Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Sept. 4th 2009

Carny futures are down, the European Endarkenment has begun and the EPA introduced the world to the concept of extinction neutrality.  If you have no idea what any of this means, then you need the weekly round-up.  Coincidentally, here it is:

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore is a social networking junkie.  Al has added yet another name to those he follows on Twitter, making the total a staggering… 8.  If you’d like Al to follow you, simply devise a way to fill his pockets with millions of dollars or become President of the United States.

The Goreacle eased off on his blogging pace this week after reports that some acolytes found the flurry of posts almost too much to take.  I think it was the post about Tipper’s photography that pushed folks over the edge, and no, I’m still not linking it.  This week Al blogged only to claim that his fake grassroots movement is bigger than your fake grassroots movement.  He also slips in a little snark about the Bonnor letter, but before he gets too sanctimonious, let’s not forget how his friends at the WWF use terrorist attacks for fund raising.

Add ‘carbon baron’ to Al’s list of titles.  Nobel Prize winner, Oscar winner, Emmy winner, Grammy winner and Big Weiner, he’s won ’em all.

Al and Oscar, together again
Al and Oscar

Al’s investment firm, Generation Investment Management took a 12% share in Ireland’s Kingspan.  They’re working on a new high-efficiency insulation, which might be handy for Al if people start asking inconvenient questions about his personal wealth.

Talking of inconvenience, Al has been challenged to a $20,000 bet:

J. Scott Armstrong, a professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, has bet Gore $20,000 that he will be able to make more accurate forecasts of annual mean temperatures than those that can be produced by the climate models Gore and his followers base their predictions on.

Nice try, J. Scott, but I wouldn’t run and spend that $20k on a new Hummer just yet.  Al’s famously shy when it comes to debates.  It’s over, you see, the debate is over.  Al said so, I heard him.

Sheryl Crow, musician, artist and TP miser is set to join MC Albert G  for something called the Greenbuild Convention.   Whatever it is, you know it’s important when you’ve got an intellect like Crow supporting it.

Canadian David Suzuki is worried about Salmon.  Sockeye salmon, to be precise.  Of course, whatever is wrong with the fish is the fault of global warming.  Here he is telling the world that global warming is messing with Salmon right before he admits he doesn’t really know why the fish are in trouble:

their survival is threatened by warming oceans and rivers due to climate change, and they are vulnerable to sea lice and diseases from open-net salmon farms. While we need to invest more funding in science to understand the exact details behind saving our disappearing salmon, we can and must take precautionary actions to curtail activities that we know harm salmon.

Meanwhile, the real reason that salmon are missing is a little easier to explain:

the food chain, respect it
the food chain, respect it

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

People that are deathly afraid of the weather don’t want you to have any power.  Not the political kind but the stuff you power your home or car with.  To that end, deranged hippies are promising that they’ll do whatever they can to block oilsands development in South Dakota. So, next time you’re complaining about the price of gas, maybe blame hippies instead of the oil firms.  (Note to any Big Oil folks reading this, where’s the money the hippies think you’re giving me?)

In London, under-employed young hippies protested outside the European Climate Exchange:

Code Dink
Code Dink

The UK’s ‘Met’ office (that’s meteorological to you) has built a brand new shiny super-computer to help calculate just how many ways the planet will spontaneously explode into a billion million little pieces because of global warming.  It’s first task will be to calculate it’s own enormous carbon footprint. As with any genius super-computer, the answer is always going to be 42.

CNN, an American cable network that hires people that Fox don’t want, discovered the horrific truth about global warming.  Video at the link, gird yourself.

There’s a fellow out in the blogosphere who is so afraid of the threatened lawsuit against the EPA that he can only surmise that he thinks he knows all about deniers and what drives them:

…one thing is clear: Most global-warming deniers are also conservative religious fundamentalists who believe in creationism. These are the people who ignore expertise of virtually every scientist on Earth about evolution, and they apparently have no trouble extending their ignorance to the environmental sciences.

Here’s a shocker for Craig A. James: wrong!  About me, at least.  However, I bet my analysis that he’s a pantywaist drooling leftard with a inferiority complex a mile wide, is spot on.  How’s that for ignorant ?

More fun with hippies: environmentalists are slow.  Which is why they’re losing the hearts and minds of America, dontchyaknow.

The EPA is still running from the US Chamber of Commerce‘s threatened lawsuit.  Here’s a question: has any reader seen any green commentary or blog post suggesting that the lawsuit was an opportunity to shut skeptics up forever?  It’s almost as if they know they would lose.

Renewables, consuming the Earth’s surface area at an unsustainable rate?

Oh noes, the Ozone, it is depleted.  Oh, wait didn’t we do that scare already?  Never mind the exploding appliances, let’s demonize another gas.

If you see one of these elements, call Greencrimestoppers
One by one, the elements fell to alarmism

It’s a little known statistical fact that 100% of people beaten by George W. Bush in a Presidential election become deranged about global warming.  It’s true that Sen. Kerry of Heinz has been a slacker compared to Al the over-achiever.  To be fair to JFK2, Al had a 4 year head start and the recently promoted senior Senator for Massachusetts is trying hard to catch up.  He just wrote a piece comparing the threat of global warming to 9/11, it’s what’s all the cool moonbats are doing this week.

If you wondered why alarmist’s are losing their case, wonder no more.

Somewhere in darkest Toronto, Canada lurks a lady called Donna Laframboise.  She’s no fan of alarmist nonsense and has set up a new parody of DeSmogBlog, called DeSoggyBog.  I can hear the hippie heads pop from here.

The Royal Society used to be a respected science organization, before they decided that cloud ships and artificial trees sounded like a good idea.

Super-emo-scaredy-monger Joe Romm went off the deep end at the idea of the EPA trial.  The Daily Bayonet recommends deep breaths and a soft room for ole’ Joe, before he does himself a damage.  In the meantime, keep bringing teh funneh.

A few weeks ago, the UK’s weather forecasters were catching serious heat about the lack of heat they promised for England’s BBQ summer.  Now, they are fighting back, so who are you going to believe, the Met, or your lying eyes?

Many people like to buy carbon offsets to prove that they care about dear old Gaia.  Suckers, how good do you feel about your offsets now?:

Although the project has a guaranteed lifespan of 99 years, the indigenous communities in the mountain are bitterly opposed to it.  Moses Mwanga, chairperson of the Benet Lobby Group, an organisation pushing for the rights of the Benet, told IPS during a visit to the area that the evictions have caused indescribable suffering to the Benet who are now living as squatters, having lost their land and other belongings to armed park rangers.

Jolly Prince Chuckles, a Royal person, has done lots and lots to reduce his carbon footprint.  I have questions:

  • The Prince’s Jaguar, Audi and Range Rover cars and the Royal Train run on used cooking oil;
  • The Prince’s Aston Martin runs on bioethanol made from surplus wine
He has 4 cars and a train?  OK, fair enough, he’s a Prince, I get it.  But what is surplus wine?  Anyone? Means nothing to me.
He puts old booze in it.  The car, too.
He puts old booze in it. The car, too.
Super geniuses at Environment Watch have it all figured out, and even I cannot disagree with their prediction that the UK will either get warmer, or cooler.  You just can’t buy analysis like that.

The Sierra Club wants you to sign their petition against the USCoC lawsuit against the EPA.  Because explaining why they want to ruin your economy is too hard.

Britain faces blackouts in the near future, but that cannot stop the hippies planning to ‘invade’ another power station.  If these freaks were labeled anything other than green they would be rounded up as terrorists, because that’s what they are.

Tom Nelson has a rogue’s gallery of global warming believers.  That’s some nice company the hippies keep.

The EPA has found a new endangered species, the Farmerii Californicus.  The EPA is the direct cause of the distress to this indigenous species of the San Joaquin valley, but it saved an ugly fish, so I guess that makes it extinction neutral.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

This week, the endarkenment began in Europe.  The EU’s war on light killed off the 100W incandescent lamp, unless you’re a member of the Hunnish Hoardes.   The new bureaucrat-approved way to illuminate your life is mercury toxic bomb compact fluorescent lamps.  They are dimThey are dangerousThey kill Chinese peopleThey don’t last long. They put good people out of work.  Apart from that, they’re great:


You know whose fault it is that cap and bend over isn’t law yet?  President Obama’s, that’s who.  Wait, what?

Energy sprawl, it’s the future. Who will save the deserts from the rampant march of the green solar empire?

Biofuels, Al Gore’s favorite fuel and the reason that hungry people everywhere are, err, more hungry.  Biofuels are such a runaway success that two-thirds of America’s biofuel production capacity sits unused. What is government waiting for, subsidize it already.  Oh, it is? Bummer.

I don’t know who Barnaby is, but he’s being effective in Australia.  Expect him to be an opening batsmen soon.

Oh noes, Global cooling has started, quick, how can I monetize it?

Sunny side up, it’s time for solar talk.  Last week I said that the much hyped solar array at Nellis AFB had a break-even timeline of 87 years on solar panels that will last only 20 years.  Reader Bill commented that my calculation was incorrect and he’s right.  Nellis can never pay for itself, because as Bill pointed out, I did not factor in any financing costs for the $100 million.  So, figure a 5% finance rate and already the annual savings of $1.2 million are too little to pay the $5 million interest charge.  Government math you can believe in.

Not only was Nellis sold a dud, some unfortunate Aussies bought into the solar dream only to discover the true nightmare.  There are some more inconvenient truths about the shortcomings of solar power here.  In case you are reading these stories and thinking that only gullible Australians and naive Air Force Bases get suckered, remember the pain in Spain.

Solar power does rely on the Sun.  The vewy, vewy quiet Sun.  Awkward.

Blogger Down!  Simon, he of Sydney, hurtled to the floor when he came across an (almost) balanced article in The Australian.  Fortunately, Simon’s precipitous fall was broken by piles of empty Foster’s cans and discarded vegemite sandwiches and he was uninjured.  You readers have no idea the risks that bloggers accept to bring you the story.

Not everything about Foster's sucks.  Allegedly.
not everything about Foster's sucks. Allegedly.

Hey, whaddaya know, it’s the Sun, stupid.

Hybrid cars are the preferred vehicle for hippies and well-meaning but deluded movie-stars.  They do it to save the Earth.  Not the rare earth, however.

Here is the week’s must-read link, The Grand View, 4-billion years of Climate Change.  Here’s teaser from the conclusion, but do read it all, it’s fascinating:

As Earth’s climate history has shown, nothing predicted by the global warming alarmists would be unprecedented—Earth’s climate has been colder than today’s and much, much warmer. CO2 levels have also been many times higher than they currently are, even during ice ages. Ice ages come and go, caused by mechanisms mankind is powerless to control. And after every ice age the world warms and the glaciers disappear only to return millions of years later. No change in climate is irreversible.

Consensus ain’t what it used to be.

Life is confusing.  So is a political hack trying to explain away his vote for a bill he wrote and voted for, but doesn’t believe in.  No, really.

If you want a climate bill that is easy to understand and would actually do what warmists claim to want, you could do worse than this guy’s 4-point plan.  Believe me, it’s 4 points, not three, just read to the end.  I don’t think we need any plan, but Mr. Coyote demonstrates just how simple and easy it could be, if the green movement was serious and not dominated by ideology and special interests.

Nepal, dying of thirst as it drowns.

It’s the Syun, stupid.  20 points of context on global warming, politics and the economy. Still awake?

Part Four: AGW in the News

The EU lightbulb ban makes fairgrounds less appealing, which is a stunning achievement if you consider that the height of appeal at a traditional English fairground is voluntarily hopping onto lethal machines that are dismantled and reassembled weekly by carny morlocks.

Solar panels on special, but still not cheap enough.

The BBC wonders if climate change hijacked environmentalism.  It might have been the other way around, no?

US to Alberta: we don’t need your stinkin’ oilsands.  Alberta to US: fair enough, you lose.

Mo’ Nukes, Mo’ nukes, Mo’ nukes…

Move over, cuddly polar bears, we have a new face for the global warming hoax:

is it just me, or does it look like Michael Jackson?
is it just me, or does it look like Michael Jackson?

New estimates of the cost of fighting global warming are closer to $500 billion per year, rather than the estimated 150 billion a year.  It’s mostly irrelevant because Obama has spent all the world’s money already.

Oregon is no longer just a moonbat State sandwich at the end of a trail, it’s also a place that regrets subsidizing green projects.

What exactly is the future of energy?  One man might know…

Home buyers in the UK can look forward to spending an extra £7000 on their homes, the cost of new green laws.  Buyers might save by having houses built without electric light fittings and power outlets, they won’t be able to use them anyway.

Waxman-Malarkey is ‘delayed and in disarray’.  “Hurrah” says the WSJ

Climate camp is a ‘prat’s utopia’. Says a prat.

In Part Two, Craig James blamed religious people for denying global warming.  The Pope blames atheists.  I recommend a cage match to decide who’s right: a know-it-all, rabidly anti-religion leftie vs. a Holy ex-Hitler youth in a stylin’ hat.  What could possibly go wrong?

One advantage of Congress not having time to read the climate bill is that stuff like the super-windfall profits for nuclear power slips through unobserved.  Imagine the howls from the hippies when they realize that their new-agrarian utopia will be powered by nukes.  Heh.

A newser’s take on the EU light bulb ban.

The Guardian is caught overtly exaggerating the facts, oddly enough.


Part Five: Global Hottie

I’m not even pretending to have a green link this week.  Your pin-up this week is from The Daily Bayonet’s current location and she has a new flick out which could be very good, if it is as well done as the book.  Skeptics, please welcome first time hottie Ms. Rachel McAdams to the round-up.

click, nicely.
click, nicely.

That’s it for another round-up, thanks for reading.

There will be no more round-ups until September 25th because I’m heading off on a carbon-spewing flight to ye olde Englande for a visit, and no, I did not offset my trip.  Check out the blogroll for your entertainment, or use the search at the top of this page to find old round-ups, complete with hottie goodness.

The WWF Hijacks 9/11: Bumped & Updated

I’ve accused the World Wildlife Fund of being anti-human, but I never expected them to show their true colors as spectacularly as this:

wwf ad
click for larger

The tsunami killed 100 times more people than 9/11. The planet is brutally powerful. Respect it. Preserve it.

The WWF claims that they never approved this for publication, which may or may not be true.  It’s certainly easier to blame the agency than take the PR beat down. Would the greens give a skeptic making this big a gaffe the benefit of the doubt?  Nah, me either, my guess is this was approved to run in 10 days time.

Approved or not, it says something that a top ad agency thought this would be something the WWF would like, no?

(h/t Hot Air)

UPDATE: The WWF become the deniers:

WWF strongly condemns this offensive and tasteless ad and did not authorize its production or publication. It is our understanding that it was a concept offered by an outside advertising agency seeking our business in Brazil. The concept was summarily rejected by WWF and should never have seen the light of day. It is an unauthorized use of our logo and we are aggressively pursuing action to have it removed from websites where it is being currently featured.

Note that the WWF has previously worked with DDB Brazil, so why would the agency be ‘seeking’ their business?  I’m unconvinced, so far.   More DDB Brazil/WWF work here, from June 2009.

UPPERDATE: The WWF has walked back its original explanation and admitted that they have had a three year relationship  with DDB Brazil.  So they lied in their original ‘outraged’ statement, unsurprisingly.

Note: : Last night I removed the picture and replaced it with a version that did not show the WWF logo because the  WWF statement suggested it would “aggressively [pursue] action to have it removed from websites where it is being currently featured.”  I’ve put the original back up because the WWF are lying scumbags.

Great Moments in Health Care #4

There was some controversy about ‘death panels’ in the US health care reform debate.

Meanwhile in the UK, the NHS is letting people die, even if they didn’t have to:

In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, a group of experts who care for the terminally ill claim that some patients are being wrongly judged as close to death.

Under NHS guidance introduced across England to help doctors and medical staff deal with dying patients, they can then have fluid and drugs withdrawn and many are put on continuous sedation until they pass away.

But this approach can also mask the signs that their condition is improving, the experts warn.

No need for death panels, just unplug ’em and you’re done.

The Powerless Green Future

The UK could be rationing electricity within 8 years because demand for power is forecast to outstrip supply.

The British government committed the nation to its Low Carbon Transition Plan in July, an idea that hopes wind and solar can produce enough electricity to power the entire country.  Renewable energy is a green dream that will turn into a nightmare for families facing sudden power cuts or scheduled brown-outs.

In the 21st century, the idea that a nation cannot provide enough power for its people and industries should be unthinkable.  There is no coal shortage, no oil shortage and no Uranium shortage.  The only shortage is plants that convert these fuels into power.  But why?

Greens have played a key role in dePowering the UK, Greenpeace scofflaws at Kingsnorth illustrate the radical scaremongering that made the idea of building new generating capacity a political nightmare.  Eco-radicals are proud of their drive to deprive people of affordable energy, witness the Sierra Club in the USA and how they brag about the 100 power stations they ‘prevented‘.

The perfect storm of a spineless political class and a somnolent public faced with aggressive green lobby groups has brought the UK to a point where it is a country without an energy future.  No one listens to voices of reason, preferring to pretend that renewable energy can fill the gap and ignoring that ‘green’ alternatives require the industrialization of the open countryside:

… the land area occupied by wind farms would be nearly 10 percent of the country, or roughly the size of Wales. The area occupied by desert solar power stations — in the case of Britain, they would have to be connected by long-distance power lines — would be five times the size of London. The 50 nuclear power stations required would occupy a more modest 50 square kilometers.

What will happen in 8 years when the lights start to go out across Britain?  Here’s two predictions that will drive greens nuts, because the unintended consequences of their blinkered knee-jerk activism will result in bad outcomes for the environment:

  • Unlike the 1970’s, small generators are available and affordable.  Families and small businesses that can afford them will buy their own rather than lose a freezer full of meat or their Internet connection.  Small generators run on gas and are pretty inefficient, inconveniently.
  • The government of the day will panic and will build new generation capacity as cheaply and quickly as it can, which means new coal powered plants, the very thing that Greenpeace and other eco-naifs wished to avoid.  (A potential problem for green radicals is that any attempts to block urgent new builds will likely be frowned upon by a public that want their lights on, cutting off their essential cover of public support.)

British people are waking up to a major problem that threatens to negatively impact their everyday lives.  Politicians will pay a heavy price for their part in the fiasco, the only question is whether there will be a backlash against the idiot greens that pushed the country to the brink and perhaps over it.

Whatever happens, the situation in Britain is a canary in the coal mine for other countries blindly following the green path.  If you live in the USA, Canada, Australia or any other country where carbon has been demonized by eco-hysterics, this could happen to you.  Get involved and stop the rot, before your lights go out.