Mercury is Toxic. Again

The New York Times Green blog reports that toxic mercury is a potentially dangerous health risk for fish eaters.

Specifically, mercury levels in salt water fish are higher and therefore more toxic than in fresh water fish.

It has long been known that mercury levels in seafood can prove poisonous to humans. Methylmercury, an especially toxic form of mercury, can lead to kidney dysfunction and neurological disorders.  Pregnant women in particular are told to be careful because dietary exposure to methylmercury can lead to birth defects in infants.

Now a new study suggests that humans need to be more wary of saltwater fish like tuna, mackerel and sharks than of freshwater fish. Although seawater has lower concentrations of mercury than freshwater, mercury in seawater is more likely to stay in its toxic form, researchers report in a recent issue of Nature Geoscience.

Someone at the Ministry of Truth needs to have their arse kicked for letting this version of history leak out.  Ever since green activism persuaded government dunderheads across the western world to mandate the death of incandescent light bulbs, greens have had to pretend that the toxic mercury in every compact fluorescent lamp is no problem.

Its a classic case of green tech creating a problem where there was no problem in the effort to address a global crisis that exists only in activist heads.

More on the green mercury conundrum here.

Round-Up tomorrow.


Goose Eigg

The Isle of Eigg off the west coast of Scotland was hailed as the green future, when islanders installed a solar, wind and hydroelectric power solution to power their homes.

All renewables, all the time.  The green energy wet dream in action.

When Eigg won a share in a £1 million prize in January for its devotion to green, the judges declared:

Good Energy CEO Juliet is vice chair of the judging panel that decided that Eigg, which reduced its CO2 emissions by 32% in a year, deserved a share in the top prize money. Here’s why: The day-to-day life on a small Hebridean island lashed by the Atlantic Ocean may present its own challenges, but the extreme weather makes it an ideal place to harness the elements and generate renewable power.

So how’s that working out, exactly?  Not so well: Power rationed on ‘green island’ Eigg:

Weeks of what passes for heatwave conditions in the Inner Hebrides have caused water levels on the island’s three main burns to drop uncharacteristically low, cutting off the island’s hydroelectricity supply.  The normally powerful Atlantic gusts in the tiny island south of Skye have also reduced to a pleasant breeze leaving the island’s wind turbines idle for hours on end.

Green energy is great, as long as you don’t mind going without power when the weather doesn’t cooperate. If Eigg was touted as the ideal place for renewable power and it doesn’t work, what hope is there for the rest of the world’s renewables efforts?

UPDATE: The UK mainland has the same reality to deal with as energy from renewables dropped 7.5%.  Try selling more bird shredder farms on the back of that performance.


An Inconvenient Tryst?

Al Gore’s alleged attack on a Portland masseuse is gathering momentum as a news story.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, you can see a ‘video’ interpretation of the event at Hot Air.

Gore has said nothing publicly about the allegations, but that his accuser is standing by her allegations and eschewing pay-offs doesn’t look good for the green cult’s spiritual leader.

American Thinker leans toward believing the allegations, but women on the left are eager to dismiss the allegations out of hand and attack the victim.  It makes you wonder if hippies really do suffer battered spouse syndrome.

Blogger and Al Gore acolyte ‘Jan’ simply won’t believe that Gore is capable of anything like an attack, and belittles the masseuse as a right-wing plant:

I did read much of the police report this “professional” message therapist gave to police, and found it simply unbelievable. Her statements in her police report ring of political revenge. Trashing his global warming work? Making references to voting for him?
I personally believe she may have been a plant sent to entrap Mr. Gore to get him to do something unseemly, didn’t get what she wanted or hoped for, and then sought to get more the other way

Here’s a clue, Jan, just because you find something ‘simply unbelievable’ does not make it so.

Taylor Marsh finds the idea of Al Gore attacking a masseuse ‘hilarious‘, casually discounting any possibility that it might be true:

The documents that detail the alleged event are hilarious, though I fully realize that if this were true there would be nothing funny about it. I just find the entire storyline the stuff of romance novels

Other ‘tolerant’ lefties attack the victim, documented at Slate of all places.

The masseuse at the center of the story has called for other women similarly mistreated by Gore to step forward, if they are out there:

“I don’t want to be bought off into silence. I only want justice and having this ugly thing come out of the shadows and into the light where it cannot continue any more, and for this man to be stopped from what he has been doing which should have been done a long time ago. I know I’m not the first woman assaulted by him. My guts told me that when I was struggling in the room with him and I stand by it today. I hope the others will be brave enough to come forward in spite of his public stature and army of lawyers. I even wonder who he may have already paid off to shut them up. I believe if someone had spoken up before, this would have not happened to me. And I feel like I must speak up to prevent it if I can, some other woman going through what I went through or worse. He should not get a free pass merely because of his position…”

Why would any other victim dare to step from the shadows when the rabid left stands ready to attack the victims and dismiss sexual assault in their rush to defend a green icon?  Perhaps that’s the point, the left wants to intimidate any other victims before they can appear.  When a leftie or a Democrat does it, it’s not ‘rape rape’, see?

It’s a shameful moment for the left, whether or not Gore turned into a ;sex-crazed poodle’ in his hotel room, any woman that alleges sexual assault deserves to be taken seriously and have a proper investigation.


Syncrude Ducked Up

Canadian oilsands giant Syncrude has been found guilty of not protecting ducks:

An Alberta judge Friday ruled Syncrude Canada Ltd. is guilty of failing to properly protect waterfowl at its oil sands mining operation in a trial tied to the death of 1,606 migratory ducks in the spring of 2008.

The judge noted, however, the decision does not mean the end of tailings ponds, even if further wildlife die.

At issue seems to be that Syncrude didn’t implement its bird deterrent program early enough to prevent the dumb ducks from landing on the tailing ponds.  Fair enough, they should have done what they could have to stop unnecessary harm to nature.

But what of the furious green reaction to bird deaths from wind farms?  Oh right, that’s different.

More here, here and here.


Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jun. 25th 2010

Al Gore morphs into El Grope and continues his rapid descent into PR hell.  Warmist hippies draw up an enemies list, David Suzuki drops the F bomb in a cafe and a Beatle is concerned with ‘climate warming’.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore is in the news again.  Last week it was revealed that the Goreacle had been porking his movie producer, this week an Inconvenient Tryst is with a masseuse who claims that Al tried to get a happy ending when it wasn’t on the menu.  Accusations are that the green guru turned into El Grope to such an extent that a police report was filed. Tom has salacious bits if you don’t want to read it all.  Tipper is now odds-on favorite to win the top honors at the 2010 Good Timing Awards.

One thing to be grateful for, that El Grope wasn’t around in the 1930‘s.

Al continued to promote the Gore enrichment scheme with an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal.  It’s behind a subscription wall, but the great man excerpted a little for us peons:

“There are several well understood advantages inherent in capitalism that make it superior to any other system for organizing economic activity. It has proven to be far more efficient in the allocation of resources and the matching of supply with demand, far more effective at wealth creation, and far more conducive to high levels of freedom and political self-governance. At the most basic level, however, capitalism has become the world’s economic ideology of choice primarily because it demonstrably unlocks a higher fraction of the human potential with ubiquitous organic incentives that reward hard work, ingenuity and innovation.”

That sounds great, but it’s a pity the green horde of ecotards inspired by Al dislike capitalism so much.

Canada’s David Suzuki hasn’t been caught sleeping with anyone, or doing anything interesting in fact.  He has decided to play along with the UN’s new scare du jour, the biodiversity hedge strategy in case global warming falls apart totally.

Suzuki is always portrayed as the nice friendly guy, except when he is calling for his political enemies to be jailed, that is.  So it’s a shock to read of one blogger’s encounter with a not so friendly hippy Dave:

Then, he placed me, or so it seemed.  “You’re the fish farmer,” he said. I had barely begun to explain that yes, I used to work in fish farming – seven years ago – but before I could say much Dr. Suzuki looked me straight in the eye and started telling me to f**k off. Not just once. Then, suddenly, he seemed to catch himself, and quickly sat down.

"and then I squished her head"

Nice.  Peace, love and understanding, right man?

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

By far the biggest news of the week was the publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, of a paper entitled ‘Expert Credibility in Climate Change.’  Now known universally as the Black List, the list of any scientist who ever dared to raise a question about the green orthodoxy is already being used as a tool by thugs to silence their critics:

The issue is whether folks are actively spreading disinformation, especially disinformation that has been long debunked in the scientific literature.  As I’ve said for many years now, it is time for the media to stop listening to, quoting, and enabling those who spread anti-science and anti-scientist disinformation.

That’s emo-Joe Romm, whose preferred method of debate is to turn beet red and tell his opposition to ‘shut up’.  Or something.

But the black list is serious.  It shows that the scientists shills pushing global warming think nothing of using any means whatsoever to silence opposition.  They are hooked on the funding windfall of global warming, truth or science be damned.  Skeptics and rational journalists are appalled, as are one or two warmists, to their credit.

It goes without saying that because this is a paper written by ecotards for ecotards that it is full of errors. Kenneth P. Green was especially shocked by his entry:

I was surprised to find out that they think I’m Canadian (I’m not), that I still work at the Fraser Institute (I don’t), and that I have only published four—count’ em, four!—publications on climate change! Apparently, the researchers didn’t feel the need to do much diligence when looking for publications of the sampled population. In my case, they probed Google Scholar searching for “K. Green.” As I’ve virtually never published under “K. Green,” it’s not surprising they’d come up with so little. Just searching Google Scholar with my full name of “Kenneth P. Green” would have gotten them this list of 13 climate-related publications, while searching for “Kenneth Green” associated with one of my places of employment would have gotten them this list of 113 publications, about half of which are mine

It says something about the due diligence of warmist scientists when they can’t even get a simple enemies list right.  Perhaps all the good scientists are studying something important like how to make a shampoo that makes your hair super glossy, climate science ended up with the bottom of the heap, smarts-wise.  The Canadian dingbat who co-authored the black list is upset that people are upset and says he meant no harm.  Isn’t that the excuse of every useful idiot in history?

A couple of ecotards from the Daily Bayonet’s own part of the doomed planet discovered the link between actions and consequences when they were busted for graffiti ahead of the G20 meeting in Toronto.  Comedy quotes:

…on the courthouse steps, Cadotte lit a cigarette and said his night in jail was “brutal.”  Mirshahi said, “I mean, like, we’re in custody for 20 hours. I told them I’m vegan. I don’t eat any animal products. All they brought me over the course of 20 hours were two coffees — which, I don’t drink coffee — and two Nutragrain bars which have milk and eggs in them, which I can’t eat.”

If he thinks that hot coffee and granola bars are tough, just wait until he meets Bubba in D block.

The alarmist that claimed the Arctic was screaming now whimpers that perhaps he overstated the problem.  Gee, ya think?

Scientists skeptical of man’s influence on global temperatures have created a register to which those in agreement can voluntarily sign up.  See the difference between that and a black list, hippies?  The 118 signers to date all subscribe to the following statement:

“We, the undersigned, having assessed the relevant scientific evidence, do not find convincing support for the hypothesis that human emissions of carbon dioxide are causing, or will in the foreseeable future cause, dangerous global warming.”

The panel of 831 scientists that will write the next IPCC report, AR5, has been announced.  It would have been cheaper and far more entertaining to just hire JK Rowling to give us something like Pothead Hippy and the Doomed Planet.  Or something.

The UK’s climate change envoy shows he’s got the chops for the job, by flying everywhere, all the time.  80,000 miles in his first year.  Take that, Gaia.

Australia has a new prime minister, and its first female one at that.  Kevin ‘ETS” Rudd went the way of the Dion Dodo, his successor is already cool to global warming.  Perhaps she’s learned that a green agenda is an excellent way to kill a political career.

Holy convolutions, global warming causes gold mining, which causes lead poisoning, which… oh you get it.

Delingpole finds that the whitewash report on Climategate wasn’t entirely as unanimous as we were led to believe.

Paul McCartney, who is a few Beatles short of the full band, has harsh words for ‘climate warming’ deniers:

Some people don’t believe in climate warming – like those who don’t believe there was a Holocaust.  “But the facts indicate that there’s something going on and we’ve got to be aware of it if we want our kids to inherit a decent world, not a complete nightmare of a planet – clean, renewable energy is for starters.”

Clean, renewable energy is a good start.  So is not flying your new hybrid around the world.

Talks on the ‘climate crisis’ in Bonn, Germany showed the seriousness of the planetary threat we face from global warming:

Talks in Bonn ended early so delegates could head off to their hotel rooms to watch the World Cup.

Maurice Strong, the granddaddy of the global warming hoax, claims he doesn’t want to rule the world.  Well, he would say that, wouldn’t he.

Oh noes, Herbie killed the planet.  Another childhood memory sullied forever.

those trees in the background are screaming

Solar is hard, just ask the President.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

A simple way to disprove global warming:

1) 30-years of global cooling from 1880 to 1910.
2) 30-years of global warming from 1910 to 1940.
3) 30-years of global cooling from 1940 to 1970.
4) 30-years of global warming from 1970 to 2000.

Based on the above pattern, assuming there is no shift in climate in the coming 20 years compared to the last 130 years, it is reasonable to predict:
5) 30-years of global cooling from 2000 to 2030.

If this prediction is realized then the cyclic nature of global mean temperature will be confirmed. Otherwise, it will be rejected.

The fact that sea surface temperatures are dropping faster than Al Gore’s drawers in a massage parlor doesn’t look good for the warmists.

The Gulf is in trouble, but its not what you think.  This time, ethanol is the enemy.

Take that hippies, the Daily Bayonet gets another blogroll entry.  And veteran Canuckian blogger Jay Currie continues to link the round-up because it drives his hippie readers nuts.

CO2 level increases lag temperature increases.  Effect, meet cause.

Americans can look forward to a future with $7/gallon gas once the Obama green agenda is implemented.

The swedes have seen the future and it is a nuclear one.  Wind farms are for suckers, bring on the nukes.  Bonus points to Sweden for making Greenpeace mad.

angry hippies, always funny

Oh noes, Antarctica was warmer 130,000 years ago.  How is El Grope supposed afford his special massages with news like that?

The UK coalition government realizes that green needs too much, er, green and backs off the agenda fast. Maybe they saw what happened to  Germany, where renewables seem to be breaking the system.

Over half of people in the UK think of scientists as dangerous.  Thanks to lunatics like MMR fearmonger Andrew Wakefield and the entire group of climate scaremongers, good scientists are tarred with the same brush.

More bad news from Antarctica, global warming may not have anything to do with glacier melt.  It’s the ridge, stupid:

It appears from the Autosub’s under-ice surveys that the PIG’s ice flow formerly ground its way out to sea across the top of a previously unknown rocky underwater ridge, which tended to hold it back. Many years ago, however, before the area was surveyed in much detail, the glacier’s floating outflow sheet separated from the ridge top which it had been grinding away at for millennia and so picked up speed. This also allowed relatively warm sea water to get up under the sheet and so increase melting and ease of movement.

Neo-religion, meet classical religion.  You Lose.

A new extinction fear?  Will anyone save the Prius?

Alberta has borne the brunt of attacks against oil recently, but the Gulf changed all that.  How gratifying for the oil-sands to be selected as a reasonable solution to offshore deepwater drilling.  Why yes, that popping sound you hear is hippie heads exploding.

How manipulated does data have to be before it becomes meaningless?  Just ask Australia.

Californians have successfully met the required standard to put the state’s global warming law into suspended animation.  At least until the economy recovers.  Or, forever, if we’re being realistic.

Plankton eats CO2, saves planet.  Does this mean that whales will be condemned for eating the Gaia-saving biomass?

Part Four: AGW in the News

John Kerry, the US Senator pushing a green jobs bill, says that green jobs initiatives always work.  Unless they don’t, that is.

UK citizens are told to sort their garbage, or face fines.  So what gives when the collectors throw it all into one truck?

Bad news for heroic, CO2 munching plankton, the whales might be saved.

The US Marine Corps goes solar in Camp Lejeune.

Anti-food hippies are gnashing their teeth over a court decision to allow Monsanto to plant genetically modified seeds.

The UK is paying wind farm operators to turn off the giant bird shredders.

The National Grid fears that on breezy summer nights, wind farms could actually cause a surge in the electricity supply which is not met by demand from businesses and households.  The electricity cannot be stored, so one solution – known as the ‘balancing mechanism’ – is to switch off or reduce the power supplied.

LED light bulbs might be able to save us from the mercury menace CFL’s.  Wouldn’t it be easier to use the trusty old incandescents?

Scientists want to lace the oceans with iron to encourage plucky plankton to hoover up CO2.  It’s a plankton kind of day, suddenly.

In the UK the Welsh are the most eco-friendly nation.  I’m not saying its because they’re nearer the ground and would drown first, that wouldn’t be nice.

For those that would deny the power of a Sun, let the fate of Planet HD209458b be a lesson to you.

Canada’s prime minister and host of the G8 and G20 meetings calls the global warming issue a ‘sideshow’.  Heh.

The oilsands get a bad rap for tearing up Gaia to fuel my SUV, but the truth is that the oil firms return the land to a far more natural state once the good stuff has been used up.

Uh oh.  Home owners in the Uk might be facing government encouragement to insulate their homes better.  That didn’t work out so well in Australia.

How to price an ecosystem.  Fine, but why?  Oh, to make us all pay… now I get it.


Part Five: Global Hottie

Your hottie for the week is a return favorite of the round-up.  Please welcome back Kate Beckinsale, a major contributor to global warming.

You might want to have a look at a video of a different photo shoot, Theo has the goods.

Thanks for reading.

Good News, the Extinction Is Off

Yesterday’s alarming news that we were all doomed to die within 100 years is probably just warmist scaremongering

It turns out that species are somewhat more robust than hippies would have you believe:

…the panic-evoking extinction-predicting paradigms of the past are rapidly giving way to the realization they bear little resemblance to reality. Earth’s plant and animal species are not slip-sliding away – even slowly – into the netherworld of extinction that is preached from the pulpit of climate alarmism as being caused by CO2-induced global warming.

Earth's species, tough little buggers

Well, that’s a relief then.


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Human Extinction Within 100 Years

Global warming is going to kill you.  And me.  Everyone in fact.

An Australian lunatic scientist says that human extinction is an irreversible situation, and global warming is the culprit:

Earth that was

I have to say this is upsetting news, it’s going to be a serious downer on the blog’s traffic for one thing.


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Battered Hippies

‘Battered hippies’ is not some trendy-named deep fried lentil dish, but a comparison of environmentalists to battered women who keep returning to their abuser:

In this essay, the author casts President Obama as the wife-beater and hippies as the abused woman:

For a long while now, I’ve thought the environmental establishment was the political equivalent of a cheap date for Democrats. Like the civil rights movement and the black vote, Democrats could count on environmentalists to side with them no matter how much benign neglect Democrats showed their agenda when in power.

Now I’m starting to think “cheap date” isn’t a strong enough simile. Environmentalists are much more like battered spouses, returning again and again to their abuser based on another promise to do good. And nothing in President Obama’s June 15 oil spill and energy speech should offer environmentalists any hope that this is going to change.

It’s a tough comparison, there’s nothing funny about domestic abuse, but the author does have a point about the hapless hippies increasing desperation to be wanted:

In fact, environmentalists do. When they’re not resembling battered spouses or girlfriends, they’re doing their best paraphrase of Sally Field’s plaintive Oscar night declaration a few years back: “They like us—they really, really like us!” In this case, the climate campaigners keep insisting that at any moment the public is going to come around and embrace their cause, despite poll after poll showing public indifference—if not rising skepticism—about climate change politics and policy.

Keep dreaming hippies, your moment in the sun is over, the fashionistas have moved on to the next cause du jour.


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The Cost of the American Power Act

The EPA  has analyzed the American Power Act, Lindsay Graham, John Kerry and Joe Lieberman’s Senate climate bill and discovered that the  cost to American households will be up to $146 per year.  Every year.

In the hard economic times, warmists are already panicking about how hard-pressed American families will react to this news.  Many Americans have no desire to pay extra at all for ‘a greener future’.  Leave it to Grist to try and minimize the costs:

For perspective, $146 a year is:

  • about $0.40/day, $3/week, or $12/month;
  • two text messages a day at $.20 each;
  • about one Starbucks coffee a week ($4.05);
  • a 24 pack of Coca-Cola Classic a month ($11.04);
  • $63 less a month or $756 less a year than the average cost of cable;
  • about the average cost of toilet paper ($140) for a family per year;
  • less than the savings a day ($.91 – $1.62) from substituting Evian ($1.58/bottle) or Fiji ($2.29/bottle) bottled water for Poland Springs ($.67/bottle) when buying a 24 pack
  • a monthly subscription to Netflix ($8.99) plus a weekly supply of buttered microwave popcorn ($.75/pack); or
  • about a monthly trip to the box office ($7.50) and a small popcorn ($4.75).

They’re right, $146 a year isn’t a fortune to many households.  But, two questions to think about:

  1. Why pay an extra $146 for programs that will do nothing at all about ‘climate’, and
  2. When exactly did any government ever accurately assess costs?  Take that $146 estimate and double it.  At least.

It’s called cap and bend-over for a reason.


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