Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Aug. 28th 2009

In this week’s round-up, you will discover the dark secrets behind some of the most influential green groups, why polar bears are shrinking and how the world can be saved with only the judicious use of English actors.  Also, this is the first weekly round-up where I use the word skulduggery in a sentence.  How about that and a bag of chips too?

Become one with your beverage and read on, friend, read on…

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al must be back from vacation, or is blogging from the road, because he blessed his acolytes with numerous posts this week.  I’m skipping the post about Tipper’s photography, let’s just say that if you want to see old pictures of Bill Clinton from his pants-on days, knock yourself out, otherwise, meh.  Back to the Goreacle’s blog, he’s miffed that a group called Energy Citizens has the gall to oppose Al’s personal enrichment plan cap and trade legislation.

Al goes on to show his unique understanding of astroturf by encouraging his Gore-bot minions to sign up for what sounds a lot like a spam-marketing voicemail blast to Senators.  I encourage US readers to make a call to oppose Waxman-Malarkey, after all it’s Al’s rePower America picking up the tab for your call.  He can afford it, knock yourself out.  Talking of the repower folks, they have a new ad out, and it features a whiney guy in a green shirt.  Really.

is that astroturf or grass, it's hard to see
is that astroturf or grass, it's hard to see

The oddest post from Al is this one about energy-efficiency in a war zone.  I’m not making this up.  Unfortunately, Al makes reference to the Nellis Air Force Base solar power plant, which has a hidden but very inconvenient truth all it’s own:

… the 72,000 solar panels cost $100 million and saves the Air Force $1.2 million annually.  So it’ll pay for itself in about 83 years.  What a shame the useful life of a solar panel is only 20 years.

Climate Chains is a new documentary that would like to join Not Evil Just Wrong as the Anti-Inconvenient Truth.  Check out the trailer at Tom’s joint.

Al Gore won an Oscar, which makes him a natural for pimping his buddies movies.  Al threw a party to host a screening of the latest Tarantino splatterfest, Inglourious Basterds.  Perhaps Al thought the Nazis in the movie were skeptics?

In the wake of some arrests for carbon trading fraud, one blogger wonders if Al’s next.

David Suzuki.  His office is in a forest you know.
Suzuki's office is in a forest, allegedly

David Suzuki, Canada’s diminutive but incredibly irritating self-proclaimed eco-conscience wants to undo economics.  Yeah, it doesn’t work apparently.  All that wealth?  Not good for Gaia:

…the economic system we’ve created is fundamentally flawed because it is disconnected from the biosphere in which we live. We cannot afford to ignore these flaws any longer.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

Oh noes, alarmists on a boat, in the arctic.  Stuck in the ice.  Maybe the coastguard needs a Darwinism policy to cut costs?

Greenpeace leader Gerd Leipold said that “the lifestyle of the rich in the world is not a sustainable model.”  And by rich, he means you, your family and friends, your neighbor and your neighbor’s neighbors.  Everyone in the western world, in fact.

We have a contender.  Matthew England, a climate modeler challenges all-comers to a debate.  On the science.  Clearly well-meaning Matt didn’t get the memo that the debate is over and those of us that remain skeptics are handsomely supported by Big Oil.  Oh, wait.

OK, pop quiz time.  Who wanted the world to use biofuels to save the planet?  Frakkin’ Hippies, that’s who.  Well, since 2003, when biofuels boomed, there’s been a significant drop in O2 in the atmosphere. Thanks, hippies, I was breathing that.

another brilliant idea FAIL
another brilliant idea FAIL

The UK anxiously waits for news on the location of 3,000 unwashed moonbats, malcontents and yes, hippies, at the annual climate camp festival protest.  I’ve got a pretty good idea that if you were to pluck any one of those ‘protesters’ out of the crowd, they wouldn’t be able to coherently explain why they were there.  Also, none of them read this critique on climate ‘stunts’.

Global warming won’t kill us after all, the plastic will get us first.

Simon of Australian Climate Madness finds that the average Aussie knows as much about ETS as the average Aussie batsman knows about cricket.  (Sorry Simon, that’ll be the only reference to Australia’s convincing loss to England in the Ashes.)

an average Australian, allegedly
an average Australian, allegedly

Global warming will make the planet fall off its axis.  Oh no.  Add it to… The List!

British thespian Pete Postlethwaite has a new movie about the terrifying effects of something called ‘global warming’,  The Age of Stupid.  He also single-handedly prevented any new coal power stations in the UK.  To save you looking up Postlethwaite, he was the guy who played Kaiser Söze’s lawyer, Kobayashi.  Yeah, him.

Laurie David is married to Larry David, but enough about her bad luck, she’s a tier-one alarmist who cries everyday for the planet, or something:

My concerns about global warming began soon after we had our first child. I was a new mom, feeling very overwhelmed with the realization that I was now irreversibly responsible for this tiny creature. There was no turning back. I remember crying every day at five in the afternoon, the witching hour, my stress level at a breaking point. My husband and I would look at each other as if to say, “What have we done?”

Salt Lake City hippies play dead.  Insert your own wickedly funny non-PC joke about it being a good start here.

NASA has added huge capacity to its computing power in readiness for the next round of UNIPCC hilarity, and SHOCK, it doesn’t run on Unicorn poo.

Change you can believe in.  Clean Water Action (who?) has some of those green jobs you’ve been waiting for:

Clean Water Action is hiring and training activists to build the next generation of revolutionary leaders. Currently we are working to promote clean energy and stop dirty coal in Michigan.
Ann Arbor & Lansing locations. Benefits, training, and great co-workers. Monday- Friday; 2pm- 10:30pm. $375- $500/wk

Queensland is a large segment of a land that recently lost a really important cricket competition, and it’s full of moonbats.  The local government has decided to base development plans on sea-level rise predictions that even Al Gore’s embarrassed about.

It’s time to pick on Joltin’ Joe Romm, the emo-eco-warmist for whom no claim is too daft. Joe says that we’re going to lose every beach on the planet (video at the link).  There goes the idea of resurrecting Baywatch then.  Emo-Joe was also caught trying to discredit Ron Bradley, badly.

Global warming alarmists are some of the most flexible people in the world.  Only last week they were handed a devastating blow to their claims that global warming was bad for polar bears.  Not to be deterred, this week, polar bears are not in danger of extinction, they are shrinking, and global warming is the cause!!!1!!ELEVENTY!1!

last week, Bob was the same size as Jim
last week, Bob was the same size as Jim

The EU readies itself for the switch to toxic-bomb light bulbs.  What could possibly go wrong?

A moonbat writes about owning a Pious Prius for one year, and gets all Lord of the Rings about it:

Another benefit is what I call the “fellowship of the Prius.” In the last year, I’ve had numerous conversations with other Prius owners, both at home and when I am on the road, which gives me the chance to compare notes and get driving tips.

The US Chamber of Commerce wants to fight the EPA’s claims about global warming.  In court.  The EPA has turned tail and is still running at the idea of defending its claims.

You know global warming is serious when you hear a herpetologist telling you it’s a bad time to be a lizard.  The list, add to it, please.

Here’s this week’s must-read post, and this week I mean it. There might even be a test.  It’s a take-down of influential green groups and has everything you ever wanted to know about the dirty-laundry, hidden agendas and skulduggery of the WWF, The Climate Group, the Green Fiscal Commission, the Carbon Disclosure Project, the World Centre of Monitoring Conservation and the Alliance of Religions and Conservation.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

David Suzuki wants to roll back economics, which is a bad idea.  Here’s why.

Once more for the hard of hearing.  It’s the Sun, stupid.

Andrew Bolt finds that being a green alarmist means never having to say you’re sorry.

President of the World Obama was going to save the polar bears, remember.  Yeah, never happened, and now it doesn’t have to.

Even more on polar bears, if you can stand it.  I’m done with the cuddly little SOB’s, fire up the BBQ already.

Ocean temperatures, is there something fishy in the ocean after all?

If you’re in the mood for some light reading, don’t click the next link.  It has plane crashes and predictions of a socialist future more terrifying than the zombie apocalypse, and that is pretty damn terrifying if you ask me.

A zombie.  It's says so on her shirt.
A zombie. It's says so on her shirt.

Is the Chevy Volt the worst car on the road?  Only when the battery runs out.

What happens to the global warming hoax when the consensus Al Gore told us was so important, isn’t a consensus any more?

Alarmists like to discredit skeptical scientists if they even so much as accepted a free mug from Exxon with a tank of gas, but the truth is that the warmists are funded well beyond the skeptics.

It’s the orbital cycles, stupid.

One man finds the problem with persuading the public that global warming is real, is the people pushing global warming:

Al Gore, self-appointed spokesperson for global warming, certainly should have understood this, and he should have sold his energy guzzling house and his private jet the day he decided to get into this. I can understand having the first climate change summit in Rio, but the conference in Bali should have instead been a massive Internet teleconference.

President Obama wanted cap and tax passed in a hurry because the planet will explode into a bazillion pieces without it.  So you wonder why he’s not talking about it much these days.  For readers unfamiliar with exactly how many a bazillion is, it’s about the same size as the US deficit.

Oh noes, the sunspots, they are disappearing.

wherefor art thou, sunspots?
wherefore art thou, sunspots?

Marc Morano, a man known to make Joe Romm’s head actually pop, has a list of inconvenient truths that’ll make Joe Romm’s head pop.  Again.  Yeah, he’s like that Tony Shalhoub in Men In Black.

Alarmists and warmists are trying to make the peak oil concept popular again.  Here’s the peak oil myth debunked.  In the New York Times no less.

Going toe to toe with the Morano-man for top skeptic status, Jumpin’ Joe D’Aleo has a list of 12 facts about global warming you won’t read in the popular press.

I can has scientist too?  A railway engineer/economist can do it, you can too.

CO2 feeds plants, but it can do lots of other things too.  Like warm the atmosphere, or cool the atmosphere.  Wait, what?

Remember the name Adam Sacks.  He’s a climate activist about to be tossed under the bus by his old buddies in much the same way they disowned Bjorn Lomborg and Patrick Moore, because Sacks has dared to utter the truth:

The second error is our stubborn unwillingness to understand that the battle against greenhouse-gas emissions, as we have currently framed it, is over.

It is absolutely over and we have lost.

We have to say so.


Rachel Marsden is a climate criminal and she don’t care:

Environmentalism should be like tipping in restaurants – something you do out of the goodness of your heart because you have the inclination and motivation. The more it gets shoved down my throat, the more I get the sinking feeling that it’s really just a socialist scam wrapped in guilt.

GE used to be pretty good company, they had a guy running the show that practically invented his own martial art and everything.  Now GE’s goal is to be the world’s largest welfare bum.  But don’t worry America, it’s only your tax dollars GE wants.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The UK government realizes that it will soon be paying millions of tax pounds to businesses because it cannot meet its own green goals.  Heh.

The fabulously named Lord Adonis (not a pr0n star, honest) says that there is no need to cut down on travel to save the planet.  Al Gore will be mightily relieved.

Should renewables be made in the USA, or do we let China do it?  What could possibly go wrong?

Algae, it’s green and it’s what’s in your tank, almost.

algae.  eww, frankly
algae. eww, frankly

President Obama believes that alternative energy is the way forward.  the way forward to what he’s not so clear about, but OK, let’s roll with it.  One such technology is geothermal.  Unfortunately, Obama’s flagship geothermal project might not just send California into the sea, it’s proving much harder to do than expected.

Britain’s leader of the opposition, David Cameron, was embarrassed that one of his advisers rejected the idea of man made global warming.   Cameron should be more embarrassed that he calls himself a conservative and yet panders to the warmists.

Vive la Revolution!  French truckers threaten to pollute the Seine, are they inseine?

The Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria might be the only way to get back to Europe once they’ve banned all the airlines from flying there.

The US Energy Department, keen on telling the average American how to live and save the planet, isn’t so good at following its own advice.

Tourists might foe with alarming regularity and Mexico city might be the scene of running gun battles, but that won’t stop Mexico banning plastic bags.

Part Five: Global Hottie

Today’s global hottie is  brought to you not by one but two links from this week’s round-up.  I mentioned the new Tarantino movie, and our hottie starred in From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, starring Quentin his own self.  I also mentioned Mexico, which is her homeland.  Tenuous connections?  Youbetcha, but you’re worth it.  Join me in welcoming Salma Hayek back to the round-up, you know it makes sense.

el clicko, por favor
el clicko, por favor

That’s another round-up.  Thanks for reading, enjoy the weekend.

Great Moments in Socialized Health Care #3

In the UK, like Canada, the government negotiates with drug companies to set the price it is willing to pay for medications.

Of course, other countries have a callous, uncaring system they like to call a ‘free market’ that do not restrict prices based on willingness to pay.

What could possibly go wrong:

Pharmacists are warning that patients are suffering because of a shortage of some medicines.

An attractive export market and quotas set by drug manufacturers are being blamed for ongoing stock problems with more than 50 branded medicines.

Read the article, the drugs in short supply aren’t simple ones like aspirin, but life-saving ones like Plavix.  On the bright side, the NHS saved £550million a year.

Rationing you can believe in?

Global Warming Mugs

The web store for Museums of Canada has an exciting new product for the weather hysteric in your life.

Global warming mugs:

A cool reminder of a hot topic, our mug shows off the adverse effects of global warming. Just pour in your favourite hot drink, and the ocean starts to spread across the continent as ice caps melt and water levels rise. Give them to your environmentally correct friends!

storm in a coffee cup
storm in a coffee cup

Imagine how much better a hippies fair trade coffee will taste as he points to large parts of South America disappearing under water.  Oh, wait.

Even scaremongers that believe sea levels will rise and cause devastation are happy to make a few bucks trivializing it.  They are only following Al Gore’s fine example, so don’t be too hard on them.

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Aug. 21st 2009

This week British kids wear eco-uniforms, polar bears refuse to drown and greens celebrate their efforts to make our lights go out.

It’s high summer so crank up the air conditioner and open a window to fight global warming as you dive into the fascinating depths of the weekly round-up.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

It’s summertime, so Al has been pretty quiet in the past week, but he did find some time to open up a new Repower Tennessee office.  Considering the size of his own power bill, it’s likely that the state needs repowering.

The Goreacle and his global warming acolytes have been rudely shoved to the back of the news cycle by the current bunfight over health care reform, but Al knows how to grab a headline.  He floated the idea of holding his own townhall meetings to promote his ‘climate crisis’.

Al supports the push toward a new ‘.eco’ domain, but that effort has turned messy and green groups are fighting each other for the right to sell the names.  It’s almost as if this had something to do with profit rather than the more altruistic goal of saving the planet.  Surely not?

can anyone explain why it's not green?  anyone?
can anyone explain why it's not green? anyone?

One lefty writer called Leonard Pitts used a quote from Al Gore as a way to illustrate that opponents of health care are using scaremongering tactics to frighten people away from reform.  I guess he missed this less convenient quote from Al:

“I believe it is appropriate to have an over-representation of factual presentations on how dangerous it (global warming) is, as a predicate for opening up the audience to listen to what the solutions are.”

If you’re confused, remember that using scaremongering tactics to promote the global warming hoax is approved, but use of the same to oppose health care reform is verboten.  Clear enough?

Canuckian Hippie David Suzuki has decided he’s suddenly interested in the state of the Canadian mining industry, but only because some firms are willing to say publicly that they ‘believe’ global warming is affecting them. Three short years ago, miners were the climate enemy, but Suzuki’s such an alarmist that he’ll cozy up to anyone that might have a buck for him.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

In Europe, manufacturers are worried that science has been labeled a ‘force of evil’ by eco-religion nutjobs, and that has made the transition of research to innovation slower and more expensive.  Greens the new Luddites, but with less fun.

French wine makers whine that Scotland might become the future of wine.  For once, I have to agree with the French, Scotland is no place for wine to be made.  One word: haggis.

While we’re talking about the French, Senator John Kerry decided (incorrectly) that global warming is a matter of national security.  Unfortunately for Kerry the expression ‘man-caused disasters’ is already taken.

The Audubon Society knows how to throw an event, take a look at this grassroots movement of, err, 35 people.  Is that the sound of a deflating hoax I can hear in the background?

Some unfortunate British moppets will be packed off to school wearing eco-uniforms.  I’m not kidding.

a completely random image of British school uniforms
just a random image of British school uniforms

The Climatic Research Unit (CRU) is a top-notch collection of shiny-minded boffins that crunch the raw data that underlies pretty much all climate science.  Unfortunately, they’ve either lost or deleted all the information, making it impossible for pesky scientists to check their data.  Of course, the CRU geniuses couldn’t have made any mistakes, they’re not the types to make careless errors.  Oh, wait.

The fine minds at Queen’s University Belfast, the world’s foremost repository of tree-ring data, very probably feels very superior to the hapless CRU crew, because they haven’t lost or deleted any data.  They just refuse to share it.

Michael Mann has returned to the front of the climate news pages with a brand new hockey stick.  Mann says Atlantic hurricanes are more frequent than at any time in 1,000 years.  He’s exaggerating, of course, he’s Michael Mann.

The frequent embarrassments suffered by weather hysterics in their effort to secure funding warn us about global warming has one warmist crying about the ineptness of the headline grabbers.  He wonders where the climate change A-Team is, but I have bad news for Mr. Fuller.  The A-Team were able to empty automatic weapons at their enemies, but never hit their targets.  Ever.  Maybe look for a better metaphor, genius.

Oh noes, man was lighting fires way earlier than thought, meaning that we’re even more guilty for causing global warming.

Early man used fire to survive.  Inconsiderate bastards.
Early man used fire to survive. Selfish bastards

The Economist used to be a serious publication.  Note the past tense.  More in a separate post here.

A scaremonger coins a new phrase for skeptics, ‘deceivers’. The ‘fraidy person, one Amy Hoyt Bennett of the Citizens Climate Lobby spends most of her time trying to conflate those of us not buying the end of the world hype with people who question Obama’s nationality.  Let’s be clear, there is one overwhelming fact that supports Obama’s natural born citizenship and debunks ‘birther’ claims.  Hillary.  Face it, if there had been anything about his birth place, Clinton would have used it to stop Obama, no question.

Quick question, is Obama reading Bjorn Lomborg’s stuff? Does Bjorn know?  Is Benny jealous?  So many questions.

A scientist from a country even emptier than Canada worries about more people arriving.  This is just another iteration of the anti-human push so common to the green movement, but for a more egregious example, take a peek at the video at Gore Lied.  Warning, watching it might cause nausea, what he is discussing edges close to genocide.

Ever wondered what hippies want kids to eat for lunch?  Me either, but here is an example anyway:

Anchovy, Goat Cheese and Romaine Salad
8 cloves garlic
1 teaspoon kosher salt
40 anchovy fillets — rinsed and chopped
6 ounces red wine vinegar
1 cup olive oil
1 teaspoon black pepper
6 heads romaine lettuce — rinsed and coarsely chopped
12 ounces fresh goat cheese — crumbled
1 cup red onion — minced

Suddenly, even peanut butter sounds good about now.

The over-caffeinated hippies that populate Seattle have voted against a 20c tax on plastic bags, proving that there is, in fact, hope for the rest of us.  Next perhaps, San Franciscans will want to rejoin America.

Australia has a territory called New South Wales.  I don’t know why it’s called that, I’ve been to the real South Wales and while I’d agree it could be improved on, I can’t think that anyone missed it so much they’d name a great big swath of Australia after it.  But I digress.  NSW’s premier, Nathan Rees, is an idiot.  He compared global warming skeptics to Nazi appeasers.  Two words Mr. Rees, Godwin’s Law.  We win.

Another idiot Premier is Dalton McGuinty, leader of Canada’s most populace province, Ontario.  McGuinty suffered a flooded basement after a storm, and immediately declared it a sign of global warming.  Dumber than a bag of hammers, much?

Florida residents face a 30% increase in power costs because the system is maxed out.  Of course, there isn’t enough power because greens block every effort to build new generating capacity.  The Sierra Club is proud of costing people lots of money, and Friends of the Earth celebrated their role in ‘killing’ nuclear power in 1995.  In case any lefty is still unclear about how to wreck people’s lives, Salon has the answers.

Greenpeace, the eco-terrorist organization, has admitted lying about disappearing Arctic Ice.  Video at the link.

Other endangered lions (har-har) live in Kenya, where global warming will kill them off.  Add lions to the list.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

The US Senate is trying to block efforts by two finance giants to control the trade part of ‘cap and trade’.  How fast will Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan lose interest in promoting the global warming scam if they can’t monetize it?

Aussie politico Nick Munchkin(?) nails the government’s attempt at cap and tax.

Nuclear power should be the future first choice for clean energy, but the greens gave it a bad rap and now it’s an uphill struggle to do what should be obvious.  You can read a good summary of Ontario’s nuclear woes here, it’s not the must-read, but it’s recommended.  I’ve suddenly decided to use a green font for each week’s recommended link.  If I spoil you any more you’ll want me to read it for you too.

The American Physics Society is still infighting about its official policy on global warming.  As if we care what Phys-Ed teachers think.

UN climate officials are lamenting that December’s Copenhagen Hopenchangen conference might result in no progress.  But don’t dare suggest that perhaps they could do the planet some good by not bothering, because we’re all going to die if they don’t.

Watch Danny Kaye – Wonderful Copenhagen in Entertainment |  View More Free Videos Online at

It’s the Sun, stupid.

Richard Lindzen, a smart fella from MIT, writes that CO2 has, um, nothing to do with climate change.  Inconvenient truth?  Youbetcha.

Hey, remember midnight December 31st 1999, when all the planes fell out of the sky and the power went out and the world exploded?  Yeah, global warming’s like that.

The film makers behind Not evil Just Wrong are interviewed by Captain Ed, on video at the link.

Here is your must-read link, an essay by Alan Caruba on the insanity of cap and trade.  If you’re uncertain on the merits of the arguments, read this and be educamated.

Polar bears, still not dead.

an inconveniently good swimmer
an inconveniently good swimmer

The Northwest Passage, not exactly passagey, as it turns out.

Government General Motors weighs in the comments on a post questioning the veracity of claims about the Volt’s mpg.

Drive an ethanol powered vehicle?  Still feeling good about it? Really?

The Waxman-Malarkey Bill could die on the altar of health care reform, at least one Democrat thinks so.  I like the way Blanche thinks.

** Some links have been dropped from the originally post Part Three because of some misunderstanding on who said what to whom and when and on what planet.  I’ll plug them into next week’s edition if it gets sorted out.  Or not.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Let’s go to Togo and find out about energy leap frogging.  It’s not a bad idea, but how about mo’ nukes and less windmills?

Fast forward 10 years, when lefties will fill the streets chanting ‘no blood for lithium’.

The world’s news organizations are less curious about things than my average cat is about the welfare of next door’s dog.  Are they biased in coverage of global warming stories?  Only if you think the ratio 1264 to 1 is unbalanced.  The BBC gets blasted for their ignorance.

The demise of dark energy is good news for science.

does dark matter?
does dark matter?

Germany might be headed for the energy graveyard, but that’s not a good enough reason for Aussies not to want to do exactly the same thing.

The Chevy Volt will be sold for around $40k.  Math can be cruel.

The UK bureaucrats in charge of global warming efforts like their AC.  Good luck trying to reject their interference in daily life because it’s noisy and the ‘wrong breeze’ at your home.

The Obama administrations Weatherization Assistance Program, is falling apart with gross inefficiencies:

With $400 million, New York state intends to repair 45,000 units, or nearly $9,000 a home.   A typical private contractor will charge $1,000 to knock off 10 percent to 15 percent off your heating bill.   The government’s higher costs are supposedly justified by a promise of energy savings of around 23 percent. But that turns out to be a completely imaginary number.

New York Times, meet the US Navy.

It’s time to drop the alarmism.  Wishful thinking at the Whig.

Part Five: Global Hottie

This week’s hottie is an actress, apparently.  I can’t say that she’s ever been in a movie I’ve seen, but she has a long list of credits at IMDB and who am I to argue with them?  One thing I do know, our hottie this week is a bona-fide green girl who describes herself as borderline OCD about recycling.  That’s plenty good enough to qualify for the global hottie spot, and she’s easy on the eye too.  Doubleplusgood.

Skeptics, welcome Miss Rachael Leigh Cook to the Round-Up:

click me
click me

That’s all you’re getting this week.  Happy weekending.

Great Moments in Socialized Health Care #2

Here’s a story about British dentists (US readers, insert your joke here).

Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) changed its contract with dentists in 2006, to save costs.  The result is dentists routinely pulling teeth that they would have treated under the old contract:

The data showed a 45.5 per cent decrease in the number of treatments where a bridge was fitted, from 146,000 to 80,000.   There was also a 39.4 per cent decrease in the number of courses of treatment which included root canal, from 907,000 to 549,000.   The proportion of treatments involving a scale and polish or an x-ray have fallen however extractions have increased from 6.9 per cent of treatments to 7.5 per cent.

Of course, the problem of poor dentistry is not a problem for the millions of Brits unable to even access a dentist.

Say goodbye to those flashy white smiles, America.

Nukes Safer Than Giant Fans?

Greens are deathly afraid of nuclear power, don’t ask me why, but they are.  Nuclear power is the greenest, most efficient option available for electricity generation, but Greens think it kills people.  Although more people have been probably been killed by Smart cars than nuclear power.

Nuclear hating Greens are totally in love with solar and wind power.  Which is unfortunate, because these two renewable energy sources kill people with alarming regularity.  Planet Gore reports that 60 people are dead because of ‘freak windmill accidents‘.

too late, Bob realized he was alone...
too late, Bob realized he was alone...

Most solar-related deaths occur when eco-minded homeowners fall off the roof.   While dead solar owners are to be congratulated for saving  future health care costs and dramatically reducing their carbon footprint, it’s not the preferred model for sustainable living.

Here’s a breakdown of deaths by Terawatt-Hour for most common energy sources.  Nuclear is lowest with 0.04, wind is ten times higher at 0.4 and solar comes in between 0.44 and 0.83.  Coal is the big meany at 161 deaths per TW/h, but that relies on some arcane calculations for deaths by pollution, so may not be directly comparable.

I’ll wrap it up here, you don’t want to get me started on bird deaths.

Greens Are Bad For The Environment

British Greens and NASA’s activist about town Jim Hansen are furious that the country is using increased coal energy.

An inconvenient truth for the Greens is, it’s their fault.

Britain faces a future without enough power, a fact The Economist pointed out.  The nation is faced with rapidly aging generating infrastructure and nothing in the pipe to replace it.  A couple of large nuclear power stations could have solved the problem, but the main reason no new nukes are planned is Green’s rabid opposition to nuclear power.

Greens pretend that wind and solar, their favored solutions, can fill the gap, but as the UK has discovered, wind is an expensive joke unable to provide reliable power, as well as making for dangerous eyesores.  Solar is also an unrealistic option (2nd example at the link).

Which is why the UK is turning to coal power at a remarkable rate.  Coal and natural gas power plants can be built quickly and relatively cheaply enough that they are currently the only option to keep the lights on in the UK.

Too late, some Greens realized what their activism had wrought and dropped their opposition to new nuclear power – but still their hard-core compatriots oppose new plants, delaying essential power the nation needs.

The fact is that there should not be a shortage of electricity anywhere in the 21st century.  The only reason power companies spend time persuading customers to use less of their product is because the green movement has made new coal, gas or nuclear plants almost impossible to build.  Greens are so proud of denying affordable power that they openly brag about it.

The problem is that Greens offer no viable alternatives and when governments are faced with emergency power shortages, as Britain is now, they turn to the cheapest, fastest solution.  Greens might howl about the push to coal, but had they not opposed nuclear the UK would have all the power it needs with almost zero pollution.

Nice work, Greens.

AGW Caused by Ancient Farmers

The Economist has uncovered the first cause of global warming, early farmers.

Farmers from 5000BC, who are unavailable for comment, dared to tame nature to feed their families.  Little did they know these efforts would get them labeled climate criminals 7 millennia later.

7000 years ago, Man had just come up with a novel invention they liked to call ‘the wheel’ and had discovered animal husbandry.  How they did these clever things without Wikipedia is one of those mysteries we’ll cover in another post.

So popular it was 5000BC's version of the iPhone
So popular it was 5000BC's version of the iPhone

What does the Economist article really tell us about global warming?  Only that it’s always been man’s fault, of course, which was the whole point of this daft article.

Great Moments in Socialized Health Care 1

As America approaches the Utopian dream of ‘free’ health care for all, let’s take a moment to celebrate the great moments of nationalized care currently enjoyed by the UK and Canada.

In England, a young mother gave birth to her daughter on the sidewalk when the authorities refused to send an ambulance.

When the mother called for help:

‘They said they were not sending an ambulance and told me I had had nine months to sort out a lift.’

Green Weeds

Greens can always find something new to blame on global warming, and now we know why.  Today’s problem is just an unanticipated consequence of their own activism.

Here’s how to do the green two-step.

Step One: Do some ‘good’, but leave an obvious (to everyone else) opportunity for ‘unanticipated’ consequences:

Make it more difficult for businesses and citizens to use pesticides.

Invoke Rachel Carson’s name for extra credibility, but don’t mention all the dead kids.

Step Two: Cry about the previously unanticipated consequences and blame them on global warming:

Global warming hysteria will cause a weed invasion.

I like the notion of handing out plastic weeds to ‘educate’ peoplePlastic bags for your shopping convenience are evil, but plastic weeds for your indoctrination education are just fine.

Anyone else think that the greens have more to do with the weed explosion that the weather?