Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, June 26th 2009

Al Gore rallied the troops for some Waxman-Malarkey and the Big O issued a report full of global warming doom and gloom, but cheer up, it’s not all bad.

A muppet was arrested and this week’s hottie is a real swinging chick, so grab your favorite poisonous carbonated beverage or rainforest-destroying coffee and slide on into the most fun you can have with your glasses on.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Is Saint Algore a bogeyman?  It’s a good question, and one which the sycophants at Mother Nature Network (no, really) are ill-equipped to ask.  An excerpt:

Today, many of the same folks who pushed the invented-the-Internet canard are holding up Gore as the poster child of global warming alarmists. Their basic storyline is that the former vice president is only pushing the climate change “myth” because he’s investing in companies that will benefit from restrictions on carbon dioxide. They also throw in that he’s a hypocrite because he uses carbon — by merely breathing.

I think they’re missing the whole ‘fun’ part of laughing at Al, that the man does not possess a sense of humor.

Meanwhile the global warming profiteer prophet is wondering why kids aren’t surrounding bulldozers to defend the planet.  I guess Al forgot that bulldozers are like moonbat kryptonite.

Gore-Al cringes under the Krypton Sun
Gore-Al cringes under the Krypton Sun

All religions need a good trinity, and Al provided the warmists with his own trifecta of blog posts this week.  He invited the minions to join him for a conference call to rally support for Waxman-Malarkey, then he under estimated the largest tax in US history as the cost of a postage stamp per day and solemnly announced that Friday’s vote:

… is the most important environmental vote of this generation. If passed this legislation will put us on the road to actually solving the climate crisis, in addition to building a green economy.

And put lots of coin into Al’s business ventures, which of course what this is really about.

As Al waits breathlessly to see what happens in the vote, it turns out that his army of volunteers to spread the word of the global hoax is not going too well.

Bjorn vs. Al, the tapes:


Al shows that he is none to keen on being asked inconvenient questions, and the same goes for his global warming apostles at the grandly named Alliance for Climate Protection.  The group that is spending Al’s $300 million on the ‘climate crisis’ PR campaign were a little ticked at the media giants at the Phoenix New Times. The climate crisis is able to destroy the planet, but isn’t quite robust enough to stand up to a little criticism.  I vote global warming as the most sensitive crisis in all history; it should win an MTV award for being like, the most emo planet killer evah.

Democrats ventured to wonder what life might be like in a post-Algore world, but not in the apocalyptic vision of burning glaciers rolling over baby polar bears that Al prefers.  Some Dems realize that global warming is not a vote winner and should be dropped from the message.  If Friday’s vote fails to pass Waxman-Malarkey”s Cap and Bend Over bill, expect to see Al Gore under Obama’s bus within the week.

Let’s head North now, to the land of the David Suzuki,  or Gore-Lite.  This week Suzuki laments urban sprawl and the destruction of habitats.  Not every one can afford luxury homes in tony areas, but why should hippie Dave worry about the masses?

Suzuki's Che Period
Suzuki's Che Period

Suzuki suffered a melt-down at a PR event when he encountered Tyee writer Bill Tieleman and threw a hissy fit.  Bill’s crime was to report inconvenient facts, something that tin-pot dictators like Suzuki cannot stand.  It’s funny to watch the weather hysterics like Suzuki and Joe Romm lose their cool as the wheels fall of the global warming wagon.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Green extremists like Joe Romm, Jim Hansen, Al Gore and David Suzuki are turning people off the environmental movement in droves:

Environmentalism in recent years has departed the bounds of reality and marched into a doomsday prognostication. Remember the 1960s when DDT, over-population and saving the rainforests were the darlings of environmentalists? We were supposed to be out of life support by 2000. It didn’t happen but that didn’t keep the whole idea of environmentalism from morphing into a wholesale cottage industry — foisting a veil of impending doom and scaring the bejeebers out of little children and many adults.

Think global, act local.  The Daily Bayonet’s home town council gets a fit of the stupids over an idling law.  Full disclosure, I’m an idler.

Greens can’t win even when they win.  Remember how they gloated over getting CFC’s banned?  Well, it turns out the alternative HFC’s cause more damage that the Freon they killed.  Oops.

More oops: let’s burn more corn, the hungry folks won’t mind, right?

December is only 6 more months away and the rhetoric must heat up faster than the planet, so here comes another report, and yes, we will all die horribly.

The Deutsche Bank jumps on the global warming band wagon.  I guess it’s OK, they haven’t gotten political for nearly 70 years now.  The carbon counter has a Champion at ABC.

Global warming and witches.  Really.  At least I get to put this up:


Australia’s The Age is still performing sterling work for the global warming lobby, yet still the intrepid Simon holds their scaredy feet to the fire.

Global warming muppeteer Jim Hansen took to civil disobedience on his vacation, and Daryl Hannah tagged along too, because she can’t get work in movies any more.  Come get arrested with Jim, they said.  And they did.  The arrests threw a wrench into the wildcat debate that the coal CEO challenged the ecohysteric to.

Eco-terrorists ELF  have raised their crazed heads over the parapets recently, just in time to receive a good bludgeoning from The Australian:

It is tempting to write off the ELF as a small, crazed group of dreadlock-sporting crusties that spout the kind of eco-nonsense most of us find offensive. Tempting, but wrong. In truth, the idea that humans are a fundamentally destructive presence on Earth, a carbuncle or itchy sore, is now widespread, even respectable and fashionable. The ELF can be seen as a crude physical manifestation of the humanity-baiting that informs much of mainstream environmentalism and contemporary thought.

An English police officer took  an eco-terrorist by the throat.  The press is upset, but catch-and-release is the rule so no hippies were harmed in the making of this picture.

A teacher heads to the cold to prove how warm it’s getting.  Some fossil fuels were burned in the process.

A mad scientist cannot understand why people objected to his plans to geoengineer the planet.  Considering the rule of unintended consequences that constantly trip the hippies up, it’s easy to see why allowing moonbats to throw reflective particles into the upper atmosphere might have folks worried.

what could possibly go wrong?
what could possibly go wrong?

More Karbon Kops on the way.

Some gratuitous lefty-bashing, the global warming bit is in point 5.

Polar bears, the poster-species for the global warming movement, get more alarmist coverage.  A certain Mr. Nelson has a few thoughts on that.

Here’s a tale of modern America.  Two failed businesses that took government cash to recover then use some of that cash to lobby for a bill that will make their products either obsolete or unaffordable; and they broke the law to do it.

The BBC discovers peak phosphorus.

Regular readers will know that I have little time for hippies.  What you may not know is that the one thing worse than a hippie is a naked hippie.  ‘Naturists’ tout the green value of going without clothing.  No mention of the psychological cost to the rest of us being, ahem, exposed to hippie junk.

the horror, the horror
the horror, the horror

Hippie central, San Francisco will make you compost, whether you wear tie-dyes or not.

Mall operators designate special parking areas… for hybrids.  More green segregation.

The President ScareMonger Special Section

President Obama’s hysterical report on global warming has irritated one scientist who refutes the way the administration used his work.  The same report would make Pravda blush?

Eagle-eyes bloggers took no time to find nonsense claims in the White House report.

Obama voted present on cow farts.

Now we know why the science is settled.  The EPA self-censored a report that was less than supportive of the global warming myth.  Watts has more.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Ever wondered where the numerous green groups get their cash?  Wonder no more, go look and find out the inconvenient truth for yourself.

Why the greenhouse gas battle is losing steam.

Three awkward questions that need to be answered before cap and bend-over passes:

  1. Is it the case that CO2 increased by 5 per cent since 1998 whilst global temperature cooled over the same period? If so, why did the temperature not increase; and how can human emissions be to blame for dangerous levels of warming?
  2. Is it the case that the rate and magnitude of warming between 1979 and 1998 (the late 20th century phase of global warming) were not unusual as compared with warmings that have occurred earlier in the Earth’s history? If the warming was not unusual, why is it perceived to have been caused by human CO2 emissions; and, in any event, why is warming a problem if the Earth has experienced similar warmings in the past?
  3. Is it the case that all GCM computer models projected a steady increase in temperature for the period 1990-2008, whereas in fact there were only eight years of warming were followed by ten years of stasis and cooling?

More unintended consequences?  Does geothermal drilling cause earthquakes? It might be worth looking at these projects before California slips into the Pacific.  Oh, wait, forget I said anything.

what could possibly go wrong, again?
what could possibly go wrong, again?

Lefty heads popped all over America and Canada as President O spoke favorably of Alberta’s oil.

Al Gore’s support of the Waxman-Malarkey might not be enough and the most important environmental vote might be a losing one.  Give the Heartland Institute some credit for their efforts.

The evil US of A under W did not sign Kyoto.  How inconvenient then that the nation has lowered emissions more than most signatory countries.

Global warming or global cooling?  I report, you decide.

A simple flow-chart to determine if cap and bend-over taxes are necessary.  It’s so simple that even politicians might stand a chance of using it.

CO2 caused changes in ice ages.  Oh, wait.  Nevermind.

Discovered on Discovery channel, a missing GISS station.  A quick aside; if you’ve never watched Deadliest Catch, you’re missing some good TV.

catching crabs
catching crabs

Pity the dying polar bears.  Or not, actually.

An inconvenient truth from Canada’s flatlands.

An Aussie senator took the time to listen to the climate skeptics and is no longer convinced AGW is a problem.

It’s the Sun, stupid.

A must-read Appeal to Authority:

There is absolute and irrefutable proof that the Earth is cooling in spite of the continued increase in atmospheric CO2 falsifying the conjecture that increasing CO2 is the dominant driver of global warming. There is absolute and irrefutable proof that CO2 emissions are not a major contributor to the increase in the concentration of atmospheric CO2, and therefore have no measurable effect on climate, even if there was a significant effect from CO2.

It’s the Sun, stupid.  Redux.

Households in the UK can look forward to their £5000 fuel bills.

Dr. Tim Ball has some wise words on a site with annoying pop-ups.  Worth the read, but you’ve been warned.

Heretic!  The science is not settled?

Toyota Prius drivers of the world, hang your heads in shame at your planet-destroying vehicles.

green credibility, stretched
green credibility, stretched

Oh noes, it’s the Sun, stupid.

Environmentalists should know that if you give people a choice, they will always pick the most inconvenient one, like ethanol free gas.

Americans don’t care for the global warming hoax.  At all.

You know Waxman-Malarkey is in trouble when even the left is complaining about it.  Some fun quotes from the emo-Romm included.

Readers refuse to believe green propaganda and deliver a sound beating to Simon Fraser U.

Lawyers.  Like hippies, but in BMW’s.  They will be the only ones making money off the cap and bend-over bill.  As if you needed one more reson not to support it.

Obama says cap and trade is not a tax, but you’ll still pay like it was one.

If the oceans are the canary in the coal mine for global warming, how come the Mediterranean isn’t warming at all?

Marseille, Jan. 2009
Marseille, Jan. 2009

The NCDC gets its retaliation in first.  Watts is amused.

President super-genius said “dangerous carbon emissions contaminate the water we drink”, which is bad news for pop drinkers.  Carbonated drinks, anyone?

Global warming killed giant prehistoric kangaroos.  Oh, wait, nevermind.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The Daily Telegraph goes all-in on the global warming scare as it reports the ridiculous met office study.  In another story it tells readers that climate change will transform lives.  The weather won’t do that, but the rush to neo-poverty caused by global warming taxes will transform plenty of lives.

Green jobs we can believe in.  GM adds shifts to increase production of SUV’s.

Lies, damned lies and BBC climate reports.  Ouch.

Dodge Roadster gets anti-green badge of honor in the UK.  Expect sales to soar.

it comes in green
it comes in green

New nukes! New nukes! New Nukes!

More green inconvenience, cereal boxes are scrapped.

Russia, very serious people, except on global warming targets.

Revenge of the Ents?  Canadian forests will be taking a long march North.

Canada’s ‘Conservative’ government subsidizes ethanol plants, despite the biofuel being labelled a crime against humanity.

A Seattle paper ponders the question that perhaps, just maybe, man has nothing to do with global warming.

President Obama wants swift passage of the climate bill, because he knows what will happen if people realize what’s in it before it’s too late.  Rep. Waxman ensures that awkward questions are quashed.

Every crisis has its own fashion show, right?

not at all silly, really
not at all silly, really

Why nuclear power is the future, and how government is stopping it.

Finally, Southern Californians explained.

If the climate bill passes and the green movement grows in power, expect to see less skepticism in the press.  Some writers are already censoring themselves as the wheels of power grind their will to question into dust.


Part Five: Global Hottie

This week we return to a hottie that has actually been in the news for global warming stuff.  In fact, this week’s hottie was arrested for protesting against coal.  Also, in the picture she appears to be in the role of a naked hippie, which lends more relevance to her pick as your global hottie.  Skeptics, deniers and seething hippies, I present Miss Daryl Hannah.  She’s got legs, and she knows how to use them.

Daryl likes to swing, you like to click
Daryl likes to swing, you like to click

That’s another edition of the round-up done.  Happy reading and thanks for stopping by.

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