Green technology not so green

The EU has ruled solar panel manufacturers exempt from regulations that restrict the use of dangerous toxins in products.

EU ministers voted on Friday to exempt solar panels from a ban on toxic substances in electrical goods, enabling leading maker First Solar to keep selling its products in the industry’s biggest market.

Also exempted were mercury-laden CFL light bulbs:

Energy-saving light bulbs are also temporarily exempted from the directive.

Canada announced a mercury reduction plan last March, but exempted CFL’s,  for no good reason other than political expediency.  The frozen North later redeemed itself by announcing a two-year delay in the ban on incandescent light bulbs.

The problem toxin for solar panels is cadmium telluride (CdTe), which according to Wikipedia is a pretty nasty piece of work:

[Its]toxicity is not solely due to the cadmium content. One study found that the highly reactive surface of cadmium telluride quantum dots triggers extensive reactive oxygen damage to the cell membrane, mitochondria, and cell nucleus.[5] In addition, the cadmium telluride films are typically recrystallized in a toxic solution of cadmium chloride. The disposal and long term safety of cadmium telluride is a known issue in the large scale commercialization of cadmium telluride solar panels.


Remember, too, the wind turbines beloved of hippies everywhere contain rare earth minerals that are possibly the least green thing to drag up out of the ground.  Worse even than the vilified oilsands. But what happens in China, stays in China, so it’s okay.  Oh, and wind turbines chomp up rare birds with an appetite that even Michael Moore can’t match.

Imagine if the Koch Brothers had demanded the EU give a pass to something they manufactured using CdTe.  The leftosphere would implode under it’s own weight.  Greenpeace, the NRDC and Sierra Club would be frothing at the mouth with indignation and calls for donations. But mostly calls for donations.

But because the tech in question is solar, and therefore green?  Crickets, chirping.


Wind blown in Britain

The UK has embraced green alternative energy with more enthusiasm than most western nations.

Climate Change minister Chris ‘Speedy’ Huhne has made no apologies for driving the nation’s energy policy toward giant bird shredders.

Huhne likes onshore wind farms:

“I wish our fellow country people were more open-minded about onshore wind. It is the most competitive of renewable technologies, on a base with nuclear. And at anything over $100 a barrel for oil the strategy of low carbon means will save money [oil is currently at $104 a barrel]. It is the future of low cost electricity compared with the alternative of relying on oil. Officially, not only is it the future, but it works.”

And Huhne likes offshore wind farms:

I’m pleased that we’ve reached the point where 5GW of our energy comes from onshore and offshore wind – that’s enough electricity to power all the homes in Scotland.  Getting these massive structures out here into the sea is a tremendous feat of engineering and I applaud all involved with this awesome achievement.

There are many issues with wind power and we’ve some of covered those before.  But there is one problem that Chris Huhne, super-genius, didn’t plan for.  What if there’s no wind?

"what did he just say? No wind, wth?"

Global warming makes the UK is a less windy place:

According to government figures, 13 of the past 16 months have been calmer than normal – while 2010 was the “stillest” year of the past decade. Meteorologists believe that changes to the Atlantic jet stream could alter the pattern of winds over the next 40 years and leave much of the nation’s growing army of power-generating turbines becalmed.

Oh noes, a nation covered in giant bird shredders and not a puff of wind to move them?  Say it ain’t so.  If only the giant brains at the Met. Office had known that before the nation committed itself to a future based on moving air.

It’s almost as if Gaia doesn’t want to be saved.


Lazy Sunday

It’s Monaco GP weekend, lots of pretty boats and pretty people packed into a pokey principality to pose and ponder the race.

We’ve got a warm weekend here, which is good news for a lazy Sunday.  Enjoy yours.

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A Hottie

It’s Summer.  See what I did there?


Glau, in case you needed clarification.

A Song

Since the sun’s out,  let’s get our mellow on.

Finley Quaye – Sun is shining by Room321.

Have a great weekend.


Unintended consequences of green bunk

This week hippies complained that ships using bunker fuel should switch to more refined blends of fuel to reduce their impact on Gaia.

Naturally enough, this would increase the cost of everything that travels by sea, which is pretty much everything in hipster heaven IKEA:

For example, the retail price of a metric ton of 380 centistokes bunker fuel in Houston is $611. Converting per-gallon U.S. retail gasoline prices ($3.96/gallon U.S. average) to metric tons would give you a gasoline metric-ton price of $1,480.24 (42 gallons per barrel, 8.9 barrels per metric ton). If they were to pay at the pump, these ships would need to spend 145 percent more on fuel, something that is simply not economical.

Hippies should be careful what they wish for.  Pesky smart people might skip converting ships to gas or diesel and go right to the nuclear option, literally. And we all know that hippies hate nukes.

For now, it’s just the Navy looking at the option:

“If oil prices rose substantially in the future, the estimated savings in fuel costs from using nuclear power over a ship’s lifetime could offset the higher initial costs to procure the ship,”

nukes at sea in action

If greens keep pushing the bunker fuel issue, unintended consequences may happen.  It’s all fun and games until a Somali pirate grabs a nuke-powered super-Panamax in 2030, or something.


Moppet Science vs. NOAA Muppets

How accurate is hurricane forcasting at NOAA?

They got it right twice in the last seven years.  That’s bad, but not bad enough that the UK’s Met. Office is worried about losing it’s lofty position of world’s worst forecaster.

Also, it’s not often we have an excuse to pimp a Steve Crowder video, so here you go.



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Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 26th 2011

Jane Fonda’s brother called POTUS a traitor without a trace of irony, union hippies are geographically challenged and UVA may be exposed to some sunshine disinfectant in the near future.

Part One: Hippie of the Week

The aptly named Grist magazine writer Claire Hope Cummings wins the coveted HOTW award this week.  Ms. Cummings penned a navel gazing piece about what the failed Rapture prediction meant for hippies, and hilarity ensued.

The sober second sentence:

I also wonder if this might be a good time for the environmental community to reconsider its use of apocalyptic terms when describing our fears for the future.

That’s good advice.  If only she had remembered to heed it in the tricky third sentence:

There’s no doubt that we face certain peril and that immediate radical action is needed.

that'll leave a mark

She claims to have spent two years studying why climate alarmists fail to get the public to believe that a trace gas essential to life on Earth is a problem, and by George, she’s found it:


The opposition is well funded, dishonest, cynical, and divisive. It includes those who deny the science behind climate change, obstruct policy, oppose reasoned public debate, block government action, or preach the gospel of economics as the only basis for life on earth.

That’s right, if it weren’t for those meddling kids skeptics deniers, Big Green would rule the world.  The hippies credibility problem has nothing to do with their wildly pessimistic claims, dodgy scientists and poor record of predictions, it’s all the Koch brother’s fault. I blame Bush.

Congratulations to Ms. Hope Cummings, even though she sees none.

Part Two: Warmists & Scaremongers

Save the Wales!  The green valleys of central Wales are threatened by industrialization.  Eco-industrialation, that is:

…back in 2005 that Cardiff’s joke quasi-parliamentary assembly of clownish second-raters – otherwise known as AMs – voted for huge swathes of the Principality to be covered in wind farms. But it’s only now that people have started to catch up with the environmental havoc this is going to wreak.

There’s no welcome in the hillside for giant bird shredders, yet Jolly Prince Chuckles, the Prince of Wales, blindly ignores the hippie-induced havoc and continues to warn that capitalism is bad for Gaia.

Helpless hippies haplessly hectoring Hastings.  Comedy gold from the purple people beaters in America:

When union workers and environmental activists picked a Hastings-area site to protest inaction on a Marcellus Shale severance tax, they made one mistake. Marcellus activity isn’t occurring within miles of it.  Service Employees International Union officials issued an apology Monday, saying they mistakenly set up their protest Thursday – and a makeshift tollbooth asking the industry to pay its fair share – next to a surface well property that has been around for years and isn’t set up for shale drilling.

Another week, another wild prediction of global doom.  The good news is that it happens in 2050 when the crushing weight of 9.4 billion people will cause the planet to explode.  Or something.  The fellow behind the claim is a German, but he thinks he has a master plan to deal with the problem.  A German with a master plan, what could possibly go wrong?

The EPA not only demonizes a trace gas by calling it a pollutant, it also funds the groups that reinforce that message with activism.  That’s the problem when a nation has too much money sloshing around with nothing important to spend it on.  Oh, wait.  But wait, what’s this – UN funding denied for global warming because it’s pure fantasy?  Pinch me, I’m dreaming, right?

‘Actor’ Peter Fonda called President Obama a traitor for his Government’s handling of the Gulf oil spill:

Fonda — a keen environmentalist and co-producer of the film which centres on the explosion of the BP oil rig Deepwater Horizon, the ensuing spill and its consequences — accused Washington of trying to gag reporting on the issue.  “I sent an email to President Obama saying, ‘You are a f(expletive) traitor,’ using those words… ‘You’re a traitor, you allowed foreign boots on our soil telling our military — in this case the coastguard — what they can and could not do, and telling us, the citizens of the United States, what we could or could not do’.”

Don’t tell Fonda, but all the Presidents men gassed up at a BP station this week.  No, really.

hippies, they never grow up

Greens in Wisconsin demand renewable energy, but only if it’s the right kind of renewable energy.  Which means importing clean hydro power from Canada is a no-no.  Hey hippies – is it about saving Gaia or who gets the jobs?


Alas NASA, where did ye go?  Once the domain of steely-eyed missile men who thought nothing of hurling themselves into space strapped to giant rockets, it’s reduced to hosting a global warming muppet, frightening children instead of inspiring them and making Muslims feel good.  Once the last Shuttle returns to Earth, perhaps we should just shutter the entire operation and donate it to the Smithsonian.

Greenpeace hippies were arrested in Brussels for protesting at talks and blocking the access of corporate reps.  Video of the self-righteous hippie rent-seekers at the link, if you can stand it.

Aussie Green Bob Brown was asked an awkward question or two in an interview and immediately wailed that the media had lurched to the right. Al Gore is after the Murdoch media for dropping Current TV in Italy.  Both viewers were understandably upset by the move, which with Al makes 3 people who care.

A giant tornado hit Joplin, MO and MSNBC was first to blame global warming.  Rumors that Danny Glover will be sitting in for the suspended Ed Slutz are greatly exaggerated, unfortunately.

Chris Huhne, the UK’s climate minister, is struggling to keep his job as a scandal about a speeding ticket grows.  It turns out his ex-wife took responsibility for his offense and he’s under investigation.  With his record of not following the rules, perhaps the cops could peek in the Huhne’s basement to see if he has a generator there for when all the lights go out under his push for wind power.

An Inconvenient Truth is 5 years old this week, and though things have gone badly for hippies since those heady days, the celebratory press forgot to mention all the problems with Al’s slide show.

UVA attempts to hide Michael ‘Stick’ Mann’s work have taken a sharp turn for the worse as a court orders some exposure  in camera.  If things go well for transparency we’ll find out what UVA spent half-a-million dollars trying to hide.  Climategate 2.0, anyone?

If you doubt that there is a deep-seated misanthropy behind the green agenda, let Donna put you right:

Edward Goldsmith, the founder of the magazine that claims to have set the environmental agenda for the past 40 years, declares in its first issue that humans are parasites, an infection, and a disease. We’re waste products that make no ecological sense.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Hippies want to make ships run on more-refined fossil fuels rather than thick, sticky bunker fuel.  Which is fine, as long as you don’t mind absorbing a five-fold increase in the price of junk from China.

Good thing Google dropped it’s ‘Don’t be Evil’ motto.  The leviathan of search may be tinkering with searches to suppress climate skeptics.

Pity the poor polar bear, they’re almost extinct because of slightly milder weather.  Wait, nevermind. Ursus maritimus is just fine after all.

Hippies love alternative, renewable energy. No matter that it shreds rare birds and causes deadly botulism that poses a catastrophic threat to wildlife.  Wait, what?

The residue from biogas plants that produce “clean” green electricity is causing a deadly disease among domestic and wild animals, and humans – chronic botulism.

If we discovered that coal mines did that, Greenpeace would be demanding they all close down yesterday.  But biogas botulism?  Crickets, chirping.

America has the largest reserves of energy resources in the world.  So the high price of gas and other fuels must be a feature of policy, not a bug.

Jim Hansen’s climate model exaggerates warming? Say it ain’t so.

In Germany, skeptics are finding their voice.  Just in time, too.

Australia’s PM Gillard has found the bottom of her self-induced carbon-tax pit, but keeps digging.  She claims Aussie carbon markets will be free of the corruption that plagues the EU market because, well, because.

Uh oh, even the EPA has to admit that fracking has never been seen to contaminate water.  Hippies wishing to oppose affordable, abundant shale gas operations will need to find a new reason to deny people cheap energy.  Perhaps it will kill birds, or cause botulism, or spoil landscapes?

Government math of the week.  How to save $116,000 at the low, low cost of only $4 million.

powered by unicorn poop and federal cash, but mostly federal cash

CO2 is innocent!  Pesky science shows that oceans drive climate, not tree food.


CO2 is more innocenter!  Pesky science shows that plant food isn’t, wasn’t and can’t be the evil problem claimed by hippies.

CO2 is even more innocenter!  Pesky science shows that carbon dioxide is essential to life, not a threat to it.

Take that, hippies.

The head of the Grantham Research Institute has forgotten what science is:

Bob Ward of the Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics said the intention of many of those making freedom of information requests was to trawl through scientists’ work with the intention of trying to find problems and errors.

Hey Bob, ever hear of the Null Hypothesis?  Just asking.

Fusion doesn’t have to be dodgy jazz with Chick Corea sticking his head into a baby grand, it may be the energy future we all can love – cheap, clean and limitless:

According to Rossi’s patent, his Energy Catalyzer (ECat) consists of a heated tube of powdered nickel (Ni) and proprietary catalysts, through which hydrogen (H) is pumped at high pressure, surrounded by boron and lead shielding, and encased in a water jacket. Rossi claims the power results from conversion of nickel to copper and other lighter elements. Full conversion of 58g of nickel would produce the energy equivalent of burning 30,000 tons of oil. The radiation emitted during operation of ECat was barely detectable above background.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The Uk is heading to a new dark age.  A green dark age:

Welcome to the neo-medieval world of Britain’s energy policy. It is a world in which Highland glens are buzzing with bulldozers damming streams for miniature hydro plants, in which the Dogger Bank is to be dotted with windmills at Brobdingnagian expense, in which Heathrow is to burn wood trucked in from Surrey, and Yorkshire wheat is being turned into motor fuel. We are going back to using the landscape to generate our energy. Bad news for the landscape.

Scotland builds huge windfarms and electricity prices increase.  Coincidence?

Hippies find a Pentagon they can love – the US DoD says:

“Climate change and energy are two key issues that will play a significant role in shaping the future security environment.” It noted the department of defence is actively “developing policies and plans to manage the effects of climate change on its operating environment, missions and facilities”.

Or, in other words, the Pentagon has figured out that greenwashing defense is a good strategy to avoid getting hit with spending cuts.

Australia is building the world’s biggest ship to process natural gas offshore.  You just know Greenpeace can’t wait to climb all over it.

go big or go home, mates

Oh noes, the World Resources Institute discovered that it’s hard to track global warming aid in the developing world. Who knew that governments liked to make bold declarations at conferences but were less keen on writing checks?

UK electricity infrastructure is to get a makeover, because when your country is facing self-inflicted rising energy costs and too little power, a competition to pretty up pylons is just what’s needed.

Chicago will be a warm haven by the end of the century, but city planners are all over the challenge like a fat kid on a snicker bar:

The white oak, the state tree of Illinois, has been banned from city planting lists, and swamp oaks and sweet gum trees from the South have been given new priority. Thermal radar is being used to map the city’s hottest spots, which are then targets for pavement removal and the addition of vegetation to roofs. And air-conditioners are being considered for all 750 public schools, which until now have been heated but rarely cooled.

More green jobs you can believe in, but no longer see.  The push to renawables costs the UK 1500 more jobs.

Pennsylvania politely gives notice for industry to quit the state, ASAP.  But not on purpose.

Google is building the world’s first seawater-cooled server farm:

The heat transfer units are the heart of the cooling system, and the seawater pumps into the heat transfer system, cools the data center, and then the water itself is cooled slightly before being pumped back out to sea. Google wanted the water that was pumped back out to sea to be similar in temperature to the water that entered the system, as to have as little impact as possible on the surrounding ecosystem.

Wait for stories about algae-blooms threatening Finnish coasts around this time next year.

The inconvenient truth about renewable energy explained in the WSJ.

Things that make you want to be a hippie, part one.  Pippa Middleton has taken a job at an eco-firm.  Yeah, that Pippa Middleton.


Part Five: Global Hottie

Sometimes the Bayonet has a fevah and the only cure is more antipodean waif.  Cate Blanchett may have played the elf-queen in LOTR, but when it comes to sultry waifness, only Kylie fits the bill.  Give the tiny but perfectly formed Ms. Minogue a warm round-up welcome.


Thanks for reading.

Renewables are not affordable

The IPCC wants the world to switch to renewable energy and forgo abundant, affordable fossil fuel options:

…the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a thousand-page report on the future of renewable energy, which it defined as solar, hydro, wind, tidal, wave, geothermal and biomass. These energy sources, said the IPCC, generate about 13.8% of our energy and, if encouraged to grow, could eventually displace most fossil fuel use.

The linked article goes on to expose some very flawed thinking about what constitutes ‘renewable’ energy, but for now let’s put that aside.  Let’s pretend that renewables could replace 87% of the energy currently supplied by natural gas, oil and coal.  What would that cost global economies, do you think?

Quick answer, far too much:

renewable, not affordable
(click for larger)

Solar and wind are heavily subsidized and provide poor efficiency returns on investment.  Imagine a world powered exclusively by the most expensive energy production options.  The cost of everything would go up, jobs would disappear and civilized life as we know it would change radically.  And not for the better.  It’s a sure bet that if hippies ever bullied us into a world of wind and solar power that the next ‘luxury’ to be taxed out of existence would be fire.

Greens are living in a bizarro world when they espouse a world free of fossil fuels, which seems like a good reason to keep working against them.  That and we have more fun.

Which reminds me, round-up tomorrow, as usual.


Clowns vs. clown

Corporate Accountability International, an activist group known for campaigning against planetary imperiling plastic water bottles, is going after the big man in the dodgy dungarees and big shoes.

The activist clowns claim the corporate clown Ronald McDonald cynically targets kids to promote unhealthy food (PDF):

Ronald McDonald is far from an innocent clown.  Rather, as this stunning report reveals, the character is the product of a well-orchestrated and shrewd marketing strategy by America’s king of fast food. By connecting its corporate image to a fun-loving clown, McDonald’s gains a tremendous amount of positive public relations. And what better way to bypass parents and market directly to children than through a clown – the icon of circuses and children’s parties.

But most children have never heard of public relations and don’t even have the capacity to understand what marketing is all about. Instead, children’s lives are guided by fun and emotional attachment. That’s why they are the most vulnerable to the marketing strategies of a character like Ronald McDonald.

The people’s republic of San Francisco said much the same thing last year when they banned Happy Meal toys and claimed the coveted ‘Killjoy of the Year’ Award.

who wants a whopper?

Corporate Accountability International is an anti-business organization that pushes the global warming agenda when it suits their purpose.  Will the group be as quick to criticize NASA for it’s ‘well-orchestrated and shrewd marketing strategy’ to frighten moppets with stories of global warming?

Yeah, thought not.

Ronald’s handlers aren’t backing down without a fight:

“We are committed to responsible advertising and take our communications to children very seriously. We understand the importance of children’s health and nutrition, and are committed to being part of the dialogue and solution. We serve high quality food, and our Happy Meals offer choice and variety in portions just for kids. Parents tell us they appreciate our Happy Meal choices.”

With Big Mac’s strong support, it’s unlikely that Ron will be sleeping with the Filet-o-Fishes anytime soon, despite the scare-mongering clowns best efforts.


An Inconvenient Truth, five years on

Five years ago, An Inconvenient Truth was released to an unsuspecting world.

Not only did it break new cinematic ground with pilfered special effects, it proved PowerPoint could sell movie tickets as long as it was narrated by a famous politician willing to say almost anything to increase the value of his investment portfolio.  Not only that, Michael Moore suddenly had Oscar competition for agit-prop documentaries.

An Inconvenient Truth made global warming a global star and elevated a relatively feeble field of science far beyond the level of incompetence of many of its biggest names. Celebrities, politicians and activists rushed to the new cool hot cause célèbre and posed for the cameras with concerned faces as they parroted dire predictions about the state of Kilimanjaro glaciers, homeless polar bears and living with a Prius.

Life was golden for the green jet set, but then came failure in Copenhagen and the game-changing revelations of Climategate.  That was the beginning of the end for global warming.  It’s since been renamed climate change, climate disruption, global weirding and Maude.  Okay, no-one’s named it Maude yet, but it could happen.

The allure of green has slipped so low that Republican nominees for President find themselves apologizing for their momentary lapses of reason when it came to the environment.  Specifically, any candidate who supported cap and trade has a problem:

Gingrich, Huntsman and Pawlenty could all have difficulty explaining their climate record to a conservative primary electorate energized by the tea party movement.  “The three candidates who are most at risk here are most at risk because they start off pretty significantly to the left of the electorate,” he said. “They already start off in a ditch. Their past dalliances with cap and trade sort of confirm what the electorate already suspects — that these guys are not really one of us.”

An Inconvenient Truth looked like a sure-fire winner for hippies, but it fell apart fast.  The leading lights of the climate cult blame skeptics for their failure to pass any meaningful legislation, but in the US, pro-warming Democrats controlled the Oval Office, the House and the Senate for two-years yet could not pass cap and trade.  Either they didn’t believe the science they claimed exposed an imminent global emergency, or they did but were too cowardly to act on it.

In five short years, global warming as a political issue went from being an easy vote winner to a toxic issue.

The only pity is that where the May 21st cultists were discredited beyond a doubt when Sunday morning appeared with pesky reliability,  warmists cling on in the vain hope that someone, somewhere will believe them.  Climategate damaged them and still does, but unlike Rapturegate, it didn’t finish them once and for all.

That day might never come, but equally, it may not need to.  Once politicians turn their back on the issue, those left crying climate wolf will be marginalized and will need to cuddle up with birthers and truthers to achieve a critical mass of crazy.

The Republican nomination process is evidence that the time is almost here.  Other politicians around the world are suffering for their green pains. Spain is punishing its government for high unemployment exacerbated by the rush to alternative energy, Australia’s ruling party is in deep trouble for its promise to introduce a carbon tax and Canada’s new majority government sees no political downside to ruling out cap and trade and reversing itself on a ban on incandescent light bulbs.

To borrow a Charlie Sheenism, we’re #winning.


Lazy Sunday

Are we still here?

Oh good, the rapture prediction turned out to be as reliable as global warming science, but without all the silly scaremongering.  I kid, I kid.

Rapturegate starts today.  It’ll be revealed that poor, deluded Harold Camping had doubts about the date of the rapture but a shadowy figure on the Internet told him to ‘hide the decline’ and use a Nature trick and it’d all be fine.  There could be some epic comedy if Camping ever figures out who the mysterious helper behind the ‘CRUJones’ handle is.

The good news is the Spanish Grand Prix isn’t canceled due to the end of the world and the weather is supposed to be nice here.

So, enjoy a lazy Sunday.

Some Tweets

Oh noes, empty suit found in the Oval office… oh wait, nevermind. #rapture

Believe it or not, this story has nothing to do with Joe Romm or Weepy Bill. | Chinese farmers’ exploding watermelons |

Red kites are on the increase in Britain: | Enjoy it while it lasts, Kites. The bird shredders are coming… mwuahaha

UK pledges to halve emissions by 2025 | In related news, UK pledges to halve GDP by 2025

Hmmm. Wolfe Island hosts giant bird shredders & owls disappear. Coincidence? | Short-eared owls disappearing:

Who knew that tonsil hockey & making 2nd base with Nancy Pelosi was ‘debating’ | Newt lies? | Climate Depot:

RT: If the World is Devoured By A Giant Space Squid on Saturday, Blame NASA

Call Paul McCartney quick, NOAA wants to off hungry sea lions | Sea Lions Sentenced to Die:

Global warming saves butterflies. Wait, what? | Britain’s butterflies bounce back:


A Hottie

I’d picked this hottie in case the rapture did happen.  Give a big old Sunday Halle-lujah for Ms. Berry.



A Song

I had this picked out too.  Because rapture or not, the devil has the best tunes.