Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, May 29th 2009

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Welcome to the round-up, your weekly link orgy of all things skeptical about global warming.

If you’re here because you’re one of the many, many visitors that land here because you’re asking Google about the global warming hoax or scam or whatever search word you used to describe Al Gore’s fortune-a-palooza, ponder these links and ask yourself how it is that week after week I can cherry-pick 100 articles, stories and blog posts about junk science and the real agenda behind the green movement, if the science is settled like they told you it was.

For regulars, there’s a ton of good stuff, so get beveraged and get cracking, I don’t do this for my health you know.

Part One: Al Gore & Friends

Al Gore cheered the progress of the Waxman-Malarkey climate change bill, even though some other greens were lukewarm to it.  What Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth don’t realize is that the Bill is good for Al Gore’s pocketbook, it has nothing to do with global warming.

Einer Kleiner Perkins, Al Gore’s favorite investment managers, and a conflict of interests?  Say it ain’t so.  Take a look at the KP web site front page, it’s linked to Generation Investment Management (Al’s offset vehicle, among other things) and an Apple iFund.  Guess who sits on Apple’s board?  Cosy.

all in the family
all in the family

A Gorebot that attended the recent hysterics hoe-down in Nashville noted that the alarmists were living the dream, even as polls suggested that their nightmares are coming true:

While the polls suggested failure, the mood at the summit—a reunion of 600 global warming foot soldiers in Nashville, TN, from May 14 through 16, 2009—was positively celebratory.

News flash: Real Americans can’t stand Al Gore.  I’m shocked, shocked by this news.

Canadian weather hysteric and evergreen hippie David Suzuki is getting a school named after him.  The $14 million project will “feature the latest in “green” environmental design and technology” of course.  No doubt the Ontario Ministry of Education will soon announce a Josef Stalin school, if the aim is to celebrate totalitarians.

Meanwhile, true to form, Suzuki finds the scariest study du jour and peddles it on his website.  This week he provides cover for the discredited Lancet’s headliner ‘that climate change is the biggest global health threat we face‘.

Prince Charles, noted climatologist and cautionary example of the dangers of inbreeding, suggested that the world is in a last chance saloon to stop global warming.  It’s no wonder his poor mother won’t abdicate, she knows he’s an empty suit.

The Fresh Prince
The Fresh Prince

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

An oldie but goodie: the life cycle of a global science scare.

An excellent take-down of Greenpeace, the green organization that doesn’t know when enough people have died for their radical goals already.

A student studying for her master’s in urban ecology and environmental design is living in a 144 sq.ft. house.  It has no bathroom, but she’s probably a hippie and has no idea what they are for anyhow.

California, the poster-state for what green activism can do to an economy, is prepping even more stringent automobile emissions standards for 2016.  The real question is whether California will even exist in 2016, or if Pres. Obama will have sold it to Mexico, or Wal-Mart.

Joining the ranks of the alarmists, Aussie insurance companies.  Greenwashing for profit, you know it makes sense.

MIT, an institution that I have long admired, pulled a stupid global warming stunt with it’s Wheel of Misfortune temperature predictor.  Moonbat lefties are instantly terrified, of course.  More on this unfortunate picture.

wheel of doom
wheel of doom

I don’t know what a low carbon society is, but I’m pretty sure you can’t have one on a planet populated entirely with carbon-based life-forms.

On the other hand, Al Gore’s old boss, slick Willie, wants climate positive communities.  If you can figure out if climate positive is compatable with a low carbon society, give yourself a prize.

intern not pictured
intern out of shot

Rumble in the endangered jungle?  Stanford heavyweight Stephen Schneider says that climate skeptics cannot win a debate.  Roger Pielke Sr. says, bring it, be-atch! Sort of.

Waxman-Malarkey: Of course the Chair doesn’t need to know what’s in a bill named after him.  What do you expect, competence?

Run for the hills, climate change is the cholera of our times.  Oh, wait.  nevermind.

A quick editorial comment on the ‘cholera’ scaremongers, they might actually have a point, but they are wrong about the cause.  As green activism results in Victorian era diseases reappearing and bans on effective preventatives like DDT increase, it is likely that the world will see a resurgence in old diseases.  Inconveniently for the greens, the cause will be global warming alarmism, not changes in atmospheric temperatures.

They said we’d forget about color if we elected a black President, and they were right.  It’s going to be a monochrome world with white roofs and black cars.  All in the name of green, of course.

any color you like...
any color you like...

ABC’s unauthorized mocking of hysterical families comes in for media flak from the media flakes.  I recorded The Goode Family last night, if you’ve seen it, let me know if it tickled your hippie-bashing funny bone in the comments.

If you ever wondered how hippies ever get some, now you know.  They pay for it.  A Lot.  Green blow jobs you can believe in.

An Aussie scaremonger draws a comparison between sunscreen and global warming to prove that the latter is real.  He also equates the shaky science of global warming with concepts he calls ‘gravity’ and ‘photosynthesis’, whatever they are.  More on said scaremonger here, you might notice that he relies entirely on the global warming bandwagon for his income.  Not that it means anything, of course, money only corrupts skeptics.

There’s nothing like a good reasoned argument to persuade a skeptic to revisit his (or her) thoughts.  And this is nothing like a reasoned argument; from your tolerant left:

Hey Red States! What are you, wimps? We pounded you in November and now you’re too much of a sore-loser to get on board and try to save the world that you’re screwing up for your children? We’re crushing you in clean energy. I mean, we practically invented green business to create a profit motive for environmental protection JUST TO GET YOU INVOLVED, because we figure that’s all you care about.

The Australian government gets a shellacking from Piers Ackerman over their ETS legislation.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

A bishop brings the pain, ‘global warming pauses‘.

US Environment Secretary Chu admits that climate goals will be compromised.  Of course, if global warming was an actual crisis, compromise would be out of the question, so the mask slips once more.

Chu’s boss and President of the World Obama traveled to Nellis AFB to celebrate their use of solar power.  Now for the inconvenient truth; the 72,000 solar panels cost $100 million and saves the Air Force $1.2 million annually.  So it’ll pay for itself in about 83 years.  What a shame the useful life of a solar panel is only 20 years.

The Sun King
The Sun King

On the solar topic, it’s the Sun, stupid.

As the Obama administration adopts oversight of the US car industry and mandates more energy efficient vehicles, 75% of his subjects Americans believe new energy sources are more important than tiny cars.

A Dutchman goes to Ireland and blows the global warming hoax wide open.

Climate scientists seeded the oceans with clever monitors in buoys to monitor ocean temperatures.  Now that the results are in, and don’t support the global warming scaremonger agenda, it’s time to throw the buoys under the bus.

Oregon, a state only two vowels away from being an herb, loses another ethanol manufacturer.  Hungry poor people celebrate everywhere.

You might recall that Prince Charles appeared in a video with a frog (and was upstaged) in an attempt to save the rain forests.  It turns out the rain forests are doing a pretty good job of saving themselves without the granola Prince’s aid.

Let’s take a closer look at climate change, never mind that the greens don’t like it.

Obama promised America green jobs.  He must mean working in fields or as landscapers, because there won’t be any manufacturing left in America if the Waxman bill passes.  Leave it to a San Francisco paper to complain that the bill won’t kill jobs fast enough.

change you can believe in
change you can believe in

It’s the Solar Minimum, stupid.

Why can’t green ‘leaders’ lead by example?  Australia’s parliament is embarrassed by its own performance.

Hey, ethanol fans, bad news.  Not only does your favorite fuel kill people, it’s also wrecking your engine.  Enjoy.

No one expects the Spanish inconvenient truth.  Bill Clinton gets, ahem, blowback on the truth about green jobs.

The science is settled, even if it is based on unreliable data collections.

The BBC walks back a huge pseudo-science scare.  10 years late.  Expect the same of AGW alarmism.  It might have started already?

The energy crisis is manufactured by greens, fact.

It’s the Lunisolar Influence on Decadal and Bidecadal Oscillations In Globally Averaged Temperature Trends, stupid.

The Toyota Pious Prius, truth in advertising now an inconvenient truth?


Part Four: AGW in the News

Will Pres. Obama Yucca up the science, or won’t he?

As the climate change bill moves to the next stage in the process, Alan Caruba wonders if the US teeters on the edge of doom.

Someone call PETA, green energy kills goats.  I’m not kidding.  Heh.

Hack fight!  The Washington Times vs. The Washington Post, on climate certainty that isn’t.

More killer wind farms; not content with goat massacres, the evil windmills of doom are ready to attack airplanes by messing with radar.

they're coming for you...
they're coming for you...

Stretching credulity, a skeptic asks Congress ‘what if there is no global warming?’  Lefty heads pop at the mere mention of the theory.

Want to stick a windmill on Nelson’s Column, or a solar panel on a historic house?  Better think about it first.

Evil windmills, part the third.  How to drive your neighbors mad and end up with $40,000 of useless junk in your back yard.

Part Five: Global Hottie

For the second week in a row I can bring you an honest to goodness global hottie in the news for talking about global warming and proving that having spectacular looks comes at the low, low price of a functioning brain.  Cate Blanchett joined Al Gore at the recent World Business Summit on Climata Change, because acting uniquely qualifies you as a climate expert, just ask Leo.

So, skeptics, deniers and realists of the world, I present Miss Cate Blanchette, your weekly hottie.  Click for the full effect.


That’s a wrap on another round-up, have a good weekend and as always, thanks for reading.

PETA Hates Canada

PETA, the gold standard of lunatic activists, has issued a call for the world to boycott maple syrup, because Canada is cruel.

They are upset because the Governor General of Canada sliced up and ate a seal heart on her recent visit to the far North.

It’s easy to see why PETA chose to boycott maple syrup, the annual maple tree cull and syrupy goodness being drawn from its mother tree is enough to make a grown man cook a pancake or twelve.

that's tree blood you know
that's tree blood you know

When iPuritans Attack: Big Screen TV

Beware the scourge of the iPuritans, the green wave of sour-faced do-gooders that demand you stop having fun.

First they came for your iPods and your beer and now it’s your big-screen TV that is killing the planet.  It is irrelevant to the greens that An Inconvenient Truth looks great on your plasma screen, especially those ‘borrowed’ FX from Hollywood.

I’m making ‘When iPuritans Attack‘ a regular feature here.  Feel free to send any examples you spot via email or the comments.

Green: The New Red

Lord Stern, a noted climate hysteric, is keen to insist that green is not the ‘new red’ and that politics have nothing to do with climate change:

“We must stop saying things like, ‘green is the new red’,” he said, “Climate change has nothing at all to do with left or right issues.”

Inconveniently for Lord Stern, a new left wing pressure group went live in the UK this week.  38 Degrees is a British version of the well known US lefty organization

The holding company behind it is called Progressive Majority, which gives the game away.  The leading figure is David Babbs, who comes from Friends of the Earth, in fact most of the leading figures and finance are from the green movement.

I imagine that Lord Stern will be Lord Angry if anyone points this out to him.

Greens Target African Kids, Again

Not content with 50 million preventable deaths already on their bloody green hands, radical environmentalists have once more persuaded the WHO that life-saving DDT programs in Africa must be eliminated:

Most malarial deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa, where chloroquine once worked but started failing in the 1970s as the parasite developed resistance. Even if the drugs were still effective in Africa, they’re expensive and thus impractical for one of the world’s poorest regions. That’s not an argument against chloroquine, bed nets or other interventions. But it is an argument for continuing to make DDT spraying a key part of any effort to eradicate malaria, which kills about a million people — mainly children — every year. Nearly all of this spraying is done indoors, by the way, to block mosquito nesting at night. It is not sprayed willy-nilly in jungle habitat.

Greens point their puritan fingers at skeptics and make incredible claims that if no action is taken on ‘global warming’ that millions of people MAY die.  In this case, because of greens, millions WILL die.

Of course, the pending body count fits the death cult depopulation agenda of hysterical greens.  The inconvenient truth is that the people being depopulated are unwilling innocents sacrificed on the green altar.  Again.

David Suzuki and other green crusaders accuse climate realists of intergenerational crime, when the real crime, genocide, belongs to the green activists pushing another DDT ban.


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Wind Farms Threaten Air Safety?

Large wind farms can create radar blind spots, which threaten aircraft safety.

Wind farms can create distortion on radar screens and as the number of farms has increased, so has the number of radar “blackout zones”, meaning that aircraft passing through the area can effectively disappear with air traffic controllers losing their exact position.

radar, what radar?
radar, what radar?

Just another unintended consequence of green activism brought to you by the geniuses that claim to be able to predict the future of the planet’s climate.

What Would Al Gore Do?

The Daily Bayonet is pleased to present a guest post by Michael Duvinak.

As I read the Wall Street Journal this morning online, I stumbled across an editorial that inspired this article and, at least in a very limited sense, my return to blogging.

Mike Judge, creator of the animated shows Beavis and Butt-Head and King of the Hill, has set his sights on environmentalists in an upcoming series based around families that want to live like their green savior, Al Gore.

Just how difficult can it be to live like a former senator from Tennessee and vice president?  Let’s look into the past and see how those who want to live like Gore should behave.

To behave like a Gore, you must think like a Gore.  Therefore, you must believe in the benefits of food-based ethanol, even going so far as to cast the tie-breaking vote for its use.  You must also, at the same time, ignore any and all reports of skyrocketing food prices across the globe as a result of your actions – even when those in foreign lands are rioting in the streets as food supplies dwindle and prices become unattainable.  Death by starvation must not bother you, either.  Of course, when those starving are halfway around the globe, it’s not a real drag on your everyday life.

Speaking of starvation, you must also believe that it’s your moral responsibility to curb man-made global warming, even if people die in the process.  You must also base your carbon-is-killing-the-planet plan around incentives for reducing carbon and let other countries draw their own conclusions on how to implement these incentives.  An Australian doctor proposed carbon taxes on live births but offer carbon credits for contraception and sterilization.  Regardless, you must continue to maintain the moral high ground, even if folks in Australia undergo abortions to save themselves from additional carbon taxes.

Personal responsibility shouldn’t be high on your radar, either, if you want to live like Al.  While pushing for carbon taxes and cap-and-trade plans to limit carbon “pollution”, you must ignore any financial hardships that have befallen the average citizen during this economic crisis and instead focus on how to make electricity and fuel even more expensive for the consumer.  At the same time, you should continue to fly across the globe in your private jet, coordinate Live Earth events to bring global warming to the forefront (while emitting tons of carbon to do so), and use as much electricity as you can in your home.  In fact, your home’s electricity usage should increase by ten percent year-over-year, and should be enough to power about 232 American homes each month.  It’s all about personal responsibility.  Remember that.

You must also like red meat, even though bovine and other livestock produce methane, a gas about 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide at trapping heat.  Ignore any and all calls to become more vegetarian and consume less meat.  Surely the planet will die but the devoted followers of the Green One will be saved by the little green hybrid in the sky.  Or something.

And the next time you have a speaking engagement, be sure to have your driver leave the limo idling with the air conditioning on for at least 20 minutes prior to your departure.  After all, with all of this global warming, you could otherwise break a sweat.

So just remember, if you ask yourselves, “what would Gore do,” follow the directives above.  If you’re an independent-thinking individual, continue with your average lifestyle and be happy.  Certainly your lack of personal jets, worldwide speaking engagements, congressional tie-breaker votes and questionable moral judgment does more for saving the planet than those who seem most consumed by trying to save it.