Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jan. 30th 2009

It’s been a busy week if you have any passing interest in the global warming debate (yes, there is one), so this week we’re going to get right to business.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

Get your weekly dose of Gore comedy, Gored but not Forgotten here.

The biggest news for the warmistas this week was that their prophet profit Al Gore, a failed Presidential candidate, attended a meeting chaired by another
failed Presidential candidate and got to make scary noises about the sky falling.  Unfortunately for Al he ended up frightening the children Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Al was accompanied by his old friend and constant companion at important speaking events, the Gore Effect.  How inconvenient.


In case you were tempted to think that perhaps the hearing was not a total Gore love-fest, Sen. Cardin of Maryland, a Democrat, called for “international support for uniform scientific information so that we all are operating with the same set of facts.” No word was given to who gets to decide which facts are accepted and who gets to attend the re-education camps.  You can however be quite certain that James Inhofe will be first against the wall when the green revolution comes.

It hasn’t all been good news for Al, the director of the operatic interpretation of An Inconvenient Truth has disappeared suddenly.  Everyone knows that no global crisis can possibly be taken seriously until a mezzo-soprano is seen singing to a penguin, so this is a mortal blow to Al’s credibility.  Also disturbing for Al is whether or not he actually exists.

Warming muppet Jim Hansen has also been in the headlines this week, for all the wrong reasons.  His old boss had some harsh words for Jim, and declared himself to be a skeptic of the AGW hoax.  Still, don’t expect Hansen to get fired anytime soon, it’s not in the script.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers

UK alarmists floated some sculpted polar bears down the Thames river, because, you know it could happen, man.

I often refer to the warmlist in these posts, and now I have a new list of all things warmy, but this time for things banned in the name of the global warming hoax.  Feel free to email the fine folk at Shadowlands your own addition to their bantastic list.

Life is hard for climate modelers, so why not support their $140 million ‘stimulus’?  I’m quite certain that with the extra incentive we will all soon be learning of a new model that proves global warming is caused by Republicans, bloggers, Republican bloggers and Gary Sinise.  Really, models can prove anything.

Green on green is always fun, and this ‘carbon trading is a scam‘ story is no exception.  He attacks wind farms too.

The UK has something called the Climate Impact Programme, a group of dedicated souls hippies that help people and companies deal with ‘inevitable climate change’.  Getting past the massive redundancy in that statement, it turns out that the CIP has a hard time getting much, if anything, right.  That pesky real climate sure isn’t cooperating with the alarmists.

hot-dry-summersUKCIP: Summers will be hotter and drier.  Oops.

Scaremongers think the debate is over; you can disagree but you will be fired.  No wonder that most of NASA’s newly declared skeptics wait until retirement to voice their concerns.

An Aussie news organization is in the tank for AGW.  No bias, honest.

Greenland’s melting ice will flood the world?  Not so much.

The consensus on AGW theory is a lot easier to achieve if you hire the right people from the beginning, Hillary knows stuff like this.

Global warming scaremongers have noticed that skepticism is increasing and the world is not really all that warm right now.  Time to recant?  Hell no, not when you can simply rebrand the problem as a ‘climate crisis’.  Brilliant!

Remember that Antarctic warming report from last week?  It turns out it really was Mann-made warming.  My Oz buddy has some thoughts on Michael Mann.  I still haven’t forgiven him for that Miami Vice movie.

Al Gore and his travelling scare-show warns us all that unless we act now we are all doomed.  Except that the scaremongers at NOAA have decided that even if we act now we’re doomed for 1000 years anyway.  At least now we know why Al bought his own Ark.

Follow the link to see video of what it is like for skeptical scientists when the rabid green hordes attack.

A word to the scaremongers and chicken littles about why catastrophism is not a good idea.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Ouch, this one will leave a mark; ‘no scientific basis for forecasting climate‘, by an eminent forecaster no less.  Take that, Gaia.

Skeptics Global Warming has the six most embarrasing moments in environmentalism.  Expect the list to be extended to include Jim Hansen’s boss soon.

Global warming covers the Gulf in snow.  That’d be the mid-east, you know, the desert.

The NYT wonders why CFL bulbs are not doing so well with its readers, hilarity ensues as they cover every reason people might now like CFL’s except the mercury content and UV ray problems.

Oceans are cooling, biofuels are freezing, Antarctic ice is growing and yet the greens claim man is responsible for warming the planet.  Ahem, it’s the Sun, stupid.

Unintended consequences.  Green activists are blind to them, which makes the gas gets cut before coal and tidal power is bad for fish stories even more fun.

Here’s an inconvenient truth, and a scientific paper all in one easy link.

It’s the Sun, stupid. Part Deux.

Greenland’s glaciers are slowing.  Clearly they have not read the script.

Anthony Watt’s excellent surface stations survey has mapped 67% of US weather stations.  The results so far are shocking, with almost 70% of locations being likely to report >= 2 degreesC error.  This is the data many of the alarmists models are based on.  GIGO, anyone?

Hey, am I cool or what?  Well, maybe not yet, but I might be getting there.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The Associated Press, a news organization, notices that carbon credits might be completely useless.

The excessive focus on CO2 as a cause of AGW is a profitable business, for some.

Letter to the editor on global warming BS.

Don’t mess with Texas, or else.

A climate reality check, from Pittsburgh no less.

Tom ‘Eagle-Eye’ Nelson spots the NYT quietly downgrading bad news for alarmists.

Perhaps we don’t need to be concerned about global warming at all.  Fox News wonders if a project in France might end the world as we know it.  Or, in fact just end the world.

exit-franceadmit it, you knew it’d be the French that would kill us all in the end
Part Five: Global Hottie

I might have been a little mean to the French in that last link, so to prove that no nation is all bad, not even the French; I’ve elected to provide you a French hottie this week.  Star of Amelie and the Da Vinci Code Audrey Tautou is just as pretty as Marion Cotillard, but far less nuts, so she is your global hottie this week.  Also, and I think because she’s French, its a black and white artsy picture.  You can’t have everything.


That’s all folks, happy weekend to you.

Canada’s Epic Win

I admit I'm no fan of the obscene largess in the new budget, but when I see headlines that tell me that Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe are livid and that Danny 'Hugo Chavez' Williams is also upset I must admit that I get a warm fluffy feeling that maybe things aren't so bad.

If a tin-pot dictator, a communist and a traitor are equally upset then I figure that Stephen Harper must have done something right.  Sure it'll cost us in the long run, but let's not worry about that and enjoy the comedy of the would-be coupsters and a first-class idiot falling apart in grand public style.

I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning.

UPDATE: Extra gravy bonus, Elizabeth May hates the budget too.  Is it too late to buy a lottery ticket?


This blog turned three years old a week or so ago, and I missed its big day.

Consequently my blog isn’t talking to me right now, so I promised it I’d write this post and hope it’ll forgive my oversight.

The Daily Bayonet wasn’t much to look at for the first two years, but since this time a year ago when I paid it some real attention it has blossomed into something.  Quite what that something is I’ll have to let you decide, but it is what it is.

Here’s my favorite post from last year, it’s aging a bit now but I believe the argument is still solid.

Thanks to you for reading this, it seems there are more and more of you visiting here each week, mostly coming for the wit and wisdom of the weekly round-ups.  Also, large thanks to those in my Daily Reading list to the right.  Without the support of those bigger and better blogs I would have disappeared into (deeper) obscurity a long time ago, yet here I am three years on, still annoying hippies.

Now, hopefully, my blog will forgive me and we can get on with our lives in peace.

James Hansen’s Boss: A Climate Skeptic

In the forum of the global warming debate, no other headline this week will likely eclipse the very inconvenient truth that James Hansen’s old boss has declared himself to be skeptical of man’s culpability for global warming.

Hansen can properly be called the father of global warming, if such an evil hoax can even have a parent.  He famously gave the anthropological global warming (AGW) ball of wax rolling with some momentum in front of a congressional committee in 1988 when he opened his testimony thus:

(source PDF)

Since then Hansen has whined that NASA tried to censor him and yet has stood silent while his green acolytes have tried to destroy illustrious reputations of better men that dares to question the new dogma.  Bjorn Lomborg, Patrick Moore and Tim Ball are top targets dismissed out of hand by the rabid greens as they strive to drive dissent from the marketplace of ideas.

Now Hansen has been embarassed by his own former boss, Dr. John S. Theon.  Dr. Theon has declared himself a skeptic of the AGW theory and had a lot more to say about his rogue employee:

“Hansen was
never muzzled even though he violated NASA’s official agency position
on climate forecasting (i.e., we did not know enough to forecast climate change or mankind’s effect on it). Hansen thus embarrassed NASA by coming out
with his claims of global warming in 1988 in his testimony before
Not quite done with exposing his wayward scaremonger peon, Theon continued on to address the much beloved computer models Hansen relies upon (and manipulates) to propogate his climate scare:

declared “climate models are useless.” “My own belief concerning
anthropogenic climate change is that the models do not realistically
simulate the climate system because there are many very important
sub-grid scale processes that the models either replicate poorly or
completely omit,” Theon explained. “Furthermore, some scientists have
manipulated the observed data to justify their model results. In doing
so, they neither explain what they have modified in the observations,
nor explain how they did it. They have resisted making their work
transparent so that it can be replicated independently by other
scientists. This is clearly contrary to how science should be done.
Thus there is no rational justification for using climate model
forecasts to determine public policy,”
Hansen will rely on the hordes of useful idiots to come to his defence, and expect the rabid green hippies to have a list of talking points to discredit Theon’s scientific credibility soon, it’s how they roll.  One tough question this time of course will be that if they consider Hansen’s boss to be incapable of understanding climate science, how then can Hansen himself be credible?  Hippy heads may be popping soon.

Unfortunately for Hansen and his political ally Al Gore, the planet has its own ideas right now about what the temperature trend might be, and they are not aligned with the scaremongers at all.  By the end of 2009 the global warming hoax will be on the ropes, Al Gore and his cohort of alarmists will have some explaining to do and President Obama might have an awkward moment explaining away his hasty spending on even more climate models.

What fun.

Barry’s Fading Popularity

The first six days of any administration can take a toll, and Barry is no exception.  A Gallup poll found that President Obama's popularity has dropped 15% in his first six days.

The poll result was issued after this embarrassment, but before people heard about Obama's decision to unleash Unicorns of Mass Destruction in Pakistan.

I'm sure that the short delay in instant wealth distribution has a lot to do with this downward blip in the numbers, and CNN's Best Political Pandering Team in TelevisionTM will be spinning this inconvenient poll result into the memory hole before lunchtime.

Oceans are Cool. No, Really.

Here’s something you don’t see often in major media, a story about the lack of global warming, ‘Oceans are cooling according to NASA‘.


From the article:

“In 2006, he [John Willis of JPL] co-piloted a follow-up study led by John Lyman at Pacific
Marine Environmental Laboratory in Seattle that updated the time series
for 2003-2005. Surprisingly, the ocean seemed to have cooled. He was surprised, and called it a ‘speed bump’ on the way to global warming.”

A NASA scientist was ‘surprised’ to find that global warming wasn’t happening, but then could only describe it in terms that maintained the myth.  He should have spoken with Michael ‘Stick’ Mann, who could have loaned him the patented super-warm-o-matic computer model that corrects inconvenient data to show warming.  Maybe next time.

Global Warming’s Sinking Support

What happens to a fake crisis during a real one?  Do people care about Al Gore’s traveling-planetary-fevah-circus when their jobs are in danger?  Actually, not so much.  A new Pew Research poll asked over 1500 Americans to rank 20 issues in order of priority.

Here are the results:

no-priorityGlobal Warming, dead last on the priority list.  (Source)

Even when the poll asked about only top domestic priorities, global warming came dead last:
priority-chartOops, again.

Al Gore’s warming hoax is on the ropes, alarmists have hugely overplayed their hand and ordinary people have caught on that the scary rhetoric is nothing more than cynical marketing by agenda driven groups with anti-capitalist and often luddite goals.  The serious global economic turndown will ensure that the new ‘green’ President will be unable to pursue any meaningful ‘green’ policies and so the hoax will whither on the vine.

All that remains is to ensure that when when the world wakes up to the simple fact that there is zero correlation between man’s activities and global temperature that those that have profited from the hoax are held accountable for the damage they have done.

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Jan. 23rd 2009

Two weeks later than planned, here is the inaugural weekly round-up of 2009.  Thanks go to Michael at Skeptics Global Warming for issuing his own round-ups in my absence, you should check them out, he knows what he’s doing.

Before we start, let me congratulate or commiserate with my American friends, depending upon how you feel about your new President.  I’m in Canada so I won’t be getting a government issued unicorn, but I am hoping to get one off eBay when the novelty wears off.  Which won’t be long, I think.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

Al has been memorialized in ice in Canada’s far north, and invited to a debate on the topic of global warming.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to take that invitation, Al’s too busy riding SUV’s to his Green Ball to listen to little people.

The anti-Gore, James Inhofe, tells it like it is.

Al Gore’s inconvenient astronaut and the prophet profit’s shrinking congregation.


Canada’s own chicken-little in chief and wannabe totalitarian David Suzuki points the finger at average Canadians for global warming, as usual.
Part Two: AGW Scaremongers and Propagandists

We were told that President Obama would heal the planet, but after two days Tom Nelson’s car is still running on fossil fuel.  What gives?

Global warming alarmists rely on computers to give them the models that predict doom for the planet.  The UK decided they needed a really big computer to run its models on, and they got one.  Unfortunately for the weather men, their new toy has a rather inconvenient carbon footprint.  Remember, these guys are the scientists we can believe in.

Warming muppet Hansen suggests that Obama has only 4 years to save Earth.  Luckily for the new President there is a detailed plan of exactly how to achieve this feat already archived:


Much ado about Antarctica ‘warming’.  Until you read between the lines and realize that warming muppet Jim Hansen and hockey stick fraud modeler Mann are behind the news.  Bonus fun, the Antarctic was cooling because the hole in the ozone layer let the heat out.  It must be true, a scientist said it.

In Canada, four ex-Prime Ministers are calling for a green stimulus package.  Before you get excited about the credibility of the four politicians, realize that between all four they only served a total 42 months of power.  Not the finest minds our nation has to offer.

Pity the frogs, they are being killed by global warming.  Again.  Add them to the list, again.

A lefty freaked out as he realized that skeptics and deniers aren’t simply going to go away.

Greenwash or whitewash?  It’s hard to tell them apart these days.  Does this mean the the urban heat island effect is real after all?  How inconvenient.

The incredible shrinking consensus.

Will greens attack the internet over its power consumption?  Or will they attack it because they can’t win their argument while sites like mine point and giggle at their scaredy hoax?

Alarmists unite!  Or not.

An alarmist opportunist takes power in DC and may stop drilling.

Skeptics & deniers outnumber alarmists and fraudsters.  It’s true.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

We will all drown as the oceans rise and consume our cities.  Oh, wait, maybe not.

Baby, it’s cold outside.

Carbon trading was going to save the planet (and make Al richer), but now, not so much.

Obama’s green inauguration wasn’t so green after all.  As for the Obamatrons that attended, how green was their valley?

obama-trashMaybe Obama’s unicorns eat trash?

When green sites get the polls they deserve:

when-polls-attack(Source.  Don’t expect the link to last)

When greens suggest solutions to non-existent problems you can be sure that soon things will be worse than they were.  Often, a lot worse, just ask an orangutan.

Here is some more information on the recent Mann/Hansen Antarctic scam.  Here too.

When is an alarmist not an alarmist?  When he’s a denier, of course.

Greenland was supposed to be melting faster than the wicked witch.  Turns out, not so much, actually.

Green on green fun over Sundance.  A scaredy-cat fight, if you will.

Buy a hybrid, save the planet.  Or not.

Do you suffer from green fatigue?

Part Four: AGW in the News

Bad news for alarmists as the UK’s ‘green agenda’ is put on hold and Heathrow airport’s third runway gets the, ahem, green light.

Green alarmists would have us all living in mud huts eating cholera sandwiches if it weren’t for those meddling facts.

The Gore Effect at the Coronation:


Pray for global warming?  It is preferable to a cooling trend.

Global warming is so 2008… what’s on the other channel?

As the UK sinks toward bankruptcy, greens howl that their programs are not to be funded.

This week’s must read, Dr. Tim Ball on how the world was bullied into silence.

Part Five: Global Hottie

This week’s hottie is a Canadian that hails from my old stompin’ ground of Alberta and is a star in BSG, a series that just started up its final season and that I admit to being a little bit of a fan of.  The tenuous link to anything warming is that the series is filmed in Vancouver, BC – the only North American province to have a carbon tax.  There, see, a green link.  Deniers, please say hello to your first hottie of 2009, Tricia Helfer.

trihel-2Thanks for reading, and safe weekending.

UV Rays: CFL’s New Danger

A UK Study released last October suggests that there is more danger than just mercury content in your green-approved compact fluorescent lamp:

“the [Health Protection] Agency is recommending some precautionary measures for the use of
certain types of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). The Agency’s
view is that open (single envelope) CFLs shown in Fig. 1 should not be
used where people are in close proximity – closer than 30 cm or 1 ft –
to the bare light bulb for over 1 hour a day.”

Health Canada has started its own study into the findings, ahead of the mandated change for all Canadians to adopt the greenwashing token product.

Remember that the right to use a safe product in use for 100 years has been taken away from you by green activists and that the replacement product not only contains mercury but will now also potentially expose you to dangerous levels of UV rays in your own home.

People in the UK have been panic-buying old incandescent bulbs as their national ban on incandescent bulbs approaches, and in Canada we are to be limited to the new energy saving but potential killer lamps only from 2012.  How can we take seriously that greens understand even simple science when one of their favorite ‘fixes’ turns out to be far worse than the problem?

Greens have been dishonest about the CFL from the outset, casting aside even their own serious concerns over mercury in their zeal to tell us all how to live.   Enough, its time to push back and kill off this below-par product.