Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, June 5th 2009

Gangsters are muscling in on Big Al’s territory and skeptics might be executed.  It’s just another week in the rough world of radical environmentalism, conveniently rounded up for your delectation and delight.

Beverages are recommended but the Daily Bayonet assumes no liability for sticky keyboards.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

The world sank to its knees and gave thanks this week as the great profiteer prophet posted on his sacred blog.  Proclaiming the wisdom of what he likes to call the ‘Green Economy’, Al Gore shared this wisdom with the masses:

“Spending $100 billion within the domestic oil industry would create only about 542,000 jobs in the United States. A green infrastructure investment program would create nearly four times more jobs than spending the same amount of money on oil energy resources.”

Just one question, Al.  How?

You may recall that Gore balked under questioning from Congress about the money he stands to make if cap and bend over legislation passes, and now we see why he didn’t want to answer:

Hara, a 25-employee company that debuted in 2008, provides online software to help companies reduce their carbon footprint — a $2.5 billion market that will grow 10-fold if the proposed energy bill, which will require companies to get permits for emissions, becomes law

Perhaps Al’s green economy refers only to the green he’s pulling in from his ‘make carbon evil’ scam.

Bada bing, hold the presses, Al might have some new entries to the carbon trading business soon, and dese guys is tough competition, if ya know what I mean.  Should the mob get into the green agenda, the odd thing is that they will be some of the most honest people in the entire scheme; but they recognize a criminal shakedown when they see one.  Maybe they’ll make Al an offer he can’t refuse.

are you talkin' to me?
are you talkin' to me?

Is Al bitter?  He spent $300 million on promotion for his ‘climate crisis’ and got exactly nowhere with the American public.  Is it a coincidence that he’s threatening the advertising industry?  He says that Current TV is the future, and of course he owns Current, although last we heard, things weren’t so rosy over there.

Canada’s perennial hippie, David Suzuki, says we need to take care of the oceans, or we might end up sleeping with the fishes.

my name is Luca
my name is Luca

My least favorite Royal, the man who divorced the model so he could marry his horse, calls for squirrel genocide.  Don’t squirrels have rights too, Prince?

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

It’s bad enough that Greens want to mess with taxes and the way ordinary people live, but some are pushing for drastic projects called geo-engineering.  Fortunately, not even Obama’s scaremonger thinks it’s time for the crazies to take over yet.  One example of geo-engineering is to put  large mirrors in the sky.  Is there no end to the narcissism of the greens?

Grilling without guilt, can it be done?

President of the Planet Obama showed the world how he really cares about the environment by taking the First Klingon to NYC to catch a show.  I’m not certain, but I think it’s the first campaign promise he’s kept.

take me to your Broadway
take me to your Broadway

The great debater?  Last week we found out that Stanford tough guy Stephen Schneider would ‘slaughter’ skeptics in debate.   After receiving a challenge to do just that, Schneider ran away and hid behind so many caveats and conditions that last week’s boast is rendered meaningless.  Here is the full text of Schneider’s retreat:

“… some of the skeptics are going ballistic over my admittedly too provocative word “slaughter”–though given the framing I said I believe it would happen. But they misquote me in saying I challenged them to a debate. I challenged them to go to a legitimate scientific meeting with a knowledgeable audience and challenge from the floor with a room full of experts. I think they would be pretty unhappy with the outcome. I certainly will not schedule some political show debate in front of a non-scientific audience–all that does is generate confusions since lay audiences can rarely discern the quality of a scientific argument. If Roger wants a debate, he can set one up at the American Meteorological Society meeting or the American Geophysical Union meeting and if dates work I’ll be happy to go and will encourage others like Ben Santer or Kevin Trenberth to join in. That I would do, A presidential like debate format with shallow staccato jibes and no nuanced arguments, no–confusion only in that style. I never do those anymore.”

In other words, Schneider will only debate when he is in front of an audience sympathetic to his viewpoint, and only if he can bring his posse.  It’s unclear if his mommy is part of the posse.

Another famous walkback has occurred in the past week.  Remember when President Obama touted Spain as the paragon of a green job economy?  And remember when Spain’s 18% unemployment rate was inconveniently blamed on the greening of its economy?  Denmark is the new Spain, and the Spaniards are underbussed.

Newspaper the Toronto Sun went full retard on global warming and CBL busts a cap in their arse for it.

Jennifer Marohasy, in her endless quest to define the undefinable greens has reached neopaganism.  I grew up near Stonehenge, so had my fill of pagans, druids and hippies early in life.  The good news is that many pagan traditions fizzled out during the mid-1980’s when it became impossible for them to find 16 year old virgins for their rituals.  You’re welcome.

Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann rails against those dastardly people who demand that facts be, well, factual.  But the science is still settled.  Or else.

Greenpeace is mad at Obama’s administration, because they won’t wreck the global economy fast enough.

Never mind, at least Greenpeace can beat this prediction of 600,000 deaths a year from global warming with their new crusade against DDT.

Futurecrime?  Where have I heard that before?

a new skeptic crime, every Thursday
in the future, skeptics are criminals, and cops are really short

Nothing says that you’re serious about global warming like kite skiing across Greenland.  As my friend at Gore Lied says, is it possible that there is anyone left on the planet that is not aware of the global warming baloney?

Canada, prepare to defend yourself, the Americans are coming, and they’re thirsty!  Just a thought, but should the invasion be canceled, could we send you this guy, he’s embarrassing us, eh.

I might disagree with global warming alarmists and weather hysterics, but I don’t recall demanding that they be executed.  ACM calls it right and says that believers think skeptics are blasphemers.  I have one word for them, Jehovah!


To prove the point that there’s nothing that infuriates the AGW crowd more than a skeptic, witness how the herd turns on one its own when he refuses the kool aid.

Here’s a great idea for hippies everywhere, a personal methane collector.  Get yours today!

Predicting global warming is so easy that even banks can do it.

ABC (Anything But Credible) is working hard to frighten the American public senseless before the December Hopenchangen Copenhagen meeting.  This week it aired its sci-fi thriller Earth 2100.  Short version – we’re all doomed unless we live in the neo-dark ages preferred by hippies.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Green cars are priced so high that you’d need to drive them 8 times around the world to break even on fuel savings.

Gone with the wind in Deutsch land?  Germany may not be able to raise the $143 billion (!) it needs for giant fan farms.

It’s the apocalyptic Sun, stupid.

Consensus, what consensus?

The science is settled, but unfortunately it is based on junk data.  Oh well, bring on the socialism anyway, it was never about the climate after all.

Here is this week’s must read, A Layman’s Explanation of why Global Warming predictions by computer models are wrong.  It’s by that Spencer fella again, and includes the difference between positive and negative feedback from clouds, which you just know will be a tie-breaker question in your pub quiz.

The BBC’s new Blog of Bloom points out the trend for Greens to use huge preditions of death to make headlines.  That the scaremongers are reduced to using morally bankrupt figures like Kofi ‘Oil for Fraud’ Annan is a sign that the bloom is off the rose.

NASA’s new solar cycle prediction is here.  It’s the same as the old one, but one day they’ll be right.  All they have to do is issue the same prediction daily and sooner or later they’ll hit paydirt.

a solar cycle, sort of
a solar cycle, sort of

It’s the Neutrino Effect, stupid.

Skeptics are well used to being accused of being on the payroll of ‘big oil’, and therefore are not to be believed.  How delicious is it for us to discover that the Greens have been in bed with Enron for years?

“Enron now has excellent credentials with many ‘green’ interests including Greenpeace, WWF [World Wildlife Fund], NRDC [Natural Resources Defense Council], German Watch, the U.S. Climate Action Network, the European Climate Action Network, Ozone Action, WRI [World Resources Institute] and Worldwatch. This position should be increasingly cultivated and capitalized on (monetized),”

Global warming will acidify the oceans and the starfish will die!  Oh, wait, nevermind.

giving the middle pointy thing to climate change
giving the middle pointy thing to climate change

Creek, meet paddle.  Alan Caruba paddles against the tide of climate lies.

NASA says it’s about to get cooler, but are they hiding the truth?

Global warming was so serious last winter that Age Concern made record cold weather payments to seniors.  Cognitive dissonance, anyone?

IPCC smackdown: “Natural causes of global warming are much more significant than manmade changes.

It’s the Sunspots, stupid.

Here’s a cool video of Arctic sea ice expansion and contraction over the past 29 years, with the explanation here.


Alberta’s oil sands got an unexpected boost from the Obama administration, but the news was drowned out by a crescendo of lefty heads popping.

Anthony Watt’s presented his surface stations survey to the Heartland conference.

Maine is the first state to recognize the dangers of mercury in compact fluorescent lamps and have voted to compel manufacturers to lower the amount of mercury in each bulb. Remember, the only reason you have to place these toxic bomblets in your home is because Greens demonized the incandescent lamps.  Here’s the unintended consequences:

Several studies have examined mercury exposure from broken CFLs. Two conducted last year by the state of Maine and the Mercury Policy Project showed in many cases, immediately after a bulb was broken – and sometimes even after a cleanup was attempted – levels of mercury vapor exceeded federal guidelines for chronic (or extended) exposure by as much as 100 times.

Carbon credits make for a greener world.  If by greener you mean glow in the dark toxic waste.

A believer sees the skeptical light and realizes that there has been no debate on the science.  Welcome to the world Mr Fielding, now how about apologizing for being a scaremonger in the past?

The Interplanetary Magnetic Field has reached a new low.  Which is just a fancy way for me to get to say It’s the Sun, stupid.

Part Four: AGW in the News

A popular coffee table book has been made into a movie to show the ‘damage’ caused to the planet by global warming.  The production purchased carbon offsets, but still, you’d think that NOT flying a plane for 217 days might have been more meaningful.

Do editors hinder scientific debate with their pro-AGW bias?  Why yes, they do.

It isn’t easy being green; the legal risks of building green:

“We’re seeing the litigation starting now, and my sense is that there will be more as the government is imposing this as a requirement,” he said, referring to increasing mandates or incentives by governments at all levels to encourage green building practices.

goign green, naturally
going green, naturally

The legal problem could be considerable when you look at the stark reality of green projects.

Back to crime and the rare earth smuggling racket being driven by the demand for green products like solar panels and hybrids.  It might seem obscure, but look at the quote below and try to reconcile it with the claims Obama makes about green jobs in America:

“The crux of the matter is that there are now a lot of technologies that can’t work without rare earths, and China is currently in effective control of the global supply. China has positioned itself to retain control, and meanwhile politicians around the world do not appreciate how the supply side of green technology works.”

Light bulb wars: Revenge of the Incandescents.

More on the green job smoke and mirrors.  Even more here, and it’s all sensible reading.

Oils sands and oil prices, bring on the devastation of northern Alberta, and don’t spare the horses, I’ve got an SUV that needs filling.

How green was my BioVallee?

Hoteliers, holy soaps and bad guests.  Yes, it’s a green related news item, not an Arthur Hailey novel.


Part Five: Global Hottie

For the third consecutive week I have a global hottie that has actually been in the news for global warming related reasons.  Don’t ask me why the beautiful people are all stark raving bonjers about the environment, just admire the hotties for what they are.  This week, skeptics can enjoy the charms of Miss Cameron Diaz, global hottie and eco-flake.


Here endeth another round-up.  Thanks for reading, enjoy this weekend but take a moment to remember the events of 65 years ago.

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