Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 19th 2008

UPDATE: Welcome Texans!  I’m not sure what all you Houston Chronicle readers are doing here, but I’ve heard it’s a bad idea to mess with Texas, so make yourselves at home.  Unless you’re a hippy, of course.

This is the last Weekly Round-Up of 2008; next Thursday is Christmas Day so instead of reading the Internet and making snarky remarks about deranged greens and dirty hippies I’ll be enjoying the tender flesh of a ritually sacrificed turkey, and so should you.

I’d like to thank all the readers and fellow bloggers that have helped to make the Weekly Round-Up the runaway success it has become this year, I’ve had huge fun writing these each week and I hope you get a few giggles along the way as you read all the reasons why global warming is a crock.  For my dirty hippy reader(s), happy Festivus/winter solstice and good luck finding a 16 year old virgin for whatever weird mushroom-trance induced rituals you guys get up to.

So, with many apologies to Sinatra.  My friends, the time has come to face the final round-up (of the year)…

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

I’ll lead off with a reminder for you to visit Skeptic’s Global Warming for your weekly Goretoon, Gored But Not ForgottenLouisiana is also laughing at Al.

Al wrecks Christmas, because he’s the only approved Prophet Profit now:


The Gore Effect hits Milan and the skiing’s fine.

Al claims that the North Pole will be ice free in 5 years, so set your calendars.  One question for Al – if you’re wrong (again) can we call the whole hoax off.  Please?

gorethrowerAl makes sure his predictions are accurate

What do OJ Simpson, Paris Hilton and Al Gore have in common?  They all compete for headlines.  And Al doesn’t like competition.  With Al, it’s always about meeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Al Gore cannot speak Chinese.  Sounds like a dirty hippy style translation to me.

If you ever made the mistake of thinking that the global warming movement was about science, Al is happy to correct you.  It’s a spiritual issue, you see, just like that religion thing.

David Suzuki, enviro-totalitarian, is trying to frighten the kids again:

“…the bogeyman is simply a man in a suit trying to satisfy his
shareholders, make a profit, and cosy up to federal politicians so he
can continue doing his work without having to answer to his
environmental crimes.”
Part Two: AGW Scaremongers and Propagandists

Alarmists like nothing better than another species doomed by global warming.  This week’s special is on jumbo squid.  Add them to the list.

The UK’s Met Office has trouble, of the legal kind.

Global warming makes half a million square kilometers of sea ice disappear, overnight.  Oh, wait.  It was the scientists that did that.  Because the science is settled.

Joe Romm, enviro-nut and censor.

Australian greens go ‘ga-ga’ and throw shoes at an effigy. Yeah, nothing works like shoe tossing.

T. Boone was unable to get even more super-rich from his wind-farm scam, so now he’s trying the public health angle.  Let’s hope he finds slim pickings there too.

A scientist announces the results of his latest trip to the Arctic, before he even leaves home.  Doesn’t he know the Arctic is doomed, again?

Here is a new fact-filled, coldly scientific video from the alarmists that in no way tugs at heartstrings or plays emotional blackmail.  My favorite animal hari-kari is the bear, I love the way it just flumps off the massive but almost certainly melting iceberg.  What’s your favorite, and where were the lemmings?  Poor lemmings started the whole thing off and now get no credit.


Laos, Thailand and Vietnam are improving economically.  Greens hate that whole progress thing, why can’t poor people just stay poor so that BBC journalists can enjoy the wildlife?

A Democratic congressman says that Christmas trees are threatened by global warming.  No, really, he said that.  Out loud.

A leftard alarmist sees the light, supports nuclear power and is immediately underbussed by his ‘friends’.  Heh.

Global warming alarmists kill.  Literally.  Note in the story that the thug was not only aggressive, but he was wrong about his facts too.  Sound familiar?

The polar bears are so hungry they are eating their young.  In a zoo.

cubCub.  It’s what’s for dinner.

A solar panel magnate encourages President-elect Obama to spend $10 billion.  On solar panels.

Alarmists go anonymous.  Silly Rabbett.

Keanu Barack Nikto.   Warmer movie The Day the Earth Stood Still reviews are not pretty.

Hey kids, get brainwashed into the global warming cult here.

Climate change will hit the poor hardest. Also hitting the poor hardest, green activists.

People love polar bears so much they want to be bears. This mass insanity was to raise awareness of global warming, because apparently these fools think no one has heard of it.  How morons jumping into a freezing lake will fix a ‘lack of awareness’ was not immediately apparent.

Here is the perfect gift for the green in your life, the carbon cilice.  Attach it to your green of choice, run around turning all the lights on and delight in the howls.  Fun for the whole family.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Remember that the oceans are going to rise and destroy us all?  Not happening.

America’s Left Coast gets… snow:

cali-snowLeo DiCaprio’s house not pictured

Here is a handy guide for warmistas and dirty hippies on how to handle people like me.  On a side note, I’ll probably unbearable for a while once the global warming myth implodes.  Think ‘I told ya so’ as a nuclear option.

Wind power, it’s great.  Except when windmills wreck the local ground temperature and moisture content.

Alaska’s glaciers are melting and all the polar bears will die.  Oh, wait.  I mean the glaciers are growing.

Alarmists use the polar bear as their icon of choice to guilt stupid people into falling for their nefarious hoax.  Fortunately for the bears, and
inconveniently for the alarmists, the scare is just a big goose egg.

This week’s must-read post is by Alan Caruba.  A teaser:

The global warming hoax was and is intended to wreck the economies of
the U.S. and other developed, western nations. It’s proposed “carbon
taxes” and “cap-and-trade” programs have NOTHING to do with the actual
climate or weather.

In a year of dire predictions for our planet, here is a list of the top ten worst predictions.

Tom Nelson wins the brand new and probably never to be repeated Headline of the Week:
US Northeast: 1.4 million face a number of involuntary Earth Hours

Imagine the Sun in a John wayne movie, “it’s quiet. Too quiet.”

The SPPI has a new PDF primer for the wanna-be skeptic in your life, you can find a link to the full document here.

Global warming is not caused by SUV’s.  It’s caused by computers.

The BBC ties itself into knots trying to spin a cold 2008 as proof of global warming, which sort of proves the point of American Thinker’s pondering of who are the real deniers, exactly?

The EU, the Utopia much beloved of radical greenahadeen across the planet, has taken steps toward climate realism.

The Associated Press used to be a news organization, but recently it seems to be a home for the deranged.

Here is a phenomena that has a far better chance of killing the planet than made-up global warming – great big holes in the Earth’s magnetic field.  Al Gore will soon realize his climate crisis is failing and will re-tool his empire to make powerful fridge magnets to offset this threat.  Count on it.

CNN ran its alarmist Planet in Peril series, and no one watched.

In a move that could easily have been predicted by everyone except the lefties and alarmists, the European steel industry threatens to pick up and leave the EU to avoid carbon taxes.  Rational actors for a hundred, Alex?

Life is easy, math is hard.  I’m not even sure what a speliothem is, nevermind that they’re dating already.

The French don’t think the electric car will work.  France is home to the Renault and Citroen brands, so when it comes to cars that don’t work, these guys really know what they are talking about.  Also without electricity, French homes.

le-doomed1Not coming to a dealership near you

Poznan has fangs.  No, it doesn’t.

Global warming, circa 1938.

Fellow Canadian blogger and current carbon tax payer Jay Currie is running a series on AGW.  He always has interesting ideas, go check it out.

Part Four: AGW in the News

North Dakotans might be forgiven for thinking that is cold they feel when they step outside.  But it can’t be, the models say so.

Sean Hannity interviews the people behind ‘Not Evil, Just Wrong’:


East Coast wind farms run into oppositionTed Kennedy has vowed to drive a car into the sea in protest to prevent his view being spoiled.  Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

Taking the AP to task for its scaremongering.

Minnesotans wake up to AGW, dig.

Nuclear Crocodiles.  How cool is that?  Godzilla stomps Disney in 5 years?

It’s the Sun, stupid.

sun-spotSpot the spot

The day the lights went out on a Canuck/Anglo/American commentator.  Sadly, he failed to find the orgy.

Is the future battery operated cars?  Perhaps not:


Part Five: Global Hottie

I mentioned it is Christmas next week, right?  Elf is a Christmas movie starring Will Ferrell and our hottie this week.  She played a store elf and the love interest to Ferrell’s real elf.  Also, she’s another spottie (space hottie) who played Trillian in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.  Here then is your weekly hottie, with a bonus picture because it’s Christmas.  Say hello to Zooey Deschanel.
That’s all for this week.  The GWHWRU will return January 2nd, until then enjoy a Happy Christmas.

Obama’s First Scandal

It had to happen sooner or later, a scandal so large that even the Obama-media couldn't ignore it.  The man at the centre of the hurricane is Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, but Obama's problem are the questions about how close he was to the Governor.  His first reaction was that there was no contact between the Governor and Obama or any of his people with regard to the Senate replacement, but now it seems that was a nuance lie and that Obama Chief of Staff pick Rahm Emmanuel was up to his neck in the process.

Joe Scarborough takes some media figures to task in the clip below about why the public knows every small detail about Sarah Palin and yet nothing at all about Obama's connections to Blagojevich.  Apparently the answer is instinct (near the end of the clip).  I know something stinks, but it ain't instinct.



Who knew that we'd get the first scandal before the messiah even got to Inauguration?  Perhaps there is more to come yet, Rezko may have more to add.  Reason calls the 48 hour delay in getting a reaction from Obama his 'My Pet Goat' moment.  Heh.

A Consumer’s Revenge

As I wandered the malls this past weekend, it was impossible not to notice the the desperate gleam in each sales clerk's eyes as I wandered into their store.  Several times I thought a fight might break out when I actually asked to look at something, I guess commissions are thin on the ground too.  Times are tough for retailers and manufacturers, which makes me reflect that now is a better time than ever to exercise my consumer power.

Long time readers will know that I've cut off certain brands for prior crimes against customers; Sony is cut-off for selling me over-priced garbage that failed days after the warranty expired and Air Canada was cut off for stealing my Aeroplan points away (a decision that so far has cost them over $5,000 in lost fares, heh).  More recently EA Games has been boycotted for selling products come with the much hated DRM copy-protection and simply refuse to work.  So far I have refused to purchase three of EA's recent releases, titles that I would usually pick up without a thought.  There goes $200 that EA will never see, and I've only just started with them.

Sony and Air Canada will never see another dollar from me, and it might be necessary to add Ford, GM and Chrysler to the blacklist.  If the Big 3 firms continue to attempt to blackmail the provincial and federal governments for tax-payer cash, they must accept that the only way they will get my money by extortion; I'll not buy their sub-standard products again.  I will instead give my consumer cash to companies that don't hold a gun to the head demanding access to the public purse just to 'save' union jobs when even the UAW won't lift a finger to save themselves.

I drive a Ford SUV currently, and have owned several Chrysler's, one Chevy and some GM Vauxhalls when I was still a Brit.  The wife drives a fine piece of German crafted vehicle and I don't think she'd ever agree to regress to a Big 3 brand, so it's just my choices I'm discussing.  I usually buy a new vehicle every 3 to 4 years, so looking forward I have the consumer power to decide how to spend cash for between 8 and 10 new vehicles if my body and cash last long enough.

I'm in the habit of writing to Sony each time I make an electronics purchase, including a picture of my shiny new toy in situ, just so they can see what they missed out on.  I often send Air Canada a postcard from my destinations, informing them which alternative airline I used to arrive there, so that they can keep track of what one dumb decision cost them.  I can see that it might be necessary to start sending pictures of new cars to whichever Big 3 brands still exist the next time I buy a new vehicle.  I know, I'm petty and vengeful, but it's fun; you should try it.



My friend Tom at Climate Change Fraud is mad as hell and isn’t going to take it any more.

Read his Anti-Poznan screed here and cheer him, because when the dust settles, he’s right about all of it.

Some of his thoughts echo ones I’ve mentioned before, you can see those here.

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 12 2008

Let’s start off this weeks round-up by offering hearty congratulations to fellow denier Skeptics Global Warming on his one-year blogoversary.  It’s not easy being green, and it’s a lot harder being skeptical, so kudos on a milestone passed.

This weeks round up is fully loaded with linkiliciousness, and our global hottie is a returning favorite, so grab your beverage of choice and settle in for your weekly infotainment on the global warming hoax.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

Al Gore, the Prophet Profit of Doom, the Master of Disaster, is off to Poland to preside over his acolytes at the UN IPCC at a gathering of the world’s most frightened people.  Meanwhile, as they discuss the crisis that does not exist, the southern US battles snowstorms.  Heh.

profit-and-the-planetAl tries to find Poland on the map

Al met with President-elect Obama before his Polish expedition.  It’s not clear if he force-fed the new guy the kool-aid or if he drank of it willingly, but that hopey-changey guy sure loves him some global warming crisis now.  Obama claims global warming is a matter of national security, a stance that will last about right up to the moment there is the first real crisis in national security on his watch.  I wonder if Obama knows that Gore fully supports eco-terrorists causing security crises in allied countries?

On a  lighter note, remember to check out this week’s Gored But Not Forgotten, you know you want to.  Also, Gore’s AIT index is holding steady.

You may or may not be aware that Al Gore has made a fortune from his global warming crisis, and he might need all of it if this lawsuit goes anywhere.  I’m not a huge fan of litigation, but I’ll make an exception for this case.

Is Al the Merchant of Venice?  If he is then perhaps we can rename The Globe the ‘Crisis Theater’.

I’ll end this section with an excellent question from the Heritage Foundation, ‘Is Al Gore Ever Right About Anything?’

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers and Propagandists

The leftards at the UK’s Grauniad newspaper are all a flutter over the idea that oil companies might be sued for global warming.  They better hope there is no statute of limitations on such charges, since warming ended ten years ago.

Tom Nelson has advice for a scaredy-cat scientist.

When guessing is science, in Alaska of course (h/t Shadowlands)

Do you like Christmas?  Then you’re a climate criminal and must be re-educated; read this list immediately:

killjoys(click for large)

Bad news, global warming causes erosion, not waves, rivers, wind, freeze-thaw action or glaciers. Either that or Plum Island resident Robert Slepoy is complete idiot.  Betcha can’t guess which way I’m leaning.

Green Inc. has a handy list of electronic gadgets for the green eco-moron in your life.  Of course, none of these items are in any way really green, so instead I recommend you buy them carbon offsets from yourself.  It’s easy, next time they want to take you shopping, just say no – your not going offsets their trip and you get out of having to shop.  Epic win.

If you live in Oregon, then you will soon be mandated to have an eco-score on your house when it’s time to sell.  This is a clever method of slowing down that crazy housing market we’re in.  Oh, wait.

Skeptic scientists fight back.  Lots of them.

The US military is an organization high on my list of things not to be messed with, right up there with spiders and cooking with tofu.  So imagine how upset the alarmists are that the US military is skeptical about global warming.

Plane Stupid, the eponymous eco-terrorists, invaded a UK airport this week.  I dare them to try that in the US.  More on the debacle here.

In Ireland, global warming threatens human rights.  Add it to the list.

Missy Higgins is a pretty Aussie songstress.  Dumber than a box of rocks, but pretty.

You may recall that Jim Hansen, NASA’s own global warming muppet, helped get some Greenpeace morons acquitted in the UK.  Apparently some Floridians could have used his help.

It is getting colder, in fact 2008 was a pretty cool year.  Which is a sure sign that it’s getting warmer, or something.

Carbon tax or fart tax?  There, I said it.

The UN IPCC claims that skeptics are doing a great job making them present proof.  Um, OK, thanks.

Warmist idiot Tim Lambert has a great new game on his website, based on bingo.  I especially liked the square that denies the urban heat island effect; silly warmer.  In related news, the super-objective sleuths at desmogblog notice that the skeptics are restless.

Paper or plastic?  Wrong question.  The WashPost has the same thing in pictures.

Uber-alarmist George Moonbat has a new column in which he calls Guardian readers idiots because 80% of comments deny global warming.  Heh.

Does global warming kill more moose than Sarah Palin?  Why, yes, it does.

moose-goneGov. Palin, amateur compared to AGW

Tom Nelson pours cold water over my old hippy buddy Greenfyre.

80% of the world’s coral reefs are just fine.  Except that’s not the headline.

Victoria is sinking.  Not.

Remember when Al Gore blamed the Mayan’s demise on global warming?  It looks like he started a trend for historians gagging for funding.

Being Canadian, I can’t resist a good beaver story; and this is a good beaver story.

If only those foolish HD189733b-ian’s had listened to their 22-legged version of Al Gore and stopped driving their V8 space buggies…

I blame Bush.  First Gore, now Kerry is on the global warming band-wagon.

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

Recycling, not such a great idea after all.

The pious no longer find the Prius desirable in times of cheaper gas.  Also, alternative energy ideas take a hit.

CNN has dropped its science unit and fired Miles O’Brien.  Larry King will occasionally fellate Al Gore live on air to maintain the networks credibility.

Hockey stick, shmocky-schtick.

Eco-tourists were stunned to learn that there is still ice at the Antarctic, and that it was sinking their boat.  CCF has more.

eco-sinkingLeo DiCaprio not pictured

It’s the big yellow ball, stupid.

How to pop a lefty head – melting ice slows global warming.

Scientists find global warming to be a myth.  You know what else is a myth?  A female moth.  Thank you, I’m here all week; try the veal.

Big yellow ball, part deux.

A global warming quiz.  I aced it, can you?

Recessions are a real bummer, except when they stop global warming alarmists in their tracks.

Sea levels will rise and we’ll all drown because of global warming.  Oh, wait, nevermind.

Tom Nelson notes that climate protesters suffer shrinkage.  It’s not what you think.

Baby, it’s cold inside.  Or it will be in the UK soon enough.

Part Four: AGW in the News

Canada takes Gold at Poznan.

Jeff Jacoby writes about the 2009 skeptic’s conference.

The UK suffers the Gore Effect as politicians ignore reality.

Betting against the crowd?.  Read this first.

Glenn Beck and his inconvenient questions.

Big yellow ball, part the third.

green-sunThe Sun, not really green.

Mainstream media and climate coverage zzzzzzzzz

Robyn Williams, the climate alarmist, not the hairy actor, defends his dumb climate claims.

Manitobans and Quebecers are climate criminals.

German efficiency will not allow the sacrifice of jobs to the global warming deity.

Here is a story about the news in AGW, for a change.

Letting Manitobans and Quebecers off the hook, it turns out all Canucks are climate criminals.

Part Five: Global Hottie

You may remember the Missy Higgins story in Part Two; also mentioned in that story was perennial denier favorite Scarlett Johansson, giving me ample excuse in making her our global hottie yet again.  I know one little birthday skeptic that’s going to be happy.


That’s all folks, have a safe weekend and thanks for reading.

Rae’s Out. Iggy Wins. Look out, Jack.

Bob Rae has dropped out of the Liberal leadership race, leaving Michael Ignatieff as the last man standing and all-but-crowned new leader of the Liberals and their cozy coalition with separatist traitors and Toronto communists.

Only eight remarkable days after Iggy and Rae stood side by side with Stephane Dion and declared that he was the man to lead a coup coalition in Canada, Dion is gone and Rae has read the writing on the wall and decided to bow out with some grace.

From what little I know of Michael Ignatieff’s preferences for his party, I think the nascent and deeply loathed coalition is doomed; which makes me want to make a prediction:  that Bob Rae will cross the floor and join the NDP where he will try to wrest control of that bunch of union-loving commies from bobble-head Jack and turn it into a viable alternative party.  Rae understands that the Liberals might be doomed, even under Iggy.  They have been reduced to only 77 MP’s, they have a mountain of debt and very little credibility after the nutty professor’s tenure.  Add to that toxic mix a tough vote in January that might result in another election and Bob Rae’s reasons for jumping ship for a fresh playground look better than ever with each passing day.