.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Real Climate, a weblog that is like catnip to moonbats, gets another slapping around the fizzog with a damp kipper, courtesy of Roger Sr.

Calling it like they see at PG, cap and trade dementia.

California lost its last car-making plant when GM decided to shutter it’s joint-venture with Toyota.  Oddly enough, the plant was Toyota’s most expensive US manufacturing plant, I wonder why?

Richard Lindzen poked fun at alarmists when he suggested that ordinary Americans could see through the global warming hype, but ‘educated’ people couldn’t.

The light bulb that refuses to die quietly.

Green investing, not doing so well as it turns out.  Who could have guessed that hippies have no money?

T. Boone finds that he has to Pickens his battles and trashes plans for the mega windfarm.

Congress was misinformed about global warming (autoplay video at the link)

Al Gore’s hoax runs into a Buzz saw.  Grizzled astronaut versus pudgy politico, who would you bet on?

Gore was not the first muppet slapped around by Buzz
Gore is not the first muppet Buzz has slapped around

The global warming scare is propped up by doom-saying scenarios generated by computer models that are interpreted by agenda-driven rent seekers, or moonbats.  Hands up if anyone is surprised that it turns out the computer models programming ‘does not meet the best standards’.  Translation, the code is junk, just like the ‘science’ the models support.  Watts has more.

Hey, you know how we know the globe is warming?  Because it’s getting colder, that’s how.

Solar power, saving the planet by creating blackouts and raising energy costs.

This week’s must-read, Sea-level rise, a non-existent threat exploited by alarmists, by Tim Ball.

It’s the Sun, stupid.  The cold version.

More on the Seas that are not rising, or warming.  Scientists have confirmed that they are still wet, they think.

An alarmist accidently reveals the inconvenient truth that the science is far from settled.

Scaremongers are still using ‘Big Oil’ money to demonize skeptical scientists.  Still not revealed is Al Gore’s source of $300 million for the RePower America campaign.  Awkward, much?

Science, what’s science got to do with anything?

Sen. Inhofe, the grand-daddy of skeptics, is insisting that the Senate hold hearings on what’s actually in the climate bill.  This is dreadfully inconvenient for Democrats because Rep. Boehner didn’t read the entire thing to them, so they have no idea what it says.  Perhaps the NRO can help them out.

The G8 climate deal is on the ropes before Obama even gets to Italy.  (video at the link)

It’s the Sun, stupid.  The warm version.

My favorite headline of the week: Global Warming Causes Stupidity:

Today’s schools present political propaganda films like Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, “skeptics” are described as evil beings out to destroy the earth, and students are routinely punished for questioning global warming orthodoxy – whichever version of it is currently in the hands of their teachers. Tens of billions of dollars have been spent on fake science, scientists and bureaucrats have been punished for questioning it, and media moguls have delighted in hyping it. It’s yet another in a continuously growing list of case studies in Big Lie politics.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Inconvenient timing for Democrats as the planet cools while their scaremongering rhetoric heats up.

Toronto, Ontario.  A Socialist paradise where you can buy anything you want as long as it comes in a nickel bag.  And by nickel bag I mean the mandatory 5c plastic grocery sack, which is not catching on.

Politicians can save the planet, by controlling every move you make.  George Orwell was unavailable for comment.

Carbon cultists love the planet and hate mankind, which is why bicycles are perfect in their opinion.

Global warming shrinks sheep.  I blame careless farmers that leave their lambs out in the rain, but that’s just me.

Before the G8 deal started to disintegrate, it was to be aspirational.  Oh well, I suppose the world leaders will have to settle for ex-aspiration.  Thank you, you’re a great audience, don’t forget to tip your waitress.

Britain could be a wind and wave ‘titan’. Alternatively they will embrace wind and tide power and wave goodbye to the economy as it’s blown away.

Journalists are revolting.  Wait, let me clarify, journalists are pushing back at the spin around global warming.

Conrad Black might be in jail in the Sunshine State, but he can still tell left from right.  Stay strong, Lord Black, and don’t reach for the soap.

A new study by a group of lefty morons claims that the UK is the 74th world ‘happiness’ rankings.  Number One is Costa Rica.  Really.

The Rolling Stone magazine spots a green bubble, and surprisingly writes about it.

Green death and the caskets for basket cases.

The Wall Street Journal blows the lid off the ethanol myth:

In 2007, the U.S. consumed nearly 55.8 quadrillion British Thermal Units (BTUs), or about 9.6 billion barrels of oil equivalent, in natural gas and oil. That’s about 98 times as much energy as the U.S. consumed in ethanol and biofuels, which totaled 98 million barrels of oil equivalent.

Meanwhile, ethanol and biofuels are getting subsidies of $5.72 per million BTU. That’s 190 times as much as natural gas and petroleum liquids, which get subsidies of $0.03 per million BTU.

The three opposition parties in Canada’s minority parliament are upset that Canada is not ‘doing enough’ for the environment.  The three parties are the Liberals, who threw their carbon tax plan under the bus after the last election, the traitors of the Bloc and the Communards of the NDP, so I’ll call their ‘upset’ a solid win.

It came from the shrubbery:

taking pot shots
taking pot shots


Part Five: Global Hottie

This week’s hottie is a relevant one again, with an actual news story about global warming.  She’s been called the music industry bicycle, because everyone’s had a ride, and she famously declared that she could use just one sheet of bathroom tissue to save the planet, which indicates to me that she is foreign to the delight that is curry.

So, skeptics, she might be easy and she might be as dumb as a bag of hammers, but she’s hot, and that’s all it takes to get the treasured global hottie nod.  Please give a warm weekly round-up welcome to Miss Sheryl Crow.

click for larger hippy chickness
click for larger hippy chickness

That’s all folks, see you in a few weeks time.

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