Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 15th 2009

Thursday already, which means it’s time for your round-up, and my meds.

This week I invented the iPuritan.  Just for you.  Also lots of skeptic juice in the links this week, and a spottie in Part Five.  Don’t forget to return to Part One after you’ve snuck a peek.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Tennessee is contemplating a statue for Al Gore, and they’re not kidding.  Readers with an artistic bent might want to make suggestions for the sculpture here.  I think the whole idea would be better if we used technology to capture the real Al Gore in carbonite, of all things.

carbon capture we can believe in
carbon capture we can believe in

The global warming crowd’s spiritual leader purchased a new home in San Francisco, near the Mission district in hippie central.  Unfortunately for Al, some bozo has claimed that the area his shiny new condo is in will be under water because Americans like to have second homes.  Or something.  Just a thought, but why does Al need another house?  It’s not as if he’s got the old one under control yet.

Al Gorewell; 1984: The movie.  More fun than An Inconvenient Truth, really.

The Goreacle is still smarting about those pesky questions about how many millions he stands to make if cap and bend over passes in the US.  Don’t make Al angry, you wouldn’t like him if he’s angry.

If ‘deniers’, outnumber ‘believers’, then who exactly are the deniers now?  Al’s losing, and the hippies are restless.

Gross distortions.  I’m not talking about the stresses on Al’s wardrobe, but the exaggerations and outright scientific misrepresentations in his Oscar winning slide show.

Chu this one over, Gore.  Tom Nelson skewers the greens on their own, err, skewer.

Mar ’08: Gore suggests we already have the technology

“We have to stop this, and the truth is we can,” Gore said. “We have the technology. If we just had one week’s worth of what we spend on the Iraq war we could be well on our way to solving this challenge.”

May ’09: Secretary Chu says we NEED the technology

“Starting today, the Department of Energy is accepting proposals for energy R&D projects that “disrupt the status quo. The Nation needs transformational energy-related technologies to overcome the threats posed by climate change and energy security, arising from its reliance on traditional uses of fossil fuels and the dominant use of oil in transportation.”

Finally, Canada’s ecotool and wannabe Stalinist David Suzuki decides Bush whacking is still relevant.  He likes that Obama is talking to Cuba, but then all Commies like other commies getting some recognition.  Other than that he has stuff to say about endangered species.  I guess Dave missed this news.  All I know is that most endangered species are delicious, but avoid spicy sauces.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Prince Chuckles is the gift that keeps on giving to comedy.  Last week he appeared in a video next to a frog, and came off as the less smart species in the room.  This week a favorite project of his is under fire for the truth about its performance:

Official figures have revealed the £4million project at Woking, Surrey, produced only enough electricity in one year to power a single 100-watt lightbulb for just 59 days.

Unicorn fight!  It’s Obama v Obama for the ethanol stakes.

nature, it's cruel sometimes
nature, it's cruel sometimes

USA Today gets called on its unyielding support for the AGW hoax, no matter how daft the arguments get.

Aussie moppets get educated indoctrinated at school.  The worse that ever happened to me in school was Rolf Harris, but that’s a story for another day.

Joe Romm, bobble-headed serial debate loser, is still mad about something.

Oh noes, global warming causes Spring.

Jenn M, still defining the greens for you, this week, the death cultists:

Still, the defining characteristic of the green is misanthropy; it is ridiculous for any green supporter to claim that it is only fringe fanatics who espouse drastic reductions in human population, or even eradication; such people as John Holdren, James Lovelock and Gus Speth are mainstream greens and have clearly enunciated programs for reducing population.

Is Obama planning an invasion of Canada?  How else to explain the sudden and alarming claim to the polar bear population?

Die, skeptics, die.  Another reasoned column by a rabid lefty who can sense defeat creeping up on his agenda.  Hippies, harshing their mellow, as it turns out.

Greenpeace are not afraid of making the hard statements, and nothing says end global warming now like drowning a plush.

Texan college students want green fees, without the golf.  More disturbing is that the activist morons have hijacked a revered symbol of freedom.  Are these students trying to claim that demanding alternative energy is comparable to the iconic symbol of courage and sacrifice from Iwo Jima.  Really?  Isn’t that a rising sun in the background?  I bet they were Che shirts too. Go get them hippies, vet’s.

inappropriate, methinks
inappropriate, methinks

Kansas U astrophysicist Adrian Melott is worried about lower temperatures, but only because people might get the right idea.

AGW believers can get upset if I call them scaremongers, but how else to describe them when the next threat is that the planet will disappear in 200 years?  That’s some escalation of the Philadelphia experiment.

Pen Hadow is going home.  He didn’t make it to the Arctic, and he didn’t achieve many of his goals, but he meant well.  Allegedly.

Global warming causes hallucinogenic fish to appear near the UK; add them to the list.

If cap and bend over passes, we’re going to party like its 1875.

The UK’s premier moonbat is upset about people displaced by global warming that weren’t displaced by global warming.  Apparently scaremongers don’t get that land sinking does not mean rising sea levels, but why let facts spoil a good story?

Carteret Island not as photogenic as Bikini Atoll
Carteret Island not as photogenic as Bikini Atoll

Rebranding cap and trade, because the truth is unsellable.

Green organizations are twitchy about the light green options being considered by Congress.  This is good news for skeptics if the Democrats and Greens go at each other all we have to do is reach for the popcorn.

Having fun yet?  Stop it! You’re killing the planet. Welcome to the world of the iPuritan:

iPuritansomeone who is desperately afraid that somebody, somewhere might be having a good time. With electronics.

Renewables are just as good as regular stuff.  Except it’s not.

Nothing demonstrates commitment to environmental causes like your own plane.  Or, Oprah doesn’t get it.

Oprah cops a feel
Oprah cops a feel

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

The truth ab0ut alternative energy, it’s not pretty.

The truth about the global warming hoax, it’s not pretty if you’re an alarmist.

Global warming activism and ‘greening’ behaviors come at a price, sometimes a heavy one.

Spanish bubbles, or how renewables threaten the entire system. Ole!

Publications that should know better and present unbiased facts are not always reliable.  Science magazine gets busted for pro-AGW bias.

Green technology, it’s reliable.  Oh wait, nevermind.

More unreliable green tech

The EPA is busted for bad science, the Obama administration pulls back from regulating a trace gas and makes the entire global warming strategy kinda irrelevant.

As the UK prepares to part its citizens from their last pound to save the planet, other policies are less helpful.

The BBC finds itself unable to keep up the pretence that the polar bear is endangered:

we are forgetting that the polar bear is a tough and adaptable creature that fossil evidence shows has already survived a much warmer period than the one we’re going through now. This is probably why there is little evidence to support the popular misconception that lots of polar bears are drowning.

bears love nukes
polar bears love nukes

GE, the power behind the throne?

A green investment fund closes.  Either greens are not putting their money where their mouth is, or hippies are commie dirtbags with no money.  I report, you decide.

Big green, just as loaded as big oil.

Alaska, home of way too much ice.

An inconvenient scientific statement: Sun heats Earth, Earth heats the atmosphere. So much for that CO2 varmint.

Another inconvenient scientific statement, and this week’s must read post: 90% of the last million years, the normal state of the Earth’s climate has been an ice age:

For ninety percent of the last million years, the normal state of the Earth’s climate has been an ice age.  Ice ages last about 100,000 years, and are punctuated by short periods of warm climate, or interglacials.  The last ice age started about 114,000 years ago.  It began instantaneously.  For a hundred-thousand years, temperatures fell and sheets of ice a mile thick grew to envelop much of North America, Europe and Asia.  The ice age ended nearly as abruptly as it began.  Between about 12,000 and 10,000 years ago, the temperature in Greenland rose more than 50 °F.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The EPA attempts to regulate the production of ethanol, an Al Gore endorsed crime against humanity.

Hippie central approves a massive solar project; next on the agenda is a civic bylaw banning night time.

a member of Village People installs a solar panel
a member of Village People installs a solar panel

Think of the bears, why does the Unicorn in chief hate the bears?

Canada’s left coast went to the polls, and the carbon tax survived.  This might be considered a victory, except the poor residents of BC had a choice between the carbon tax they already had, or an even worse cap and bend over policy.

The UK is to build the world’s largest monument to stupidity wind farm.  Ted Kennedy wants reassurances he won’t be able to see it from his house.

Farmers – 0, Fish – 1.  And 60,000 jobs are threatened.  In California, of course.

Montreal is a pretty city largely spoiled by its residents, but it’s in the news because it is implementing the continent’s largest bike sharing program.  (is that like a Bike Torrent?)   What could possibly go wrong?:

The earliest community bicycle program, or at least the most legendary, was started in the 1960s by Luud Schimmelpenninck in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This so-called White Bicycle Plan provided free bicycles that were supposed to be used for one trip and then left for someone else. Within a month, most of the bikes had been stolen and the rest were found in nearby canals.

Requiem for a treaty not even written.

Go ahead, Yucca it up.  Keep the nuclear option open, or Illinois gets it.

kaboom!   (just kidding)
kaboom! (just kidding)

USA Today asks the question, are we cooling or warming? I say we’re cooling on Al Gore and warming to the idea of irrelevant hippies.

Canadians are not great fans of the idea of a carbon tax.  Except the aforementioned left coasters who already have it.  Suckers.

More bad news for ethanol, it gets it’s biofuel ass kicked by grass with switchblades, or something.

Australia’s Age prints some climate realism.  Shockah.

Canada’s (allegedly) Conservative government appoints some climate skeptics to science boards.  Hippies are upset that they might not be able to get funding by making stuff up any longer.

Clean coal, or cleaner coal?  There is a difference.  Nukes are still the best option.

Part Five: Global Hottie

This week’s hottie is James T Kirk’s mom.  But in a good way.  Star of House and the new trekkie movie, she joins a long line of spotties (space hotties) that have graced the round-up.  Skeptics of the world, I give you Jennifer Morrison.  Be nice, or Jim Kirk will be on you faster than Al Gore on a donut.



That’s it for another week, thanks for reading.

20 thoughts on “Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 15th 2009”

  1. There’s just so much to comment on. I’ve not even finished Part Two and already I feel I can write a 20 page essay on it all, but I will restrain myself and just comment on two paragraphs from the article on The Guardian’s website about the island off of Papua New Guinea.

    “They are not, as the Daily Mail and the Times predicted, “the world’s first climate-change refugees”. People have been displaced from their homes by natural climate change for tens of thousands of years, and by manmade climate change for millennia (think of the desertification caused in North Africa by Roman grain production).”

    I don’t think people being displaced from their homes because of desertification caused by growing grain constitutes “man-made climate change”. Sure, it’s caused by man, but I wouldn’t exactly call it climate change. It’s more like, “killing the Iraqis for their oil and leaving the country looking like a bomb has hit it”. Or to put it another way, “war” (once you understand that war is just the unjust occupation of land via force to help expand an empire).

    And anyway, aren’t they doing this exact same thing in South America so they can grow crop to turn into fuel. Ergo, bio-fuels are not a way to combat global warming, but a CAUSE of global warming. . .well, according to The Guardian. (Side not (since I brought up bio-fuels): I read a while back (I can’t remember where) that to make a barrel of bio-fuel, it takes between 1.1 and 1.3 barrels of petroleum depending on the crop used, so stick that in your green car and drive it, hippies).

    Some people ascribe the fighting in Darfur – and the consequent displacement of its people – to climate change, as people struggle over diminishing resources. But this appears to be the first time that an entire people have started leaving their homes as a result of current global warming.”

    And I don’t think “diminishing resources” constitutes as “man-made climate change”. I mean, sure, there’s less oil because we’ve been burning it, but again, nothing really to do with the “climate”, more, “people of power being greedy and not giving back to the people they’re meant to be serving”, or in other words “general governance”.

    I’m sure I’ll be back in a bit with more common sense that the mainstream media seem to overlook.

    Oh, I just looked at my Facebook and remembered I’d shared the article about Prince Big Ears’ installation in Woking, so I’ve got to point out what I think about it. I saw it about ten months ago and I guess they were still touching it up (trying to get more juice out of it) because there were people up ladders and digging up the road and things. I guess the only lights it powered were the ones under it, so to build a solar panel that could actually generate a worthy amount of electricity, knowing the size and output of this one, you’d need a sheet about the size of the Earth. All in all, definitely not worth the £4 million that was spent on it. But the worst thing about it, because it’s now deemed as an “enclosed public space” you can no longer smoke directly outside the railway station. Thanks a lot, Prince Greedy Fascist Big Ears.

  2. Second comment and it’s only from the start of Part Three, taken from the Mail Online’s article about how we can make it all add up.

    “If a renewable source is going to make a big contribution, it needs a lot of land. If a renewable facility is not intrusive, it’s probably useless. To deliver 20 light bulbs of power per person from wind, for example, we’d need a hundredfold increase in wind power in Britain.

    “So how can we make a plan that adds up? Well, we could reduce our consumption – drive less and turn down the thermostat. Energy-saving technology changes could help. Another good idea is to replace petrol and diesel-powered vehicles with electric vehicles.”

    And where exactly will the electricity for these electric cars come from? Because the article states that current renewable technologies are more or less crap. The electricity will have to come from fossil fuels. And it doesn’t help that the CO2 emissions (indirectly) from electric cars is the equivalent to twice that of a diesel powered car.

    Kinda defies the aim of “reducing carbon”, don’t you think? That 35 MPH G-Wiz doesn’t sound so nice anymore, does it, hippies?

  3. Sorry, I’ve got a problem. You see, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine to prove people wrong when it comes to climate change by stating the obvious. So for you to lay it all out like you do (very well, might I add), it’s like I’m at an all you can eat buffet.

    I really am trying to hold back. Like I said in my first comment, I really could write a 20 page essay of corrections from the first two parts. And I just remembered, I didn’t even read all of Part One.

  4. I’m happy you enjoy the linkage Chris, you go right ahead and wade in. I’m guessing you’re from the UK, why not take a trip to Glastonbury and punch a hippie this weekend? 😉

  5. Oh, I enjoyed them very much so. And yes, I am from the UK. I can’t make it to Glasto I’m afraid, but there are some Greanpeace people in my town (they look like they wear sleeping bags) and the next time I see one, I will either punch them for you or bombard them with proven facts (which 31,478 American scientists agree with) that ionizes and atomizes their silly little claims about 0.0038% of the atmosphere (anthropogenic CO2).

    Oh, and in case you were wondering, this is what Prince CGI Frog Lover’s £4 million monstrosity looks like:

    And at the time that was built, the exchange rate was £1 = US$2.10, so US$8.4 million. I would have built it for them out of Lego for £2 million (plus supplies), which I’m sure would not only look nicer but work better too.

  6. Thanks for the pic. Once upon a long ago I used to pass through Woking twice a day on my way to Basingstoke. That was before Chuckles was responsible for wrecking woking station, which raises an interesting point, just how was it even possible to wreck Woking station when it was already an eyesore?

    Last time I met a Greenpeace fundraising hippie I told him I refused to support genocidal organizations, and told him about their role in the malaria deaths caused by the DDT ban. He cried, I was that mean. Oh, how I laughed.

    Stick around Chris, we’re going to have fun.

  7. London Road, outside McDonald’s, that’s where the Greenpeace hippies hang out in their sleeping bags, badgering passersby to sign up to their neo-Marxist ideologies. I’m so glad I never have to go up that way anymore.

    One of them tried to talk to me about nuclear waist and how 8 trains full of it passes through Basingstoke every day. Unfortunately, I hadn’t yet seen that episode of Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! (because they hadn’t made it back then. . .the one with the lesbians in the Prius), so I couldn’t really add an argument to her case. Oh how I wish I could go back there and tell her about how carts that carry the waist are bomb proof and all the rest of it. And how NO ONE in the western world has ever died from a nuclear reactor disaster. And how the word “nuclear” is like the word “pussy”, it’s all very nice until you add the word “bomb” to it and it f***s it up, just like when you add the word “cat” to “pussy”. Haha.

  8. Been A long time since I have chimed in. Site looks great Bayonet, Been popped lefties heads for my new hobby. Everywhere I go I keep digging at the pricks, spreading the truth as I see it. I will not go without a fight, that’s because I feel I have nothing to lose now.

    Thanks for a great round-up, I have enjoyed everyone since I have started reading your site!

  9. Thanks iceFree, it’s nice to know the efforts are appreciated.

    One fact that gets close to popping lefty heads is that I have to be quite selective each week to get down to 100 links. In the year since I started the round-ups there has been that much of an increase in negative coverage of AGW.

  10. I wish to know from this website, which i must add is awsome, why must both parties use crappy evidence that only supports their own thing, why can’t they use real evidence

  11. Yet another Apple patent has been uncovered showing that Apple has been looking into the use of solar energy to supplement battery life for their mobile devices, including both their portable computers, iPhone and iPod touch. The patent shows various ways of integrating solar cells that collect energy from light to help power the device.

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