A tale of two problems

British Columbia sits on the Pacific ring of fire and as such is vulnerable to earthquakes.

The scenic province also sits on Canada’s left coast and as such is vulnerable to hippie legislation, like North America’s first carbon tax.

After the devastation in Japan caused by last month’s earthquake and tsunami, folks in BC are nervous about seismic activity. This means more earthquake preparedness, and more cost:

As fears of a Japan- or New Zealand-style earthquake rise in B.C., seismic upgrades have been taking up an ever-increasing share of West Coast government budgets. In 2005, the B.C. government pledged $1.5-billion to fortify more than 700 schools across the province. B.C. Hydro has already scheduled an $850-million renovation to a Fraser Valley hydroelectric dam, and last month, an engineering report announced that B.C.’s provincial legislature would require a $250-million upgrade to prevent it from caving in on politicians during a quake. By contrast, the B.C. government spent only about $925-million on the 2010 Olympics.

There are some issues with the sort of projects being funded, and the final cost of retro-fitting hundred of old buildings:

Victoria is now undertaking a citywide assessment of all its earthquake-vulnerable buildings. If engineers find Victoria’s heritage buildings and parking structures are also at risk of collapse, Mr. Crockford shudders to think what the final bill could be. “You could take every single penny you earn and spend it all on insurance,” says Mr. Crockford, “but some people would say that’s a very stupid thing to do if you don’t have any money for food.”  “Fear becomes such a big element to it all,” says Hal Andrew, president of Contech Construction, a Vancouver-based contractor. “The mom who drives her eight-year-old feels good if she’s told the school was seismically upgraded.”

BC is the home of the David Suzuki Foundation, and where Green Party leader Elizabeth May hopes to win a seat on Monday.  The populace accepted a carbon tax without a peep of protest, yet forced the resignation of Premier Campbell over plans for a harmonized sales tax.

The cost of earthquake proofing is high but is mere a fraction of the price BC, Canada and the rest of the world is being asked to pay to ‘stop global warming’.

Why are taxpayers of British Columbia worried about the costs of defending against a real threat yet apparently unconcerned about the cost of fighting an entirely fictional threat?

Strange, no?


Hippies heart disaster

UPDATE: Brad doubles down on stupid and responds via Twitter – see comments for details.

As sure as night follows day, warmists will blame the latest natural disaster on global warming.

You may recall that Christopher Mims of Grist suggested the Japanese tsunami was caused by a trace gas essential to life on Earth in March.

America’s south was devastated by tornadoes this week, and Brad Johnson of Think Progress can hardly contain his glee:

The ‘best’ part for Johnson is that southern states were worst hit, and every hippie knows the south is full of bitter-clinger deniers, right?

Johnson’s willingness to point fingers and blame the victim is sick, but we endure it because he and Mims are skeptic recruiting machines.  The warmist rush to use natural disaster to push their global warming agenda sickens most people and turns them away from supporting the ugly misanthropy that pervades the green movement.

And of course, the science of global warming causing tornadoes is dead wrong – NOAA says so:

A top official at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) rejected claims by environmental activists that the outbreak of tornadoes ravaging the American South is related to climate change brought on by global warming.  Greg Carbin, the warning coordination meteorologist at NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Oklahoma, said warming trends do create more of the fuel that tornadoes require, such as moisture, but that they also deprive tornadoes of another essential ingredient: wind shear.

If Johnson had any shame, the article would be replaced with an apology to those that lost loved ones and property.  Don’t hold your breath.


Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Apr. 28th 2011

Greens hate office supplies, the EPA makes ears bleed and in Antarctica, no one can hear you scream.

Hippies of the world celebrated last week’s hiatus, but we’re back this week with matrimony, malthusians and misanthropists galore.  Become caffeinated or inebriated and jump on in.  Be nice to the hottie, she’s a cutie.

Part One: Hippie of the Week

HOTW isn’t a person this week, but an event.

You may have heard about the royal wedding of William and Kate taking place tomorrow (or the 29th if you happen to be reading this after the fact).  William, or ‘Wills’ wanted a small wedding, but that was ruled out by granny (the Queen) who declared the wedding needed to be a Gaia-stomping all-out royalfest of pageantry.  But why?

Two words. Prince Charles:

…the event that most royal watchers had expected to be the monarchy’s big splash, the Queen’s 2012 Diamond Jubilee, was scaled down to what one commentator called “a low-key, village-fete-and-street-party affair,” while the grandchild’s wedding was upgraded to a shower of opulence on a scale not seen since Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953.  The hope is that this great blast of royal love will be sharply etched in the public’s memory, for a decade or more, as the matter of succession becomes uglier.

CSI: Windsor Castle

Yep, the reason the Queen is insisting on a huge wedding is because Chuckles, her number one son & heir is a full-on activist moonbat into homeopathy, global warming and political interference.  But not necessarily in that order:

The heir to the throne has spent the past decade transforming himself from the morose face of regal indifference into a powerful businessman, outspoken political activist and aggressive lobbyist.

The irony is the carbon cost of Wills nuptials is huge, all because his dotty pops is a warmist:

The international event will generate 6,765 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e), 12 times the annual emissions from the London palace or 1,230 times the annual emissions of the average UK household.

Nice work, Chuck.

Part Two: Warmists & Scaremongers

The Guardian turns against champagne environmentalists.  The good news is that they won’t change their lifestyles, but they will stop advocating nonsense as soon as they get coverage like that.  #winning.

If you ever wondered about the alarmists behind desmogblog, the ugly truth is revealed:

DeSmog Blog’s favorite tactic is to claim scientists and policy analysts who disagree with alarmist global warming theory are funded by “dirty money.” The revelation of the blog’s major source of funding as a convicted money launderer may undermine DeSmog’s attempts to smear the integrity of respected, law-abiding scientists who disagree with them.

Hippies and warmists like to believe they know the truth because they’re just smarter than skeptics.  The evidence suggests otherwise – an office supplies business in Iowa has been receiving threats from hippies.  The small firm is called Koch Brothers.  Hippies, meet facepalm.

HOTW alum Tim Flannery may yet be the skeptics best friend.

How can you tell when a retired TV person isn’t getting enough speaking gigs?  When he apologizes for providing balanced global warming coverage, that’s how.  Don Shelby’s calendar will soon be filled with engagements on campuses across the continent.  Well played, sir.

Scaremongers are losing the public as the sham science is revealed for what it is, so they pray for a disaster, natch.

Green on green action: a hippie unleashes his potty mouth and turns on other hippies like weepy Bill McKibben and Randy Olsen.  I suspect the keyboard was spittle flecked in the Rommulan way at the end of that diatribe.

Doddery TV natural history reporter David Attenborough knows what’s good for Gaia – fewer folks:

The 84-year-old praised controversial 18th century demographer Thomas Malthus, who argued that populations increase until they are halted by ‘misery and vice’.  He added: ‘The population of the world is now growing by 80 million a year. One and a half million a week. A quarter of a million a day.  ‘The government’s chief scientist and the last president of the Royal Society have both referred to the ‘perfect storm’ of population growth, climate change, and peak oil production, leading inexorably to more and more insecurity in the supply of food, water and energy.’

I have the same suggestion for Attenborough as I had for Jonathon Porritt – after you.

A pop tart with a $ in her handle doesn’t like Canada.  Ke$ha has joined up with the PETA lunatics to protest the annual seal hunt.  In related news, Gisele Bundchen’s hubbie is nervous.

Ke$ha loves animals, especially warm furry ones

Hippies don’t understand that skeptics don’t believe them because the science is dodgy and their claims are wild and false.  It can never be their fault you’re not buying it – it’s yours.  But don’t worry, you can’t help having a defective brain.

…since Festinger’s day, an array of new discoveries in psychology and neuroscience has further demonstrated how our preexisting beliefs, far more than any new facts, can skew our thoughts and even color what we consider our most dispassionate and logical conclusions. This tendency toward so-called “motivated reasoning” helps explain why we find groups so polarized over matters where the evidence is so unequivocal: climate change, vaccines, “death panels,”

Hey, you know what doing nothing about global warming is like?  Nailing a messiah to a cross, that’s what.

That shower you took this morning will be worth a gazillion dollars in the future, when water becomes a rare treasure.  Think about that next time before you fart in the bathtub.

Grist gets unreasonably excited because a skeptic decided to join the hippie commune.  Apparently the event is so rare that each person changing their mind to the warmist point of view now gets a personal welcome article.

Al Gore went to Kiev in 1998 and republished his speech to mark 25 years since Chernobyl.   The first sighting of manbearpig was after the Russian nuke cloud’s world tour.  Coincidence?

Music lovers everywhere demand the EPA be defunded following the release of a crime against music.  The ‘Click It’ rap is so bad it makes Rebecca Black sound like Mozart by comparison.  I’m not kidding.  Some lyrics:

You can pick up paper and recycle it too, and there are many other things that you can do. You can click off the game boy, flip off the light, while you’re brushing your teeth, turn the handle to the right. Close the fridge door – keep it shut tight, no food has been added since the middle of the night. A 5 minute shower is all that’s needed to keep energy from being depleted. A long sleeve sweater is what I know – will keep you toasty and the fuel bills low. Plant a tree in your neighborhood, besides giving shade you know it looks real good.

Vanilla Ice is preparing a public statement on losing the worst rap song ever award.

Young hippies have realized how to turn the tide of skepticism and save the planet.  They will leverage their awesome:

Those fearful forces haven’t got much vision for the future, and we sure do: we are identity awesome. We are the people not afraid to build something better than the assumptions handed to us.

Someone was allowed to stay up after her bedtime to watch X-Men movies, methinks.

Tom Nelson 1, Noam Chomsky 0.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Anthony Watts has a new feature at WUWT – Climate Fails.  It aims to be a repository for all the failed claims of warmists, but it’s unclear if the Interwebs has enough server space for them all.  Here’s some from Earth Day 1970:

  • “Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.”
  • “Population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases in food supplies we make. The death rate will increase until at least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years.”
  • “By the year 2000, if present trends continue, we will be using up crude oil at such a rate…that there won’t be any more crude oil. You’ll drive up to the pump and say, `Fill ‘er up, buddy,’ and he’ll say, `I am very sorry, there isn’t any.’”

Good news for Leaf and Volt drivers in Washington State – the government wants to tax electric vehicles because they contribute to rear and tear of roads but pay no gas taxes.  To be fair, EV’s don’t use a lot of road before they drift to a lifeless stop.

Uh oh.  The folks who whitewashed the motley CRU turn out to be connected to a ‘shadowy group’.  Perhaps that’s why the geniuses at East Anglia  refused a FOI request for their data.  Because nothing says you have nothing to hide like refusing to share your data, right?  And they wonder why no-one trusts them.

Antarctica might be melting, or not.  What we do know is that the scientists figuring the question out aren’t great protectors of the wilderness.  First they fill holes with (gasp) fossil fuels to stop them freezing up, then they import alien species with their supplies:

A new study has revealed that fresh fruit and vegetables being sent to feed the 4,000 or so scientists stationed in Antarctica are laden with foreign species of insects, slugs, worms, plant seeds and fungi that pose a risk to the ecosystems on the world’s coldest continent.


an artists impression of alien species in Antarctica, or something

In the UK, only a quarter of people are concerned about global warming.  In the whole world, the percentage isn’t much better.

BMW, the German car maker says that electric vehicles aren’t for everyone: “[EVs] won’t work for most people. For at least 90 percent and maybe more of the population, [an EV] won’t work [at the current battery range].”

The top ten eco-scams, and the top five scares that never happened.  Heckuva job, greenies.

Gas prices are nearing record levels, so it makes perfect sense the EPA blocked Shell from drilling off Alaska, right?  Don’t sweat it, the President is betting on Brazil.  Until he figures out that $5/gallon gas means a Carterite career, that is.

Portugal porked by green.

Germany is killing off nuke plants in the wake of the Japanese tsunami’s effect, but the result will be a 30% rise in energy prices.  Who knew bird shredders and solar panels were so useless?  Perhaps the newly awakened George Monbiot should have a word with the Deutsch:

Over the last fortnight I’ve made a deeply troubling discovery. The anti-nuclear movement to which I once belonged has misled the world about the impacts of radiation on human health. The claims we have made are ungrounded in science, unsupportable when challenged, and wildly wrong. We have done other people, and ourselves, a terrible disservice.

Old religion isn’t so sure about the new religion of global warming.

The not-at-all-political UN IPCC is making moves to ensure it is seen as a serious scientific organization and nothing to do with advocacy.  Not really.  They’ve hired the WWF’s chief spokesperson as an editor for the forthcoming AR5 report.  Donna Laframboise exposed that gem, along with finding more Greenpeace cash and a lack of personnel to monitor IPCC behavior:

The amazing thing about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is that it inhabits a world without checks-and-balances. No internal – or external – enforcement mechanisms exist. Sure, the IPCC has taken the time to write down some rules of the road. But it has never hired any traffic cops. There have never been any spot checks, radar readings, or speeding tickets – all of which are necessary if one actually expects the rules to be followed.

Poor Raj Pachauri could be forgiven for wishing Minx the Merciless never failed proctology school.

Note to self-righteous hippies – skeptics conserve too.

Obama has a fevah, and the only cure is more outsourcing.

Record numbers of whales and krill are off the coast of Antarctica, just as warmists predicted would happen.  Oh, wait.  Nevermind.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The British government has canceled solar projects after discovering they can’t afford the FiT rates they promised.

The sustainable development hoax, explained.

Oh noes, the environmental movement is a flop:

…the climate push was … a total flop. By late 2010, the main cap-and-trade bill had fizzled out in the Senate; not a single Republican would agree to vote for it. Greens ended up winning zilch from Congress, not even minor legislation to boost renewable electricity or energy efficiency. Worse, after the 2010 midterms, the House GOP became overrun with climate deniers, while voters turned apathetic about global warming. All those flashy eco-ads and all that tireless eco-lobbying only got us even further from solving climate change than we were in 2008.

Of course the efforts only failed because skeptics spent more money than hippies, most of it supplied by the evil Koch brothers.  Except the greens had more cash, much of it supplied by shadowy magnates.  But that’s an inconvenient truth and must be shouted down, right Joe?

Remember when we gave up aerosols, efficient fridges and air conditioning to save the planet from a growing ozone hole?  Well, it’s back, and this time it’s causing global warming:

“Ozone is now widely believed to be the dominant agent of climate change in the Southern Hemisphere, so this actually means that the international agreements regulating climate change cannot be confined to dealing with carbon dioxide,” said the study’s lead author, Sarah Kang of Columbia University.

Sounds like it’s time to reinvent the fridge again.  Oh wait, they have, and this time it’s lethal:

I’m sure firefighters will be thrilled with the changeover from fire-suppressing CFCs through fire-retarding HFCs to downright explosive cyclopentane, turning people’s white goods into domestic incendiaries and explosives.

Jihad-ready appliances, what could possibly go wrong?

Unhappy hipsters learned that Apple is the least green tech company evah.  Al Gore would resign his board seat if he was serious about environmentalism and possessed an ethical bone in his body.  I kid, I kid.

Canada gets to vote again next week, but in 5 weeks of campaigning, the environment hasn’t been an issue.  Except for these folks.

Saskatchewan is to spend $1.2 billion on a carbon capture scheme.  That’s over $1100 per person in the sparsely populated prairie province.

Greens need to stop crying wolf?  Let’s hope not, I have a blog to feed.

It’s time to worry.  Mars has vast oceans of CO2.  Earth allegedly has an atmosphere already burning up because of the pesky trace gas essential for life.  Perhaps they’re already seeding the atmosphere with plant food to kill us with slightly nicer weather?

What’s worse than global warming?  Hippie solutions for global warming, that’s what:

…natural gas is lower in emissions than coal (higher than hydro, wind or solar of course), we can build the plants quickly, it’s a domestic fuel, it hits pretty much all the right buttons. Further, it will actually work, work in the sense of providing us with the power we need and desire when we actually need and desire it. But I’m actually seeing people arguing that we can’t shouldn’t use gas because it will stop us from investing in windmills. Which, when you think about it, is probably true: building something that works will indeed prevent us from building something that doesn’t.


Part Five: Global Hottie

This week we have a brand new to the round-up hottie, the recently wed Reese Witherspoon.  She stars in a new movie about elephants in the shower, or something.  That’s not important, welcome Reese to the round-up, I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last time she appears.


Thanks for reading.

On May 2nd, Vote Hippie

It’s less than a week until Canada votes in the 41st General election.

For most Canadians, a vote for the conservatives, NDP or Liberals is the preferred option.  For people in Quebec, they can vote for the Bloc Quebecois and pretend they want to leave the rest of Canada for another few years.  But what choices do disenfranchised hippies have?  The Greens perhaps, but that would mean a vote for Lizzie May and that’s a bong hit too far for most granola groovers.

But the tireless researchers at The Daily Bayonet have tracked down a party for hippies.  The Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada has everything hippies could want, and there’s no sign of the Green’s Elizabeth May anywhere.  Bonus.  Also a bonus, I didn’t have to make the party up – this is real.

As you’d expect, the AAEVPoC platform reads like the bastard child of PETA and David Suzuki:


Animal Alliance Environment Voters (AAEV) Members of Parliament are committed to the protection of all animals and the environment we share.

General Statement

Our party stands for just and equitable human progress that respects, protects, and enhances the environment upon which we all depend and the lives of the animals with whom we share our world.

We are North America’s first environmental and animal protection political party. We are unique in the animal protection community in that we specialize in electoral politics. In particular, we campaign in elections in order to give environmental and animal protection issues the political relevance necessary to make governments proclaim sound and well-enforced environmental and animal protection policies, laws, and regulations.

They even have a radio ad in which everything is the fault of your local grocery store, or something:


This well-oiled political machine isn’t just a random collection of hippies either.  Well, okay it probably is, but they persuaded people to vote for them last time out:

October 14, 2008 General Election

In this election, AAEVPC ran four candidates:

  • Liz White, Toronto Centre, received 187 votes
  • Marie Crawford, Toronto Danforth, received 177 votes
  • Simon Luisi, Davenport, received 92 votes
  • Karen Levenson, Guelph, received 73 votes

So there you go hippies, no need to weep like Bill McKibben on Monday – get out and vote!

Did I mention Weepy Bill McKibben?  I guess I owe you a hottie, for the Google’s sake.

I don’t know why Kim Kardashian is famous, but I’m guessing readers could provide a couple of good reasons.  Oh, and you’re welcome, Jamel.

Round-Up returns tomorrow.


Recycling Rumpus

Local councils in the UK are mad about Tesco, and not in the good way.

The supermarket chain has allowed local councils to place recycling bins in its car parks for years.  Councils then reap cash (or credits) from the actual recycling.  It turns out to add up to a lot of cash, and Tesco wants it:

Ray Bloxham, the councillor responsible for the environment in Carlisle, said: “This is an example of corporate greed. Tesco is going to be making millions from this, and we will be struggling. “We made around £80,000 a year from the bins, and all this money was pumped into maintaining less-widely used recycling bins in other areas. I am not sure what is going to happen now, we will have to look at all the options.

Councillor Ray might take a moment to wonder if there are any other supermarkets or high-traffic areas to park his bins, last time I was in the old country there were Sainsbury’s, Waitroses and Morrison stores everywhere.

maybe if the councils had collected more often...

Notice the council’s concern is all about the money they might lose – not whether the Tesco move will make recycling more efficient or not.  Hmmm, surely green programs aren’t all about the cash?  Say it ain’t so.

Tesco has a checkered history with green – they were the chain that developed biodegradable plastic bags that were worse for Gaia than the ordinary ones, and introduced the nation’s first but not-very-green grocery drive thru’s.

Taking cash from the council’s was like taking candy from a baby.  Until they need their next planning application approved, that is.


The unsustainable cost of going green

Going green takes a lot of taxpayer green.

Two separate news stories reveal the inconvenient truth about government and the unsustainable costs of sustainability.

Canada votes next week and as the Liberal Party sinks into a pre-poll freefall, the commies NDP is surging in popularity.  While Jack Layton must be chuffed to little pieces that he’s beating Iggy hands down, it also means he needs to take his own platform seriously, which reveals a rather large hole in the funding fairytale:

The federal New Democrats say they might not be able to pay for $3.6 billion worth of green spending initiatives that were promised in their platform for the first year of a new mandate if elected to form a government.  The party quietly explained in a statement over the weekend that it would be forced to delay the promises, in government, if it is unable to launch a market-based system forcing polluters to pay for greenhouse gas emissions by buying credits from those that reduce emissions.

In other words, they need a year or more raking in revenues from businesses in a cap and trade scheme before they can spend it all on ‘green spending initiatives’.  That sound you hear is the promise of jobs and economic growth disappearing down the plughole.

The other side of the coin is what happens to ‘green spending initiatives’ when government incentives dry up:

New investment in renewable energy dropped to the lowest in two years in the first quarter, weighed down by low natural gas prices in the U.S. and subsidy cuts in Europe

Spain, Italy, Germany and now the UK have all announced deep cuts in FiT rates for wind and solar projects.  The result is the promised ‘green jobs’ from sustainable projects disappear almost instantly.  Neither wind nor solar are attractive investments without the promise of government cash, and the government cash comes from taxing already burdened businesses.

It’s old red wealth redistribution covered in greenwash.  Governments say they need cap and trade schemes to lower emissions, but what they really need is the revenue carbon taxes bring in to subsidize green schemes.  Sustainable power is a nice idea, but the energy it creates is too little for too high a cost, and the market knows it.

The goods news is that voters know what business knows – carbon taxes kill jobs.  Which is why the Liberals and NDP in Canada and the Labor Party in Australia are heading to heavy electoral defeats.


Lazy Sunday

It’s Easter Sunday, so here’s a few tweets, a bunny and a song.

Some Tweets

A very few tweets, thanks to vacation time.

Prince Chuckles to keep pesky colonies in the dark for Gaia on Bill’s wedding day – Telegraph: http://bit.ly/gn9XfX #inbreedingisntcool

Global Warming gets a Helter Skelter freak show endorsement | Charles Manson a climate alarmist: http://bit.ly/fb8BKZ

Will Obama admin dare defend food for fuel ‘crime against humanity’ subsidies? | Ethanol subsidies targeted: http://bit.ly/fFG0ga

Oops, hippies wrong in the bunfight at the OK coral | Past Alarm. World’s Coral: 40% gone by 2010: http://bit.ly/dS1NLo

Facepalm of the day – AGW researchers wrecking the south pole | Shipments introduce alien species to Antarctica: http://bit.ly/fgyo8D


A Hottie Bunny

Okay, there’s no bunny ears or a fluffy tail.  Not even Zooey Deschanel is perfect.

A Song





Earth Day Lateness

The Daily Bayonet was busy this Earth Day tooling around in a Gaia-stomping SUV.

All. Damned. Day.  Take that, flimsy planet.

While we were gone, reader Tracy bombarded our inbox with some righteous links and less righteous but brazen pleading for a male hottie.

Here’s one of her links – a Daily Beast gallery of the hottest green celeb hypocrites.  Or hippie-critters, if you prefer.  Both Al Gore and Jolly prince Chuckles are featured, so I know you’ll have fun.

And, because I can be bought be with decent links and a friendly email, here’s some male hunkage.  Fellas may want to skip this part and be glad their browser histories are free of some of the stuff I suffered through to find this.  Eye-bleach, stat.

Jake Gyllenhaal, wet

Hope you’re happy Tracy.


Easter Break

The Daily Bayonet is taking a brief break, starting today.

Regular posting will return Monday, so for your global warming/snark/hottie addiction, take this opportunity to visit some of the excellent folks on the blogroll.

Easter is a bank holiday in parts of the Anglosphere – so here’s Elizabeth Banks to keep you warm until next week.


I wish all readers a safe and happy Easter, even the hippies.