Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 8th, 2009

Welcome to the first round-up at the new site.  I hope you like the look as much as the skeptic juice, I can tell you it was a lot easier to write in wordpress than it ever was in typepad, but you don’t care about that.

Onwards to (almost) 100 stories, articles and stuff the greens preferred you didn’t pay attention to.  What are you waiting for, get busy.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

Al Gore got a little tetchy on his blog about evil deniers and referred them to his good friend and eco-lunatic Jim Hansen’s GISS site, or, as it will be known from here on, the GISS re-education camp.

It’s easy to understand why Al has no time for people messing with his carefully constructed plans, he’s got a fortune to makeAnother fortune, that is.

Marc Morano is the carbuncle on Al’s butt that just won’t go away.  Enjoy the skeptic goodness when you add some Ingraham to a dash of Morano on the topic of the AGW prophet profiteer.

How inconvenient: Al Gore, Global Warming and Truth

Al Gore saved the planet, since he released his movie, global temperatures have plummeted.  Good job, Al.

walk the line, or else
walk the line, or else

It’s a bunfight, the question: Why do conservatives hate Al Gore? The answers, priceless.

You know, I remember that Al Gore, Nobel prize winner, told us that the debate was over, and he was right.

This will leave a mark:

Al Gore should be ashamed that he equated cap-and-trade legislation with civil rights legislation. Civil rights legislation was used to give equal rights to those who had been oppressed and abused and to allow them economic freedom and democracy. Cap and trade will take away rights and punish everyone economically.

Canadian hippie, totalitarian and heartless businessman, David Suzuki, was caught not telling the whole truth, or making stuff up, as we used to call it.  Emperor Suzuki also issued a diktat that inconveniences caused by the green lunatic agenda are not real sacrifices, so shut up.

Regular readers will know that I consider Prince Charles to be on the same intellectual plane as a carrot.  His nonsense about organic food and global warming are legend.  But this week Prince Chucklehead made a video, and he went full Bono and gathered his celebrity friends, his son and that Hewitt boy too.  Here’s the video, just because it’s interesting to see how many famous people can look dumb by comparison when the only other thing in the shot is a frog.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

President of the World Obama is looking to increase ethanol production.  Despite the inconvenient truth than ethanol increases food prices, pollutes more and comes with a body count, Obama presses ahead, because he can.  Change you can believe in, unless you’re poor, hungry and concerned about pollution.

Companies have cynically jumped on the green bandwagon, convincing customers that price increases are saving the planet.  People ain’t buying the greenwash.  Related, so far Loblaws has lost over $500 of my business thanks to their own greenwashing.

Scaremongers live in a world where they are afraid of everything, especially people that disagree with them.  Here’s an example of the ‘tolerant left’ expressing reasoned arguments about skeptics, you’ll note that there is not a single fact in support of AGW theory, just bile.  And a really dodgy beard.

Obama’s environmental policies are being crafted with the aid of all the best moonbats.  What could possibly go wrong?

It's not easy being green
It's not easy being green

Are you scared about global warming yet?  Just wait.

Oregon, a state well known for being at the end of the trail, is squished between overcaffeinated hippies and overmedicated hippies.  The governor figures if you can’t beat ’em, out green ’em:

Ted Kulongoski, the governor of Oregon, thinks that Americans will need to scale back their consumerism because it is harming the environment.

The science is settled, especially the stuff they just made up.  Credible, much?

To prove that just when you think you’ve found the ultimate greentard another one pops up, meet Tim, he lives with his dad, and sure is mad about something.

Australians are spared government sponsored climate alarmism, almost.

She’s unstoppable.  Jennifer ‘Hippies in the Mist’ Marohasy continues her study of the green species, hippio pot’r’us.

A squirrel, a labor group and an environmental group meet in a bar…

Greens scaring kids – some people have had enough:

Not content with being a bunch of joyless, anti-human, neo-pagan whackadoos with a tenuous grasp on reality and a determination to destroy fun wherever it is found, the radical environmentalists have apparently branched out into psychological child abuse.

Mud, mud, glorious mud, cracked and decaying and promoted for crud.

no wisecracks here
no wisecracks here

Pen Hadow, a tent and an expedition to the arctic.  What could possibly go wrong?

Floating hippies on a mission to tell school children about the dangers of big oil, global warming and personal hygiene were saved from a hostile environment themselves.  By an oil tanker.  I giggled, really.

The EU banned seal products in protest at the hunt.  The law of unintended consequences was immediately invoked:

Robert Courtney, president of the North of Smokey Fishermen’s Association in Nova Scotia, said the government will have to cull the fish-preying seal herd if the ban goes ahead and sealers are no longer motivated to hunt.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin wants to kill stuff.  Dead.

Global warming, theory or speculation?  You decide.


Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

In the first of two articles from Dr. Roy Spencer, we learn about the limitations of models.  No, not Cindy Crawford, computer models.

Disappearing Antarctic ice, isn’t, and shrinking glaciers are a sure sign of global warming.  Oh,wait.  nevermind.

shrinkage, it's a problem
shrinkage, it's a problem

Northern Hemisphere, Southern Hemisphere.  Tomato, Tomato.  Hmm, that doesn’t work so well in print, kind of like the predictions didn’t in reality.

Greens claim that melting ice will flood photogenic cities around the globe.  Pity about that whole scientific volume thing.  See it demonstrated here with cranberry juice and a cat.  No, really, click it; would I lie to you?

Hello America; frying pan, fire.  You decide.

This week’s edition of how to pop a lefties head is brought to you by the French.  The Eurostar train has met its emissions reduction targets three years ahead of schedule, because of nuclear power.

The Great Lakes are drying up because of global warming.  Okay, they made that up, too.

Natural gas resources are finite and we’re running out.  Not so much, actually.

Berkeley is to hippies what Mecca is to Muslims, but with less kneeling and more feeling, brother.  It’s inconvenient then, that the locals of Berkeley have risen up to fight measures intended to curb global warming.  If hippies aren’t buying the green message because it costs too much green, how green do you think Al Gore feels?

Nice windmill, shame if something happened to it.

this windmill sleeps with the fishes
this windmill sleeps with the fishes

Hello sailor.  Submariners breathe lots of CO2, and they’re not endangered.  They live close to nukes too, did someone set up a test population without realizing it?

Ice ice baby, and more of it than you thought, up north.

Greens want you to give up your car, but if you insist on living in the 21st century, then they want you to drive a small car.  Just be careful, because the rest of us are clinging to our SUV’s, and size matters.

It’s the Sun, stupid.  You thought I forgot, didn’t you?

Save the planet, kill a Chinaman.  Because you have no choice.

Here is the promised second article from Dr. Roy Spencer, on why America does not care about global warmingIt’s this week’s must read link, and here’s why:

The people have gotten the message, loud and clear: Global warming is man made, and it is only going to get worse. The trouble is that the people simply don’t think you know what you are talking about

Runner-up in the must read category is this post at Watt’s Up with That, about how there are so many different and better ways to spend the cash being wasted on AGW nonsense.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Be afraid, be very afraid.  It’s where they want you to be.

The BBC is busted for admitting that a warm summer is ‘good’.  British children everywhere are confused.

Prime deniers, like prime rib, but tougher.

If, like me, you have a lawn and you prefer it to be green and free of weeds, dandelions and comatose hippies, prepare to meet your guilt trip.

lawn owners, prepare to defend yourselves
lawn owners, prepare to defend yourselves

I wonder how greens will react to the idea the Russians have about distributing floating nuclear powered drilling rigs across the arctic?  I admire Russia, I’m not even capable of dreaming up that level of hippie head-popping goodness.

Finally,  a green car that Rosie O’Donnell can love.

Simon is saved, the Australian falls back into its AGW-love and trashes Plimer.  ACM lives another week, maybe longer.

The Economist, usually respectable, calls CO2 toxic.  It’s not, of course.

Oops, an article from the New York Times that Al Gore cited as proof that industry was working against the global warming scare, is corrected.

An AGW promoter decides a huge ball of fire in the sky can’t compete with a trace gas in the atmosphere.

A UK politician wants car commercials to carry health warnings, like cigarettes.  Not because of road safety, but because of carbon emissions.  I guess the Uk doesn’t have any real problems for its government to worry about then?

There’s nothing like a big coronal mass ejection in the morning, ask the Sun.

It's Alive!
It's Alive!

Not mincing words, the Topeka Capital-Journal calls global warming the greatest scam in history.  I knew it was big, but Milli Vanilli big?  That’s a stretch.

Part Five: Global Hottie

Skeptics and deniers, you have read this far and your reward is worth it.  Unless you just skimmed past the good stuff to get to the better stuff, you dirty cheaters.  This week’s hottie is wearing green, and that’s all the excuse I needed to bring you Miss Penelope Cruz, living proof that Spain is good for something.

click for a lot more Penny

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Up in here in Canuckistan we prefer to refer to David Suzuki as “Dr. Fruit Fly”.

    He’s still a Warmongering fool making a lot of money off the hysteria, but at least the name reminds us what he studied, which obviously wasn’t climatology.

  2. Up in here in Canuckistan we prefer to refer to David Suzuki as “Dr. Fruit Fly”.

    He’s still a Warmongering fool making a lot of money off the hysteria, but at least the name reminds us what he studied, which obviously wasn’t climatology.

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