Obama Care – Which system do YOU thinks works best?

As a complement to my previous post Obama Care 33 – President Obama is a willful and certified liar I thought it would be educational to compare the old health care and the new Obama care

The Obama Care “reform” that was rammed through at all costs against the will of the American people.

So which system do you thinks works best?

And which system do you want to be part of?

                                                        OLD SYSTEM

                                                                       NEW OBAMA CARE

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WWF’s Reputation Back in the Toilet

The World Wildlife Fund is in the news again, but for all the wrong reasons.

The organization that outraged the world by using 9/11 imagery to promote their global warming agenda has infuriated the UN and Saudi Arabia for breaking and flushing a name plate of the gulf state:

Pieces of the smashed Saudi Arabia sign — about 30 cm and placed on a table to identify the delegation during negotiations — were dropped in a toilet and then photographed, delegates said. The pictures were then put up on some walls.

The action was said to be in protest at a Saudi vote against tougher greenhouse gas targets.  It gives a good insight into the small minded people that populate the WWF when the best a well-funded Big Green NGO can manage as protest is offensive vandalism.

keep a lid on it

At least the WWF has apologized to the UN and Saudi Arabia:

Director General Jim Leape said in a statement that it had “apologised unreservedly” to Saudi Arabia and the UNFCCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change).  “The incident was completely unacceptable under the standards of the Convention and the standards of WWF,” he said.  “The individual responsible has expressed deep remorse and apologised unreservedly for his actions. He is no longer working for WWF.”

As I mentioned in yesterday’s round-up, imagine the furor if a US rep or a BP employee had done the same thing.  It would be the Gitmo toilet story all over again.  The WWF is lucky not to have a fatwa issued against it.


Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, July 29 2010

A game show host challenges Al Gore to live the green life, the Governator seems rudderless in defense of his climate bill and global warming causes Mexicans, or something.

Your hottie is another Canadian, because we grow ’em hot up here.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

We’ll dispense the salaciousness first, because things are heating up around the story of Al Gore’s chakraquiddick, the inconvenient masseuse.  Reports are that the cops are investigating the claims of two other women who claim to have been manbearpig-handled.  Meanwhile a Gore spokesman issued a non-denial denial:

“The Gores cannot comment on every defamatory, misleading and inaccurate story generated by tabloids. Mr. Gore unequivocally and emphatically denied this accusation when he first learned of its existence three years ago. He stands by that denial.”

So now Al is a denier, for real!

The Goreacle has no time to comment on misleading and inaccurate stories mostly because he’s far too busy spreading misleading and inaccurate stories of his own.  Like mistaking weather for climate, or a glacier calving for being representative of anything.

this glacier retreats so fast you'd think it was French

Before news broke that Democrats were throwing the climate bill under the bus, Al beseeched his flock to listen to a fellow called Michael, who took a letter from the Gore sponsored Alliance for Climate Protection to Washington.  The letter was signed by 68,000 people.  Gore is two years into a $300 million advertising spend and the best they could do was 68,000 names?  For comparison take British Columbia, population 4.5 million, where over 70,000 names were collected in just a few weeks to protest a new tax hike.  Why yes, Al, your effort is lame.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Motley CRU front man Phil ‘delete’ Jones is back at work, a shining beacon of just how morally bankrupt the UEA is.  New Scientist ran a feature on Jones, and got carried away:

ruthless climate sceptics have harassed scientists, drowning them in freedom of information requests and subjecting them to vicious personal attacks.

As Bishop Hill points out, New Scientist can’t back that claim up.

Dispatches from the green front in Pennsylvania where warmists are fighting any attempts to power the state.

Australia is facing some challenges as the Greens enjoy a sniff of power.  The down-under hippies want 100% renewables by 2030 and are insisting that the nation will pay a carbon tax.   Aussies have a clear choice, for a future with no jobs, no power and no future, vote Labour.

Michael ‘Stick’ Mann avoids awkward questions from the Daily Caller.

As the US climate bills fades into the background, nature will just have to manage on its own.

Green on green action, Round One – the European Climate Exchange website was hacked by a group called Climate Justice Action.  Or, hippie losers strike for Gaia, from their mom’s basement.  Planet saving heroes, the lot of them.

Alan Caruba skewers the Union of Concerned Scientists:

…the UCS is essentially a leftist propagandist organization that is anti-war, anti-nuclear and missile defense, and totally political in its opposition to any Republican administration. Of the signers of a document, “Restoring Scientific Integrity in Policy Making”, decrying the Bush administration, “more than half were financial contributors to the Democratic Party, Democratic candidates, or a variety of leftist causes.”

Oh noes, global warming is happening so fast that its faster everywhere.  At the same time.  You have to read it to believe it.

The Daily Kos is unhappy with President Obama for not leading on the climate bill.  At least they didn’t suggest he kill himself, which is what they want skeptics to do:

Amid a rant on his Examiner.com blog about skeptics “carpet-bomb[ing] newspaper editorial pages with climate change disinformation…], Steven Alexander, who writes for Daily Kos under the nom-de-plume “Darksyde,” wrote that,

… if only Milloy and his buddies could check into one of the [Soylent Corporation’s] lovely medical suites for a short nature movie and a glass of wine…

The reference is to the assisted suicide scene in the 1973 movie Soylent Green, starring Charlton Heston.

The offensive post has been memory holed already, but the Interwebs never forget (pdf).

If you wonder how the warmists continually get away with their nonsense consider that a lot of people are dumber than a bag of hammers.  Don’t believe me, then explain why an amusement park is closing a ride on Friday 13th.  My case, it is rested.

John Kerry believes that there is a ‘swath’ of land in America where things that used to grow no longer, well, grow.  He doesn’t say where the lifeless swath is, however, which is convenient if you think about it.

Solar power is cheaper than nuclear.  Unless you keep reading beyond the misleading headline to where it admits that only massive subsidies make it cheaper.  The article makes no mention of the short shelf-life of solar panels, or the problem of declining output over time.

okay, not all solar is bad

Eco-terrorist group Greenpeace closed BP gas stations in London in another meaningless gesture of public disobedience.  We need more of them in jail, please.

Green-on-green, Round Two, my global disaster scenario is scarier than your global disaster scenario.

Jolly Prince Chuckles has launched yet another new charity, which is about the sixth this year.  The latest one is to save the countryside, but from what is unclear.  No people, or something.  Somebody find the heirhead a real job, please.

How is a struggling climate scientist supposed to get funding when all the news is about Arizona and immigration?  Claim that global warming will cause more immigration.  Of course, genius!  A Pielke calls the study ‘silly’ and wins the ‘no kidding, really?’ prize.

Ecotard Jonathan Porritt, the population fetishist, throws a snit because the UK’s new coalition government is axing his cozy patronage agency:

Let’s not beat around the bush: the government’s justification for getting rid of the SDC is transparently vacuous, if not downright dishonest. This is an ideological decision, one driven by dogma, not by evidence-based, rational analysis.

The likelihood of a leftie ideologue like Porritt recognizing ‘evidence-based, rational analysis’ is very slim.  Even if it walked up to him, beat him with a kipper and introduced itself as ‘evidence-based, rational analysis’, he’d probably miss it.

Good advice for preachy greens – please shut up now.

Hippies everywhere need to sell more patchouli if they are to afford one of GM’s new $41,000 Chevy Volt cars.  See if you can spot the problem with the uber-eco vehicle:

Although the prices are high, enthusiasts say that electric cars can reach a large, untapped market for vehicles with little or no tailpipe emissions.    The Volt can travel 40 miles on its battery charge and an additional 340 miles on a gasoline-powered generator.

You just knew that something this bad would be brought to you by Government Motors, admit it.  Meanwhile, Ford sells the SUV’s people want, and without taking a dime of taxpayer cash.

Oh noes, global warming causes more cases of Cryptococcal infection.   Add it to the list.

Green on Green, Round 3 – Wiki manipulator William Connolley snarls at Judith Curry.  How dare Curry have an independent mind and dare to voice her opinion.  For your copy of approved opinions, I suggest you contact Wild Wiki Bill.

The WWF struck a blow for Mother Earth by flushing a Saudi nameplate down a UN toilet.  Don’t expect the same media furor as the mythical Koran in Gitmo toilets, these were well-meaning ecotards, they get a pass.

Green on Green Round 4 – the movie:


Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Green on green, the bonus round, Obama blames greens for the failure of the climate bill, and emo-Joe Romm is upset, which may be his natural state, who knows?

Al Gore’s favorite alternative fuel, ethanol, is fighting for its subsidies in Washington.  It’s time to let the food for fuel fad fade, alliterally.

Washington State taxpayer groups are suing the Governor to overturn her climate executive order, the only way she could get global warming legislation passed:

Gov. Gregoire stressed that Executive Order 09-05 was intended to replace her failed legislation. At her press conference, Gregoire said, “What we’ve done in the executive order is everything that was in that final bill—plus. Plus. There’s more in the executive order than what was in the final bill that did not pass the Legislature.”

Who needs stinkin’ democracy anyhow?

The climate bill is dead, tweet an ode to its demise or take extreme measures to ensure it never rises again.

Who needs facts when there is hope and change. President Obama is taken to task for his solar fantasy:

There is no known solar technology that can reliably deliver large-scale power in a cost-effective way. There is nothing even in the research stages that promises that result anytime soon, if we just throw enough R&D money at the right company. This is nothing less than a sheer waste of public funds to create a mere appearance, a chimera to satisfy the vanity of a powerful Green demagogue longing to appear visionary.

In true postmodern fashion, objective facts have vanished in the mist of a progressive wish.

Christopher Booker laces up his Doc Martens and delivers a few swift kicks to the hippies.

Alarmist Tom Friedman admits the American public doesn’t give a hoot about global warming.

Humans survived the last ice age by sheltering in a ‘garden of eden’ on the South African coast.  Colder is worse than warmer, believe it.

Should it really be necessary to remind hippies that humans do actually require power:

Those who want to starve the planet for the alleged good of the planet should start by starving themselves. Whether they expect us to literally starve by curtailing food production, or whether they just want to “starve” the airline and automobile industries, they stand in the way of humankind.  Carbon taxation or cap-and-trade makes us less efficient as a civilization. It’s a tax on a boogeyman and nothing more.

The term ‘settled science’, skewered.

The problem with relying on computer models, explained.

Pity the alarmists at the UN.  As the wheels fall off the global warming bandwagon, they’ve been subtly shifting to a threatened biodiversity message.  Just in time for a new study to show that global warming is good for biodiversity.  Oops.

Oh noes, renewable energy really is useless.

Attention Prius drivers – you’re suckers.

A list of eminent physicists skeptical of global warming.  Presumably Kos wants them turned into soylent green, stat.

In your must read of the week, game show host Pat Sajak has words of advice for warmists everywhere, after you:

…if those True Believers would give up their cars and big homes and truly change the way they live, I can’t imagine that there wouldn’t be some measurable impact on the Earth in just a few short years. I’m not talking about recycling Evian bottles, but truly simplifying their lives. Even if you were, say, a former Vice President, you would give up extra homes and jets and limos. I see communes with organic farms and lives freed from polluting technology.

Then, when the rest of us saw the results of their actions—you know, the earth cooling, oceans lowering, polar bears frolicking and glaciers growing—we would see the error of our ways and join the crusade voluntarily and enthusiastically.

Sajak has a co-host, Vanna White.  For no particular reason, here’s a picture:

Winter blizzards not caused by global warming, peer-reviewed.  Hippies hate that.

A new BMW electric car cannot be marketed as zero-emission because the electricity has to come from somewhere, a point that warmists tend to forget.

It’s the soot, stupid.

A study finds that warming happens even with low levels of CO2, which suggests that the cause of global warming is not a trace gas at all.  It”s probably something else.  Something probably big.  And yellow.  And hot.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The UK is going to get a lot more wind farms, let’s hope they’re not all stealth turbines that appear overnight.

The British Energy Minister responsible for all the new bird shredders is taken to task for his abilities.  Words are not minced:

Mr Huhne is so infatuated with wind power that he seems to have convinced himself that, in cash terms, it is ‘intensely competitive’ with other means of making electricity.  To make such a claim makes me believe that he’s never done a moment’s homework on the actual cost of wind power.  Allowing for the cost of those vital back-up plants, it is twice as expensive as gas, coal or nuclear – while the power from those colossally expensive offshore turbines, costing anything up to £10 million each, is up to three times as costly as that produced by conventional power stations.

If you happen to be reading this in Britain, there’s more bad news.  All this green energy is going to cost you about £300 extra per year.  And you still will be living in the dark.

Perhaps the 80% cut to a program to encourage electric car sales is a tacit admission that there is a looming power crisis in the future?

Mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes, mo’ nukes.

It’s time to end global warming alarmism.  Oh, great, now what will I blog about?

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger defended his climate bill, badly:

“There is no suspension,” the governor said in an interview with The Chronicle last week, adding that the state’s economy is “like a ship – and when you approach the iceberg, you cannot just move the ship.”

It’s called a rudder, Arnold.  Google it.

Ontario was busted for an eco-stealth tax, and a government watchdog instantly finds that the province will die in hell-fire under a mountain of garbage without it, natch.

ABC tried to play gotcha journalism with Sen. Inhofe and ended up wearing its own egg.

Finger pointing in Washington as the pols and greens blame each other for the climate bill failure.

Journalists have failed the public when it comes to covering the global warming issue.  Louise Gray of the Telegraph is the gold standard of fail.

Science turned authoritarian, and turned the public off:

around the end of the 1980s, science (at least science reporting) took on a distinctly authoritarian tone. Whether because of funding availability or a desire by some senior academics for greater relevance, or just the spread of activism through the university, scientists stopped speaking objectively and started telling people what to do. And people don’t take well to that, particularly when they’re unable to evaluate the information that supposedly requires them to give up their SUV, their celebratory cigar, or their chicken nuggets.


Part Five: Global Hottie

The Daily Bayonet is currently enjoying BSG on blu-ray, so let’s return to Ms. Tricia Helfer of Alberta for our weekly eye-candy.  She might be a cylon, but for all the full 1080p goodness of HDTV, we forgive her.

Thanks for reading.

Ta Ta, Tata

The UK may be waving goodbye to Tata Steel and some other large industrial concerns as the government piles on more green costs, making it almost impossible for global businesses based there to compete.

Companies including Tata Steel Ltd. and GrowHow U.K. Ltd. may leave the U.K. as climate-protection policies boost electricity and natural-gas costs.

Factories will pay 18 percent to 141 percent more for gas, electricity and carbon-reduction programs by 2020, adding about 7 million pounds ($11 million) to the bill for a typical large energy consumer, the London-based Energy-Intensive Users Group and Britain’s Trades Union Congress said in a report on the impact of climate policy released today.

“The combined impact of the government’s climate change policies is imposing significant costs on the U.K.’s energy- intensive industries, and without urgent review could see some companies leaving the U.K. for good,” according to the report.

It’s the second report this month suggesting potential job losses in Britain because of climate policy.

the future, not so bright green after all

Large industrial concerns are likely to quit Britain not just because of direct cost increases, but also because soon there just won’t be enough power available to them, thanks to a completely clueless Energy Minister:

…in the real world, the £100 billion-plus energy question that confronts us all in Britain today is how we are going to fill that massive, fast-looming gap in our electricity supplies when the antiquated power stations which currently supply us with two-fifths of the power needed to keep our economy running are forced to close.

The headline answer given by Mr Huhne is that we must build thousands more giant wind turbines.

As a 24-carat green ideologue, he is viscerally opposed to replacing the ageing nuclear and coal-fired plants which currently provide us with more than half our electricity.

Like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown before him, he dreams we can somehow fill that gap by erecting 6,000 wind turbines in the seas around Britain’s shores, and thousands more across many of the most beautiful parts of our countryside.

What is truly terrifying about Mr Huhne as our energy minister is that he seems so astonishingly ignorant about even the most basic principles of how electricity is produced.

He boasts about how the 3,000 wind turbines we have already built have the ‘capacity’ to generate 4.5 gigawatts of electricity.

Capacity is the crucial word here. As he could see from figures on his own department’s website, thanks to the fact that the wind blows only intermittently, the amount of power these windmills actually produce is barely a quarter of that.

In other words, the amount of electricity generated by all those turbines put together, at a cost of billions of pounds, is no more than that provided by a single medium-size conventional power station – equivalent to a mere two per cent of the electricity we need.

Good luck Britain, you’re going to need it.

Round-Up tomorrow.


Empire Avenue

This post has nothing to do with global warming, but is to point out something that may be entertaining.

For the past couple of months The Daily Bayonet has been messing with Empire Avenue in it’s beta form.  Twitter followers will have seen many #EAv tagged tweets from @dailybayonet, now is your chance to take a peek to see what the fuss is about.  Today, Empire Avenue opened its doors to everyone, and I recommend you check it out.

If you scroll down and look at the left sidebar you’ll see stats for TDB (my ticker on Empire Avenue, or EAv for short).  Membership and gameplay is is free and if you ever wondered how influential your online presence was, this will help figure that out.  Oh, and its based on a stock market model, which is so capitalist that you just know hippies will hate it.  Bonus!

Twitter hashtags are #EAv and/or #Empireavenue.

See you on the Avenue, say hello if you join up, maybe even buy yourself a slice of your favorite blog.

Proper hippie-baiting post to follow, of course.


Ontario’s Eco-Fees: An Update

After the announcement that the unpopular eco-fee stealth taxes would be suspended for 90 days, Stewardship Ontario sent an email to current ‘Stewards’ detailing what the announcement meant.

Remember, ‘stewards’ is simply a name Stewardship Ontario uses to describe any business that they force to pay into their scheme, it is not voluntary and is a cynical branding exercise to hide the truth that Ontario is double-dipping for handling garbage.

Thanks to a reader who works for a ‘steward’, we can see how Stewardship Ontario communicated the announcement to industry:

Minister of the Environment: Eco fees suspended

John Gerretsen, Ontario’s minister of the environment, has ended “eco fees” on all materials that were added to the Municipal Hazardous or Special Waste (MHSW) Program on July 1, 2010.

The move, announced at a press conference this morning, applies to phase two materials only (materials added to the program on July 1, 2010). Consumer eco fees can continue to be levied on the nine phase one materials introduced in July 2008.

To make this happen, government has told Stewardship Ontario that the steward obligation to pay Stewardship Ontario fees for phase two materials – the 13 additional classes introduced July 1, 2010 – will be suspended for 90 days.

There are no changes to the steward obligation for the last quarter of phase one (April 1, 2010-June 30, 2010). Stewards should report their sales of phase one materials for this period as required by July 31, 2010.

Changes to reporting processes will be required to accommodate this decision for the third quarter of 2010 (July 1 to September 30). Please do not report data for this period at this time. Further instructions on Q3 reporting will be provided in the near future.

What You Need to Know
•    Business as Usual for MHSW Program: Both phase one and phase two of the MHSW or Orange Drop will operate as usual.  Stewardship Ontario will continue to collect, transport and process all 22 designated materials, and to educate consumers about the importance of the program – and our success in diverting these materials from our landfills and waterways.

•    Steward Reports and Fees on Phase One Stay: Stewards will continue to report and pay fees on phase one materials as they were defined at that time (paints and coatings, solvents, oil filters, oil containers, single-use batteries, pre-packaged antifreeze (under 30 litres) and related containers, pressurized containers and pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and their containers).

•    Please Report Sales for Phase One Second Quarter Only: No changes have been made to steward reporting or payment for phase one for the period from April 1 to June 30, 2010. Stewards are asked not to submit a report for Q3 (July 1 to September 30, 2010) at this time. Instructions for reporting and paying fees for phase one materials for this period will be issued in the near future.

•    Eco Fees Banned on Phase Two Materials: Retailers may continue to charge an eco fee on phase one products. Government has implemented a consumer-protection hotline (1-800-889-9768 or TTY: 416-229-6086 or 1-877-666-6545) to receive consumer complaints.

On July 21st Environment Minister John Gerretsen announced that eco-fees are gone for good, but the day before, according to Stewardship Ontario, industry is still being charged fees on Phase One products.  Which probably means that consumers are being charged too.  Perhaps secretly, as Stewardship Ontario prefers.

Where the truth lays is yet to be determined, more on this later.

Previous posts:

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Take that Hippies


Going with the Wind

Chris Huhne, Britain’s Energy Secretary, has finally realized the nation faces a looming crisis in generating capacity, but his proposed solution of building more wind farms is deeply flawed.

His words should make Brits run to the nearest store to purchase home generators:

Yesterday Mr Huhne said there was ‘no money’ for the state to subsidise new nuclear power – and that turbines were ‘incredibly competitive’ in producing electricity.

The truth is that wind power is only competitive if you subsidize it, and that every new wind turbine needs something to back it up for when the wind doesn’t blow.  Either Huhne doesn’t know that, or he’s being deliberately evasive.

As for the UK having no money for nuclear, I pointed out in May that money spent on Scottish wind farms could pay for 60 new nuclear plants:

Scotland, the sparsely populated area to the north of England mostly famous for Sean Connery, is pursuing a huge offshore wind project to power its haggis factories.  The massive wind power project will cost £180 billion, or roughly the same as 60 new nuclear plants (approx cost £2.8 billion each).

Britain faces a real crisis but is being offered a fake solution.  Just because Huhne wants wind to be the answer does not make it an effective one, but the disconnect between political desire and hard facts seems to be a problem with governments on both sides of the Atlantic.


Money Can’t Buy Green Love

Al Gore announced a $300 million advertising campaign in 2008, when 35% of Americans believed global warming was a domestic policy priority. Two years into Al’s 3-year initiative that number has dropped to 28%.   Not a good return on investment for Al’s propaganda effort.

As Democrats abandon the cap and trade bill, green on green finger pointing has started.  Emo-Joe Romm quotes the Obama administration as it blames environmentalists:

One exasperated administration official on Thursday lambasted the environmentalists – led by the Environmental Defense Fund – for failing to effectively lobby GOP senators.  “They didn’t deliver a single Republican,” the official told POLITICO. “They spent like $100 million and they weren’t able to get a single Republican convert on the bill.

After Big Green spent a combined $400 million public support is weaker than ever and a major pillar of Obama’s policy agenda is dead in the water. The answer lays in the fact that the warmists overplayed a weak hand.  Berating the public for enjoying the comforts of a modern lifestyle and blaming everything bad on the weather inevitably led to concern fatigue.  Add the scandal of Climategate, the tarnished reputation of Al Gore and serious questions about what is really going on with global climate and no-one is buying the green’s global warming hoax.

Big Green can spend another $400 million trying to convince people that the sky is falling, but momentum in the great debate is no longer with the radical environmentalists.

It’s about time.