Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Nov. 28 2008

UPDATE: My friend over at Skeptics Global Warming has stepped up and provided a round-up of his own, so you don’t have to go without.  Thanks to SGW for his quick work, and to those that sent get well words.  The flu that was no doubt caused by global warming has receded faster than an Alaskan glacier and I’m back and at it this morning.

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For the first time in over 6 months there is no GWHWRU this week; I’m taking my flu-ridden skeptic arse back to bed.

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Here’s your hottie, Kirsten Dunst, because not all the news has to be bad.


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Another Canadian Election?

I can hardly believe that Canada's official opposition parties could be this dumb, but anything is possible.

Ignore the posturing over the 'lack of an economic stimulus package', that's a smokescreen.  What they are really upset about is that they will lose free money to sustain their unpopular parties.  It sounds like the rabidly anti-American Liberals, NDP and Bloc all want to copy our neighbours south of the border and throw lots of taxpayer cash around.  Except Canada doesn't need to do it, we're not in as bad shape.

The opposition is really upset about the threat to their funding, which is nothing more than a desperate grab at retaining ill-gotten tax-payer cash.  Liberals folded like a cheap shirt time after time on matters of principle during the last parliamentary session because they were desperate to avoid an election they knew they couldn't win.  Now it seems they've found an issue they can make a stand on, their own bank accounts.

If we get another election, Stephen Harper will get his majority.  I guarantee it; even placid Canadians won't appreciate being sent out in the cold to vote after just having done so.  They especially won't appreciate it after the Conservatives have spent 5 weeks telling them the real reason that the opposition forced a $300 million election. 

So, Stephane/Bob/Mike, Jack and Gilles; go ahead and spit in the face of an electorate that recently rejected all of you – I'll enjoy 5 weeks of your comedic posturing as you leap to your extinction.

Idiots of the Week: Carleton University Students Association

CUSA is a student union with a fancy name; but you know why any student unions are a bad idea?  Two words, Students and Unions.

After the Queen's debacle last week, now we have this despicable act of cowardly PC acting out, stripping a cystic fibrosis charity of a fundraiser because it affects mainly white men.

I wonder if the geniuses that vote for these incomprehensible decisions have figured out that when the press run the story, their names will forever be associated with the fallout?  Imagine the results that will pop up on any Google search performed by potential employers; CUSA President Brittany Smyth better hope the CHRC is hiring when she graduates.

Give it 24 hours before a senior Carleton administrator is in the press grovelling for 'understanding'.

UPDATE: Less than 24 hours and CUSA is looking at 'revisiting the decision'.  Note the dumbstick student that wrote the preamble to the motion, Donnie Northrup, is quoted in full marxist drag "…I do believe in spreading the wealth, so to speak, as charities go".  Spread the wealth, it figures he's an Obamatron.

It's likely that CUSA sudden change of heart (cannot apply 'mind' to this bunch) had something to do with the letter sent by the University president.  Heh.

Bomber’s Moon

A 'bomber's moon' is an expression from World War II and refers to the fact that during that conflict the only way for the
bombardier to aim was a visual contact. During night bombing
raids a full moon would light the target enough for the bombardier to accurately identify and destroy the target.

Professor Moon's report has provided the free speech movement with a well-lit target.  We knew where it was, we've been sniping at it for almost a year; but this time the target is illuminated and can be destroyed.  The Conservative Party conference voted overwhelmingly to attack Section 13 of the Human Rights Act, and now the CHRC's own commissioned report supports that goal.

The target is well lit, the flak guns are spiked; so what are we waiting for? 

Find your MP's email address and telephone number here.  Call and demand action on the repeal of Section 13 now.  Write the Prime Minister and Justice Minister.

Moments as opportune as this one come infrequently during any conflict, and make no mistake that we are in a fight for the future of free expression in Canada.  It'll take you 5 minutes to make a call, maybe 10 to send some emails; what are you waiting for, someone else to do it?

Vote Early, Vote Often

I just discovered that this blog has been nominated for an award in the annual Canadian Blog Awards.  Thanks to the eagle eyed Mayor for spotting the nomination.

Mitchieville is the funniest blog in Canada, if not the entire western spiral arm of the galaxy.  I know this because the mayor himself has written this fact on the back of a photoshopped picture he sent me of him holding a gun to my head.  You can vote for the Mayor here.

If you nominated or seconded this blog for an award, thank you.  If you want to vote for me, click the button below. 

Whither Steyn?

Mark Steyn has been back from his hiatus for a while now and is posting on Steyn Online with pleasing regularity.  Yet, there is no Steynian goodness in Maclean's, his usual spot has been usurped by the desperately unfunny Al Franken look-alike, Scott Feschuk.

After a year of fighting the fight for free speech and seeing off the BCHRT clowns, has Maclean's found a spot for Mark under Obama's bus?  I looked through my back copies and saw no announcement, and I can't find anything in the online version of Maclean's or Steyn Online.   I might have missed it; I made an error once before, in 1984, so I'm about due for another one.

Can anyone shed some light on this? Inquiring minds want to know, and my subscription hangs by a thread.

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Nov. 21st 2008

It’s that time of the week when I invite you to partake of my festival of fun, frolics and frivolity in the name of global warming skepticism and denial.  No, it’s not just a river in Egypt.

Part Five this week is AWOL.  If you see it, please ask it to return home at once, I’ll need it for next week.  Until next week, however, here is this week’s offering.

Part One: Al Gore and Friends

Al Gore has decided that the Mayans died out because of global warming.  In a new entry on his own blog, he claims that:

As we move towards solving the climate crisis, we need to remember the
consequences to civilizations that refused to take environmental
concerns seriously.
Not only has Al decided that Mayan civilization ended because of global warming, he also accuses them of not taking the environmental concerns seriously.  Here’s the question that will make any self-respecting lefty head explode… what caused global warming in 800-900AD, the Mayan era?  It wasn’t factories, SUV’s or Al Gore’s private jet, so could it have been… natural?
mayan-mayoMayan’s sacrifice a denier for pointing out ‘it’s the sun, stupid’

Since you’re already laughing at Al, go see this weeks edition of Gored but not Forgotten.

Gore Lied has tallied the latest figures from October (not the fake NASA set) to discover where Al’s personal inconvenient temperature measurement is at.

The profit Al has concluded that the economy is threatening the global warming gravy train, so he’s switched tracks to encourage government spending.  Anything to keep adding to his personal fortune.

Last week saw much speculation that Al might take a cabinet position in the President-elect Obama’s administration.  But now we know that Obama has ingested so much of Al’s kool-aid that he can out-Gore Gore. Here’s the video of Obama getting all the science wrong; but he’s qualified, so it’s cool.

It was cold in DC on Tuesday for another climate protest.  Gore effect, meet morons.

The fall out over the embarrassing discovery that NASA had promoted incorrect October data continues this week.  Some want to know how global warming muppet Jim Hansen avoids the Hwang U-seok treatment while others are still too busy enjoying the schadenfreude.

Canadian enviro-fascist David Suzuki finally removes the mask and proves to the world that he’s a tin-pot marxist with no idea of how modern economies work.  As if there was any doubt.

Part Two: AGW Scaremongers and Propagandists

Governator Schwarzenegger held a global warming conference, and Ontario environment minister John Gerretsen claimed that deniers are no longer listened to.  This is no surprise to me, a resident of Ontario – the McGuinty government hasn’t listened to anyone in the last 5 years.

Wanted, eco-terrorists hiding in Canada.  Why do we get the nuts and cowards all the time, can’t the Americans send Jessica Alba for once?

Climate scaremongers don’t change the way they live, even if they believe in the global warming hoax.  They follow their leaders, apparently.

Another one for the list, global warming is bad for truffles.  (Note: truffles the delicacy, as far as I know, truffles the clown is fine.)

trufflesTruffles shows children how to spank the monkey

Global warming is good for bad hurricanes, again.

Tom Nelson has a video that should frighten you, unless you voted for hope, change and unicorns.

Astronaut Jack Schmidt has left the planet.  No wait, correction.  Schmidt has left the Planetary Society because they like the global warming bunk.

Bjork, an Icelandic person of uncertain sanity, is upset with the island’s aluminum industry.

bjork-swan-diveBjork.  Always credible.

Scaremongers like civil disobedience; which is excellent news for those of us that have a baseball bat by the front door waiting for Greenpeace fundraisers to call.

Fun with global warming scaremongers:


This week I found a new scaredy-cat blog, in which the author sounds like he wants to be a totalitarian but forgets to make his point.  Still, it’s hard to resist a compelling argument like this:

The moot point is that if this is nothing more than a global warming
hoax, then what is the explanation for the planet to heat up, even by a
mere a percent and a half each year over the past many decades?

Indeed, it keeps me awake at night.

In the US, Congressman Henry Waxman is in the lead to run the House
Energy and Commerce Committee.  What is really remarkable however, is that it is possible to see right up Mr. Waxman’s nose from a distance of one nautical mile.

waxman2picture taken at a distance of 1nm, honest

Part Three: Inconvenient Truths

The Green Shift, Canadian Liberals proud environment policy, has been killed off; tossed under the bus, dead, offed, axed, an ex-policy, down the memory hole and generally disowned.  Heh.

If a picture can tell 1,000 words, this is awkward for the warmistas.

Steve Milloy thinks that Obama can do for America’s Democrats what Stephane Dion did for Canada’s Liberals.  I think he’s right.

Sometimes I get people reading the weekly round-up that have not yet decided if global warming is real or if its memorex.  Wonder no more, here’s why you need to consider both sides.

Steve McIntyre feels the pain of the warmists that were defending NASA’s GISS blunder, and promptly applies salt to the wound.

Lefties are well known pot heads and drug users, it’s a rule in the manual they get when they leave the asylum to stretch their wings to become moonbats.  What a shame then, that their beloved nose candy kills the forests.  An aside, how much do you think Rep. Waxman could clear-cut in a single snort?

Antarctic ice-core samples pretty much prove AGW is bunk.  Now that‘s inconvenient.

Tom Nelson would like assurances that the data is good before he hands over 45 trillion dollars.  Some people are just not the trusting types.

Climate changeis the re-branded name for global warming that I steadfastly ignore 99% of the time.  But according to ABC in Oz, climate change may not be so bad after all.

Bubbles.  The boom-bust type, not Wacko Jacko’s primate playmate.  Bubbles burst, it says so here.

Global warming is so, like, yesterday.  Global cooling is now, um, the new cool, apparently.

Part Four: AGW in the News

The House of Lords in the UK debates the climate bill, ‘has no idea what they’re talking about

Global warming is good for swedes.  Swedes, I mean; not rutabagas.

Lights out in a decade, greens will celebrate until the rest of us start burning them for fuel.

The NASA/GISS blunder, once more.  The US media ignored the story, kinda like how they missed investigating that Barry fella.  Bloggers don’t pull punches.

Profiteering from carbon credits? Say it ain’t so.

President-elect Obama wants to destroy the coal industry, but he might have to wait.

That Kyoto thing worked out well, then.

The Maldives are drowning.  No they’re not.

A new Ice Age?  How is Al Gore going to afford another 100′ boat if that happens?  Wait, perhaps global warming will prevent it!

Part Five: Real Science

Today, I regret that there is no part five.  It’s my fault, I accidentally deleted the folder with my real science links instead of opening it.

doh-stupid-brainhere, let me save you the time…

Part Six: Global Hottie

I gave this one away earlier, so there’s no point in teasing you along.  Let me justify this week’s pick by recalling that Ms. Alba appeared in the Fantastic 4 which saw a fellow superhero explode into flame just like we all will when global warming makes the planet burst.  Now with the weak justification complete, deniers, please welcome your weekly hottie, Jessica Alba.


That’s it for another week, thanks for reading and have a terrific weekend.

Free Speech Progress; Now Push for the Win

As you already know, Resolution P-203 passed at the conservative convention last weekend.

Thanks to Richard at No-Libs, we now have video of that win, complete with standing ovation for the delegate from Kelowna Lake Country’s introduction.

Tomorrow sees the Throne Speech, and we start another parliamentary session.  What better time to call or write your local MP to see that they will ensure that P-203 and its overwhelming support is brought swiftly to the House for a vote.

Find your local MP here and write/call do both.  If you get a response, drop a comment or send me an email and I’ll put it up here.

People power has brought light to a dark corner and we can plainly see the cockroaches that are the HRC’s scurrying as they try to get out of the bright spotlight we have aimed at them.  Let’s finish the job and stamp the pesky little suckers out of existence.

stompyou know they earned this…

Canadian Health System Ranked Last In Survey

A survey of health care provision for chronically ill patients ranked Canada eighth out of eight nations surveyed.  The Commonwealth Fund, a private foundation based in New York, polled patients with chronic conditions in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Some key findings for Canadians:

  • 60% of chronically ill patients waited more than 4 weeks for a specialist appointment, 58% waited more than eight weeks.
  • 26% could get a same-day appointment with a doctor (by contrast the number was 60% in the Netherlands and 54% in New Zealand)
  • 23% of Canadians resorted to visiting an Emergency room to get medical attention, (6% in Germany and the Netherlands)

All patients polled were adults who had been diagnosed with at least one of these chronic
conditions: hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, lung
problems, cancer or depression.

There is a solution to start fixing the problem of Canada's broken health care system; turn the funding model upside down. 

Currently each health authority gets a budget allowance that they must use to provide health care for the next year.  The problem with this model is twofold; first it makes each patient a drain on resources and second, it encourages growth of the non-health care providing bureaucratic levels of health care.  I do not joke when I suggest that it would be possible to cut 20% of payroll costs in every health authority across Canada without affecting patient care at all.  The system is bloated with overpaid and underworked middle managers.

The solution is to split the funding into two stages; first is a basic maintenance level budget that meets the fixed costs of running a medical system, the second is per-patient funding that makes each patient a source of revenue, not cost.  Instantly the system will reward those hospitals and health systems that can process patients effectively and punishes those who are unable to offer fast access to care.

This is only a start, and I suggest it because it is a way to effect great and effective change without looking at introducing two-tier or user-paid health care models; all the above can keep Canada's system 'free'.  The survey quoted above also showed the problems with affordable access to health care in the USA, so perhaps the single-payer system is the best for now, but that does not mean we have to suffer from the incompetence and inefficiency inherent in a public system.

The revolution in health care is far more complex and requires a strength of character that so far seems to be lacking in Canadians and their political leaders; until that strength is found we will be left at the mercy of a crumbling system that does this country and its sick citizens no credit whatsoever.